Just Charlie G
01. 04. 2010

Well I think I’ve mentioned that not so long ago I received a small inheritance. The majority of it is rather boringly earmarked for new floors but I took a little for myself and bought my Trans Design order, a small ELF order and a set of Sigma brushes. Long before I started blogging, a dear friend, Lisaloo, excitedly MSN’d me telling me I had to check out these brushes and since then they’ve been on my wishlist. So when I had a bit of cash to spend, this seemed the natural choice.  Now I don’t know much about brushes really. I have always just used whichever (cheap) brushes I had to hand. This needed remedying. Over the year or two I’ve know about Sigma I’ve watched a lot of You Tube vids, read a lot of reviews and since blogging I’ve read lots more about them so I knew they were what I was after.

I should explain that Sigma brushes are supposedly high quality copies of Mac brushes and so the numbers of the Sigma brushes correspond to the Mac originals. I can’t do comparisons because I don’t own Mac brushes and so the fact that they are replicas isn’t really of interest to me, I just wanted some good quality face and eye brushes.

I bought the Professional Brushes Complete set which contains both eye and face brushes. It was £63.23 for 12 brushes including shipping from the USA to the UK and took 9 days. I decided against the brush roll, I want my brushes in a pot for easy access, not to have to unravel a roll each time. Anyway, they arrived on Tuesday so here are just a few quick pics.

Sigma Brushes

They arrived in a nice little black mesh bag with some leaflets and guides.
These are the eye brushes:

Sigma BrushesSigma Brushes

And these are the face brushes:

Sigma BrushesSigma Brushes

I’ve obviously not had chance to review them or try them out properly yet and I don’t even have a clue which brush to use for what so I think I have a bit of learning to do, but I’m pretty excited about it!

Do you have any tips or hints for me?