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Docteur Renaud iris lift serumI recently blogged about the Docteur Renaud Iris Discovery Kit which I really enjoyed using. The Kit included small sample of several products from the Iris Anti-Ageing range, including the Iris Lift Radiance Serum. Since then I’ve been trying out a full size version of the Iris Lift Radiance Serum. I absolutely lovely the bottle, there’s something so gorgeous about the white glass bottle, which is of course a hygienic pump.

Docteur Renaud iris lift serum

At £46 for a 30ml bottle its a relief that a tiny amount goes a long way.

You use the serum twice a day before applying moisturiser and in terms of texture, its an absolute dream, it’s incredibly light and makes your skin feel so incredibly smooth and soft. In terms of scent, it’s light and floral, not at all offensive to my nose, in fact it smells gorgeous and its pearly and pretty too.

The Iris flower is wonderful for the skin thanks to it’s ability to strengthen the dermis and to limit the degradation of proteins that constitute skin structure, therefore, its the ideal ingredient for an anti-ageing range. I find the serum offers an immediate effect on my skin, with fine lines looking less obvious and everything looking a touch plumper, in a good way. The radiance aspect of the serum is the bit I find more gradual, and I do believe that after a good month of use (including the small sample size I had before) my skin does indeed look a little brighter. I am still suffering with spots, but they have got no worse, and to be frank I’d not expect this product to address that issue, it is however a relief that it has not made this problem worse. Serums are often “trigger” products for me, causing me terrible break outs, but this has not been the case with this product, even with prolonged use.

If you have skin like mine, that seems to break out with everything, then I’d definitely recommend checking this out if you want to add a serum to your routine. I’ve been without a serum for quite some time now and am very pleased to have filled that gap.

You can purchase the Docteur Renaud Iris Lift Radiance Serum at Skin Evolution where it is £46 for 30ml. Remember a little goes a very long way and I’d estimate that my bottle is well over half full still, after twice daily use for approximately a month.

*Product received free of charge for review purposes

Happy Monday!

Today I’m blogging about a brand I’ve never tried before, Docteur Renaud, and in particular the Iris Discovery Kit.

I adore trying new skincare products but with my skin, trying new things rarely agrees with me. I’m 41 so, I guess you’d say I was ageing (in skincare terms), I have a terribly dry nose, and frequently get spots on my chin. In addition to this charming sounding skin, lots of products seem to break me out. As a result of this I blog far less about skincare now than I used to. I remember the heady days when I was chosen as one of 4Beauty’s top ten skincare blogs, sadly these days that just wouldn’t be possible!

That said, I do still try things out from time to time, I’m still perfecting my routine. I’m just more careful about what I try.

I hadn’t actually really heard about Docteur Renaud until Samantha from Coco Butter Blog mentioned it in her Bloggers Talk Beauty feature. I was then delighted to be given an opportunity to try the range out for myself. Namely the Iris Discovery Kit.

Docteur Renaud Iris The Docteur Renaud is a French brand devoted to the finest natural ingredients and harnessing the power of plants to create effective, natural skincare products and treatments.

The Iris Discover Kit is aimed at Anti-Aging results and contains Iris Lift Mask 20ml, Iris Firming Lift Cream 5ml and Iris Lift Radiance Serum 5ml, all housed within a beautiful box and who can resist products that come wrapped in tissue paper! The Kit retails at £9.

Docteur Renaud IrisAll of the products are lovely. The Iris Lift Mask  aims to stimulate collagen synthesis for a smoothing and firming effect.  I found that after use my skin did feel incredibly smooth to touch but also a tiny bit plumper and therefore fine lines looked slightly diminished, I can’t say anyone would notice, but it was enough for me to notice (in my x5 magnifiying mirror!) and I would definitely use this again (and indeed I have some left so will keep going until its gone). I can only imagine that results would be greater combined with the rest of the range and with regular use.

