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As I write this post I am not sure what I’m going to call it, it’s a bit personal, its also a bit of a ramble, but it’s also a bit of a product review. Its sort of like a new years resolution, except I don’t believe in new years resolutions…

So lets start with the facts. I’m overweight, I’ve been overweight on and off for years now. I’ve tried both Slimming World and Weight Watchers with varying degrees of success.

I also happen to have some issues with food. One is not especially uncommon, comfort eating. When I feel sad, or tired, or bored, I eat. I take this a step further by wanting to celebrate things with food. When I feel happy or have something to celebrate, I want to eat nice food.

The other issue I have, is less common I think, or at least its not something I ever hear people talking about, in that I really struggle to eat food that I don’t LOVE. So take spaghetti bolognese, I don’t dislike it, not at all, would I ever eat it, even when cooking the meal for my family? Very rarely.  Sometimes I’d even rather go without food altogether than eat something I don’t actively enjoy. I think I struggle to see food as a necessity, more as something to be enjoyed and its something that I can’t seem to shake. Salad, I don’t dislike basic salad, would I choose to eat it ever? Even when I know I’m overweight? No. Same goes for fruit, yoghurt, anything I define as uninteresting.

Freshly baked rolls, pastries, roast dinners, burgers, chips, curry, those are all foods I actively enjoy.

I don’t really know how to fix this weird attitude I have. I’m a sensible person, I know eating a hot roll slathered in melting butter isn’t good for me (when the rest of my diet is unhealthy), but I can’t quite bring myself to pick up the salad. It’s almost as though I feel there’s no point eating if I don’t enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t skip meals, maybe 4 times in a year or so I do, but otherwise I eat all my meals, but I often supplemented with treats, or I will cook myself something different to what I make the rest of the family or moan about how much I don’t fancy what is on my plate.

I’m a reasonably varied eater, I like food from most cultures, but I’m not a fan of sauces or mayo based things.  So prepacked sandwiches, a lot of prepacked salads and so on are not for me and my choices when making my own food are limited, there’s only so many egg based lunches I can eat. Add into all this the fact that I don’t really enjoy cooking, and dieting starts to become difficult.

So, the time has come to do something about this weight, but what to do about it when I have all these issues?

Well one thing I do love is smoothies. I’m aware that many are sugar laden and actually not that good for you, but surely, making your own, knowing what you put in them, using ingredients you like is better than a couple of rolls slathered in butter and stuffed with salami followed by a Lidl Apple Danish? Well I’ve decided to try.

I opted to buy the Breville Blend Active on the recommendation of a friend. I really wanted the Nutribullet but decided it was too much of an investment for something that might prove to be a whim, and the Breville Blend Active is definitely reasonable. There are three available, but the only difference I can see is the amount of cups you get with it. I opted for the most expensive that comes with four beakers, two 600ml and two 300ml. I bought it from Argos for £31.50 Seemed like a good deal, theres one in Tesco that is £29.50 with just two beakers.



Inside the box you get your beakers, the unit itself, the blades and a leaflet, which not only houses the instructions, but also some recipe suggestions.



I couldn’t be simpler to use, you add your ingredients to your cup, screw the blades onto the top of your bottle, turn it upside down, put it into the unit until it clicks into place and then you hit the Blend button. You have to keep your finger on the button for the duration of  the blending, but seeing as how it only takes 30 seconds or so its not a big deal. Once blended to your liking you remove your bottle, unscrew the blades, replace with a cap and off you go. Cleaning the unit is a breeze, the blades can just be run under a tap, the main unit never needs cleaning as it doesn’t come into contact with the food/drink and the bottles are dishwasher safe.

It is my intention to replace two meals a day (breakfast and lunch)at the moment while having my usual dinners, but I have no idea how realistic this is long term. I also admit to not being fully versed on what’s good to use and what isn’t, but I’m researching and reading so I’m learning as I go I hope!

This mornings, looked like crap but tasted pretty good.


It was pear, apple, cucumber, spinach and blueberries. I hadn’t blended it quite enough and it was a bit too heavy on the cucumber but it was not too bad at all.

Lunchtime I opted for a dash of milk, banana, mixed berries (raspberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants, blueberries, cherries, raspberries and strawberries) and a healthy dose of chia.


I t was absolutely delicious. I must buy some more chia. So I did get hungry at 3pm ish and just had a Weight Watchers cake slice and I’m just cooking dinner, just usual family dinner stuff. A great thing about this blender is that you can do ice and nuts in it, it coped with ice easily.

Its too early for me really tell you about whether I’m losing weight, whether the blender works long term, whether I can stick to it long term, whether I have to go down to one smoothie a day, but I’m fairly optimistic, I might struggle to eat my fruit and veg in a bowl or on a plate, but for me, a smoothie might just be the answer.

I’ll do another post in a few weeks with an update I guess and we shall see!

If you read this and you have any recipe suggestions for me, I’d be delighted to hear them!

2 responses to “My (Not New Year) Resolution.”

  1. ali says:

    Hi, I looked for a follow up post…did this work? I have this exact same blender and love it.
    We all have a breakfast smoothie and sometimes the kids have a milk shake when they get home from school.
    Favourite recipes are chocolate milkshake using cacao powder, avocado, banana, milk and yogurt, bit of agave nectar to sweeten but doesn’t really need it.
    Or fruit smoothies using Apple juice, frozen fruit and a bit of water. Ive been using oat to thicken them if needed.
    Its made a huge difference to my energy levels in the morning. X

    • justcharlieg says:

      hi there! You know what, it did work but I couldn’t keep it up, my will power totally let me down again! I do however still go back to it every now and again. But while I was doing it I was losing quite steadily. I must get back on it actually!

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