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29. 03. 2013
Easter at Lush

Happy Easter dear readers.

Easter is always a bit of an event at Lush and you’ve still got a few days to buy up the Easter goodies on offer this year.

Pictured up above are two of the offerings. First is the gorgeous Fluffy Egg (£2.95). A now well known lush scent, it’s sweet as candy and always extremely popular. The egg itself is kind of cute (not that my picture shows this) and has a lovely little candy flower embedded in this. The Candy Fluff scent is a love it or hate it kind of a smell and I love it… unfortunately so do my kids and my husband. This has not yet been used until we can reach a decision as to who deserves it most.

Then next to the Fluffy egg is the amazing Henata (£4.50). It’s a chicken, based on the pinata, so when you crack this open you’ll find a mini ballistic egg and soap paper flowers. It smells divine, like fizzy orange pop, it’s full of mandarin and tangerine oil amongst other things and its a lovely bright scent. Again, we’re a family in dispute over this little beauty. It’s an expensive bath treat, but it’s full of hidden treats and so, well it’s not like you’re going to be buying them often, it’s just for Easter!

Other Easter offerings include the Easter Egg Hunt soap, a colourful soap designed to look like an Easter Egg hunt, the Carrot Reusable Bubble Bar that smells blackurranty and fruity.  There are also the Immaculate Eggceptions, in pink and yellow, Giant bath bombs with either a ballistic chick or bunny inside.

You can grab these Easter Treats either instore, or online at www.lush.co.uk.

Hope you all have a lovely Easter.

*Dislcosure – PR Sample*

19. 03. 2013

I’ve been aware of Posh Brats for a long long time now and lusted after many of the products but for some reason I hadn’t got round to placing an order.  All products are made in their own workshops in Cheshire and products are all cruelty Free, responsibly sourced and make use of natural ingredients from UK suppliers. And lets not forget the scent list. Good lord, I think maybe actually that might have been one of the reasons I’d not placed an order, I couldn’t decide what to try from the lengthy and quite frankly amazing scent list.

I was absolutely delighted when they got in touch and asked if I’d like to try out some of the products. Oh yes you bet I would.  I was asked what kind of scents I like but given the problems I have make making decisions I decided to leave it up to them what they sent!

And here’s what arrived.

Introducing Posh Brats

Tuscan Olive Castile Shampoo, Butterfly Nectar Body Creme (sample size), Shakespeare’s Quill whipped sugar scrub and pineapple smoothie fizzy bath bomb.  All in all, a good sample of the different products and scents available.

I’m going to start by talking about the Shakespeare’s Quill Whipped Sugar Scrub £7.

whipped sugar scrub

Oh my god. I die. This is amazing. Certainly this scent won’t be for everyone, but it is for me! Firstly, the scrub is formulated with moisturizing butters, natural scents, british sugars and exotic oils. This is not harsh and it doesn’t leave you coated in oil either. In short this is perfect. It lathers gently and  and moisturises and leaves skin smooth. But the scent. Described as Aged Parchment, dust, old wood, red wine, black pomegranate and ancient book leather.  For me I get leather and wood, not so much red wine or pomegranate. It is divine. Makes a wonderful base for Jo Malone’s Earl Grey and Cucumber Cologne I might add.

Next up, the Tuscan Olive Oil Castile Shampoo £5.  Unfortunately this wasn’t for me.  Designed for dry hair, but apparently suitable for all, this just wasn’t my cup of tea, scent wise or performance wise. I’m not put off though, I’m rather fancying the sound of the Poison Apple Vitamin Shampoo and  Raven Moon Vitamin Shampoo. I think it was the Olive Oil I wasn’t so keen on.

Next the Pineapple Smoothie Fizzy Bath Bomb £2.25. Gorgeous. Gorgeous! Bright yellow, fizzy and pure sweet pineapple scent. Farewell Lush. I found a cheaper more fabulous brand thank you very much. I rather have my heart set on trying out the Pistachio Gelato Bath Bomb!

Finally the Butterfly Nectar Body Creme Sample. For a sample this is very generous, especially given how little product you need. The formula is beautiful. It spreads easily, you need very little, it’s strongly scented so you can still smell it on your skin hours after application, but it doesn’t leave you greasy. This isn’t on the site at the moment sadly, but there is a Whipped Sugar Scrub in this scent. The scent is beautiful.  Vanilla Sugar, Vanilla Bean, apricot, ginger flowers and plumeria blossom. It’s glorious, but very very sweet. Almost the exact opposite of the Shakespeare’s Quill scent.

All in all, shampoo aside, I’m so delighted with everything I’ve tried. So delighted I’m filling a shopping basket to place an order as I type (flitting between blogging and shopping). There’s going to have to be some editing of my basket though because so far I’ve got BooBoo Baby Cakes Whipped Sugar Scrub, Bubblegum Boudoir Whipped Sugar Scrub, Butterfly Nectar Whipped Sugar Scrub, Dea Lacrimea~Goddess Tears Whipped Sugar Scrub, Fudge Ripple Ice Cream Whipped Sugar Scrub, Lupercalia Whipped Sugar Scrub,  Pistachio Gelato Whipped Sugar Scrub, Magic Mushroom Whipped Sugar Scrub, Ocean Mist Soap Cloud, Old West pine tar Soap, don’t even get me started on the fragrance oils, or the fact that they stock the fabulous Villainess products (if you’ve not heard of them, google!).

