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China Glaze Island Escape for Summer 2011
I have so been looking forward to swatching this collection! The China Glaze Island Escape collection. A 6 part collection of Summer brights including cremes and shimmers. Let me tell you a couple of these are to die for but they are all great.
Papaya Punch:
China Glaze papaya punch

Bright Orange creme, gorgeous shade. I didn’t think I was going to like it but I do. Two coats was still a tiny bit patchy, three would sort it. I cannot wait to get this on my toes in the Summer.

Electric Pineapple:

China Glaze Electric Pineapple

I apologise. This is pretty much the worst swatch I’ve ever done. It looked ok on the display on my camera, then I removed the polish to swatch the next shade, and then realised how awfully inaccurate it was. Honestly, if you want to know what this colour looks like, google image search it! It is however just like the colour in the bottle shot at the top. I like this, I don’t love it, its a nice creme finish. My husband charmingly thought it looked like I’d sneezed on my fingers.

Senorita Bonita:

China Glaze Senorita Bonita
China Glaze Senorita Bonita
So beautiful I had to include two pictures. My favourite of the collection. Sadly again my camera failed to pick up the true colour, this leans slightly more pink than my pictures show. Full of the most stunning bright pink sparkle this is amazing.

108 Degrees:

China Glaze 108 Degrees

Another gorgeous shimmer. The shimmers in the collection are really gorgeous. Bright bright pink with hints of gold and red. Very summery with perfect application.

Cha Cha Cha:

China Glaze Cha Cha Cha

Another absolute winner. To me it’s the Summer version of Christmas’ Peace On Earth. Again, perfect application and a gorgeous gorgous bright green with a sheen of gold shimmer. Absolutely beautiful. Would look amazing with a tan.  It’s so beautiful.

Blue Iguana:

China Glaze Blue Iguana

Really this should have had three coats, maybe even four. I think you can see from the picture that the colour on my nails doesn’t match the bottle and I have a visible nail line. Its gorgeous, but very thin. I don’t really wear blues so I doubt I’ll get much wear out of this, but I’d think that with the extra coats this would be a stunning Summer blue for blue lovers.

All in all a gorgeous collection and in my opinion there are no failures in this lot. Absolute faves are Senorita Bonita, Cha Cha Cha and 109 Degrees.

I believe there are some retailers in the UK stocking already. xx

I saw the Andrea Fulerton Nail Tattoos first over at http://www.londonbeautyreview.com/2010/10/review-andrea-fulerton-nail-tattoos.html ages ago! I made a mental note to get them. It’s taken months but I now have two of the three designs.

Andrea Fulerton Nail Tattoos

It was really the skull and crossbones I wanted, I grabbed the key and padlocks thinking they’d be good for a valentines manicure.

Andrea Fulerton Nail Tattoos
Andrea Fulerton Nail Tattoos
 These are £2.03 a sheet. It’s not a lot of money but I still think its a lot for a sheet of minute stickers! I don’t really mind though, it’s not like you have much choice. I love nail art stickers and there aren’t many of them about. I bought mine in Superdrug, I think they might be exclusive sellers of the Andrea Fulerton range, I’m not sure.
Anyway, I wanted to wear the skull and crossbones and decided to go for the traditional Jolly Roger look using China Glaze Liquid Leather as my colour. 🙂
Andrea Fulerton Nail Tattoos
Andrea Fulerton Nail Tattoos
 I’m absolutely useless at getting them on straight. Being so small it’s just too fiddly for clumsy hands.
I like these, I’d love to see more in the range though, the set I didn’t buy was chains, not my cup of tea. I believe there are some crosses too but they weren’t in my Superdrug. Four designs doesn’t seem a lot though! I’d like some cherry designs and maybe some butterflies too.

I couldn’t resist. I’ve been waiting for the Lippmann Collection to reach UK shores for what seems like an eternity. The one I really wanted was Happy Birthday but it’s out of stock online and my local House of Fraser didn’t have it either. I kept finding myself gazing lovingly at Across The Universe, a beautiful blue jelly full of different sized green and blue glitters. And then I ended up buying for part of my giveaway prize last week (wish you entered now?)  and it would have been rude not to have got myself one right?

