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Tatty Devine Collection

I go through crazy obsessive phases with brands, but this brand, Tatty Devine, is one that I’ve been hanging my nose over for a long long time. Years.  For the uninitiated Tatty Devine is a truly British company creating quirky (almost exclusively) acrylic jewellery, along with some other materials.

It wasn’t until 2014 that I first took the plunge, asking for my first pieces back in May, when my husband, grateful for ideas, gave me my first pieces. The Rock Pool Charm Bracelet and Necklace.

Tatty Devine Shell


I love these pieces and wear them often, but it wasn’t until the end of the year that my collection started to grow.

I received this pretty charm necklace in a Secret Santa box (£10 from the site but no longer available). I love the colours. There are similar charm necklaces available here.


My cute Cat and Bow Necklace also came from a Secret Santa box, but I can no longer find it on the site. I have found it here, but I can’t vouch for the retailer, or recall if that was the Tatty Devine Price.


Here’s another from a Secret Santa box. They were great value as this necklace is currently available here for £18 but my Secret Santa box was £10. They do similar  offers once or twice a year I believe, there were certainly Lucky Dip boxes available at one point last year so well worth looking out for. I love this matte gold crown, I wear it a lot.


Ahhhh the quirky moustache. I wasn’t sure about this one, whether moustaches had had their day! You know last year there were moustaches on everything? Turns out I wear this one a lot too, its usually the one I reach for when I can’t decide what to wear. This is still a current piece and you can find it here for £25.


Ah my lovely Pegasus Wings. Sorry the photo is a bit out of focus, the mirrored acrylic had a funny effect on my camera when I was taking these pics! This is the Pegasus Mini Necklace in Silver which is no longer available, but the gold is and can be found right here £30.


I had the Shooting Star Ring and Necklace for Christmas, again from Graham, who again was grateful for the suggestion. My festive jewellery of choice this Christmas, but I don’t think it’s so Christmassy I can’t wear it at any other time. Both are still available here at £10 for the Ring and £25 for the necklace. Some of the other pieces from the Shooting Star line are in the sale so take a look!


Taking a break from acrylic jewellery, I bought these wooden Russian Floral pieces in the sale. Well, the earrings are in the sale at £17.50 but the necklace isn’t which is odd as the rest of the range is (here) and mine was definitely half the listed price of £40.


Of all their jewellery, I think perhaps Tatty Devine are best known for their name necklaces, indeed its strange that this should be the last piece I purchase as it was the first thing I ever looked at on their site. Fully customisable these are made to order. There are four fonts to choose from, loads of colours and finishes, you can have any of the listed charms in any of the colours for no additional charge and you can choose your chain colour.  The colour I wanted was no longer available as I dithered for so long over this purchase (I wanted an iridescent shade) so I went for the next best thing, classic black and red glitter. I love this so much and am thrilled with my choices. Name Necklaces start at £27.50, here.


And that is everything. I’m absolutely sure its not the end of it for me, I still have a long wishlist, but for now I’m out of funds so I’m waiting to see what offerings they have for Spring!

Do you have any Tatty Devine?

There are many past pieces I’d love to own but probably will because I think the pieces I love, are very sought after! Don’t go thinking my collection is excessive though, have a look through the #tattydevine hashtag on instagram

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