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Confusing blog post title this week! Not me, not quintessentially me, but the very lovely Ashleigh from Quintessentially Me!

Ashleigh is lovely. She’s lovely and she’s beeeyouuutiful. I was going to describe her blog for you but I think that she does it better than me so I’m just going to say, do take a look, it’s a lovely blog written by a lovely person.

Here goes!

Tell us a little bit about your blog (just a sentence or two to summarise):
A lifestyle blog written by a champagne loving, tea drinking, brand junke. I work in marketing by day and a serial online shopper by night. So much so, I own an online shop (www.quintessentiallyme.co.uk).  My blog and shop are both a representation of all the things I’m passionate about, from cruelty free beauty to sustainability and upliftment of communities.

What is your top skincare product recommendation? 
I swear by the Alpha H liquid gold. It transforms my skin when it’s looking dull and in need of a quick fix.

Do you have a favourite cosmetics brand, and if so why?
It used to be MAC, but since I learnt they test on animals I’ve been buying Urban Decay. Their makeup is incredible, and it’s important to me to try use products that aren’t tested on animals, I am not fanatical about it, but I do try and make good choices where I can.

Do you have a favourite nail polish brand, and if so why?
I used to work for OPI in south Africa and have had a love affair with their polishes ever since. Their nail envy is like no product I have ever used. It’s a miracle in a bottle.

What cosmetic item could you not live without and why? (e.g. mascara, concealer etc)
I’d probably say concealer but it would be SO hard to live without mascara.

This question is one for me personally, what is your holy grail foundation (if you’ve found it!), I feel like, and I’m sure many other feel this way too, that the hunt for the perfect foundation is never over!
If you find the perfect foundation let me know. I have actually gone off it for a bit and I’m totally in to BB/CC creams. I have a few on the go at the moment (NARS, Chantecaille, Clarins, Dr Jaarts, Dior) – but hands down, the new Dior BB cream wins. It’s just an incredible formulation and whenever I wear it I get compliments on my skin. If you had to put a gun to my head and make me pick one foundation for the rest of my life, I’d have to say the Dior Nude foundation. Again, just a great formula.

It’s the old desert island question. You’re stuck on a desert island, you had time to grab three cosmetic/beauty items before you got stranded, what are they?
It would be all about caring for my skin:
YouBe cream for chapped, dry anything
Clarins factor 50 suncreen
Clarins hydraquench moisturiser

Finally, recommend me two of your favourite blogs please.
I can’t pick between these 3:
http://buyingcrueltyfree.com/ – I love this blog as it helps me to find brands that don’t test on animals. It’s just a good reference point for me.
http://www.buynowbloglater.com/ – I love the honest reviews Laura gives. She isn’t afraid to say she doesn’t like something no matter what brand it is – case in point, her recent rant about the new Dior topcoat – a place many others wouldn’t dare tread.
http://www.britishbeautyblogger.com/ – this blog for me is more about the new releases, I love that Jane is so honest with her readers about the hardships she experiences as a blogger too – many other big bloggers never show you the real side….! I also love her bluntness when something just isn’t right.

Thank you for taking part Ashleigh, I really appreicate it, and also for your help in other matter recently! Also, I’ve been tempted to try out a Dior Base for quite some time now and I think you might have just tipped the balance for me! Please do head over have a read of Ashleigh’s lovely blog and have a gander at her shop, you can find them here.

By now you should all know the drill, but please, BBBT is open for all so if you’d like to take part, please drop me a line to charlie@ladyofthelane.com.

Woah! Lengthy blog post title this week! Anyway, welcome to this week’s BBBT features one of my all time favourite bloggers.

Say hello to the very lovely Nic from the Strawberry Blonde Beauty Blog. Nic’s blog has long been one of my favourite beauty blogs, great photographs, fantastic writing and honest reviews. What’s not to like! She’s ridiculously gorgeous too. Swoon!

So without further ado let’s get to the nitty gritty!

Tell us a little bit about your blog (just a sentence or two to summarise):
Strawberry Blonde Beauty is where I share my passion for luxury and natural beauty products, with regular reviews, musings & tips on make-up, skincare, fragrance, hair & nails.

What is your top skincare product recommendation?
I genuinely struggle to choose just one, but the product that’s made the most significant visible improvement to my skin is Alpha H Liquid Gold.  Other products come and go but this is the one I keep coming back to.

Do you have a favourite cosmetics brand, and if so why?  
Laura Mercier.  Maybe not as glam as some of my other loves (YSL, Burberry & Dior, I’m looking at you!), but in terms of quality products that actually deliver, perform as well as they look and are truly wearable, it’s a winner.  I’ve been using Laura Mercier as long as I can remember.

Do you have a favourite nail polish brand, and if so why?
Wah this is like making me choose a favourite child!  😉  At a push, Essie for great quality and lovely application.  I love Butter London equally but it’s pricier.  Mavala is fabulous for both colour range and quality (if only the brush was bigger) and NYC is my go-to budget range.

