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I really like Dove products. They are affordable, they smell nice and they generally do what they claim to do.

Now there are some new products in the range, the Purely Pampering range.
Dove Purely Pampering

There are three scents in the range, all lovely, Shea Butter and Warm Vanilla, Almond Cream and Hibiscus and Coconut Milk & Jasmine Petals. They each come in  a Body Wash, Nourishing Lotion and Body Cream.

The Body wash lathers nicely, and leaves skin clean and soft feeling and then there are the lotions and the body creams. As you would imagine, the lotion is a lighter formulation, with the cream being a heavier more moisturising formula. Although I find both very moisturising.

The nice thing about this is that the scent really lasts on them too. My favourite is the Coconut Milk & Jasmine scent, which is unfortunate as my sample appears to be a prototype or something, there was no information on the back of the bottle and I would estimate it was only about a quarter full. Still, I’m not grumbling really, because the prices are great. Definitely budget friendly. Well I assume so anyway, the Body Washes are £2.40 each.

I can only find the Body Washes in stock online at Boots at the moment, and not the lotions and body creams, but I assume they’ll be in stores soon.

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07. 02. 2013


Childs Farm Review

First of all I must apologise for the stock image there…I could have sworn I’d taken photos of the actual products…turns out I hadn’t and now they’ve all been used up…so I could stop this post there, the worlds shortest review, can there be any better review than “so good we used it all up”….

Anyhow, I’ll start at the beginning. Childs Farm is a truly British brand of bathtime goodies for children. The products are affordable, organic and free-from, with beautiful packaging that really appeals to kids. This is the first kids’s range to include argan oil  and my little monkeys both have lovely soft shiny hair as a result (actually they had lovely soft shiny hair in the first place, but dare I say it, they look a bit softer and shinier).

We tried out the shampoo, conditioner and bubble bath and all were given the big thumbs up by Chloe and Lola. They were both particularly taken with the scents… the shampoo and conditioner are both Strawberry & Organic Mint…. it’s definitely more strawberry milkshake than mint though, and the bubble bath is Organic Tangerine and gave us a lovely amount of bubbles (with sodium coco-sulfate as the foaming agent.

All in all this is a jolly good range and I should add that both of my girls suffer with eczema, one considerably worse than the other, and the products didn’t seem to affect the skin condition in any adverse way.

All the products are £4.69 and as well as the shampoo, conditioner and bubble bath there’s also a body wash in Organic sweet orange. Yum

Also available are various gift sets.

The range is available from John Lewis as well as www.childsfarm.com

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I think one of my favourite things about blogging has been exposure to these small handmade brands that make spectacular products that smell divine.  Flour Mills Bath is my latest discovery and they don’t disappoint.

Firstly, when the brand sent me a little parcel of things to try they particularly mentioned that the parcel was being sent out exactly the same as a paying customer. I can see why they wanted to make special mention of this, because it really is rather lovely.
Flour Mills Bath

Flour Mills Bath

The products I received were nestled in a box full of pot pourri, gorgeously scented pot pourri I might add.

The products I received were the Lime and Lemongrass Body Scrub, the English Rose Body Oil, the Almond Milk Soap and the Nectarine and Honey Blossom Soap.

Starting with the soaps (£4 each), they are both beautiful feel soft and gentle and lather up very nicely. They leave your skin delicately scented and feel very treaty! There are lots of soaps to choose from and I rather fancy the sound of Chocolate Orange, Coconut & Apricot and Basil, Mint and Sage. Yum!

The English Rose Body Oil smells delicious. For your £10 you get plenty of product.  You simply spray onto your skin, massage in, and leave to soak in, if there’s any excess you can remove it. I haven’t bothered with the removing bit if I’m honest, I’ve been using it in the evening when I’ve been going to bed.
Flour Mills Bath

Finally the beautiful Lime and Lemon Grass Body Scrub (£15 for 330ml). The scrub comes in a lovely glass with a sort of cork sealed with wax as it’s lid. Now this had leaked a little in transit, soaking through to the cardboard box, but I’m willing to forgive it that for the beautiful scent and scrubbing abilities. Natural essential oils, grapeseed, apricot kernel and peach kernel oils blend together to make the most gorgeously zingy scent. After using you’re left with soft moisturised skin. It’s really lovely and I love the little bits of Lemon Grass actually in the scrub. It makes it feel very authentic!

