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Benefit cosmetics and I have a funny relationship. They make products I really love and products I intensely dislike, rarely does anything fall in the middle ground.

I recently won these items and just wanted to share them with you as I really love them! Neither of these I would ever have chosen for myself but I’ve not stopped wearing since I got them. Perhaps I should start to be more open minded!

Anyway, the Patootie Ultrashines lipgloss.

Benefit Ultrashines Patootie Gloss

You can’t really tell but it looks so frosty I thought there was no way I was ever going to be able to wear this… love the packaging though. However, I really like it on my lips, it’s nice and sheer and comfortable feeling, it’s thick and gloopy but doesn’t feel grim on my lips, and I’m really fussy about lipgloss.

Then the Sugarbomb Face Powder.

Benefit Sugarbomb Face Powder
Benefit Sugarbomb Face Powder
 I’d never have picked this up. The colours don’t really call my name, and it just doesn’t look special enough to me. But I love it, it’s absolutely gorgeous on! Really natural and pretty. I’ve worn it every day since I got it virtually!
Benefit Sugarbomb Face PowderBenefit Sugarbomb Face Powder
 And you can see in that second photo a little glimpse of Patootie.
Here’s a full face using both of the products.
Benefit Sugarbomb Face PowderBenefit Sugarbomb Face Powder
 So there we have it. I recommend both products highly for a natural look.
I won these items from http://www.debenhams.com/ butyou can buy from all the usual suspects http://www.boots.com/, http://www.asos.com/Beauty/A-To-Z-Of-Brands/Benefit/Cat/pgecategory.aspx?cid=5842 and http://www.lookfantastic.com/beauty/benefit-cosmetics amongst others.

So the weekend has been & gone along with a visit from my sister Lis or Aunty Boo as she’s known to my kids! She wasn’t here for long and I predicted some pretty intense make up application and removal as we tried different combinations but actually that wasn’t the case. I knew what I thought would look good and thankfully Lis agreed so we ended up only running through twice with a few adjustments the second time but I was really pleased with it and I think Lis was too. So without further ado I give you a whole load of photos!

I should mention that it was a concious decision to stay away from the usual neutral eye make up for two reasons, my sister’s colouring for one but the main reason being her wedding dress is pale blue so I felt that greys and silvers would be a better match.

The Before:

Wedding Make Up Practice

The Afters. This was the first run through and we decided to tweak a couple of things the second time round. The flash washed things out a little in these first pics and bought out too much of the shimmer but you get the idea!

Wedding Make Up Practice
Wedding Make Up Practice
Wedding Make Up Practice

So day two, I decided to switch out the MAC MSF (although we both loved it) and try Nars Orgasm instead, for a less disco effect. We also addeda touch of highlighter on the cheekbones and a smidge of contouring. We also added lipliner under the lipstick for longer wear and a hint more colour. The following pics are in daylight so I hope you can see that although the eyes are shiny, they aren’t as shiny as the flash pics made them appear.

Wedding Make Up Practice
Wedding Make Up Practice
Wedding Make Up Practice

So there we have it. The finished look. What do you think? I’m really pleased considering a) how nervous I was about it and b) my total lack of skill.

The products I used for this look are as follows:

Wedding Make Up Practice
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Pebble
Estee Lauder Lucidity Translucent Powder in Medium
Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer in Light Medium
Elf Eyebrow Kit in Light
Clinique Pore Minimiser Primer in 01
Benefit 10 Powder (just the bronzer side)
Nars Orgasm Blush
Mac Soft & Gentle MSF
Estee Lauder Double Wear Lip Liner in Tawny
Clinique Butter Shine Lipstick in Pink-a-Boo
Clinique Lash Power Mascara in Black
Estee Lauder Double Wear Liquid Liner in Graphite
Mac Subculture Lip Liner
Mac Soft Ochre Paint Pot
Bourjois Gris Pailettes Eyeshadow
Mac Silver Fog Pigment
Mac Sweet Sienna Pigment
Mac Fix+

So there we have it. Typing that list up reminds me, anyone got Silver Fog or Sweet Sienna Pigments for sale?

I must also do a special thank you to both Clinique and Estee Lauder who provided several of the products used and several products that weren’t used. I am eternally grateful and it was a great great help. Thank you.

Well I was very lucky to get my hands on Nars Orgasm blusher from GossMakeUpArtist the other day at a fairly bargain price.

