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Heads up for this beautiful brand, Kind Natured.

Kind NaturedIf you’re looking for body care products that are absolutely premium but at affordable prices, then look no further. The Kind Natured range seems fairly extensive, with lots of products to choose from, from hair care, kids products, bath products as well as hand and body care. The brand prides itself on being 97% natural and free from Sulphates, Parabens and Petrochemicals.

The products I’ve tried work exceedingly well, the Foaming Sugar Scrub in particular is wonderful and the Body Lotion, but what I feel makes them so premium are the beautiful scents from the products I tried, the ones containing Monoi are amazing, such long lasting exotic scents. Truly beautiful! If I’ve not sold you on the range already, then try the prices, not one of their products retails for over £5.99.

Using Kind Natured products, at least these ones I’ve tried, feels like being in on a secret, a really good beauty secret. Fantastic effective products with beautiful long lasting scents that don’t cost the earth.

If you only buy one product though, my top pick is the Moisturising Coconut & Monoi Foaming Sugar Scrub, it’s absolutely dreamy.

The whole range is available on Boots.com, go check it out!

*Products received free of charge for review purposes but all views are my own

I recently received a beautiful package courtesy of Woods of Windsor. I’ll be honest, Woods of Windsor as a brand were not on my radar at all until this beautiful parcel arrived.

Woods of WindsorI think at a glance it’d be easy to see the products, read the scents and dismiss this brand as being for the older generation but a closer look reveals products that not only perform well, smell beautiful but are also affordable luxuries.

The range of products include Hand Creams, Hand Washes, Soaps, Drawer Liners, Dusting Powders, Bath and Shower Gels as well as much more.

Lets start by talking about the beautiful packaging. The whole range had a revamp in Autumn, drawing inspiration from both modern and vintage flower illustrations. Have a closer look, it’s beautiful and makes the products worthy of any dressing table or gift.

Woods of Windsor Woods of Windsor Woods of Windsor Woods of Windsor

Looking at the website, it would seem the main fragrance lines are White Jasmine, Honeyed Pear & Amber, Pomegranate & Hibiscus, Blue Orchid & Water Lily, True Rose, Lily of the Valleyand Lavender. I’ve not tried all of the scents, but let me tell you that all the products I have tried have been beautiful, but Honeyed Pear & Amber is absolutely stunning. White Jasmine (I LOVE Jasmine) and Blue Orchid & Water Lily are also worthy of special mention.

Honestly, this is one of the nicest ranges I’ve tried in a long, and not at all granny-ish!Woods of Windsor As for the products themselves, I have been especially enjoying the Bath & Shower Gels, as well as the Dusting Powder which I have been dusting on with wild abandon using it’s big fluffy powder puff. Even the kids beg for a dusting after their baths!

Truly a beautiful range and if you are still looking for Christmas Presents, you might not be too late so head over to the Woods of Windsor website to grab some beautiful gifts! Prices start at £6.99.

*Products Received Free of Charge for Review Purposes 

If you’re looking for Christmas Gifts that look beautiful, smell beautiful and don’t cost the world, then look no further than the beautiful gifts available from Yardley London.

The packaging for all of the gifts is sublime, I am in love with the artwork! And for such a quality brand, the prices are incredible for Crackers with a little Hand Cream in them for £4, up to about £20, none of the gifts on offer are going to break the bank.

This gift, the Mixed Body Spray Collection is my favourite and has my favourite packaging and retails at £9 for four 75ml Body Sprays.

Yardley GiftsIncluded in this set are English Lavender, English Rose, Lily of the Valley and English Bluebell Body Sprays, each beautifully designed and they’d look absolutely beautiful in a shabby chic bedroom!

This English Lavender Talc and Soap set costs just £9 and will make a beautiful gift, again, that packaging!

Yardley GiftThe English Lavender scent isn’t just a straight up Lavender, but rather it’s blended with bergamot, clary sage, wood, vanilla, patchouli amongst other beautiful scents such as violet and jasmine.  The result is a fresh light scent with a warm heart.

Finally the English Lavender Eau de Toilette & Body Lotion set costs a very reasonable £15, which considering the size of the products, is a great deal!

Yardley Gift

Yardley London have been in existence since 1770 and are still going strong and that is testament to the quality and popularity. English Lavender is the signature scent and it’s not hard to see why, it’s lovely, but its April Violets that’s calling my name, I absolutely LOVE the scent of violets!

