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Last week Thor and I received a very special delivery from PetShop.co.uk. Thor was the most excited, he’d never had a parcel actually addressed to him before!

P1160766Inside were a selection of goodies especially picked out for Thor to enjoy, along with this cute little note!


Inside the (incredibly well packaged) box we found these!

P1160768I popped them down on the floor so Thor could have a good look at it all. I managed to get one nice photo before the crazy madness began! Look at his ickle cute face!

P1160771So first of all we have the Huntland Deboned Chicken and Turkey Grain Free Puppy Food*. I was especially pleased to give this product a try with Thor. As a pet owner, choosing food for your pet can be one of the hardest decisions to make. Thor came to us on one brand of food which we switched after a short while to another brand on the recommendation of the Veterinary Nurse we saw. However, he’s not a big eater, and I wondered if it was the food. I started to research other brands but I was really struggling to make a decision.  I should mention that it turns out that he’s just not a big eater, he’s not food motivated at all, so it wasn’t the food he was on, however, I was still keen to find the best for my boy. I did learn that the food we were giving him didn’t have a high meat content (ideally it should be the first item on the ingredients list). This Huntland puppy food most definitely does have meat as it’s primary ingredient. It’s 100% natural, grain free and is 60% meat/fish and 40% vegetables/botanicals. There are no additives, except for useful additives such as Omega 3. We’ve  been using this for a week now and he’s very happy to eat it. He still doesn’t eat all his food but I really don’t think that will ever be the case for us, but he really enjoys what he does eat and I’m a much happier owner knowing I’m not filling him with unnecessary ingredients like grain. I know that he’s getting meat, and thats what a dog should be eating! We will probably stick with this brand from now on actually, so that’s a definite win for us all! 2kg is £4.99 (currently on sale!), while 12kg is £34.99 (also on sale!).

Lucky Thor also received two sachets of James Wellbeloved Turkey & Rice Puppy & Junior Dog Pouches*. Thor came to us having not long been weaned off his wet puppy food, and we’ve never tried him on wet food. There is a reason for this, firstly, it seems an expensive way to feed (if you opt for quality brands), secondly, as he’s not a big eater he does tend to graze (despite many months of leaving the food down for a set period of time and then removing if he hasn’t eaten it), we have, on the advice of the veterinary nurse decided that’s just how he is and grazing is the best option, especially as his weight and size isn’t suffering. With a dog who eats very small amounts at irregular times, leaving food down isn’t such a great option in Summer. I don’t much like the idea of putting his breakfast down and it still being there all day through high summer. That said I was really interested to try him out with this James Wellbeloved food to see how he liked it. I put the first sachet over the dry kibble left in  his bowl, and I have to say I wasn’t at all surprised to see he not only ate the whole lot but all the kibble underneath it too. It leaves me in something of quandary! It was so good to see him polish off a whole bowl of food. I am not sure if and how we might incorporate wet food into his diet in future, but certainly its food for thought. Petshopbowl.co.uk actually have great deals on this food, with ten pouches selling for £8.29, but if you buy 20, it’s £14.50. It’s worth noting also that when switching kibble for your dog, you have to do so gradually to avoid tummy upsets, but we just gave him the sachet of this and he was fine.

Finally Thor received some Misfits Nasher Sticks* to try out! We’ve tried Misfits treats before and they were a big hit but we’ve not tried these ones before. These sticks are low fat and great for your dog’s teeth. Thor LOVES them. I tried to get a photo of me giving him one but he was an excited blur! These are £1.25 for a pack and well worth it!

P1160778But practising our training techniques I did manage to get him to leave it for one second so I could take a snap…I swear he’s smiling!

P1160784Lovely products from Petshop.co.uk as always, fantastic delivery service and they stock such a great range you’re sure to find just what you need. Thor and I are very grateful, thank you!

*All items featured were received free of charge for review purposes.





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