All in all, these products were an absolute delight and will make beautiful gifts for people (Mothers Day?). What I think sets this brand apart from similar brands is the wonderful and more unusual scents in the range. Along with popular staples such as Lavender and Rose, there are the more unusual such as those mentioned above, coconut and apricot, basil, mint and sage, nectarine and honey blossom and so on.

Well worth a look if you fancy treating yourself or someone close to you in the near future.

You can find the products at www.flourmillsbath.co.uk

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Philosophy Grace Hot Salt Tub & Shower Scrub

I’m not sure I’ve ever reviewed any Philosophy products on my blog before, I don’t know how this has happened as I have used various things over the years, including cosmetics and brushes. But none of the Skin care line. Nor any of the Grace line.

The scrub itself comes in a massive 652g tub which is very heavy, unsurprisingly, given that it’s choc full of sea salt.

Philosophy Grace Hot Salt Tub & Shower Scrub

When left to stand the product will separate, as has happened with my pot, so you get a very oily layer on the top with a lot of salt at the bottom. A quick stir sorts it though and you are left with a gorgeously scented pot of scrub which works very well indeed to banish dry skin and the flakies. I’d say it was an ideal product for pre-self tanning for example. It was exceptionally easy to use and just the right amount of scrubby-ness and the oils in it helped my skin feel super soft after after my shower.

I don’t think this will be the last Skincare item I try from the Philosophy line or indeed just the Grace line as the scent is so beautiful.

The scrub is £20.50 from QVC along with a huge amount of other Philosophy products.

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I’m really falling in love with some of the smaller lesser known brands out there at the moment and before Christmas I received a beautifully scented package from Savonnerie London.

All the products are handmade in the UK and are made with botanical extracts chosen for their benefits to your skin. All products are sulphate, paraben, artificial colouring, artificial fragrance, petrochemical free. Ingredients are all sustainably sources, produced and packaged. All products are vegetarian but a few items contain milk, beeswax or honey.

Anyway, onto the bits I’ve been trying out.

Savonnerie London

Firstly the Cedar Natural Soap £4.50. Actually this soap was popped in the package for my husband but it was too late, I’d claimed it for myself, the smell, the smell is to die for. Cedar essential oil, hint of cinnamon. This is such a beautiful soap, and very moisturising. Can’t recommend highly enough, especially the price which is fabulous. Next on my list is Honeycake Soap followed by Marmalade!

Then there’s the Nutritive Lip Balm £4.96. A beautiful lip balm, very moisturising, with Tamanou oil for healing and camellia and rosehip. This is as good as any lip balm I’ve tried and I was advised to use this before bed and put around the outside of my lips as well… I was wary of doing this as sometimes using products around my lips can give me awful spots on my lips but I tried it anyway and I’ve had no adverse effects at all. This is just very lovely.

Then I’ve been trying out the Daily Facial Cleanser. £13.95. For me this is a cleanser I either use in the morning or as my second evening cleanse (after an oil based cleanser). I massage onto my face and then wipe away with warm water and a flannel. This is so gentle. Contains Aloe, Chamomile and Camellia Seed Extracts and this removes any last traces of make up and is so gentle. My skin feels lovely and soft after use.

Finally, the most gorgeous Body Butter ever. The Rose and Shea Body Butter is £12.95 and my first thought was that it’s quite a small pot for the money, and considering the size of my body 😉 Actually though this is incredible. I can’t explain it but the tiniest bit goes such a long way, the texture is rich, but light. Like it’s been whipped into a thick mousse consistency but once it’s rubbed in it doesn’t leave a greasy film on the skin, it just absorbs nicely leaving you so soft and beautifully scented…oh the scent. You have to like rose obviously, but Rose Absolute is just to die for. This is sheer bliss. I’ve been using this regularly, and there’s still loads and loads left, but I’ve been using this particularly on the site of my scar from my recent operation. Beautiful stuff.