So I bought it to use as a sparkly top coat as I don’t like sheer polishes much (other than a few exceptions like french manicures). So I chose the lovely rich dark blue of China Glaze Little Drummer Boy. And very lovely it looked too:

Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe
Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe

I really liked this but after I removed it I wanted to see how it looked on it’s own, two coats:

Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe
Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe

And I love this even more! I didn’t think I’d love it alone but I do, somehow it just makes the glitter even more pronounced and it’s really gorgeous! Not cheap at £16, I think the Sales Assistant thought she’d scanned it incorrectly, she certainly did a double take, but to me this is so gorgeous it’s worth every penny. I think I’m going to try it over bright white next! The wear is good on this btw, I get about three or four days with a top coat of Seche.

So do you like this? Do you prefer it alone or over the China Glaze? I still want Happy Birthday!!!

This is the second and final part of my China Glaze Anchors Away swatches, these six are collectively known as the Knotty Nauticals and known by me as The Brights! Some beautiful shades here!

First Life Preserver:

China Glaze first life preserver

A warm creamy burnt orange kind of a shade. My surprise second favourite of these 6. It’s very sophisticated and it’s kinda bright, kinda dusty, and a nice alternative to for a example a bright red. Speaking of which….

Hey, Sailor!

 China glaze hey, sailor

You girls know I love my reds! This is the brightest red I have and it’s glorious. Obviously to anyone not into reds it’s just a red creme, but for me this is absolutely stunning! I really need to sort out my red polish…

First Mate:

China glaze first mate

A lovely royal blue creme. I didn’t think I liked blues on me. I also didn’t think I like creme’s all that much but I love this. Its a really clean look. Not too bright, just nice. A slightly muted shade. Highly glossy, very nice indeed.


China Glaze lighthouse
China Glaze lighthouse

Gotta admit I didn’t think I was going to like this at all. I don’t own any yellow polishes, never been drawn to them. This is absolutely full of teeny tiny glitter. Indoors with a flash it looked a bit insipid, the second picture shows the true colour. That was two coats, I should think three would make it really amazing.


China Glaze Starboard

Gloriously green. I’ve recently learned to love these shades of green. It started with Essie’s Pretty Edgy, continued with OPI’s Don’t s With OPI. I love them all but they are all very similar. I ought to do a comparison at some point!


China Glaze Ahoy
China Glaze Ahoy
China Glaze Ahoy
China Glaze Ahoy

Saving my favourite til last, you may have guesssed by the amount of pics I’ve used. It’s a glass flecked hot pink. Words cannot convey just how bright this is. It actually reminds me of Mac’s Gulabi lipstick in that it’s nearly neon in some lights. The glass flecks are incredibly pretty and although it looked pretty in the bottle, I had no idea i was going to love it this much. Hot pinks aren’t very “me” but this one is great!

So that’s it, that concludes the entire China Glaze Anchors Away collection. Any of these take your fancy? Do you prefer the brights or the pales? Both sets have winners for me, quite a few winners as it happens!

I’ve wanted to do this manicure for ages. So long. But I didn’t have the polishes and I refuse to pay the prices over here for China Glaze so I had to wait until I wanted enough from Trans Design to warrant an order (and I can see another order looming on the horizon!).

Here’s a little look at my order:

I know it looks a little bit boring, but you’ll have to wait for another post to see why those CND polishes aren’t at all boring. They are beautiful!

Anyway, here’s Liquid Leather applied alone:

China Glaze Liquid Leather

It’s a beautifully glossy black creme finish. I LOVE black polish and does it for me. There’s a slight sheer patch on my finger, its just sloppy application, not a fault with the polish which I love.

And then there’s Techno. I’ve wanted it so long. Large and small glitter. Holographic glitter. So incredibly pretty.

