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Tigers in Red Weather by Liza Klaussmann

All my life I’ve been a prolific reader and I’m not terribly fussy about what I read either, I love classic literature but also love nothing better than a easy to read  thriller or a horror, well pretty much anything, just keep your “chick lit” and 50 Shades, anything else and I’m up for giving it a go.

But when I had kids, I stopped reading, partly because I breast fed for years and only had one hand so reading just wasn’t all that easy, and once you get out of reading, it seems that it’s hard to get back into it. Over the last year though I’ve started picking up books again and would say I’m right back where I used to be, nearly. I ready every night before I sleep, more often if the book is especially gripping.

And so we come to Tigers In Red Weather. Gosh it took me ages to read! This book was, for me, slow going but not at all in a bad way, I wasn’t bored, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, it just wasn’t a page turner and I just picked it up and read a chapter here and there until I’d finished.

The story is about Nick and her cousin Helena who have grown up together and they spent every summer at Tiger House. As adults with husbands and kids of their own they still spend their Summer’s at Tiger House, but then came the Summer that changed everything. It’s really tricky to tell you much more than that about the story because to go into any detail would give away plot lines but I can tell you a bit about the book.

There are five main characters and the chapters are all written by each of them. The great thing about this is how well developed the characters were and each character was distinctive…it also meant that there were characters whose chapters I enjoyed reading much much more and indeed I did fly through their sections, whereas there were other characters who I didn’t enjoy reading about so much and I just plodded through those.

All five character’s views and stories combine perfectly to fill out the story and fill in the gaps. The first character, Nick, who is the centre of all the others, is perhaps the character I enjoyed reading the least so it meant the book was a slow starter for me picking up pace as we moved along.

In terms of writing, Tigers in Red Weather is exceptionally well written and conjures images of the eras (1945- 1969) so perfectly you can almost taste the Martini’s.

Highly recommended if you like a slow paced start, building up to the “event”, fantastic writing, wonderful character development and darn good book.

So a beautifully written, slow builder of a book, well worth a read unless you love a fast paced thriller in which case, this probably isn’t for you!
Tigers in Red Weather by Liza Klaussmann

*Book provided for Review purposes*

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