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24. 11. 2015

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I just thought I’d do a little post because I’m really self concious about how little I’m blogging at the moment. My migraines have been awful and we’ve all been plagued with bugs, if it’s not been me, its been the kids. We just can’t seem to cut a break. As it is I’m expecting the school to call me today to go and collect Lola as she wasn’t too great when I dropped her off this morning.

So the last week or two has consisted of either me moping around feeling sorry for myself or running around after he kids who are moping around feeling sorry for themselves…the life of a mother!

We’ve managed to get out and about a little and we had a lovely walk with friends at the weekend when I snapped this photo. A visual reminder of how lucky we are to live in the most beautiful county, with this literally on our doorstep.

Devon Anyway, I hope to normal service will resume shortly.


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