The Iris Lift Radiance Serum is just what I have been looking for as my regime is lacking a serum at the moment as so many I try break me out. Not so with this one. It’s a highly concentrated fluid that promised to lift the features on application. As with all claims such as these, don’t go looking for miracles, they don’t exist, but absolutely everything (particularly under my eyes), looked a bit less saggy!

Finally the Iris Firming Lift Cream, a really beautiful moisturiser. Often with anti-ageing products, they are too heavy and rich for my skin, but this is lovely and moisturising while not being too heavy. It sinks into my skin nicely and leaves it feeling moisturised. A very nice moisturiser indeed.

This is a fantastic way to try out products and I really enjoyed using them all, each is lightly, but beautifully, scented and they are a pleasure to use.

I can’t thoroughly review in terms of the effects on my skin because there isn’t enough product to thoroughly test but I can say I would definitely be happy to recommend the products as my two main skin concerns (dryness and acne) were not aggravated, while the dryness was helped. For someone with skin as tricksy as mine, that’s really good going.

The Docteur Renaud Iris Discovery Kit is exclusively available from Skin Evolution who are the only UK stockists of the brand, they stock the whole line as well as the Carrot Discovery Kit which is designed for a glowing complexion.

*Products received free of charge for review purposes.


04. 02. 2014

So this year see’s me hitting the big 40, I know I know, I don’t look a day over 39 etc etc…although I haven’t in any concious way started to freak out… anyone who knows me can’t have failed to notice my subconscious efforts to turn back the hands of time…

I can’t mess about with my skincare thanks to My Acne Hell (damn, why didn’t I use that as a title on any of my previous blog posts), but one day I’d very much like to go for some botox, those lines on my forehead are a dead giveaway, I also wouldn’t rule out a few fillers here and there, but it’s a pipe dream really since, even if I save up for botox, I couldn’t afford the upkeep (insert uber sad face here).

Instead I’ve been heading back to my twenties in other ways, in such a way that I hadn’t realised before now.

Music, my tastes have always veered to the more rocky side of things with more than a nod in the direction of alternative music…but I find myself actively searching out new bands of interest and playing them to death. Bands which quite frankly, if I were to see live, I’d feel most out of place since I’m the age of most kids parents who would be there…

Clothes, always a fan of leggings, I’ve taken this love to a whole new level with my addiction to Black Milk. Of course, with leggings, you need the right footwear, and whilst I wear my trusty Topshop biker boots several days a week, the rest of the week is split between my new Doc Marten boots and my Nike Blazers…

Make up, not so much an effect of a midlife crisis, but more a result of my amazing colour analysis class, my choices are bolder and I’m sporting a vivid lip most days…

But you can’t hold back the passing of time really, applying eye liner has become a massive chore as I try to glide the product on my wrinkly eyelids and there are two deep wrinkles on my face that like to harbour foundation, foundation furrows if you will….and then there’s the constant back ache…I went to the GP, she said it was just my age and gave me some exercises to do…

I’ve been battling the onslaught of grey hairs since my first child was born, seven years ago… instead of trying to go with it with subtle blonde highlights to  mask the greys as they come in, I recently threw caution to the wind and went back to my ideal dark brown shade…not sure how long I’ll be able to carry it off for though…OAP’s with dyed dark hair don’t look great in my opinion, but maybe I just won’t give a monkeys about that.

It’s a weird thing, suddenly I do feel old, I feel old physically… I don’t feel old at all at heart though and so I plan to go into my forties quite disgracefully, no more will I dress as I “should” (after both babies… I found myself drifting to the very safe Next to clothes shop) and I will dress as I feel I want to.  It’s a surprise, even to me, that I care very little what people think of my clothes. My nose stud has been with me for 20 years… I don’t intend to lose it now I’m knocking on the door of 40.

Until such a time as we become rich (insert hollow laugh here), I can’t afford the little helping hands I’d like with my face, like Botox, so sod it, I’ll just muddle along emphasising the best bits and trying not to draw attention to the not so good bits, I’m having a fringe cut in, in a couple of weeks, if no one can see the lines across my forehead, they aren’t there right?