What cosmetic item could you not live without and why? (e.g. mascara, concealer etc)
I’d have to say foundation as it’s the one I reach for when  I’ve only got time to apply one product!  I’m not completely sure why as my skin isn’t that bad, but I feel naked without it and acceptable with.

This question is one for me personally, what is your holy grail foundation (if you’ve found it!), I feel like, and I’m sure many other feel this way too, that the hunt for the perfect foundation is never over!
I’m a foundation obsessive too – my long term holy grail is Laura Mercier Creme Smooth for perfect coverage with a natural finish. Recently I’m obsessed with YSL Touche Eclat – dewy, natural coverage that’s just enough to hide the bad and highlight the good!  Benefit Hello Flawless liquid foundation is also wonderful and falls somewhere in between the two.  If I was forced to choose one it would be the YSL.

It’s the old desert island question. You’re stuck on a desert island, you had time to grab three cosmetic/beauty items before you got stranded, what are they?
That’s an easy one for me – foundation, blusher and mascara.  Foundation as explained above; blusher because it makes my face look alive, and mascara because my lashes are blonde and I look like a scared, tired rabbit without it!

Finally, recommend me two of your favourite blogs please.
carolinehirons.com for laughs as much as fabulous skincare advice and britbeautyblogger.com to stay up to speed with what’s new and coming next in the world of beauty!

Thanks so much for taking part Nic! I’ve got two confessions! The first is that I’ve never tried NYC and the second is that I’ve never tried Laura Mercier!. Oops! I’ll have a look at that foundation for starters I think!

Please head over and show your support and have a read of Nic’s fab blog http://www.strawberryblondebeauty.com/.

As always, if you’d like to take part, please drop me an email to charlie@ladyofthelane.com. 🙂

Well after a long long hiatus I’ve decided it’s time to bring back my weekly Beauty Blogger’s Best Things feature. It was always really successful and a great way to find out other people’s favourite and holy grail items as well as a great way to find new blogs. So I’m delighted to bring it back and my first willing participant is the lovely Elyse from http://www.sweetelyseblog.com.

Elyse’s blog is summed up in three words, beauty, fashion and pretty thing so pleas head over and show your support.

I’ve changed the questions a little bit since last time round, but basically the questions are similar so lets crack on!

What is your top skincare product recommendation?
I really can’t rave about Etat Pur’s Citric Acid AHA enough. My skin tends to go crazy at times and most products offer little to no help. I found the Citric Acid completely cleared my skin up quickly (pimples, redness and pigmentation marks) in a short space of time, I was also asked twice at the weekend what moisturiser I used as they wanted to know my youthful skin secrets (Yes I’m talking about you ladies over in Lacoste, Glasgow).

Do you have a favourite cosmetics brand, and if so why?
I really don’t, I love cosmetics so much I can’t just stick to one brand. I do love Artdeco, Clinique and Benefit as they have been definite go to brands over the last few years.

Do you have a favourite nail polish brand, and if so why?
I’ve debated this so many times and normally I would have said Nails Inc.  I love that they continually change things up and I just literally purchased Nail’s Inc. Belgravia Beaded Polish.  Not sure how it will look but I do love sand textures and this look similar. Saying that I recently purchased Seche’s polishes in Coral, Snap Dragon and Portobello; they are awesome. Fully opaque with just 1 coat and super glossy.  I’m the worst at coming to a decision aren’t I?

What cosmetic item could you not live without and why? (e.g. mascara, concealer etc) 
Eyebrow pens (use to be eyebrow pencils but I’ve since converted to the eyebrow felt pens). After having my sons my hormones went crazy and I was left with patchy eyebrows. I think having nice eyebrows brightens up a face with or without makeup.

This question is one for me personally, what is your holy grail foundation (if you’ve found it!), I feel like, and I’m sure many other feel this way too, that the hunt for the perfect foundation is never over!
I have super white skin so most ‘light’ foundations make me look like I’ve been tangoed. I have since started using Vichy Idealia BB cream which is just amazing on my skin; the light shade is light enough for my ghostly skin and leaves a healthy glow. This may not be suitable for all readers’ skin tones of course but as a summery bb cream I’d definitely recommend it.  As for a full coverage foundation, I am also still on the hunt.

It’s the old desert island question. You’re stuck on a desert island, you had time to grab three cosmetic/beauty items before you got stranded, what are they?
Tweezerman Tweezers
Artdeco Eyebrow Pen
Etat Pur Citric Acid AHA

Finally, recommend me two of your favourite blogs please.
The Sunday Girl – Love her on point advice and straight talking reviews, I may be slightly biased due to her also being Scottish.
Honestly WTF – Fashion, DIY, Awesome items and food. What’s not to love, plus I wished I had invented that blog name.

