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13. 07. 2013


No political rant and no book review this week. Lets dwell on the past week a little, mostly my past week. But first Katie Hopkins. Lets just stop talking about her shall we, I thought by now we all knew not to feed trolls?!

And another Katie.  What’s happened to your face! I do like how you matched your scarf to your FACE though.

Source : I’m embarrassed to say the Daily Mail.

This week, until yesterday, has been horrible. Of all the weeks to get a cold with a raging temperature, I had to get the hottest week ever (I’m exaggerating probably, but that’s what it felt like!). I haven’t felt so poorly in an age. So I’ve mostly been feeling ill and doing nothing much. Except watching TV. Both series of American Horror Story done (amazing), first series of Carnivale done (also amazing), many many episodes of Criminal minds, done.

I’ve not worn make up all week, which is unheard of for me. And dear lord I’ve felt self conscious! When I needed my make up the most I’ve felt to ill to bother with it. I’ve had to leave the house looking like utter crap.

Yesterday I started to feel a bit better though, the war paint was duly applied but I’d love tips on applying make up over a dry flaky post cold nose! My first day of feeling better coincided with the girls being very nicely behaved for a day, it’s so rare it warrants a mention!

I’ve started cross stitching again, I’ve done lots of embroidery/tapestry/cross stitch in the past but not for many years. I grabbed a copy of Cross Stitcher magazine in Tesco last week and got started. It’s such a relaxing pass time!

What else, well nothing really that’s been my week! Looking forward to a lazy day today and family visiting tomorrow and a barbecue. Nom. It’s not very Weight Watchers friendly, meat and bread, but I’ll just make sure I have an extra large helping of salad! Speaking of WW, No loss since I last mentioned it, been stuck on a stone for about three weeks now, keep eating Nandos, but this week looks to be a loss, despite a jam doughnut sneaking in one day. We’ll see

What are you up to this weekend? Do you like the heat or do you long for Autumn?

2 responses to “It’s the Weekend!”

  1. Sorry you’ve been ill. I’ve had a chest infection and a runny bum (TMI, I’m sorry!) from IBS. Not a good mix.

    Katie Price is going to end up looking like Jocelyn Wildenstein. What is it with already attractive people? They get so greedy, want it all and end up looking like a dog’s bum.

    I wish I could cross stitch, but I have really sweaty hands and it’s not good to have grubby aida. Yuk! I can’t wait to see what that looks like once you’ve finished! x x

  2. Joanne Newsham says:

    Im shocked by that picture of Katie. What is she doing to herself at all. She was naturally very pretty.

    Issues. Major ones spring to mind.

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