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12. 10. 2015


I’ve got a new favourite gadget and I’m so happy with it I’m recommending it to everyone, so might as well blog about it!

fitbit chargeI’ve needed to do something about my weight for quite a while now, but I’ve not been able to face Slimming World or Weightwatchers again, plus I don’t find them all that brilliant on reflection. While they both have undoubtedly enabled me to lose weight in the past, the problem comes when you reach your target, get lazy, and start piling the weight back on again. No, I definitely didn’t want to diet.

I’m not sure how they crept into my conciousness but I decided quite suddenly I needed a Fitbit in my life. There are various Fitbit models available so I did some research and decided upon the Fitbit Charge.

Essentially Fitbits are pedometers, counting your steps. But they do a fair bit more too. They can count calories burned, miles walked, flights of stairs (actually it just measures when you go up an incline of 10ft I believe so it could be a hill or stairs!), it will also give you the time and date.

Fitbit Charge

Various other models offer more or less depending on price, my husband has recently bought one, the Fitbit Charge HR, which is identical to mine but also monitors heart rate.

In terms of operation its simple, pop it on your non dominant wrist and off you go. I’ve heard complaints that they come undone and fall off easily, but I can’t say that has been my experience at all unless I’ve really caught it on something and then I’d rather it pop off than break.

You can sync your Fitbit with your smartphone or your PC, where you’ll find a wealth of extras. Firstly, you can find your friends who also have Fitbits and join challenges with them which is great fun. You can also track your sleep which I find interesting because I sleep so poorly. You can also track your calorie intake which I find an excellent tool as the more active I am, the more allowable calories I have and I’m finding it really helps me out before I eat that biscuit… I just accept that my Fitbit says I can’t or can. It’s not nonsense either, by being more active and being aware of my calorie intake I’ve so far lost 6lbs. I’m really pleased!

I don’t know why this is working for me, but it really is, I just find it incredibly motivational. If I know I’ve got 1,500 steps to do to meet my daily target then I’ll do them because actually that doesn’t take very long at all. It just really works for me. My target is 10,000 steps a day and it’s not easy, but it keeps me pushing to reach it! It’s incredible to realise quite how little I was moving  before!

Once in the app everything is in lovely charts so I can see that every Saturday without fail I go well over my calorie allowance, but for the other six days I am always under sometimes by a small amount and sometimes by a lot but now before I reach for the crisps I can check and see if I’m allowed them or not!

The battery life seems good, I get five-ish days out of a full charge. To see your stats when you are on the go, you can either double tap your Fitbit or push a button on the side. It displays one stat, and as you continue tapping or pushing the button is cycles through your stats. You can, via the app, organise that stats so they appear in whichever order you desire.

I’ve had mine for three weeks so far so I suppose its too early to tell if I’m going through a phase, but so far so good and I would (and do) recommend to everyone! The only real gripe I have is that it won’t measure your steps while you are holding something (a pushchair or shopping trolley for example) but I either put mine in my boot or pocket and that does the trick.

The Fitbit Charge is £99 but do shop around!


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  1. Codie says:

    I’ve been toying with the idea of a FitBit for a while now and I think I might just splash out and get one after reading this! It will work out cheaper than Slimming World in the end too I’m sure! xx

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