If you’re still Christmas shopping, or having started yet, then do head over to Yardley London, there’s much more on offer than these three beautiful gifts, you’re sure to find something for someone!

*Products received free of charge for review purposes.

Treacle Moon Lime Sherbet Bath & Shower Gel

Oooh this is lovely. It’s one of those moments when you really wish you had a blog people could smell. This is Treacle Moon’s Sweet Lime Sherbet Bath and Shower Gel.

Treacle Moon’s new scents are all part of The Candy Jar range and there isn’t one amongst them that I wouldn’t like to try. Along with  Sweet Lime Sherbet which smells just like a lime sherbet, there’s Ice Cream Soda, Original Toffee Bon Bon and Marshmallow Hearts.

I’m hoping that my local Tesco stocks these as I want them all and at a fantastic £2.99 each I can afford them too! Cream Soda is next on my wish list though! The bottles are a massive 500ml too. Lush take note, delicious lathery goodness that doesn’t cost a ridiculous amount of money but smells out of this world. Fab.

Available from your local Tesco or www.tesco.com/beauty.

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

Smile toe the world and the World smiles back, so says the saying!

Laughing Buddha was a famous monk in China, he had a legendary smile and he bought happiness and fortune wherever he went. For hundreds of years the ritual of rubbing his belly has been a symbol for good luck and prosperity.

And so with Laughing Buddha in mind the the Rituals Laughing Buddha collection was created, to bring optimism and happiness into your life!
Rituals Laughing Buddha Collection
The range has everything you could possibly need in terms of body and bathing, all of which are based on a Mandarin and Yuzu scent. I rather fancy the Mandarin Luck perfume oil and the Touch of Happiness Body Cream, oh and the Happy Mist! A Bed and body mist, yes please!

What I have tried are the Fortune Oil Shower Oil and the Mandarin Bliss 24 Hour Anti Perspirant Stick.

The Fortune Oil, is beautifully scented with Sweet Orange and Cedar, it’s warm, fruity and woody, and gorgeous. In the shower the oil transforms into a foam for washing with and it feels very moisturising. It’s a very reasonable £8 for 200ml, which I think is a decent price, it smells and feels very exotic and luxe to use.

The other item I’ve been using daily is the Mandarin Bliss Anti-Perspirant Stick. It again smells gorgeous, this time of Mandarin and Yuzu and it’s certainly been put through it’s paces this week with all this heat and combined with the fact that I’ve had a temperature thanks to a cold, but whilst the rest of me has been most definitely perspiring (sorry!), my arm pits have indeed stayed dry and sweetly scented.. This again is £8 and I must say, it’s really BIG (75ml, my usual sticks are 40ml).

From what I’ve tried, this range is gorgeous and I’m keen to try more. Nothing I’ve ever tried from Rituals has been a dud thankfully, it’s a lovely brand!

You can buy the entire range here.

*PR samples*

I’ve been having a little Google and I’ve realised that FuturePrimitive, whilst new to me, have been around a while. And indeed I have read about them on blogs in the past but somehow forgot about them. Here we are though and back in May I had a bit of Birthday money burning a whole in my pocket and the time was right.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co. make soap as the name would suggest. But they make hand make the soap in the traditional method, cold process. The inspiration for the products is taken from nature in most cases and there is a general catalogue of twelves scents, with various Limited Editions coming and going and you have to be quick if you want those. There are some foodie scents too (which are my very guilty pleasure, as I’d love to be sophisticated, but if I’m honest if something smells of cake or sweets, I’m sold), but largely, the scents are based on essential oils. Add in  organic, fair trade, unrefined butters and you’re looking at some beautiful stuff. Along with soaps, there are aromatic oils, scrubs, bathing grains and body whips, and I’m pleased to see whipped soaps have been added to the range this week. I loved whipped soaps and they’d be my top choice for body cleaning every time.

So at the time of my first order I couldn’t choose what to go for so I picked up a few samples.

I grabbed the Sugar Buff Scrub, Body Whip, Soap and Aromatic Oil in St Ives Bay.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

The scent is described as “Softly lapping waves of azure blue. A warm, salty sea breeze, mineral rich seaweed and a hint of Mediterranean Orange Zest”. It’s a lovely fresh scent and one that I’ve really enjoyed using.