Ooh there are a few things there I need to google, stat!

Thank you so much for taking part, readers don’t forget to head over and check out Elyse’s lovely blog and if you are a blogger fancy featuring in BBBT yourself, all you need to do is drop me a line at charlie@ladyofthelane.com.

face picDelighted this week to have the very lovely Grace London from www.londonmakeupgirl.com taking part in Beauty Blogger’s Best Things.

I’m delighted on three counts really. Firstly, London Makeup Girl is one of the first blogs I followed and one of my favourites, secondly, Grace has resurrected Beauty Blogger’s Best Things for me, as I don’t know if anyone noticed but there wasn’t one last week…I ran out of willing bloggers! Thirdly, since Grace’s Blog looks at mainly niche brands, I was excited to see her answers.

I even tweaked some of the questions this week which I’ve been promising to for ages!

So firstly, lets talk skincare, are you loyal to a brand, or do you pick and mix from different brands for your skincare? I’m a pick and mixer; there isn’t one brand I’m loyal to. I chose the best products for my skin from a range of brands. I am careful not to mix products with strong actives together and I wouldn’t follow a manual exfoliant with a retinol or AHA product, for example.

What is the one skincare item you would absolutely recommend and couldn’t be without? For myself, I absolutely love Skinceuticals C serum AOX10. I started using it again before the summer, and I think it’s the product that makes the most difference in my routine.

What are your top three cosmetic brands and why? Rouge Bunny Rouge for excellent colours and textures (and beautiful packaging), rms Beauty for easy to apply, naturally beautiful colours with skin benefits and Julie Hewett for the best red lipsticks known to woman.

From reading other blogs and talking to friends etc, it seems that foundation and mascara are the two items that most people struggle to find “the one” or “holy Grail”… have you found your holy grail mascara and foundation? What are they? I don’t often wear foundation, but I do love W3LL People Narcissist Stick Foundation and Concealer – I mostly use it to spot conceal around my eyes and nose. For mascara, I swear by Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells mascara.

What one product do you think every cosmetic aficionado should have in their collection? Julie Hewett Rosie Cheekie – a reddish pink cream blush that suits all skintones.

If you were stuck on a desert island, brand is irrelevant, what item of cosmetics or beauty product could you not be without (lipbalm, mirror, tweezers, mascara etc) Sunscreen!

I love finding new blogs so please before you go, please recommend three of your favourite bloggers.

These are a couple of recent favourite finds, and a long term favourite.

www.arsaromatica.blogspot.com Interesting, thoughtful and well-written. I love Dain’s skincare reviews and colour cosmetic analysis.

www.myfunnyvalentineblog.com Jenny is absolutely gorgeous, and wears a red lipstick crackingly well. Her DIY body and skincare posts are fascinating too, even if I’m far too lazy to do it myself.

www.loveaudreyloveaudrey.blogspot.com A thoroughly engaging blog. The whole Love Audrey family are adorable, and there’s going to be a WEDDING soon. I’m ridiculously excited for the wedding pictures.

Thank you very much for taking part Grace! There’s a few things there that I need to look up now. Also, one new blog to follow.

As always, if you’d like to take part, all welcome, just drop me a line to charlie@ladyofthelane.com


428Since starting Beauty Blogger’s Best Things, I’ve always maintained that it’s open to anyone to take part, big bloggers, small bloggers, hell, I don’t even really mind if you’re not a beauty blogger, the more the merrier. Anyway, this week I have the lovely Rachel from Twenty Something Beauty. A lovely, fairly new blog which I’m more than happy to promote. A nice mixture of high end and high street products and just an all round nice blog! So please, follow!

So lets get on with it!

Can you talk me through your daily skin care regime, which products you use and why?

I’m a  big fan of both the Elemis and Liz Earle skincare lines so usually my skin regime combines their products. For cleansing I’ll use either the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish or the Elemis Pro Radiance cleanser as both are gentle on my sensitive skin and provide a thorough cleanse which leave my skin feeling fresh. I’ll follow up with the Liz Earle Instant Skin Boost Tonic, which is the most gorgeous smelling toner, to make sure I’ve removed all my cleanser. Finally I’ll use either the Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser in Combination/Oily or the Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream depending on how dry my skin is feeling. Both keep my skin hydrated with causing it to over oily, which is a major problem I have with my skin. At night time I use the same routine but add in the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum for help with scarring and Origins Super Spot Remover if I have any blemishes.

What shampoo and conditioner are you devoted to?

I love the Herbal Essences line to death. I haven’t found anything else that smells quite as good as all the different types in this ranges. Currently I’m using the one in the red packaging, which is for split ends, to help keep my overprocessed hair in tip top condition. I literally walk around smelling my hair all day long because it smells so good. I’ve not really found much difference between high end and low end shampoo and conditioners, so I’ll buy low end to save money for make up!