How old are you? Do you feel it? Does it get you down and if not, why not? Do you plan to age gracefully, or disgracefully?


Today I’m going to tell you a little about the Baby Quasar Plus. This isn’t really going to be a review for reasons you’ll see later.

Baby Quasar Plus

So basically we have here a tool for Light Therapy. Essentially the Baby Quasar has four wavelengths of natural light which makes it the most effective consumer device on the market. There are a couple of versions, one with a blue light which is for the treatment of acne, and one with a red light which is for anti ageing. I’m told that the red light stimulates blood flow and circulation but if I’m totally honest I don’t fully understand how it works on wrinkles. This device is recommended particularly for wrinkles around the eye but you can use it all over. It claims to plump the skin, improve texture, reduce acne (although if acne is your primary concern, go for the blue) and can even treat eczema.

In your box you get a lovely carry case.

Baby Quasar Plus

And inside your carry case you have the hand held unit, a power supply and various leaflets, namely your guarantees and instructions.

Baby Quasar Plus

It’s incredibly simple to use. Simply connect the unit to the power supply. Mentally divide your face in half lengthways and then into three sections each so in your mind you have six zones. Then hold the unit up to the skin, pressed on to the skin (lightly)  so little or no light escapes. Then off you go. Move it around over the entire zone. It will beep when that zone is done (2 minutes), then move onto the next zone.

It feels comfortable to use, although skin can feel very warm. Otherwise there’s no sensation, it’s painless and comfortable.

Have a Google for reviews of this product. They are absolutely impressive. For me this hasn’t worked out too well. I just don’t have time in my life for this.

The person who got in touch with me about this told me his Mum had been using it for three years and it’s worked wonders…of course he would say that, but I say the thought of doing this daily for three years is not appealing in the slightest.

I don’t watch heaps of TV and you really can’t do anything with your hands for the twelve minutes you’re doing this…so for me, using this meant sitting doing nothing for 12 minutes a day. I just couldn’t hack it for long.

I’m a bit annoyed at myself if I’m totally honest because all reviews I can find for this are really good and it does sound like it works wonders, and it’s not a cheap bit of kit. But it’s sat untouched under my bed for a couple of months now and it’s clear that I’m not going to get into the habit of using this right now.  BUT, I’m hanging on to it because I’m optimistic that it might be very good and when I’m ready, I’m going to dig this baby out and get age busting!

This isn’t a cheap product, it’ll set you back £299.99 but really the reviews I can find online are completely compelling. If however you’re like me, impatient and bad at routines, save your pennies!

You can purchase yours here.

*Product sent for review purposes*


When a skincare product comes along that promises to be 1000 times more powerful than other anti ageing products on the market, there are two responses. The first being you dismiss it as marketing nonsense and pay no more attention, the second being you sit up and listen.

I’ve been trialling MitoQ for a couple of weeks now and while I’ve been doing so I’ve done a lot of research and am convinced that this is something new and something rather brilliant too.

MitoQ hasn’t actually launched in the UK yet but will be launching in the New Year in partnership with Net-a-Porter and I think this might actually be a beauty secret you need to know about.


Okay so a little bit of information about the product. MitoQ is a brand new type of healthy ageing product. The roots of the company are in pharmaceutical research and they are first and foremost a science company.

Mitoq protects skin cells from oxidative damage;  This is validated and published by the worlds most respected scientific and medical journals. The Mitoq molecule is the worlds most powerful antioxidant. It’s the result of over 10 years of British research and development. It claims to visibly re-densify and heal skin, prevent fine lines and wrinkles, scars, browns spots, skin discoloration as well as hydrate, reduce redness and even out blotchiness. What sets this apart from  other anti oxidants on the market is that it can penetrate and protect the cells power source, the mitochondria, which no other antioxidant can do.

Okay, so although I condensed all that somewhat, it’s still a bit science-y but in short this can do what no other product can do and there’s a wealth of scientific research and data to back this up.