I also bought the same sample products but this time in the scent Chocolatier.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

The scent of this range is described “Dark artisan chocolate made in an old back street shoppe with tiny leaded windows. the scent of the orange-infused pure cacao chocolate with Fig syrup, Tahitan Vanilla Beans and West Indian Almond“. Oh this smells lovely. It’s pure chocolate orange for me, you know me, I’m a bit rubbish with scents and the nuances of fig, vanilla and almond are lost on me, but it’s still gorgeous.

A little review of the formulas of the products I tried.

The Sugar Buff scrubs are perfection. The perfect blend of oils, butters and sugar. They scrub really well without being too harsh and you can feel the slightest hint of the oils and butters on your skin after your bath or shower, that’s not to say they leave you oily, they don’t, they leave you feeling soft and moisturised.

The soaps are rich and creamy and a quick rub over a shower puff generates a huge amount of lather and I don’t find them at all drying.

The Body Whip moisturisers require a bit more talking about. Both are light and fluffy and mousse like but the Chocolatier one was especially so, the texture was like nothing I’ve never tried before and I think you can see on the photo up there that the texture is literally like that of a chocolate mousse. It’s sublime. However, with both of the Body Whip’s the slip on them is far less than I’m used to and it takes a short period of getting used to. When you rub it in, your hand will just stop being able to rub it in, so then you just grab a bit more. It’s a strange sensation when you’re used to the more synthetic products you can buy it really is only a case of getting use to it, it’s lovely. Also, I do find they do leave a sticky residue on my skin that disappears in time. I don’t mind this but if it’s a feeling you can’t bear then you might want to avoid these.

The Aromatic oils are lovely and just add a final step to the layering process, and I’ve also heard suggestions of adding them to a scent free shower gel if you’d prefer to wash with shower gel rather than the soap.

With my first order there were a couple of sweet little freebies included.
FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

So enamoured have I been with the samples I bough, it wasn’t long until I bought a few full size products to try out. The Ethereal Seas Body Whip, Sugar Buff and Soap.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

Ethereal Seas is describe as “A cool British Seaside breeze laced with flora. Hints of spicy Basil leaf, freshly-grated Lime Zest, buttery wood notes and cranesbill leaves.”

I’ve not tried these out yet as I’m just on the last of my Chocolatier bits, but they smell glorious 🙂

This time my free sample was Strawberry Sugarcane Soap. Yum.

FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

Prices are £5.50 for the soaps, £10 for the body whips and £10.50 for the sugar buffs. Soap samples are £1.50 and can do me for about a fortnight, the sugar buff samples are £4.75 each and the body whip samples are £4.50.

Such a lovely range, and really different. So do head over and check them out if you like beautiful hand made, home grown products!

Clinique have everything you need to get Summer ready and today I’m going to run through few of them!

Clinique Summer


  1. The Editors Pouch by Ela. Actually not from Clinique but a jolly lovely thing anyway. Silver, studs formed in the leather. Perfect for holding either your ipad or just your “stuff”. I wish I could give you some more info about this as it’s amazing, but alas, I can’t find a UK stockist!
  2. Self Sun Body Tinted Lotion. Available in Light – Medium £18 for 150ml. My dream come true product. I suck at fake tans, even though that profess to be streak free streak on me, but this one, well it’s really pale, but not too pale (for me). I usually use gradual tans, just to take the edge off my whiteness, and this is a step up from that, but it’s foolproof. I am sold! Fantastic stuff.
  3. Long Last Lipstick in Runway Coral (£16). A vivid coral shade lipstick. The colour is incredible and the wear time is amazing. A must have colour for the Summer months.
    Clinique Long last Lipstick in Runway Coral
  4. A Different Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skins in Strappy Sandals.  Matches the clutch perfectly. Silver. Really silver. Wears well, looks great, but be warned, these types of metallic colours show up every flaw in your nails!
    Clinique strappy sandals
  5. City Block Sheer SPF25 (£16.50). Oh this is a dream product. I struggle with sun protection on my face. Uh-mazing. Although this calls itself tinted, it’s not really, it comes out of the tube a pale tint shade but disappears on the skin. Foundation applies flawlessly on top of it. Hooray. Get it, it’s a great price too for such a fab product.
    clinique city block sheer
  6. After Sun Rescue Balm with Aloe (£24). Not tried this one yet but this after-sun balm is sure to help if you’ve over indulged, sun wise!
  7. Sparkle Skin Exfoliating Cream (£20 for 250ml) What an amazing exfoliator! I love scrubs. I love really scrubby scrubs. This one is really scrubby (but not scratchy) and minty fresh, leaves my skin smooth, shiny and feeling ultra clean. My keratosis pilaris on my upper arms is all but gone after one use of this.
  8. Last but not least, quite possibly the best bronzer ever. The Fresh Bloom All Over Colour in Almond and Blossom Blend. A beautifully simple case, with a pretty flower embossed powder, in just about the most perfect colour ever. The powder is so soft and pigmented, you need very little on your brush to get a great effect, but the colour is incredibly natural. It’s brown with a hint of pinky red, much like my natural colours when I catch the sun. When I naturally catch the sun, there’s no orange, there’s no gold, it’s like this. Perfect. £16.
    Fresh Bloom All Over Colour
If you’re interested, here’s me wearing the Fresh Bloom All Over Colour (on my cheeks) and the Runway Coral lipstick.
All of the above are available from your local Clinique counters or from www.clinique.co.uk and there’s not one dud here, all of the above are great!

