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29. 07. 2013

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When I was younger, so much younger than todaaaaaaaay…. I
used to shop in New Look all the time! Then there were several years when I
didn’t go in there at all. I think at around the thirty years old mark I felt
like I was maybe too old for New Look and that everything in there was for
people in their teens and early twenties. Then, well I got over all that and
decided to dress just how I wanted to and to shop wherever I wanted to and New
Look has been back in favour ever since.
It’s perfect for throwaway fashion and jersey basics (hello
leggings!), accessories and indeed shoes (I love their black leather pumps, I
need new ones, must check they still do them!) and whilst some of the fashion
is definitely too young for me, pushing forty as I am, it’s not all. And even
if it was, I’d still shop in there for accessories, such as jewellery.
Speaking of accessories, here are my top wants right now.
Black Owl Face Clip Frame Purse £3.99
Neon Coral Cut Out Mini Satchel £12.99
Nude and Grey Novelty Pop Up Owl iPhone 4 Case £4.99
Black and Gold Embellished Moroccan Clutch. I need this for
nights out and Christmas Parties £19.99
Coral Owl Print iPad Case. Am totally buying this as soon as
I’ve scheduled this post. £9.99
Blimey I do seem to be a bit owl crazy at the moment. Owls
aside, there’s something for every taste, and budget. Whether you’re looking
for casual attire and accessories or office wear and accessories.


If like me, you’ve not stepped into New Look for a while, do
take a chance and have another look, you might find you’re surprised. And if
you are a New Look regular shopper, tell me what I need to be buying! It’s
clearly worth checking for the handbags!
*Disclosure – Sponsored post. All content was written by me as usual though!*

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