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I couldn’t resist it. I was fairly restrained for me I think, I passed up a couple of things I’d have loved like the beautiful blusher, but it was hard! Chanel’s Spring Collection this year is really pretty and all of the lip products in particular stood out…but I have so many lipsticks, all barely touched because I rarely wear the same one twice in a month… I had to stop at just the one. So this is just a little look at the bits I did get.
Firstly, Black Pearl polish. I don’t love this in the bottle, but I do love it on, it’s a soft grey to my eyes and although it has green in it, under electric light it seems a bit Air Force Blue. I really like it.

Chanel Black Pearl
Chanel Black Pearl
Chanel Black pearl
Next up is Chanel Ombrés Perlées de Chanel eyeshadow compact, five iridescent shadows in a new formula that have received very mixed reviews in blogland so I’m hoping they work for me and I don’t join the those who haven’t got on with them…. we’ll see! Swatches are at the end of the post.
Chanel Ombrés Perlées de Chanel
Chanel Ombrés Perlées de Chanel

And lastly, I was really taken with the Rouge Allure lipstick in Coquette. I do really love the Rouge Allure formula, it doesn’t last a terribly long time on me but it’s colour rich and so soft and moisturising. This is a nice shade that somehow manages to be bright and spring like without being too in your face. I’m smitten.

Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Coquette
Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Coquette

And please excuse the startled expression, this is just to give you an idea of the colour in relation to my whole colouring.

Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Coquette

So last but not least, the swatches:

I shall have a good play with all this over the next few days and hope to bring you a “face of the day” post of them all in action.

I’ve been umming and ahhing about whether or not to bother with this post at all since all the billion pics I have taken have failed to do it any justice at all. But in the end I thought I’d show you anyway as it’s general appearance is accurate.

Chanel Jade Rose Nail VarnishChanel Jade Rose Nail VarnishChanel Jade Rose Nail Varnish

Its a hard colour to describe. It’s a nude, a bit patchy with two coats but passable, perfect in three. The bottle is full of pink shimmer and as with Paradoxal, the shimmer is all but invisible once on your nails but what iot does is lift this polish to something… a bit different, pinky and pretty. I’ve found the wear on these ok, three days, no chips, with Seche Vite.

Just to remind you, here’s the bottle shot.

Chanel Jade Rose Nail Varnish

I love it, so classy. I don’t know if really it was worth the money, but you pay for the brand and I don’t mind.

Firstly, sorry for all the Chanel related blog posts at the moment but I thought this bit of PR was worth sharing since I know a lot of you are nail varnish addicts like me. (I know you’ve not seen many Chanel posts but the following three are all Chanel…). Available from the 10th September in Selfridges and Chanel Boutiques you will find Les Khaki De Chanel varnishes.

Les Khaki De Chanel Ltd Edition Nail Varnish

Created by Peter Philips, Global Creative Director of CHANEL Makeup for Vogue’s “FASHION’S NIGHT OUT ”, the fashion event not to be missed. Three shades you can wear alone or together.

Khaki Vert, Khaki Rose & Khaki Brun. I’ve got my eye on them all, especially the Khaki Vert. Sadly for me, much like my beloved Noir Et Or Paris Shanghai Collection I doubt I’ll get my hands on them since I’m nowhere near Selfridges or a Chanel Boutique. I’m still upset about the Illusion d’Or Nail Varnish in particular so I won’t be setting my heart on these. They do however look like perfect Autumn colours and super stylish. I’m asuming that the finish is creme but I could be wrong.

If anyone does get these, please let me know so I can live vicariously through you!

Sorry if people are fed up of hearing about Chanel/Paradoxal. It’s not going to stop me!

Off I trotted this morning to pick up my reserved Paradoxal…obviously I couldn’t stop there and I had to grab Jade Rose too which is SO pretty!

Chanel Fall 2010 Paradoxal & Jade RoseChanel Fall 2010 Paradoxal & Jade Rose

Check the shimmer!

Chanel Fall 2010 Paradoxal & Jade Rose

Here’s a close up of Jade Rose.

Chanel Jade Rose

And now for the Paradoxal! Please click to enlarge.