What about your top three make up brands generally speaking?

It would have to be MAC, Chanel and L’Oreal. The quality of the product form these brands is generally amazing and they are definitely the ones I repurchase from the most.

What is your favourite foundation and why?

Hands down it would have to be Lancome Teint Miracle. I think Lancome have always won my heart when it comes to foundation, I was a big fan of Teint Idole for years. Teint Miracle gives me flawless medium coverage without looking cakey or to ‘made up’ I does not budge all day, even on my oily skin, and manage to give me the kind of glow that looks healthy and not like I’m just horrible and shiny. A big plus is the massive colour range, which also takes into account undertones, so I can easily find something for my super pale skin in winter and warm it up a few shades in summer. I’d happily recommend this to anyone.

What is your favourite mascara and why?

Lancome again! I love their Hypnose Drama. I love having long, thick lashes. I don’t mind if it’s the slightly clumpy, obvious look because I think my eyes are my best feature so accentuating them is always a must! This mascara doesn’t dry out quickly (damn you YSL) and is the intense shade of black that makes your eyes look extremely defined. You won’t end up with flakes under your eyes by the end of the day either, which is something I despise.

What one product do you think every cosmetic aficionado should have in their collection?

I’ve got to say a the Urban Decay Naked Palette. It’s a cult product for a reason: portable and beautiful it takes you from day to night effortless. I’ve lost count of the number of looks I’ve created using the palette. The possibilities are endless!

I love finding new blogs so please before you go, please recommend three of your favourite bloggers.




All amazing blogs by very talented girls.

Thanks so much for taking part Rachel, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog!

And the time has come again where I’ve run out of willing volunteers for BBBT so please, if anyone wants to take part, please drop me a line to charlie@ladyofthelane.com. ALL welcome.


003I’m so pleased to have Sinead taking part this week, her blog is one of the first I ever followed and it goes without saying that I still do! A great blogger with real personality that shines through. I’m 99% sure you’ll all already be followers but just in case you’re not, head over to www.daintydollymix.com and follow. You won’t regret it x

Okay so here we go!

Can you talk me through your daily skin regimen, which products you use and why? First things first, I am a massive Liz Earle skin care fan! So my daily skin care routine starts with cleansing my face with the Liz Earle cleanse & polish which is my holy grail in cleansers, i have never used anything as good and find the muslin clothes gives amazing  results!  I then use the Liz Earle skin tonic to tone my face before applying the Liz Earle skin repair light moisturiser. I also use the Liz Earle eye cream too! When i need to exfoliate i am a lover of the Liz Earle gentle face exfoliator or the St Ives face scrub!

What Shampoo and conditioner are you devoted to? I absolutely love the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle reconstructer as a conditioner, it does wonders for my hair and leaves it smelling and feeling amazing! I can take or leave any shampoo really as i find that that the conditioner does do most of the work but i do like the Liz Earle and Aussie ones!

What about your top 3 make up brands generally speaking?Like many beauty bloggers my absolute favourite make up brand is MAC. They have some real gems in their range such as the lipsticks and eyeshadows which are some of my favourites to use daily! Other brands i love are NARS and Illamasqua, especially their cream blushes are their precision ink eyeliner!

What is your favourite foundation and why?I have never really found a foundation that i am 100% happy with, so the hunt for the holy grail foundation is still on, however if i had to chose my favourite from the ones i had tried it would be NARS sheer glow (in Mont Blanc for reference) the colour match is pretty much spot on, i love the coverage that it gives and leaves a nice dewy finish.

What is your favourite mascara and why? My absolute favourite mascara is the Benefit Bad Gal lash! It gives my lashes amazing length and volume without being too clumpy! Other mascaras that i also like include the max factor lash extension mascara and the Rimmel day 2 night mascara.

What one product do you think every beauty aficionado should have in their collection? I seriously believe every beauty lover should have MAC Naked Lunch eyeshadow in their collection, especially those that love their neutrals like myself! I use this eyeshadow practically every day without fail! It is the perfect all over the lid colour that can be worn alone or paired with other shadows!

Three of my favourite bloggers:

I have a page full of my favourite bloggers on my blog that can be found here http://www.daintydollymix.com/ but if i had to chose three they would be Kelly (http://www.kelanjo.com) Sarah (http://www.citygirlsfashionbox.blogspot.com/) and Zoe (http://www.schoee.blogspot.com) all these ladies have wonderful blogs!

Thanks so much for taking part Sinead, when I’ve finished here I’ll be off to Google Sheer Glow and Naked Lunch. Thank you!

So a couple of final words from me this week. Firstly, don’t forget, if you want to take part, it’s easy, just drop me a line to charlie@justcharlieg.com. The second thing I wanted to say was if anyone has any questions they’d like me to add to the BBBT feature, please drop those through to me as well, same address.

