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Thor recently had the most exciting delivery courtesy of The Dandy Dog Company*. It was a large and very generous delivery, lucky boy.

The Dandy Dog Company are a company based in Dorset who hand make all their products with incredibly quality materials and a huge dollop of love and care.

Perched on top of one of the packages was this cute little present, complete with treats. Bear with me, this is going to be a picture heavy post, there’s so much to show.The Dandy Dog Company

Inside the little parcel above were these:

The Dandy Dog Company

The cutest Neckerchief and a personalised Dog Bowl Mat.

Starting with the Neckerchief, there are quite a few to choose from on the site, the one we have is the Nautical one, which is two-sided, with a check print on the other side. £8

The Dandy Dog CompanyThe Dandy Dog CompanyThe Dandy Dog CompanyThe Dandy Dog CompanyI love this so much, Thor looks awesome in it! I think its even better than his bow tie accessory, he’s just so dapper! The quality is lovely, and I suspect I’m going to end up buying a few more of these, the skull and crossbones one is a must have, along with a personalised version! Just love this so much and although I’m not massively into dressing up your dog, I think Thor ought to have a little wardrobe of these days so I can change him everyday into a new funky neckerchief!

Moving onto the Dog Bowl Place Mat £14.95.

The Dandy Dog Company The Dandy Dog Company The Dandy Dog Company The Dandy Dog CompanyUntil now we have always used one of those wipe clean place mats which are revolting, they trap food and moisture underneath and are just nasty, this polka dot beauty has totally changed my mind. It’s available in Small and Large, I think we have the Small. Embroidered on it is Thor’s name, and it’s available in Black, Green, Navy Blue (as we have) and a Lavender Grey shade.  Again the attention to detail is perfection, from the corduroy dog motif, to the gorgeous stitching detail and the corduroy backing. I’ll definitely grab another at some point so I can chuck this in the wash and still have one in use. Love it.

Moving onto the Handmade Pottery Dog Bowls, Prices starting from £20.

The Dandy Dog Company The Dandy Dog Company The Dandy Dog CompanyWe have the light blue shade but there are several shades to choose from and they are beautiful. Handmade in Dorset for The Dandy Dog Company these bowls are amazing, classic pottery, solid and beautiful. There are water bowls and food bowls available and difference is in the depth, the food bowls are shallower. Love these, and due to their weight they won’t move around as your pooch eats. Amazing quality.

Finally, Thor received the Dog Bed, £90. I’ll apologise now, I didn’t quite manage to get a picture of the bed by itself as it always had a dog on it!

The Dandy Dog Company The Dandy Dog Company The Dandy Dog CompanyThe Dandy Dog CompanyThe Dandy Dog CompanyI can’t even tell you how much I love this, and Thor of course. It’s beautiful for a start, its amazingly well made. It’s absolutely stuffed with duck feather, with a concealed zip meaning the cover comes off and is fully washable. I haven’t slept on it obviously but clearly its super comfortable as Thor, who has always preferred the floor to any bed, loves it as you can see in my pics. I’ve bought about three beds all of which have gone unused until now.  There can’t be a better recommendation than that! The shade we have, grey is gorgeous but there are other shades to choose from as well as various sizes, we have the Small for reference.

What’s not to love about The Dandy Dog Company? The products are amazing, and are priced accordingly, there are several products I will go and buy more of and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone at all, every dog deserves lovely things and these are truly lovely things.

If there’s a dog in your life that you want to treat, then please head over to The Dandy Dog Company, you won’t regret it.

*All products received free of charge for review purposes but this hasn’t influenced my opinion one bit, they are incredible quality.


2 responses to “The Dandy Dog Company Review”

  1. Kelsey says:

    Ah that dog bed looks like it could be perfect for Phoebe, she is our cocker spaniel and she has arthritis so beds with no edges she has to climb over suit her better.
    Thank you for the recommendation, and Thor is such a cutie!

    • justcharlieg says:

      Thank you! Honestly the bed is lovely, its not exactly a budget bed, but I’m starting to understand Thor wouldn’t stand for budget beds haha! Its lovely and thanks for commenting x

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