Chanel Fall Paradoxal Chanel Fall Paradoxal
Chanel Fall Paradoxal
Chanel Fall Paradoxal

It’s really beautiful, subtle but special and I’m so pleased to have it in my collection as I’ve been looking forward to it for so long. Jade Rose was a pleasant surprise!

What do you think?

Only problem is, I’m now in love with the whole collection…

I’ve seen these posts or similar posts on lots of people’s blogs since I’ve been blogging but I’ve not yet managed to get round to doing mine yet.

The following are some of my favourite, most used, but basic, products. So I hope you enjoy seeing them.

Ok so here we go:

  1. Elf Eyebrow Kit – Medium. I’ve been using the wax to groom my brows into shape for a long time. For £3.50 I don’t think you can go wrong. I’ve recently started using the coloured powder to set my brows too and fill in gaps although it took some getting used to, as you’ll know if you’re a regular reader of my blog!
  2. Mac Feeling Dreamy Lipglass. £12. Sadly you can’t get this easily now as it was part of Mac’s Ltd Edition Warm & Cozy collection. A beautiful nude with a hint of pink shimmer. I can’t carry nudes as a rule but this one just works. If I’d have known I’d have bought a back up!
  3. Guerlain Kohl in Oriental Metal £20. Another discon I’m afraid although I think if you google you can still find it in a few places. I actually got mine on ebay I think. I adore the Guerlain Kohls and this one is my favourite… so far!
  4. Mac Pearlmatte Face Powder. I use this every single day almost as a bronzer. It’s perfect to me, the faintest hint of shimmer, but mostly a matte finish, hences the Pearlmatte name. I adore it. Sadly, another one you can’t get now as it was part of the Mac in Lillyland collection. Another one I wish I’d got a back up of!
  5. Chanel Inimitable Noir Mascara £21.50. I was actually given this recently but it’s a product I’ve used a lot in the past. A lovely mascara. Does just what I want it to!
  6. Mac MSF Natural in Light Medium £18. I love this. Use it every day. I’ve heard reports of it being cakey but I’ve not had problems with that at all. I use a HUGE fluffy brush and just add a very light dusting to my face after finishing my make up and it seems to set it well. Sometimes I finish off with a spritz of Mac+ to add a more dewy effect, but mostly I don’t have to.
  7. Superdrug MUA Eyeshadow in #2 £1. I use this pretty much every day as my brow highlight. It’s just perfect and at £1 you can’t complain at all. Ideal product. I also use it on the inner corners of my eyes sometimes.
  8. Sheer Cover Concealer in Light/Medium £19. Well I have mixed feelings about this product. I was sent it to review and I love it. It’s fabulous for blemish covering and as I have lots of blemishes I use it daily. However, the price is ridiculous. Completely ridiculous. Love the product but won’t be replacing.

So there you have it! My top basic items. Do you have any of these or want any of these? I might do another one of these about my favourites that aren’t basics as I have some idtems I love so much I just want to blog about them!

Well I was trying to find this. As you might recall my sister wanted to buy it for me for my birthday but I couldn’t find it anywhere & we bought the beautiful Murano quad instead but I really wanted Garden Party. I found it on Ebay, brand new for a rather bargainous price. Obviously I don’t recommend buying high end brands on Ebay generally speaking because of the risk of fake items… this one was fine though.

Chanel Garden Party Les 4 Ombres

Some swatches:

Chanel Garden Party Les 4 OmbresChanel Garden Party Les 4 Ombres

What I sadly failed to capture was the star of the show and the main reason I wanted it. The pale green. It’s…otherworldly. Under electric lights its simply breath taking. My sister and I both gasped when we swatched it in the store. It’s palest green with electric (but subtle) green iridescence. Amazing. Beautiful.

I had a quick play and here’s an EOTD, but bear in mind I’m not demonstrating skill, just  testing them out!

Chanel Garden Party Les 4 Ombres

I wish you could see that green!

In case you live in a bubble and have sadly missed my many updates, it is my birthday tomorrow.