If you haven’t heard of it, you must be living in a bubble! There is so much hype surrounding this product and I guess you’d call it a cult item. Being a beauty afficionado of sorts, albeit in the minor leagues compared to many of you, I wasn’t so fussed about having it in my collection, but I’ve never even seen it in the flesh! Nowhere down here, to my knowledge, sells Nars, so when I saw it at a cheap price I leapt. I had no expectations of it really, I didn’t expect to LOVE it, but I wanted to see for myself what all the fuss was about.

Well it arrived today and I’m none the wiser about the fuss! It’s a pinky peachy corally blush with a hint of shimmer….and well, I just don’t think it’s that amazing. I like it without a doubt, but worth the fuss and hype? No I don’t think so! Now to me, it doesn’t seem all that pigmented, not compared to plenty of blushes I own, and it felt a bit dry and perhaps a bit chalky. Perhaps thats what it’s supposed to be like and I just don’t appreciate a good blusher when I see one!

On the cheeks it’s very natural, which is the aim, but it’s nothing special… but I think looking natural is the point!

Anyway, when I tried it I thought I had some other shades that were pretty close and decided to do a swatch comparison, actually, I was wrong. But anyway, lets have a look.

Nars Orgasm Comparison Swatches

So there it is, the famous Orgasm.

These are the products I thought might be similar:

Nars Orgasm Comparison Swatches

Nars Orgasm, Benefit Coralista, Mac Sun & Moon, Mac Petticoat MSF and Mac Stereorose MSF.

And here are the swatches, in the same order.Nars Orgasm Comparison Swatches

None of them are the same, Coralista is the closest, followed by Petticoat, but neither are as pink toned as the Orgasm.

I noticed that they all have a metallic tone, mostly gold, which I suppose is why I thought they might all be similar, but no, I can confirm I have nothing like it in my collection. I will have to have a proper play with on my face and see if I can get a better result from it. Surely all those lovers can’t be wrong?

Do you have Nars Orgasm Blush? Do you love it? What am I missing?

I recently bought two of the Greasepaint Sticks from the Mac Art Supplies collection. Unfortunately Zinc Zone turned up damaged but Greengrease is fine and so today it was time to give it a go and you know what I love it! The green is a dark green. The greasepaint sticks go on easily and are easy to blend…provided you work fast. Fantastic for creating a smoky eye and easily buildable. I tried it on my hand (Forgot to take pics, sorry), and it works well as a base for shadows, I tried with a green pigment and it was fab. The following pics show the Greengrease on it’s own, with Benefit High Brow and Mascara only. I could have kept adding and blending for a much bolder look, but as it is, I kept it sheer.

Mac Greengrease Greasepaint StickMac Greengrease Greasepaint Stick
Mac Greengrease Greasepaint StickMac Greengrease Greasepaint Stick

Love this product, very versatile, but remember you need to blend fast!

Got visitors coming today which usually means I like to cake my face on. Having no social life whatsoever I take the opportunities where I can! Still working on my blending skills and practising with my Sigma brushes, I decided to dig out the Neutrals quad and get blending!

Mac Spring ForecastMac Spring Forecast
Mac Spring Forecast

I do think I’m getting a bit better at it. On my eyes I’ve used the Mac Spring Forecast neutrals quad and Rich Ground Fluidline and Max Factor Masterpiece, on cheeks is a whole bunch of stuff, Benefit Coralista, MSF in Soft and Gentle and I forget what else and on my lips is the beautiful Mac Rose Maiden. I think its one of my favourites.

I just wanted to say a quick word about Mac Studio Sculpt foundation. I know that Studio Fix is the favourite but I really rate the Studio Sculpt. I love the gel formula, I like the feel of it on my skin, I love the finish and the coverage is just perfect for me. Especially when I’m spotty!

Anyway, that’s me ready for the visitors so I had better go and have one last tidy up. Have a great day!

I realised yesterday I had even done a face with Mac Viva Glam Cyndi. It’s a really beautiful shade and I’ve worn it a lot since I got it. Gaga didn’t really appeal to me but I knew I’d love Cyndi.  What I really like is that the colour is very buildable. One swipe for a sheer reddy coral which you can build to be a vibrant bright almost red. I’ve gone for a medium look here 🙂

I used Mac Chartreuse pigment & the green from the Urban Decay Alice palette on my eyes and a touch of Benefit Coralista on my cheeks.

and here’s a good swatch of Viva Glam Cyndi.

MAC Cyndi Lipstick

I’m waiting for the new collections to get on the Mac website – I want several bits from each. What about you?