Look forward to hearing from you!


Another week, another fab blogger steps up to take part in Beauty Blogger’s Best Things and this week it’s the very lovely Sara from http://dailypolish.com/.


The premise of dailypolish.com is simple. A different polish each day! I love polish me, so it’s a must read for me. Lots of brands I’ve never heard of too so I like to think of it as educational. Smile

So without further ado, lets got on with it and as always, start with the easy questions!

Can you talk me through your daily skin care regime, which products you use and why? I’m a bit of a rubbish skincare person. I’m desperately trying to get better…but I am a person who suffers from a fatigue disorder so mornings are not my high point (not that nights are either, but I’m better at taking care of my skin at night). Mornings I use Bioderma Sensibio swiped all over my face in the mornings (because it is good at cleansing and very fast [and I’m not always one for a lot of time in the mornings as I’m so tired I can’t always get up early enough to have more than 10 minutes to get out the door]) and then followed up with Laura Mercier Combination Skin Moisturising Lotion SPF 15. At night I use my Clarisonic with Shiffa Aromatic Facial Cleanser and then LM Moisturiser again. I love Shiffa (I discovered it in Stylist magazine) because it’s a combination of organic materials and Ayuerveda (a science I fully believe in) and made by a dermatologist turned skincare products creator. I just really enjoy the brand, what it stands for, why it was created and the ingredients!

I exfoliate twice a week with a Laura Mercier exfoliator (even though I’m not that keen on the scent I really like the beads) and have an addicting clay mask habit! I buy them like they are going out of style.

What shampoo and conditioner are you devoted to? I am completely devoted to the Naked Bodycare line. I love that it’s so cheap and so good for my hair. I have tried a lot of really expensive shampoos (I mean really expensive) and they haven’t done much for my hair. The Naked shampoos and conditioners are around £4 each and they work really well! It’s one of the few products I’ve found where I can get a lot of value for not a lot of money (I have a big problem with that. On one hand I firmly believe that you should get what you pay for…but I have a big issue with the feeling that in order to get any value for my money I need to spend a lot of money. I don’t earn a lot and London is so expensive!!!). Right now I’m using the Bounce Curl shampoo and the Shine conditioner. I’m pleasantly surprised by the conditioner because it feels really watery once it is in my hair but is washing out really moisturising (and I’m someone who tends to prefer really thick conditioners as my hair is perpetually dry). So to counteract the dryness I add a dab of Naked Rescue, their intense moisturising conditioner. I also use their Curl Defining cream (when I haven’t misplaced it in my bedroom!).

What about your top three make up brands generally speaking? I am obsessed with By Terry. It’s incredibly expensive but one of the times I feel like I am willing to spend the extra money to get a better value. I have also found that the products last for a really long time so when I work out the cost versus the shelf-life of the product in my makeup bag…I can justify it! I bought the Tinted Moisturiser last year and I’m still using it and it cost around £58? So if I’m going to spend £58 on a product but it is going to last over 8 months…that’s alright with me (sorry to ramble…but as someone who is forever on a limited budget and likes pretty things, if I fall for something fancy I want people to understand why I think it’s worth the price!).

I find the rest of my makeup to be a bit of a hodge-podge. I tried really hard to resist Chanel but I have fallen head over heels for their eyeshadows. They are beautifully made, excellent pigmentation…I just cannot complain about them. Am I going to go out and buy every single one…..no. I wish I could but I can’t. But the two I have I really like (and it makes me want to buy more!) [for the record they are Fauvre and Vert Khaki/Khaki Vert]).

I really liked Le Metier De Beaute and I miss them being in the UK. I didn’t buy a lot from them but I cannot fault them for originality, beauty or quality. I didn’t buy from them much just because I could not afford them…but if I could afford them, rest assured they’d probably source my entire makeup collection.


Ok some specifics now!

What is your favourite foundation and why? I’ve recently started using Bobbi Brown’s Long Lasting Natural Finish Foundation (in shade 03, Beige [makes me feel so tan!]) because it is great for buildable coverage but has a lovely semi-matte finish. Perfect for work or going out (as I have extremely combination skin). If I want a more dewy look I can add a dab of my tined moisturiser for some extra glow or add extra highlighter after the fact. But I find it to be a fantastic foundation at a really good price point. It’s actually my first ever Bobbi Brown makeup piece and I don’t know that I’m going to check out the rest of the brand (I never really feel any of it calling out my name) but I do really, really like this foundation. It fits perfectly into my needs and lifestyle.

