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The week before Christmas I had a hankering to teach myself to crochet. I’m not entirely sure where it came from but as in all things with me, once I decided to try it out, it had to be immediately. I took a trip to John Lewis, bought a set of crochet hooks, bamboo, and some wool, then headed over to Waterstones and bought a book.

Using the book I taught myself some basic stitches, they were far from perfect but I persevered, teaching myself the double crochet, the half treble crochet and the treble crochet. They were a bit messy, but it was really just a question of practising and working on my neatness.

12347819_10156565834365144_6552795418496402341_n (1)Having learned the treble crochet I was ready to have a go at a granny (or afghan) square. The first attempt was a little bit scruffy, but regardless, I did it!

920844_10156577567520144_1725253024929886983_oI’ve learned that not all yarn is equal. My mint green squares are always loose and floppy whatever I do, but other wools make a much neater, more substantial square.

10416610_10156588846720144_4298108473573220241_nSquares are really quite boring though, to me at least and I wanted to make something that would give me instant gratification. I’m not sure how I found her, but lucky for me I did, I found Attic24. Now this was more like it. I loved the things she made, the colours, and best of all her instructions looked simple and easy to follow. Getting ahead of myself only slightly I put in an order from Wool Warehouse for the yarn pack to make the Sunny Granny Stripe Blanket and when it arrived I couldn’t wait to get started. What a glorious selection of colours. I could feel a new passion growing.


Making a single bed sized blanket maybe a bit ambitious but actually its really rather simple, well this pattern is, the colours are a dream, making it a joy to create each row, just to see how it looks with the previous row, its beautiful. The hardest part has been starting it off. I had to do the starting chain three times, and I unravelled and started again several more times until I’d created the following.

12314557_10156596362200144_6110306060534438555_oOnce this part, which I found tricky, was done, its just been a case of adding beautiful coloured row on top of beautiful coloured row.




This is my current point. just shy of half way through. The sunlight has washed the photo out, and in reality the colours are somewhere between the photo below and the one above.P1020149More experienced crochet-ers will notice I’ve made plenty of mistakes, but its a very forgiving pattern. Several rows are back to front near the bottom, there’s one row near the middle where there are far too many trebles in some places and not enough enough others but overall, you can’t really tell. At this point I’m just over two fifths of the way through, minus the border but I can’t wait to finish it. I’ll be so proud!

I am however now having a terrible panic that I’ve added too many stitches so I’m off for a count!

I’d love to hear what you’ve been making lately, and if you have any retailers or blogs to recommend, please let me know!

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