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20. 01. 2015

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My whole life is run by my computer. My Outlook calendar houses all my families timetable and mine, its linked to my Task List and I consult it regularly. It’s a system that works well for me, I can send invites easily to my husband at work and home and make sure events are on his calendars too.

But it also happens, that like many others I have this obsession with stationery. I have stockpiles of stickers, notebooks and nice pens. They just sit there. I buy them because I can’t resist, but I actually use a cheap notebook I got from Lidl for my shopping lists, and a Paperchase memo block for small notes so my lovely nice stationery just sits there unloved.

I was drawn to creating a journal full of stickers and cute stuff after seeing lots of pics on Instagram (but for the life of me I can’t remember which account it was to share with you). This was already gnawing away at me when my lovely friend did a blog post here which just made me want to do it even more.

So I spent a couple of days window shopping online before settling on Sticker Stack as my retailer of choice! It wasn’t that simple though, it took me a couple of days to choose my journal.

I settled on the Iconic Design Free Planner. I apologise for the yellowish circle in the middle of each photo, its like it’s on my camera lens but I can’t get it off, trust me, I’ve tried.







The Journal has three different types of page, the peachy shades are note pages and there are month pages as well as free plan pages.

I also bought a stash of stickers (to add to my collection).






The last two pictures are of a set, containing nine gorgeous sheets of diary deco stickers.

Best of all, the journal has a little spot in it to keep all your stickers together.



I got started immediately, and a week on I’m still using it religiously and I’m about to order more stickers. Someone stop me!




It’s so addictive, and now my journal is much fuller. I must also give special mention to Sticker Stack, lovely products, amazing fast delivery, and very friendly on Twitter too!

I’d love to hear if any of you keep a journal, plus recommendations for suppliers because you can never have too much stationery right?!



5 responses to “My Journal…”

  1. Worshipblues says:

    Lovely choice and funky stickers too!

    I tend to stick to Midori diaries these days because I really like the quality of the paper. I know it sounds so fussy but I use so many different types of pens for notemaking, reminders, doodling etc and Hiro has a habit of picking up my diary and doodling in it with his rather harsh architect pens – the paper need to really stand up to the task.

    Use your stationery more!!!! It’s too sad to let it just sit there 🙂

    • justcharlieg says:

      I know, its awful to be a hoarder, its just so lovely and using it feels like spoiling it! I have notes and scribbles all over mine now and its holding up well. I will look up Midori xx

  2. Suze says:

    Ace Charlie, you’ve inspired me! I have lots of lovely stationery, note pads, pens and stickers and yet I seem to resist using them because I’m not sure what to use them for and I don’t want to waste them! I also think journal is more friendly than ‘diary’ which sets too many expectations for me. I’m a list maker and planner so think I will crack on, not worry about what should go in it and just get on with it! Xxx

    • justcharlieg says:

      ha! Yes, I was inspired also, I have lists in mine all over the place. I am still using Outlook, but I like having the paper version it has notes and comments that I’d never bother to put on my computer calender. Do it! xx

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