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I love bagsy Beauty, the products are just so lovely and the concept is also great, so it’s great to hear about a new collection from them, namely the Savannah Miller X bagsy Collection.

Bagsy Savannah MillerPackaging perfection as always with this brand! Savannah Miller is a fashion designer who worked with both Alexander McQueen and Matthew Williamson but who now has her own collection, Nine by Savannah Miller, which you can find in Debenhams.

The collection is small, perfectly formed and stylish, with each product housed in black glossy casing with embossed lettering.

Bagsy Savannah MillerI’ve got three products to show you but there are a few more lovely offerings as well so I’ll tell you about them at the end of the post.

First, the Intensifying Ink Liquid Eyeliner (£15)

Bagsy Savannah MillerFor me this is a dream. I struggle with liner thanks to my age and hooded lids. No matter what I use, what promises it makes, it always always transfers to my upper lid in time. This does not. It is also one of my favourites to use, it just works for me really well allowing me to draw near perfect lines (I still suck at liner, the fault there is me, not my products!). I also really love that the bib is reversible, so if yours starts to look a bit battered, you can turn it round! It dries really fast, and doesn’t budge. Great stuff and definitely recommend.

Dawn to Dusk Eyeshadow Palette (£24)

Bagsy Savannah MillerThe Dawn to Dusk Eyeshadow Palette is a great palette. The shades vary in finish, there’s mattes, shimmers and satins meaning it truly does work for day and night. Honestly it’s hard to say why I’m so fond of this palette, the shadows aren’t as pigmented as other leading brands, and I think the price is a little high, but regardless, I wear this every single day. I think it’s partly to do with the colour selection which is great, as well as the fact that they combine really well to create a really beautiful look, and they are really blendable.  There’s a handy little brush included, which is adequate, and its a really great product for the handbag. Every shade is wearable. It’s not a must-have but it’s definitely a lovely-to-have. Swatches at the bottom of the post.

Finally, Vermillion Lipstick (£16)

Bagsy Savannah MillerDREAMY! I can’t even tell you how much I love this moisturising lipstick. It’s got a satin-matte finish, meaning it’s slightly more forgiving than a straight up matte. The colour, the colour is just perfection. There’s not much more to say… just look! (I’m also wearing the Intensifying Ink Liquid Eyeliner).

Bagsy Savannah Miller

Here are some swatches, the liner, the lipstick and then the shadows.Bagsy Savannah Miller

So not shown in my post is the beautiful looking Bronzed Brilliance Shimmer Bronzer (£20), the Pitch Black Mascara (£18) and the stunningly packaged Glamour Tease Hair Texture Spray (£8). A really lovely collection and I’d be thrilled to have any piece of this collection in my (non existent!) Christmas Stocking!  And don’t forget the lovely little quotes on each piece…

Bagsy Savannah Miller

The whole collection is available now on the bagsy Website, go check it out!

*Products Received Free of Charge for review Purposes


Bagsy BeautyI really like Bagsy. A cruelty free, British Brand with great products and beautiful packaging. I mean, what’s not to love? I’ve blogged about Bagsy products before, and today I’m reviewing a few more products.

One of the things I really love is the packaging. Each item has different exterior packaging, it makes the range both beautiful and distinctive. The products inside are always simple and clean looking, it’s a winning combination and should appeal to those who are drawn to pretty things and those who like classic simplicity.

Starting off with the Wow Lips Full Colour Chubby Stick in Ready to Wear (£12)

bagsy Wow lipsWow Lips are chubby lip gloss pencils in opaque shades, full of nourishing ingredients. Ready to Wear is a gorgeous red toned chestnut shade, very popular right now and very easy to wear. I have another one of these, Killer Heels, and I wear it often, this will be too I’m sure. Although they are a gloss pencil, they are quite light on the gloss and don’t feel at all sticky on the lips.

