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The ice TwinsI read this book recently and absolutely had to write about it, so from the outset I’d say this is a must read. I’ve not read any books by S.K Tremayne before but I understand that this is actually a pseudonym, and the author is in fact Tom Knox.

If you like a creepy book, look no further because I’ve not read anything this unsettling for a long time. As such I had to actually read this in short bursts before putting it down again…but it was so compelling It’d be back in my hands within the hour.

The Ice Twins follows the story of Sarah and Angus Moorcraft, the parents of identical twins Kirstie and Lydia. When Lydia dies in a fall the remainder of the family struggle to adjust to life and to deal with their grief, and they relocate relocate to a Scottish island, where they are the only inhabitants.

The story starts it’s disturbing descent when the surviving twin Lydia, starts to insist she is in fact, the dead twin Kirstie. What follows is the most creepy decline in the whole family’s behaviour, Lydia seems unable to tell which twin she is, and the parents, still struggling with their grief, are unable to cope with this decline in Lydia’s behaviour. Was it Lydia who died, or Kirstie?

I won’t tell you if this a murder mystery, or a ghost story, or a psychological thriller, because that’s one of the amazing things about the book, the not knowing what is going on.

The writing is, in my opinion, fantastic, I found it incredibly atmospheric, the descriptions of Torran (Thunder) Island were so well done, I can visualise it perfectly and there were many sections in the book where my heart was racing, and the end was fantastic.

It’s hard to say much without giving anything away, but I absolutely hand on heart recommend this book.

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  1. This is on my to read list, but I have heard quite a few negative reviews it has put me off, but after reading your review, it’s back to the top of my list again

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