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Planning has been on my radar for ages and I did blog about my Journal a couple of years ago, but for some reason, it kind of fell by the wayside.

Just before Christmas the urge hit me for new stationery and stickers and after a bit of research I decided upon a MAMBI (Me & My Big Ideas) Happy Planner (classic size. I thought the layout looked like it’d suit me and I just love how customisable it is. Not only do MAMBI create lots of accessories for the Happy Planners, but so do lots of independent sellers too. There are a lot of different Happy Planners available but I settled on the Sugar & Type version for me and I purchased from Craftstars for about £28.

I think maybe, we’ll just show some pictures at this point!

MAMBI Happy PlannerMAMBI Happy PlannerThe Monthly Layout:MAMBI Happy PlannerThe Weekly Layout:MAMBI Happy PlannerVarious Dividers:
MAMBI Happy PlannerMAMBI Happy PlannerAt the end of each month is this lovely little back page:MAMBI Happy PlannerThe attention to detail is brilliant and at the bottom of each page you’ll find a quote, a saying or a little illustration:MAMBI Happy PlannerMAMBI Happy PlannerMAMBI Happy Planner

For the uninitiated, this a disc bound system, that means your pages slot onto the discs. It’s something to be aware of because it means you can only add compatible products to your Happy Planner. There is a Happy Planner Hole Punch but its very expensive and to be honest I’ve not needed it, but these are things to think about if going down the Planner route.

MAMBI Happy Planner MAMBI Happy Planner MAMBI Happy PlannerOne of the very attractive features of the Happy Planner are the compatible accessories, from extension packs, to stickers, to pens, pencil cases, you name it, there’s so much available. I however just bought some spare note paper, a pack of pockets to stores stickers in, and then some expander rings, because once I’d added the card pockets, my Planner was stuffed, the expander rings give you much more space.MAMBI Happy Planner MAMBI Happy PlannerMAMBI Happy Planner

So the thing with Planner Addicts is that its not just about planning your life and running a diary, it’s a hobby in itself, and a big part of that is decorating your planner. While you can buy MAMBI branded stickers, they were a bit boring for my tastes and that’s when I discovered the Etsy world of Planner Stickers and accessories. It’s a slippery slope…MAMBI Happy PlannerToday Divider,  Weekly Layout and Monthly Layout Stickers from Bits of Stationery:MAMBI Happy PlannerMAMBI Happy PlannerMAMBI Happy PlannerCute Stickers from HappyCutieStudio:MAMBI Happy Planner MAMBI Happy PlannerHalloween and Unicorn Kisses Weekly Stickers by EllenBeeMakes:MAMBI Happy PlannerMAMBI Happy PlannerTrust me when I tell you I bought and used many more than this, and without a doubt my two favourite Etsy Stores are Bits of Stationery and HappyCutieStudio, so do check them out.

Decorating your planner in this way isn’t cheap though and so I thought I’d have a go at creating my own. I was lucky and received a Silhouette Portrait for Christmas, this clever machine comes with software to design your stickers, then you print them out on sticker paper and the Silhouette cuts them out for you. I’ve not bought any stickers since I got it. It’s brilliant and probably deserves a blog post all of it’s own, but for now, here are some of the stickers I’ve made for myself.

This Ombre name sticker is on the front page of my Happy Planner and was the first sticker I made!

MAMBI Happy PlannerThen I had a go at a couple of monthly layouts:
MAMBI Happy PlannerMAMBI Happy PlannerMAMBI Happy Planner

And then some weekly layouts:

MAMBI Happy PlannerMAMBI Happy Planner MAMBI Happy Planner

And that is my Happy Planner. I can highly recommend it both as a means to organise your life but also as a hobby, regardless of whether or not I’ve designed the stickers, Sunday is always Planner Sticker Day, where I sit down decorate and fill in the next week, it cements my chores and appointments for the week ahead in my head, and is a calming activity to do, and designing my stickers is always fun!

So do you plan? What do you have? Are you a crazy planner decorator or do you go for something more functional altogether? Let me know!

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  1. Rachel says:

    Your planner looks great! Thank you for sharing lovely

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