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05. 10. 2015

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In case you haven’t met him before, please meet Thor. I’m showing you the picture above because for any pictures he appears in in the rest of this post, he’s a bit of a blur!

The Barkbeats Box is a lovingly curated selection of dog treats and toys from both small and big brands. The boxes are a subscription service, like Beauty Boxes. Each box contains 5-6 products and they could be anything from toys, treats, healthcare to grooming products.

There’s no commitment when you subscribe to the month-to-month plan, and you can cancel at any time, and there are no shipping fees, they are included in the subscription price. In addition, Barkbeats donate at least 10% of their profit to dog rescue homes and shelters in the UK.

Thor was lucky enough to receive a box for himself and its gone down a storm I have to say! I’ll let the pictures do the talking for the time being.

barkbeatsbarkbeats barkbeatsbarkbeatsbarkbeatsbarkbeatsbarkbeatsbarkbeatsbarkbeatsbarkbeatsbarkbeatsWhat a great box of treats. Most loved were the croissants, Thor loved them, he also really loves his Moustache! I tried so hard to get a photo of him with it in  his mouth but he kept moving. Thor was very dubious about the Sweet Potato chews, leaving the first one I gave him on the kitchen floor unloved, but he returned to it and now loves those too. Actually there wasn’t anything in the box at all that wasn’t great. And I also think the packaging was great too, the Barkbeats paper is so cute and everything seems high quality.

Money is quite tight for us at the moment and there’s is a lot of room for luxuries, but if we had a few extra quid a month I wouldn’t hesitate to have this subscription service monthly! I may do so at some point in the future as I think its great and I think you can see from the photos that the products are all great quality.

To order you simply let Barkbeats know whether you have a small, medium or large dog, then choose your plan, month-to-month (£19/box), six months (£14/box) or annual (£13/box), and as previously mentioned you can cancel or pause you subscription at any time.

There’s currently a £5 off your first box offer, to get it, simply enter Bark5 at checkout!

Take a look at the Barkbeats site. I think its fabulous and more importantly, so does Thor. I must also mention that the Halloween box looks really fab!

*Barkbeats box received free of charge for review purposes

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  1. Kelsey says:

    Oh wow this looks like such a great box! It’s a shame things like this aren’t suitable for our dog Phoebe, she is overweight and dieting so wouldn’t be allowed the treats 🙁

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