Next is the Lip Cocoon in Raspberry (£7.00).

bagsy lip cocoonHands down my favourite product. Raspberry Lip Cocoon is a tinted lip balm. I am literally living in this right now. I love tinted balms anyway, despite being drawn like a magpie to lipsticks, I actually don’t wear them a huge amount, preferring something more subtle for daily wear and this totally fits the bill. Its a beautiful tint, really comfortable to wear and moisturising and it has a beautiful fruity scent. It’s gorgeous,

Finally we have Beautiful Eyes in the aptly named, Take The Plunge shade (£14.00).

bagsy beautiful eyesI’ve only worn this a couple of times, it’s not really my colour, but don’t let that put you off, the colour is beautiful, a glorious lightly metallic blue shade that works like a charm as an eyeliner and that’s despite it’s chubby point, I can get a great line with this. It’s not (only) a liner though, this pencil blends like a dream meaning it’s great for a wash of colour. It wears incredibly well too, bearing in mind I have quite hooded eyelids, with a primer this is still in place when I remove my make up at the end of the day, it doesn’t budge! Without a primer, it still lasts all day but I have a tiny amount of transfer to my upper lid, and I do mean tiny. If bright blue isn’t your shade, there are several more shades to choose from.

Swatches, Lip Cocoon in Raspberry, Wow Lips in Ready to Wear and Beautiful Eyes in Take The Plunge

bagsy swatches

If you haven’t checked out Bagsy Beauty yet, then please do, I really recommend!

*Products received free of charge for review purposes


07. 07. 2015

Absolutely loving the concept of Bagsy, small but perfectly formed handbag sized beauty products. I don’t know what it is about the concept but something just feels fresh and appealing about the range. It is in part thanks to the packaging which I love. The exterior packaging is gorgeous, featuring whimsical patterns and gorgeous shades, while the interior packaging is is clean, simple and appealing.

BagsyBagsyWhile the range is really appealing the products I received are a bit of a mixed bag(sy). (Sorry).

Lets start off with the Bagsy Ray of Sunshine Perfect Glow Bronzing Powder in Medium/Dark £12.00*

Bagsy Ray of Sunshine Seriously, how gorgeous is this product? This shimmer free bronzer comes in a mirrored compact with a little pouch to keep it safe in your handbag. The shade, Medium/Dark is a little too dark for me, but I do love a matte bronzer, I’m not really sure shimmery bronzers are much use except for maybe nights out and this has a gorgeous soft blendable texture, it’s also available in Light/Medium. I would recommend this, even though the shade wasn’t quite right for me. See swatch at the end of the post.

Next up, the Bagsy Wonder Wand, Concealing & Illuminating Duo £18*

Bagsy Wonder Wand Bagsy Wonder WandI love this product in principle, its a great item for your handbag, offering a concealer and a highlighter in one. Unfortunately, the execution of this one isn’t great. The highlighter is fabulous, its blends beautifully to offer a gorgeous glowy highlight, but the concealer lets it down. The Wonder Wand is only available in the colour way shown, and the concealer is dark, you’ll see from the swatches at the end that actually the concealer is darker than the bronzer, which considering the bronzer I have is medium/dark is especially surprising. It’s not like you can even just use the highlighter, and nor should you at £18, the product just wouldn’t work if you only used one half of it. It’s so dark  I don’t even have any friends or family I can pass this over too. Shame really, they need to either make this product lighter, or add different colour ways. See swatches at the end of the post.

Finally,  Bagsy Wow Lips Full Colour Chubby Stick in Killer Heels, £12*bagsy Wow Lipsbagsy Wow LipsHands down my favourite product. Available in four shades these are gorgeous. Creamy, opaque, easy to apply and best of all this shade, Killer Heels is glorious.

Swatches Left to Right, Wow Lips Chubby Stick in Killer Heels, Ray of Sunshine Bronzing Powder in Medium/Dark, Wonder Wand Highlighter and Concealer.
Bagsy SwatchesSee what I mean about that Concealer? Its so so dark. But that highlighter is beautiful!

Other products in the range include Matte Lip Colours (yes please!), Pretty Cheeks Velvet Blush (oh yes please!) as well as hand creams, make up bags and more. Honestly its a great range, very appealing, well to me at least.

Exclusively available at Feel Unique, you can find the whole range here.

*Products received free of charge for review purposes.