What is your favourite mascara and why? This is a tough one. I love the look of mascara. But my eyelashes are cursed…or evil. I was blessed with naturally very long lashes (sadly without any real curl) but pretty much any mascara I ever wear flakes right off. I end up with racoon eyes after 40 minutes (and I’ve tried a lot of different primers underneath and they just don’t help!). I did try semi-permanent mascara and that was the perfect solution…I just can’t afford it on a regular basis. But in terms of regular mascara, I’ve tried Yves Saint Laurent, Le Metier, Chanel, Dior, Rimmel, Maybelliene, MAC, LORAC and BarryM. So….I’ve tried a lot of mascaras. They all flake on my eyes! I swear I’m doomed to never be able to wear mascara.

What one product do you think every cosmetic aficionado should have in their collection? Ooooo. As a nail blogger I have to say a few things: nail oil, a great basecoat, a great topcoat, a great nude/a great red and a great glitter.

As a lover of cosmetics I need to say…an eyelid primer! It might sound weird but I have the world’s oiliest eyelids and I couldn’t really wear eyeshadow successfully until I discovered Laura Mercier’s eyelid primer (I tried Urban Decay, I tried NARS…they didn’t work on me, I still creased through!) and the LM primer has been a total lifesaver. I can finally wear eyeshdaow and not worry about creasing. It’s been so pleasing. Although I do want to try the Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams without primer just to see if they can withstand my super oily eyelids!!!

I love finding new blogs so please before you go, please recommend three of your favourite bloggers.

The Posh Polish – I recently discovered this amazing nail blog, I’m so jealous of her beautiful nails and pictures! I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to find this blog

Fabulous Girl Wears Vintage – This is a relaunched blog for my favourite vintage site, Shrimpton Couture. I go to this site almost every day and “window” shop the beautiful clothing and accessories. I want to buy everything and I can always trust Cherie when it comes to vintage or styling. She is just impeccable and one of the kindest people!

Wendy Brandes – So one of my dreams in life is to own a piece of Wendy Brandes jewellery. Not just any piece though…I’m still deciding. Knowing me, it’s going to be one of the $800+ ones! Wendy is amazing. She is super smart, snarky, talented beyond belief and I love to read anything she is willing to put on her blog. One of my favourite things about Wendy is her transparency. Outside of the incredible designs she is committed to communicating with people about the truth in the jewellery industry and how difficult it can be to be an independent designer in a world where the cost of materials is skyrocketing and when and why you raise your costs. I also enjoy learning the process behind a design, how it goes from a drawing on a piece of paper to the jewellery itself. There’s also the fantastic fashion commentary, the manicure and pedicure pictures and the social critique! It’s pretty much a one-stop shop for me. Everything I want…I can get!

Thanks so much for taking part Sara. I’m particularly loving your blog recommendations as I don’t follow any of them and The Posh Polish looks especially up my street as does Wendy Brandes so thank you! And don’t worry, you didn’t say too much, it’s been a pleasure!

As always, if you’d like to take part in BBBT, please just drop me a line to charlie@ladyofthelane.com.

All welcome!


DSCF4662I’m really pleased about this week’s Blogger. It’s Leanne from www.donotrefreeze.com. One of the first blogs I ever started following and just a lovely person. And now as someone starting out life working with nails, I’m going to be reading Leanne’s blog a lot more often, to read and learn from her fab nail art tutorials. She’s a clever girl!

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So lets start with some easy questions!

Can you talk me through your daily skin care regimen, which products you use and why? I use a whole mish-mash of different brands and products on a daily basis – perhaps my skincare routine would be more effective if I stuck to a particular brand or something! In the morning all I do is splash my face with water and give it a spritz with The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist. I love that, it’s really lovely and refreshing. In the evening, I take the worst of my makeup off with a face wipe (my favourite are actually 99p ones from Superdrug!), then I exfoliate in the shower with Monu Micro Exfoliant and wash my face with TBS Vitamin E facial cleansing bar, or sometimes Lush Coalface if I fancy a change. I nearly always moisturise with Good Things Miracle Mattifier, but if my skin is feeling particularly parched I’ll slap on a bit of RMK’s night cream before bed – very rich! So yeah, I use quite a lot of different things, haha.

What shampoo and conditioner are you devoted to? I developed a bit of an issue with SLS (sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate) last year, and every hair product that contained it was giving me a nasty, itching, flaking scalp. Nice! So I went SLS free – I tried some I loved and some I hated (I’m looking at you, Naked) but to this day I still devote myself to Burt’s Bees Pomegranate and Soy.

What about your top three make up brands generally speaking? Illamasqua, without a shadow of a doubt. I mean, come on! One of Illamasqua’s pure pigments (Furore) was my first ever high end makeup purchase, and they will always have a special place in my heart! There’s nothing not to love – the brand ethos, the imagery, just everything! I’m also quite the fan of ELF Studio – it’s all completely bargainous and they have some really fantastic products that I use every day. I couldn’t be without the Eyebrow Kit or the Cream Eyeliner any more! As for a third one I’d probably have to say Sleek MakeUP; you can’t go wrong with the cult i-Divine palettes and they have some cracking products in the rest of their range.

