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24. 02. 2016

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Today I’m writing about something a little different. Veg in a Box are a local delivery company delivering the best in local, fruit, veg and meat and lots of other goodies!

Veg in a Box are a family run business covering Exeter and the surrounding area. There are heaps of boxes to choose from, ranging from just fruit, or just veg, mixed boxes, slow cooker boxes, roast dinner boxes to name a few, as well as seasonal boxes such as Christmas Boxes and Mothers Day Boxes. As well as the pre-made boxes, they are more than happy to customise a box for you, or create one. If you want everything but the parsnips, no problem, they’ll put something else in instead. Its a great service.

My first order was a Christmas Box, which at £65 contained everything we needed for Christmas dinner and much much more.

Veg in a BoxTo say I was blown away was an understatement. There was a huge local turkey breast, a gammon joint (which I actually ended up swapping for the nicest beef I’ve ever had in my life), bacon, sausage meat, pigs in blankets, mince pies, clotted cream, stuffing, copious amounts of veg, beautiful biscuits and even gravy granules, with all but the Bisto and stuffing being local. We had the in laws over for Christmas dinner. Everyone agreed it was the best Christmas Dinner EVER. Will definitely do that again next year.

On the strength of the Christmas Box, my next order was the Family Fruit Box, which was £25.

Veg in a BoxNothing prepared me for the scale of this box, there were lemons, two types of pears, strawberries, raspberries, mango, apples, bananas, pineapple, melon, and so much more. The fruit was absolutely fresh delicious. It was in fact a little too much fruit for our family, but it really encouraged me to eat fruit instead of biscuits which is why I ordered it, but it everyone seemed pleased, the pineapple was a big hit!

My most recent order was the Small Fruit and Veg Box, which was £20. However, I didn’t want the veg, so it was made up as entirely fruit for us.

Veg in a BoxAgain, the fruit was fresh and delicious.

I’m keen to order one of the more meaty boxes next, perhaps the Live Lean Box (£55), or the Gourmet Steak Box (£50), or most temptingly the Mixed Grill Box (£40). After the amazing Christmas Box, I’m also keen to order a Beef Roast Dinner box…

I must also mention the Mothering Sunday Box (£68) which just looks incredible, and contains a Roast Box, as well as a handmade, scented candle, cream tea, cupcakes, truffles, fudge, balloon and a card… I’m hoping my family see this blog post and take the hint! 😉

Anyway, if you are in Devon, I can highly recommend you check out Veg in a Box, you won’t be disappointed, and Julie will help you customise your order so you get exactly what you want and need.

If you are not local to Devon, then seek out your local equivalent, I’d highly recommend!


7 responses to “Veg in a Box”

  1. Lyn P says:

    Here in N Herts we have The Fruit & Veg Hut, Charlie

    First time I ordered I had a medium fruit box …. had to give some away as far too much for the 2 of us!

    Now have small fruit box. You can say no eg oranges, add more fruit as well as veg

    My husband makes a big fruit salad every 3-4 days

    Next day delivery except sunday and monday

    There is a farm about 10 miles away that does fruit, veg and meat boxes

    If anyone has similar near to them, please give it a try as so much nicer than supermarket fruit & veg

    And we must support local businesses or else they will be gobbled up by the big boys

  2. This is such a good idea – we’ve done it a few times with a local scheme. You seem to have received LOADS of produce for your money too and you are supporting local 😀

  3. Elanor says:

    This is such a great idea, my flatmate used to buy similar boxes when we lived in Macclesfield and she was never disappointed! 🙂

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Looks like a great service! We have something similar but with all locally grown organic produce during the summer. I love it!

  5. wow these boxes look amazing, I love fresh local produce it just tastes so so much better! x

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