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27. 07. 2013


Hey all, this is just a heads up to let you know that I’ve started to take a few more sponsored posts here and there. Where possible I try to keep sponsored posts and all none beauty related things to the weekends and so it is that this weekend there are two sponsored posts, with another one due in the week. That said, I don’t foresee anymore on the horizon, it’s just happened this way. In the case of the three sponsored posts since yesterday, all the content has still been written by myself rather than just written for me and pasted in, so I hope you can see that it’s still my work!

As you know, come the end of the Summer holidays I’ll be looking for a proper job, but at the moment, any money I can make by way of the blog is the only income I get, and it’s that income that allows me to buy products that I then write about on here, so I hope you can bear with me.

I’ve also got rid of the very obtrusive “skin” advertising that I had until recently as I wanted to give it a try but really really didn’t like it so that’s now gone. I’ve kept a couple of ad’s running, but they are far less invasive and “in your face” so hopefully they are not too much of a concern to my readers.

I’ll still be using affiliate links where applicable but I make very little from those, less than a fiver a month usually, most months, nothing at all, so sponsored posts here and there I hope you can live with, and skip if they’re not your thing.

Thanks for continuing to read!

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