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When it comes to branding and packaging, I’m an absolute sucker and here’s a new brand who I think are getting it absolutely spot on.

This fantastic little suitcase turned up on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago.

Professor Scrubbingtons Emporium of Clean (1)Those fantastic stickers were dotted all over the case, its very appealing and not just to me, Chloe and Lola were keen to know what was inside too. Fortunately for them the products contained within were from the fabulous Professor Scrubbington’s Emporium of Clean*.

Professor Scrubbingtons Emporium of Clean (2)A small but comprehensive range was contained within, with absolutely gorgeous packaging. The complete range, as shown, includes a Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair and Body Wash, Hand and Face Wash as well as a roll on Deodorant. I really love how some of the products have a little tale on them…

Professor Scrubbingtons Emporium of Clean (3)The entire range, with the exception of the deodorant, is based on foam. The principle being that foams are easy to apply, economical and they don’t slip and slide out of small hands when in the bath tub, they stay there until applied to the body or hair.

To activate the Magically Foaming Formulas, you simply pull down the tip of the “lid” firmly (which can then remain permanently open as it won’t leak) and squeeze the bottle.

Professor Scrubbingtons Emporium of Clean Professor Scrubbingtons Emporium of CleanWe found the mechanics a little hit and miss to start with, but once we got going the products worked well.

Being for young folk dear old Professor Scrubbington opted to keep things as natural as possible, so the products are Paraben and SLS free and the scent is gorgeous and used throughout the range. The scent itself can best be described as fresh and clean, and importantly unisex.

I pondered what to do with the deodorant, with 5 and 8 year olds it wasn’t something I’d thought about giving the kids yet, but as its not an antiperspirant I gave it to Chloe. At age 8 I don’t think using a product under her arms daily is a bad habit to get into at all, she loves the smell and loves using it.

Both of the kids are really enjoying using the products and I’m enjoying having fragrant kids. They’ve always loved bath time but they are loving it even more at the moment, there’s something really fun and novel about using foam for them, but its not just a novelty, its practical too. Washing with foam uses around two thirds less product as a liquid soap, and less water too!!

Professor Scrubbingtons Emporium of CleanIt is worth adding also that Chloe has really quite bad eczema and these products have not aggravated it in anyway. Probably due to the lack of nasties in the formulas. I hear there are plans for Professor Scrubbinton to add new products to his range of concoctions and we are excited to see what they may be!

Prices start at £5 per product, but you can buy the whole range for £20 with free postage on the Scrubbington’s Website which is a great deal and I think I’ll go and order it myself in a moment because we’re definitely going to be needing backups of all these.


*Products received free of charge for review purposes



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