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable experience and one that will without a doubt have me returning time and time again for more gorgeous smellies. There’s certainly a scent for everyone and the products are good quality.

Highly recommended. Do head over and have a look at www.poshbrats.com.

*Disclosure – Products were provided free of charge for review purposes*

This week is the turn of the very lovely Amrita from http://www.the6inchstilettos.blogspot.com/. One of the first blogs I actually started following and I still love it now. Loads of varied content, great reviews and lovely swatches. What’s not to like! So lets get on and find out what Amrita’s best things are!

Can you talk me through your daily skin care regimen, which products you use and why?

Morning: Wash face with Neutrogena Daily Face Wash/Mask combo with Clarisonic, apply Dr. Brandt Lineless Eye Cream and then Nivea Visage Pure and Natural Soothing Day Cream.

Evening: Remove makeup with Simple Sensitive Skin facewipes, use Lancome Baume Eclat to get rid of all traces of makeup, rinse off, use Lancome Tonique Douceur (toner) and apply my Bobbi Brown Extra Hydrating Night Cream. If I’m suffering from a breakout then apply Dr. Brandt Blemishes No More Intensolution which is a Godsend!

What shampoo and conditioner are you devoted to?
I’m not devoted to any shampoo or conditioner because I’m always going between them all. I tend to repurchase Pantene Aqua Light and Aussie shampoos & conditioners though.

What about your top three make up brands generally speaking?
Ummm.. MAC for general bits and bobs, Barry M for nailpolishes and Revlon for lipsticks/lipglosses

Ok some specifics now!

What is your favourite foundation and why?
At the moment but go-to foundation is Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation. I’m not really a *big* foundation person so don’t own very many different types but my Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation is AMAZING. It gives great coverage and can be layered if you want more and it doesn’t look cakey on.

What is your favourite mascara and why?
I don’t have a favourite mascara because I’m still looking for the perfect one but at the moment I’m alternating between Lancome Hypnose Drama, Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells and Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash.

What one product do you think every cosmetic aficionado should have in their collection?
A really good moisturiser. In order for your makeup to sit nicely and evenly, you need a good base so investing in a moisturiser that is perfect for your skin is a must. It doesn’t have to be expensive and everyone is different so have a poke around the shelves in Boots and see what suits you.

I love finding new blogs so please before you go, please recommend three of your favourite bloggers.
1. http://www.beauty-fulfilled.com/
2. http://www.vexinthecity.com/
3. http://www.hellcandy.com/

Thanks very much for this Amrita, you’re not the only person who has recommended the Pantene Aqua Light so I need to check it out soon. That Bobbi Brown foundation is another product I’ve heard several people mention of late so another thing I need to check out. Also there’s a blog you’ve recommended that I’ve not yet checked out so I’m off to do that now!

So that’s it for another week, if you fancy seeing yourself here, please drop me a line to charlie@ladyofthelane.com.

06. 05. 2010

As you will have seen in my previous posts there are a few new Lush producs knocking around so I had a sneaky little order. Reviews will follow in due course!

That’s 2 Space Girl Ballistics, they aren’t new products, I just love them, Keep It Fluffy Ballistic, Charlotte Island Body Tint, Grass Shower Gel, Happy 4 Sad Shower Gel, Glorious Mud and samples of Lovely Jubblies and R&B Hair Treatment.

You lot know me by now. I’m always moaning about Lush. The product quality has deteriorated, product sizes are shrinking, prices go up blah blah blah. I started looking around at what I did still have and use and erm, its quite a lot. So here we go (and this doesn’t include the four massage bars in the fridge I forgot to photograph!)

My desk shelf:

Lush Stash
Bubblegum Lipscrub, Vanillary Perfume, Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter.
My desk (can’t centre this for some crap reason):

Lush Stash

Vanillary Solid Perfume, American Cream Solid Perfume
My purse:
Lush Stash
Flying Fox Temple Balm
By my Bed:
Lush Stash
Heavanilli Massage Bar & Boob Tube cream.
Bathroom Cupboard:
Lush Stash
Small Charity Pot


Lush Stash

Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder, Vanilla Dee-lite Lotion, Forum Special Artemis Cream (raspberry & lime) and a special secret black pot of joy 😉

Bathroom Shelves:
Lush StashBack: Chai S/g, Special secret s/g.
Front: Flyimg Saucer s/g, Happy Hippy s/g, Sonic Death Monkey s/g, Flying Fox s/g, Rub, Rub Rub s/g, Freeze s/g.
Lush Stash

Rehab Shampoo, Veganese Conditioner, Ocean Salt Scrub, Ultrabland cleanser (enter my giveaway for some Ultrabland of your own!)
Bathroom Drawers:

Lush Stash

Lush Stash
Lush Stash
Lush Stash
Lush Stash

Various ballistics, soaps and bubblebars.

Spare Bathroom:

Lush Stash

American Cream conditioner, Narcotick s/g, Veganese conditioner and I love Juicy shampoo.

Thats it! phew! And you know how you can tell that I’m not into Lush anymore? It’s half of what was there a year ago. I’m not even kidding. I’m just trying to use this lot up!