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Back in January I wrote a post about my burgeoning love of Tatty Devine Jewellery, with a little look at my collection. Now however, things have changed a little and I thought it was time for an update. While my collection has increased a little, there are also some pieces that are no longer with me, thanks to the fabulous swapping that goes on among Tatty Devine fans.

Tatty Devine Collection


I love showing off my bits so I thought I’d show you some of them. I won’t share with you the ones I have already share on my previous post, just my newest acquisitions!

Starting with my absolute favourite, my Aarrghhhh necklace!

Tatty Devine Aarrghhhh NecklaceI probably wear this the most out of all my jewellery, as it just fits my state of mind so well! Currently available on the Tatty Devine Website at £60. I was lucky and bought mine second hand from a fellow fan.

Next, the April Showers Cloud Brooch.

Tatty Devine April Showers brooch


The April Showers collection is currently available and absolutely adorable. This little brooch always attracts attention when I wear it, its just so cute! The brooch is £30 here. I also bought a necklace from the same collection, the rainbow necklace, but swapped that on because although adorable, I just knew I wasn’t going to wear it, I pop this brooch on quite often though.

Next, my Mexican Embroidery, Autumn Berries.

Tatty Devine Autumn berries Mexican Embroidery NecklaceThis was my first larger Tatty piece and I grabbed it from ASOS when it was discounted. I actually dithered over it for days before going for it and I was really pleased with it when it arrived. The colours are so nice together.  Sad to say I can’t find this available online anywhere anymore, so this is one to keep your eyes on Ebay for!

The Common Blue Wooden Butterfly.

Tatty Devine Common Blue Butterfly NecklaceThis little beauty was a Mothers Day present from my girls and is so delicate and gorgeous. Currently available on the Tatty Devine website for £30.

Small Crystal Shard Necklace.

Tatty Devine Crystal Shard NecklaceI got this in a swap with another fan recently. I’m not sure if this exact necklace was ever made for retail (although there were definitely similar necklaces available), I think the lovely lady I swapped with got hers from one of the infamous Lucky Dip boxes (always worth a look when they do them).

Fairground Lights Arrow and Glitter Heart Necklaces.

Tatty Devine Fairground Lights Arrow Glitter HeartBoth of these little beauties are currently available online! The little heart is another one I acquired in a swap, I probably never would have bought this, but now that I have it I love it. I wear huge amounts of black clothes and this really pops when I do. Such a cutie, you can find the Glitter Heart Necklace here for £18. The Fairground Lights Arrow Necklace is another of the pieces I have that people always comment on, probably on account of the rainbow swarovsky crystals that sparkle and glitter when the light hits them. This one is £35 here.

La Luna Moon Necklace – Opal

Tatty Devine la Luna Moon necklaceAhhhh this was my dream piece and I never thought I’d get my hands on, but then a fellow fan alerted me to one on Ebay at a reasonable price and I went straight over there and bought it. Can’t even explain how gorgeous this piece is and it goes with absolutely everything too. Totally thrilled with this but you’ll struggle to find one for yourself, so keep your eyes peeled on Ebay as they do crop up there reasonably often.

My Name Necklaces

Tatty Devine name NecklaceYou can head over to the Tatty Website and design your own name necklaces, there are loads of colours, finishes and charms to choose from, you can also choose your chain colour. I love the black one and wear it a lot, I don’t love the rainbow one all that much. I was disappointed when it arrived as its tiny… but the rainbow is cute as is the little bird charm.  Name necklaces start at £27.50 here.

Opal Sea Shell Necklace

Tatty devine opal sea shell necklace Tatty devine opal sea shell necklaceThis was a real find, thanks to a fellow fan who sold it to me for a very decent price indeed. Another necklace in that beautiful opal perspex, its stunning. It is one of those pieces though that look considerably more beautiful on than they do in the box… I’m wearing it in my picture in the left column of this blog, its so gorgeous. I took a photo of those beads too because they are so lovely, they glow, like pearls. Unfortunately, unless one comes up on ebay I think you’ll struggle to find one for yourself.

Small Parakeet

Tatty Devine parakeetI’m obsessed with this little parakeet! I now have the need for bigger parakeets, this is stunning. Again, I came by this one via a swap, but there’s a plain green one available on the Tatty site here, for £50.

Finally these little bits, the Volume Brooch and Bow Tie Ring.

Tatty Devine Volume Brooch Bow Tie RingThe Volume Brooch is so cute, it’d make a great gift for your loudest friends, note the volume goes up to 11! It’s £18 here. The Bow Tie ring is also very cute and it’s £7.50 here. A word of advice, the rings come up tiny, buy them bigger than you might think!

So that’s it! For now… I can’t promise there won’t be more posts in the future… which is your favourite, and if you already own Tatty Devine products, which is the favourite you own?



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