So there we have it, beautiful products, beautifully packaged. I have felt a real shift in my attitude towards products these days and would much rather buy my skincare and bath and body products from these lesser known, smaller brands. There are such gems tucked away! I heartily recommend Savonnerie and the beautiful products.

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18. 12. 2012

When I did my Christmas Gifts post yesterday I knew I’d forgotten something. Of course about ten minutes after I posted the article I remembered what they were and I’m not sure how I could have forgotten because these items are both wonderful and one in particular hits my fave products immediately!

Lush do Christmas very well, with a wealth of fabulous gift options and single items. Bubble bars, ballistics and lip scrubs and so on and so forth.

I’ve already blogged about the wonderful Twilight Shower Gel which I thought was a Halloween product but is listed under their Christmas items on their website… and then there’s the famous Snow Fairy Shower Gel which I’m surprised I’ve not blogged about, it’s the love it or hate it Calpol shower gel. Personally I love it. But this year there’s a new addition. Ponche.

Lush Ponche

Ponche is inspired by Mexican Christmas Punch. It’s fruity and glorious. Lots of orange juice, plum and cinnamon infusions, tequila and you’ve got a perfect shower gel for the morning after that Christmas Party.  100g will set you back £4.25, 250g will cost you £8.50 and 250g will cost you £14.95.

The other thing I wanted to show you is my new favourite thing ever. Buche de Noel. A face cleanser.

Lush Buche de Noel


Lush Buche de Noel

It looks and smells edible but I don’t advise it. Take a pinch, rub it between your hands with a bit of warm water to make a paste, rub it all over your face and wash away. Welcome to the softest face ever. This contains glorious Christmas ingredients to nourish your skin, there’s almonds, satsumas, cranberries, a bit of brandy… it smells well… LUSH. IT’s £5.95 for 100g and a little goes a long way. Only gripes are that it can a) be a bit messy and b) is Christmas only! Why?!!!! This is so so lovely. It cleanses, balances, moisturises and exfoliates… what more can you ask for? Go grab some quick before it’s gone!

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Getting Party Ready with Holland and Barrett

Holland and Barrett have a selection of goodies to get you ready for your Christmas and New Years parties and the first one I want to show you is the celebrity favourite Coconut Oil. Beloved product of  selebs such as Miranda Kerr, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston (who mixes hers with rock salt to make a scrub – must try this!).

Since receiving this I am using it religiously, I use it on my legs and upper arms mostly as those are my driest areas and this is really helping them out. I know for a fact it’s what I’ll be using before I apply my wash off tan.

This stuff turns solid at a certain temperature, and the warmer your house, the softer it gets, mine is mostly solid at all times though.

Getting Party Ready with Holland and Barrett

Dig a little out and apply. It turns to oil as soon as it hits the skin and works really well.

Getting Party Ready with Holland and Barrett

My only disappointment with this is that to my nose it’s virtually scentless, my husband says he thinks it smells of coconut but I can barely detect it. I’d love to smother myself in coconut scent if I could, but if you’re not a fan of the scent this is perfect.  It’s £6.99 for 207ml and a little goes a very long way indeed. You can also eat on salads, use for cooking or as a hair conditioner. Very versatile!

Then there are a variety of supplements to help you to look gorgeous for your party. The Skin, Hair and Nails Formula (£7.69 for 60) are tablets containing Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Selenium to help support healthy hair, vibrant skin and strong nails. I’ve not been taking these long enough give an opinion yet but I have tried similar before and I think these supplements and these of this type make a marked difference to my nail and hair growth in particular.

Finally there’s the Fat Metaboliser.  A supplement  to help support weight maintenance, when combined with excercise and  a low fat diet. There’s a 14 Day Diet Plan you can download from the website too. I can’t review these as I’ve not been taking them… I’m just too lazy to remember 😉

I’ll definitely be back for coconut oil, thats for sure!
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06. 11. 2012

Well I was going to review Lush’s latest invention, Fun, for you. But alas I didn’t get to put my hands on it much at all 🙁 My kids got it…

I was sent the Yellow Fun to try out and I did at least get to give it a quick sniff and a squish!