Ok some specifics now!

What is your favourite foundation and why? Don’t do this to me Charlie! I am a foundation junkie, you can’t make me choose! I have about 10 that I circulate regularly depending on my mood, haha. I can narrow it down a little for you, though. Lately I’ve been really enjoying Illamasqua’s Skin Base foundation, it’s a little heavier in coverage than my usual choices but it just looks fantastic and doesn’t play up my dry patches like a lot of foundations do. I also LOVE Sleek’s New Skin Revive foundation, I find it really quite hydrating. One of my all time favourites is Kryolan Ultra Fluid – perfect coverage, it even negates the need for concealer but it doesn’t really look or feel like you’re wearing anything at all. Amazing! Also one of my favourites this summer has been ELF Studio Tinted Moisturiser, especially whilst I was away in Florida. It just evens out the skin tone without adding anything that’s going to slide off your face in hot weather!

What is your favourite mascara and why? I was a slave to RMK Separate Curl mascara, but at £21 I always winced when paying for it. It was worth it to me, though, ’cause it was the only mascara I’d ever found that actually held a curl in my lashes. No matter if I curl my lashes to within an inch of their life, nearly every mascara makes them fall flat almost immediately, so RMK Separate Curl was my saviour. However, in America I thought I should pick up a cheap waterproof mascara and ended up grabbing Covergirl All-in-One mascara (I think that’s what it was called, the writing’s all rubbed off the tube now). And seriously, I was blown away. It cost me about $6 and it performs even better than the RMK one in my opinion. I’m going to have to reply on American blogger friends to keep me stocked with it from now on!

What one product do you think every cosmetic aficionado should have in their collection? The obvious answer is probably a Sleek i-Divine palette, probably Storm if you want specifics since it’s so wearable. But I also think every addict should own one of the cult eyeshadow primers – Urban Decay Primer Potion is my favourite one.

I love finding new blogs so please before you go, please recommend three of your favourite bloggers. www.dottiek.com as a great all-rounder, www.gh0stparties.com for lovely outfits, and for nails it HAS to be www.scrangie.com. Oh, and I’m also quite the fan of Lady of the Lane too 😉

Thank you so much! No no, thank YOU for having me Charlie! 🙂

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I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who has taken part in BBBT to date. It’s one of my favourite things about my blog and I love reading about everyone’s favourite products.


This week is the turn of  Jennifer at www.make-upjournal@blogspot.com. Please do go and check out her blog, this girl does some great things with eye shadow! So lets crack on!

So lets start with some easy questions!

Can you talk me through your daily skin care regimen, which products you use and why?

I  use Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish in the morning, I like how easy and quick it is to use. It really does what it says on the can, my skin is always left soft and clean and I just enjoy using it. I use Philosophy Hope In A Jar for normal skin moisturiser which sinks into my skin really well, it is definitely the best moisturiser I have ever tried for my skin. It sorts out both my dry areas and oilier areas. It works well under makeup too. I also use Liz Earle Daily Eye Repare but have recently been testing out Origins Ginzing. In the evening I use Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Makeup Remover, it is amazing at lifting all makeup off with one swipe. Finally I use Oilatum Natural Repare Face Cream as it is heavier than the Philosophy one so I like it before bed so it can sink in over night.

What shampoo and conditioner are you devoted to?

At the moment I’m using John Frieda Radiant Red Colour Magnifying Shampoo and Conditioner to try to keep my colour bright. I also mix my conditioner with Crazy Colour Fire Red to do a conditioning treatment whilst topping up my colour.

What about your top three make up brands generally speaking?

MAC, Bobbi Brown, Chanel. All three have products which I love and use daily.

Ok some specifics now!

What is your favourite foundation and why?

I am in love with Chanel Vitalumier, I’m lucky enough to have generally good skin with a little redness in areas. This gives me perfect light coverage and a healthy glow. I only need one pump for my whole face so a little goes a long way and it lasts well on my skin. It smells nice too.

What is your favourite mascara and why?

Chanel Inimitable Intense. Amazing lashes with so much volume, length and that hold their curl. It is dark black and the brush makes it easy to get down to the roots and each lash. It’s only let down is that the tube doesn’t last as long as other mascaras do which is a shame.

What one product do you think every cosmetic aficionado should have in their collection?

Bobbi Brown Longwear Gel Liners. Especially the black. My favourite liner, great consistency to apply with and it comes is a good range of colours. I used to be a liquid liner girl and since getting this I am totally converted.

I love finding new blogs so please before you go, please recommend three of your favourite bloggers.

Vivianna Does Makeup – http://www.viviannadoesmakeup.com/ Vivianna writes really well and has such great taste. Her blog is a bit of a danger to me because she always makes me lust after new products! She is gorgeous too and her makeup always looks flawless.