As a special treat my sister came down for the day and took me out for lunch and for shopping. It’s the first time I’ve ever left Lola for any length of time, and I didn’t know myself. Really! Anyway, we had a lovely lunch sat outdoors on the Cathedral Green at Michael Caine’s Brasserie and it was lovely and then we went off in search for a pressie.  I showed her (amongst many other things) a Chanel quad I was in love with, which sadly was out of stock (Garden Party if you’re interested), I really need it, it’s stunning. Instead we left with my second choice of the Murano quad. It’s very lovely, a dark grey/black, a teal, a light light grey/turquoise and a pink. It’s very lovely. If anyone finds Garden Party though I’d love it, none of my local stores had it and I can’t find it online either. Anyway, aside from that, I got another Guerlain Kohl in the post this morning. The discontinued Secret Glow. It’s a beautiful pearly cream gold and really shows up beautifully on my waterline. All in all a very satisfactory day!

Pics & Swatches!

Chanel MuranoChanel Murano

The kohl swatch is on the very left.

Happy Days. Hope you are all having a nice time in this fab weather!

I want so much Stuff.

Barielle June Bug & Myrza’s Meadow Nail Varnish

Estee Lauder Liquid Shadows in Ultra Violet & Molten Bronze
Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss Stick in Cherry Ice
Estee Lauder Exotic Lip Gloss in Wild Coral
Mac To The Beach Lipstick in Thrills
Mac To The Beach Eyeshadows in Firecracker and Sweet & Punchy
Mac Pret a Papier Lipsticks in Dressmaker & Made to Order
Mac Pret a Papier Lipglass in Fold & Tuck
The entire Chanel Orient Extreme Collection if it arrives inthe UK
An iphone
Melissa Plastic Dreams Vinyl Shoes
Guerlain Loose Powder Kohl

I think I’d better stop right there! That’s not everything though. And with no money whatsoever, I think I’m in trouble! Please tell me I’m not the only one! Blog Sale coming up.

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll have heard me go on, and on, and on about this collection. I want all of it so badly. More than any other make up thing ever. I have also seen this mini collection with the alternative name Orient Extreme.

The main polish I want is Illusion d’or.  Have a look at Temptalia’s site to see how amazing it is over black. To die for. So I don’t have any prices but I know the polishes are $25 each. I heard about this first on British Beauty Blogger and she said the rumours were that it would only be available in Chanel Boutiques.  And so the search for more information began.

Over the last couple of weeks I have googled extensively. All I could find was US information, Yes, you can only get in Chanel Boutiques or from Chanel.com. No they don’t ship overseas and yes it’s available over there now.Trying to find UK info was like getting blood from a stone. I decided we musn’t be getting it here but not willing to give up without one final try, this morning I rang Chanel. First person I spoke to said I needed Marketing and put me through to somewhere that wasn’t marketing. They had never heard of it but gave me the marketing number. Marketing had never heard of it either and put me through to the Bond Street Boutique. At last! They knew what I was talking about! Yes it is coming to the UK, Chanel Boutiques only, no date yet but probably end of May.

Which isn’t actually much use to me because of the vagueness…

So I need a volunteer to go to a Chanel Boutique to purchase for me, but a there’s no release date, you’ll have to check every day between now and say, the end of June…

Any takers? Please?



Well yesterday was a day for having a really good look at my kit and seeing what I had that I could use. And I found some great bits. The first thing I found that I really wanted to use was this very old lippie, Chanel Hydrasoleil No33 in Soleil Frileux.

Chanel Hydrasoleil No33 Soleil Frileux

It’s really old and I’m pretty sure discontinued, but they were lovely sheer lippies with an SPF of 6. It’s really hard to describe the colour so it’s best if I just crack on with some swatches and a FOTD 🙂 It’s a kind of nudey mauve right?

Chanel Hydrasoleil No33 Soleil Frileux

Well yes but get it in the right light and it has a beautiful bluey violet sheen. Very pretty!

Chanel Hydrasoleil No33 Soleil Frileux

And here’s today’s face. I could kick myself for putting on the completly wrong shade of blusher but there you go!

Chanel Hydrasoleil No33 Soleil Frileux

So thats it for now. I plan to do a bit more stash shopping and I have lots more to come so keep an eye out!