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25. 02. 2014

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Back to make up tomorrow… well might be Thursday as I have visitors tomorrow, but we’ll see how much time have in the morning.

So basically it’s been a busy few days and I’ve realised how amazing people out there can be. When you watch or read a lot of news it’s easy to start being all doom and gloom about the world, but I’ve had a great reminder these last few days, that the world is full of kind, thoughtful generous people.

So thank you to all those who commented on my post about Chloe, or messaged me on twitter, or emailed me, I’ve been inundated so thanks all for your thoughts and comments, and for sharing your experiences, it’s been reassuring and valuable.

Huge thanks to all those who offered to help with the issues I’m having with my blog, again I was inundated and had total strangers offering to help me out. It’s not sorted yet but it’s going to be sorted. Thanks to everyone that offered to help.

Huge thanks to my cousin who just this evening kindly offered to send me Hama beads for my kids when I was asking on Facebook if anyone had any for sale. Thank you! And also thanks to the friend who offered pick some up for me when she went to a store that sold them, and thanks to the other friend who said she was going to dig her daughters out and see if she’d part with them.

Thanks to all the people who checked if I was okay when I said on Facebook I’d had some sad news, I am fine, just sad about it, but concerned for the people who are really suffering right now. This isn’t a time to be concerned about me.

Thank you to all my new followers here and on social media, the blog is starting to spread in several directions, but still with beauty at it’s core and with it comes new readers and I may lose some along the way, but thanks for following, each time I get a new follower on bloglovin, it makes my day!

Thanks to the lovely person who offered to help me out with media pack info today when I did a shout out on Twitter.

Thanks to pretty much everyone really.

Gah, this is like the worst Oscars speech ever. But seriously, things, even in times of stress, it’s great to remember who is out there, supporting and offering help.

Just thanks really!



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