Rebecca Likes Nails – http://rebeccalikesnails.blogspot.com/ Great inspiration for nail art for me. There are lots of simple designs to try and stamping ideas as well as more intricate designs. I like how she gets her inspiration for them and they always look perfect.

Killer Colours – http://solomag.se/killercolours/ A Swedish blog by a girl called Viola. She is stunningly gorgeous. I really enjoy reading her posts, and she is so creative. I find her really inspirational and often want to copy the looks she creates or use them as inspiration. She writes in both Swedish and English.

Thanks so much for taking part Jennifer! Some new blogs for me to discover which is fab. Thank you!

Final word as always, if you fancy taking part in BBBT, please just drop me an email to charlie@ladyofthelane.com. ALL welcome! xx


I’m so thrilled this feature is still running, as regular readers will know for a while back there I was afraid it was the end, in fact I did a couple of final posts, but fortunately we’re still going and I have a few more people lines so this is good!

This week I’m welcoming the lovely Vijaya from http://fiercenerditude.blogspot.com/.  One of the best blog names ever. 🙂

So without further rambling from me, lets crack on.
So lets start with some easy questions!

Can you talk me through your daily skin care regimen, which products you use and why?
I change things around a lot, so pinning down one cleanser is hard. Right now I’m trying out this Asian one that I literally started with two days ago, so I’m hesitant to recommend it just yet, but it’s creamy, it does the job and it smells like peach. Total win so far!

I’m inconsistent with toners, just because I tend to doubt their necessity, but I do use them sometimes just for the sheer luxury. At those times, my toner of choice is 100% Pure’s Organic Peppermint Green Tea Facial Toner: it feels really minty and refreshing, so it’s great for the summertime!

For moisturizer, I generally go for my CeraVe, because they make an excellent no frills moisturizer that delivers a great deal of moisture but is never too heavy. Recently I’ve been trying something new out, though. Again, I’ve only been using it a couple of days, so I’m hesitant to name it!

Also, exfoliation is a must for me. I hop around on exfoliators a lot, but right now I’m loving Origins’ Never A Dull Moment Skin Brightening Face Polisher. It exfoliates but does so while looking and smelling like jam: I have to remind myself not to cram some into my mouth each time I use it!

What shampoo and conditioner are you devoted to?
I’m unfortunate enough that I haven’t found the right ones for me just yet. *Sigh* If anyone wants to contact me with a magical shampoo/conditioner combo that’s good for curls, moisturizing, de-frizzing and cruelty free, please do. Tigi Bed Head works well, but I go through the conditioner much too fast!

What about your top three make up brands generally speaking?
I know people like to say MAC is overrated, but I really do like them. Sometimes I do think their stuff is overhyped, but I don’t think they’re bad in general! I’m also a fan of Urban Decay. If you leafed through the looks on my blog, I doubt you’d find more than one or two in which I wasn’t using a 24/7 Eye Pencil! Couldn’t live without those! Last, but not least, this is a more recent brand that I’ve tried but I like it enough that I feel comfortable putting it in here, Wet N Wild. I was sent some of their trios to review recently and I’m absolutely in awe of how good they are. It’s pretty much like the cheapness is a bonus.

Ok some specifics now!

What is your favourite foundation and why?
I have two that I tend to go between. One is MAC’s Pro Longwear, for the obvious reason: it’s wear really can’t be beat. The other is MAC’s Studio Fix Powder Plus because it’s gives me a lovely full coverage while still looking very natural.

What is your favourite mascara and why?
I’m a big fan of Bare Escentuals’ Buxom Lash mascara. It really is perfect for me. It never clumps, lengthens, gives volume. I really don’t even care about trying other mascaras at this point, because I never before thought a relationship between a girl and her mascara could be this good!

What one product do you think every cosmetic aficionado should have in their collection?
Gah! That’s a hard one! I’m going to go with a brush: The MAC 129. I can use it for contouring, blush, highlighting, powder foundation and probably some other things that aren’t immediately popping to mind. The kicker? It’s great at all of them! That’s why I own two (one for blush, one for foundation) and am thinking about getting a third just to keep around.

I love finding new blogs so please before you go, please recommend three of your favourite bloggers.
In no particular order:
Robyn of Stay Beautiful http://eyelinerandspraypaint.blogspot.com/
Phyrra of Phyrra.net http://phyrra.net/
The blogger for Vintage Makeup, who I’m fairly certain just likes to go by Vintage (and if I’m wrong about that, I’m so sorry). http://vintagemakeup.blogspot.com/

Vijaya, thanks so much for taking part. I like Mac too and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Sure there are some duff products, and some overhyped products but I think they are reasonably priced for what they are but maybe thats because I’ve bought too much Nars, Chanel and YSL in the last couple of years! haha!

Readers, don’t forget, if you’d like to take part please just drop me an email to charlie@ladyofthelane.com.