Lush Fun Review

Lush Fun is basically like playdough you can wash with! The Yellow one smells out of this world, it’s basically vanilla ice cream but I also think I can detect a bit of almond there too.

So what is Fun? Well its whatever you want it to be… you can play with it, mould it and shape it, or you can make bubbles with it in your bath, you can wash your hair with it and you can use it as soap, just squish a little bit into your shower puff for maximum lather, I’m also told you can even wash your clothes!

Lush Fun Review

I love this concept, for me at £5 per bar I think it’s a little on the pricey side. I’m told a little goes a long way but my two kids demolished this in two baths…I suppose that only works out at 62p ish per child per bath… but I think you could make it go much further with a little supervision or if you’re using it yourself!

I might buy one of these for myself and stash it away where the kids can’t find it… I’m fancying the pink one, with it’s candy scents or the blue one which is lavender and chamomile.

Oh and I should mention that 10p from each sale of Fun goes to help children affected by the Fukushima disaster. Wonderful.

Available from www.lush.co.uk

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Lush Twilight Shower GelAh… I said it very recently and I’m saying it again… I’m falling back in love again with Lush. I’m loving a variety of things at the moment but the Halloween Shower Gel, Twilight is a beaut!

An iridescent darkest purple gel, aptly named, as this is the shower gel you want to use before you hit the hay.

This is s strange combination of lavender and malt. It doesn’t sound like something that should ever work, but it really does.

I have no idea what those malt notes are, but there’s a whole host of lavender which I adore, then tonka for a vanillary hit and a bit of balsamic there too.

The weird thing about his is how the scents “perform” for me. When I pour out the gel, into my hand or onto my sponge, I am hit with a sort of cinder toffee scent, lush and edible, but as soon as the gel hits water/my body, its the lavender and then the lavender is pretty much all I get. Its unusual but beautiful. But I’m a massive lavender fan. The lavender is tempered by the other ingredients for sure but there’s no denying that the main scent is lavender. Beautiful. The small bottle is 100g and £4.25, the other bottles are £8.50 (250ml) and £14.95 for 500ml.

The other halloween offerings this year are Calacas Shower Jelly £2.35

A bright green sugar skull jelly for washing your bits with  and scented with lime and jelly bean (yes please!).

And finally The Enchanter Ballistic £3.20

A bright orange ballistic scented with lime and neroli.

I’m keen to pick up a Calacas before they disappear!

If any of these take your fancy, grab them fast!!

Available from Lush of course!

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Argan+ Dry Body Oil

Argan+ is a brand new body care line made with of course Moroccan Argan Oil. In addition to the Argan oil, there are four more oils, hence the 5 in the brand’s logo. There’s Baobab, Kukui, Moringa and Sacha Inci.

I absolutely love Dry Body Oils, always have, in fact I’d go so far as to say I would choose them over any body butter or lotion (although I don’t mind using any). There’s just something so fab and therapeutic about rubbing in oils. Oo er.

Seriously though,  in Argan Oil, there are high levels of fatty acids and Vitamin E which makes it great for protecting the skin against premature aging, reduces appearance of stretch marks,  and numerous other benefits.

Personally though, I care about four things. Is it affordable? Yes it’s £9.99 for 100ml.  Is it moisturising? yes, my legs feel awesome. Is it quickly absorbed? I certainly don’t feel as though I’m left coated in oil and finally, does it smell nice? Yes, that’s my favourite thing about this oil. It smells beautiful, it’s subtle but it’s beautiful, in fact it smells just like MoroccanOil, the hair product. It’s completely unrelated to this range, but I’ve always love the smell of the hair oil and am delighted to have it in a body product so I can cover myself in it!

It’s a beautiful product. Also in the range is a Body Sculpting Serum,  Softening Body Polish (yes please!), Body Butter and a multi tasking Elixir.

Available from Boots and www.boots.com and launches today.
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