What I’m really loving about this though is that despite its amazing claims, it’s actually a fuss free product. You can use this along with your other skincare products and in place of your moisturiser, or for an extra boost, use it with your moisturiser, I’ve found my skin very much loves this without moisturiser and I’ve noticed rapid and obvious results. The cream itself is totally fuss free and I think I read somewhere that it’s actually a aqueous cream base. This is superb for a few reasons. Firstly this bears no resemblance to the aqueous creams we have used on my daughter’s eczema, this is a light and silky lotion.


It doesn’t sit on the skin, it absorbs quickly but feels moisturising. The lovely simple base makes it perfect for my skin that seems to react to lots of things, particularly heavy creams and silicones, this has been tested on all skin types, including hypersensitive. It’s so gentle.

So in terms of results so far, I’ve been using this day and night in addition to my usual cleanser, toner and eye creams and more recently with Hydraluron, and my skin is better than ever as I think I’ve recently mentioned elsewhere. My skin is softer, but more over it feels like there’s more substance to it, it just feels a bit more springy, and as a result, fine lines look diminished, it’s a fact. I have had several people comment on how well   I look lately and I credit this along with the rest of my routine for this. I do actually feel like I’m glowing. In fact, hormonal spots aside I’m wearing my Omorovicza BB cream much much more often at the moment because I need much less coverage, my skin just looks… better!

So I’m looking forward to continuing with this product… it might just be the best kept secret in beauty, remember, you read it here first!

You can currently buy it here, they do ship world wide and it will set you back 185USD. And as previously mentioned, you will be able to buy it from Net-a-Porter in the New Year and at the time of writing I don’t know what the price will be.

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

An anti-wrinkle supplement needing reviewing, I’m all over that! Or at least I wanted to be. It didn’t quite work out how it was supposed to but let me tell you about the product first. When Strength Within was first launched it sold out in 3 hours. Because it’s the first supplement proven to reduce wrinkles.

Dove Spa Strength Within Anti-Wrinkle Supplements

5 Years of clinical research carried out by scientists, dermatologists and nutritionists resulted in the Strength Within supplements. Results have shown smoother skin after just 14 weeks with the greatest effect being on the deepest wrinkles.

The idea is that supplementing the diet with nourishing ingredients has a significant effect on the appearance of the skin.

Ingredients (feel free to click to enlarge):

Dove Spa Strength Within Anti-Wrinkle Supplements

The research was carried out on and with more than 500 women and has been independently recognised by experts from the British Skin Foundation with the final  tests were carried out over 14 weeks with 164 women.

Now that really is something. I can’t tell you how many products or press releases I get that claim to have had a dramatic effect on 99% of women but then when you read the small print there were 10 women on the trial, this is more significant and certainly therefore more believable. And I do believe this product to be effective and I do believe it works… for me though, trialling this hasn’t gone so well.

I didn’t realise when I agreed to review the product that it would involve taking three tablets a day. There isn’t a problem with that, and I don’t have a complaint about that…BUT for me personally, it’s a miracle if I remember to take one tablet a day, never mind three… so I managed about two days before I started slipping and taking one or two a day before forgetting completely. Then I pulled myself together and started again…only to find the three tablets a day nigh on impossible for me to remember to take.  Let me make this clear, this is entirely my problem, and no fault at all of the product. I am just useless.

Soooo…. I can’t really review this other than to say it SOUNDS fantastic and it’s probably well worth checking out. As for the packs I have here, I’m going to try once more to do it as I’m noticing increasingly that the aging process is quickening and my lines seem to grow more obvious by the day so I’m on a mission to do this! Properly! If all goes well, in about two and half months I’ll report back with my results… fingers crossed.

Strength Within is available exclusively from www.dovespa.co.uk and retails at £35 for 28 days supply.

EDIT: I have just been informed that you can take your daily three tablets all at the same time which will make it a lot easier for me!

*Disclosure – PR Sample*