*Disclosure – All items received free of charge for review purposes*

Er… typical England… where has the Summer gone?  I’ll not be put off by a lack of sunshine, the following products for anyone who wants their legs to look and feel lovely.

Cool Summer Legs from Kiko

They might be hot and tired because it’s a hot Summer’s day, or maybe you’ve just been on your feet all day and your legs are hot and tired…

Lets look at the incredible Light Legs Crackling Mousse (£12.90) first.

Kiko Crackling Mousse

Kiko Crackling Mousse
This is an example of a product that does exactly what it says on the tin. This mousse is light, it crackles, it has a gentle light fragrance and it’s ICY cold. The coldness and the effervescence really soothe tired hot legs, it’s a most peculiar, but refreshing sensation. I would strongly advise not using this if you’re feeling a bit chilly!  Such a great product!

The second product is the Firming Iridescent Cream (£12.90)

kiko firming iridescent cream

kiko firming iridescent cream
Another lovely product for Summer this lotion is again, very lightly scented and nourishes as you apply it leaving your skin instantly feeling more supple.  It also seems to turn into an oily texture as you massage it in, in a really good way, it’s just lovely.

The only possible disappointment is that although it’s called an Iridescent cream, it’s not really that iridescent. For me this is a good thing, I don’t really want iridescent legs, but it adds a sort of glow to the skin regardless, it’s just not one I’d describe as iridescent.

kiko firming iridescent cream

I love it. I don’t have smooth skin on my legs at all, and I always admire girls with glowing skin and now I create that with ease, this does just what I want it to do, creates the illusion of skin so soft and smooth it shines. Perfect.

Both products are available from www.kikocosmetics.co.uk and do be sure to head over as there’s an amazing sale on right now (I’ve just spotted it so I’m heading back there for a proper look!).

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

19. 03. 2013

I’ve been aware of Posh Brats for a long long time now and lusted after many of the products but for some reason I hadn’t got round to placing an order.  All products are made in their own workshops in Cheshire and products are all cruelty Free, responsibly sourced and make use of natural ingredients from UK suppliers. And lets not forget the scent list. Good lord, I think maybe actually that might have been one of the reasons I’d not placed an order, I couldn’t decide what to try from the lengthy and quite frankly amazing scent list.

I was absolutely delighted when they got in touch and asked if I’d like to try out some of the products. Oh yes you bet I would.  I was asked what kind of scents I like but given the problems I have make making decisions I decided to leave it up to them what they sent!

And here’s what arrived.

Introducing Posh Brats

Tuscan Olive Castile Shampoo, Butterfly Nectar Body Creme (sample size), Shakespeare’s Quill whipped sugar scrub and pineapple smoothie fizzy bath bomb.  All in all, a good sample of the different products and scents available.

I’m going to start by talking about the Shakespeare’s Quill Whipped Sugar Scrub £7.

whipped sugar scrub

Oh my god. I die. This is amazing. Certainly this scent won’t be for everyone, but it is for me! Firstly, the scrub is formulated with moisturizing butters, natural scents, british sugars and exotic oils. This is not harsh and it doesn’t leave you coated in oil either. In short this is perfect. It lathers gently and  and moisturises and leaves skin smooth. But the scent. Described as Aged Parchment, dust, old wood, red wine, black pomegranate and ancient book leather.  For me I get leather and wood, not so much red wine or pomegranate. It is divine. Makes a wonderful base for Jo Malone’s Earl Grey and Cucumber Cologne I might add.

Next up, the Tuscan Olive Oil Castile Shampoo £5.  Unfortunately this wasn’t for me.  Designed for dry hair, but apparently suitable for all, this just wasn’t my cup of tea, scent wise or performance wise. I’m not put off though, I’m rather fancying the sound of the Poison Apple Vitamin Shampoo and  Raven Moon Vitamin Shampoo. I think it was the Olive Oil I wasn’t so keen on.

Next the Pineapple Smoothie Fizzy Bath Bomb £2.25. Gorgeous. Gorgeous! Bright yellow, fizzy and pure sweet pineapple scent. Farewell Lush. I found a cheaper more fabulous brand thank you very much. I rather have my heart set on trying out the Pistachio Gelato Bath Bomb!

Finally the Butterfly Nectar Body Creme Sample. For a sample this is very generous, especially given how little product you need. The formula is beautiful. It spreads easily, you need very little, it’s strongly scented so you can still smell it on your skin hours after application, but it doesn’t leave you greasy. This isn’t on the site at the moment sadly, but there is a Whipped Sugar Scrub in this scent. The scent is beautiful.  Vanilla Sugar, Vanilla Bean, apricot, ginger flowers and plumeria blossom. It’s glorious, but very very sweet. Almost the exact opposite of the Shakespeare’s Quill scent.

All in all, shampoo aside, I’m so delighted with everything I’ve tried. So delighted I’m filling a shopping basket to place an order as I type (flitting between blogging and shopping). There’s going to have to be some editing of my basket though because so far I’ve got BooBoo Baby Cakes Whipped Sugar Scrub, Bubblegum Boudoir Whipped Sugar Scrub, Butterfly Nectar Whipped Sugar Scrub, Dea Lacrimea~Goddess Tears Whipped Sugar Scrub, Fudge Ripple Ice Cream Whipped Sugar Scrub, Lupercalia Whipped Sugar Scrub,  Pistachio Gelato Whipped Sugar Scrub, Magic Mushroom Whipped Sugar Scrub, Ocean Mist Soap Cloud, Old West pine tar Soap, don’t even get me started on the fragrance oils, or the fact that they stock the fabulous Villainess products (if you’ve not heard of them, google!).

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable experience and one that will without a doubt have me returning time and time again for more gorgeous smellies. There’s certainly a scent for everyone and the products are good quality.

Highly recommended. Do head over and have a look at www.poshbrats.com.

*Disclosure – Products were provided free of charge for review purposes*

Spring is here!!! Well, kind of. Spring is officially due later this month but it doesn’t much look that way right now does it!

If you fancy letting a bit of Spring into your dark winter days then look no further than the new L’Occitane Spring collection, Spring Cherry.

The range consists of a shower gel, Eau de Toilette, Moisturising Gel, Soap and Soft Hand Cream all in a delicious fruity/floral scent. Spring Cherry is the scent of cherry blossom just about to become cherries and it smells gorgeous.

It’s light, fruity and floral, but somewhere in the middle of both of those. To me it doesn’t fall into the fruit bracket, nor the floral bracket, but somewhere squarely in the middle. I get citrus fruits, a hint of berry and then the cherry blossom.

I’ve been using the Iridescent Shower Gel (£13 for 250ml).

L'Occitane Spring Cherry Iridescent Shower Gel

You can’t see in this picture but there’s the softest iridescence throughout the bottle, this doesn’t translate to the skin as far as I can tell, but it’s a very pretty thing anyway!

L'Occitane Spring Cherry Iridescent Shower Gel

Treat yourself to somethign from this range, it’s sunshine in a bottle and a lovely moisturising gel, with lots and lots of lather for very little product. Perfect.

You can find the entire range on the L’Occitane website now.

*Disclosure – PR Sample*