China Glaze Techno
 I just new it’d be perfect over black. And it is.
China Glaze Liquid Leather Techno
China Glaze Liquid Leather Techno
China Glaze Liquid Leather Techno

I’m so happy with these polishes. I can see me get a huge tonne of wear out of the black and am thinking Techno over a royal blue might be pretty good too.

I still really want Lippmann Happy Birthday tho!

I have been very fortunate in that I was recently sent the full China Glaze Anchors Away collection. It looked like a gorgeous collection and couldn’t wait to start swatching!

There are twelve polishes in the collection which can be can be bought individually or there are two sets of six. I decided to swatch these as though they were the two sets, if that makes sense, and I’m going to start with the pale colours, the Sand & Sea set.
First up, White Cap
China Glaze White Cap
China Glaze White Cap
 A sheer pearly white with fine gold sparkle. Very pretty. Not terribly flattering on my yellow stained nails though! I have found however this is really beautiful over the grey polish (Pelican Grey). It will definitely get used as a layering polish for me. Flawless application.
Pelican Grey:
China Glaze Pelican Grey
China Glaze Pelican Grey
 A pale blue based grey with the finest hint of shimmer so the colour looks soft and pearly. In the second picture the little nail also has a layer of White Cap, not that it’s shown at it’s best in my photo! Love this polish, it’s very pretty and just the right shade for me. A little more grey than my camera would pick up.
Sea Spray:
China Glaze Sea Spray
China Glaze Sea Spray
Icy blue with the same pearly effect as Pelican Grey. This is my second favourite of this set. I know it looks almost identical to the Pelican Grey in my pictures, and actually they are similar but the grey is definitely more grey. It’s quite thick and I think you can see on my middle finger you can see the strokes in the thick varnish. I applied it hastily though and with a little moer care and attention you can get a flawless finish. Gorgeous colour.
Below Deck:
China Glaze Below Deck
China Glaze Below Deck
My surprise favourite of this set, a surprise because normally these grey/purple shades don’t do it for me. But I love this. A creme finish, it looks effortlessly classy. I can see me wearing this a lot.
Sunset Sail:
China Glaze Sunset Sail
China Glaze Sunset Sail
China Glaze Sunset Sail
I know there are three pics, its just that it looks different in every light, the little finger has a layer of Knotty on top. Sunset Sail is a peachy creme with micro sparkle and is the one I was most looking forward to, but actually I don’t love it, it’s pretty but it’s nothing special really.
Lastly for this set is Knotty:
China Glaze Knotty
China Glzze Knotty
 This is described as a shimmering sand. A sparkly glass flecked nudey shade.  This is two coats shown but three would make it opaque I think. It’s not really my kind of shade, but if you enlarge the pics, particularly the first, do my eyes deceive me or is there pink and green shimmer there? Anyway, this does make a nice layering polish and is very pretty over Sunset Sail.
So there we have Part 1? See anything you fancy? My top picks are definitely Below Deck and Sea Spray but I pretty much like all of these! I suppose Knotty is the least special but the sparkles save it from being too dull!

24. 12. 2010

…to show you all what I decided upon for my Christmas Manicure 🙂

 China Glaze Jingle Bells and Ruby Pumps.
Anyway, I’m about to tuck into a plate of party food, before going into the garden with Chloe to sprinkle magic dust so the reindeer know where to land!
Again, have a wonderful Christmas and see you on the other side. xx

It’s been a while! I dragged out the old Konad kit the other day to have a play, had one failure but I really liked this one. I chose the fishnet design from the Konad M57 plate. I didn’t want it to be obvious though so I chose two similar colours, China Glaze Naughty & Nice and the Red Special Polish. I love the effect!

Konad M57
Konad M57
Konad M57

And under a flash?

Konad M57
Konad M57

I love this, I’m going to work on more Konad designs that are subtle like this. It probably means I need more Special Polish colours…oops!

So here are the final five swatches I have for you of the China Glaze Holiday collection. This little batch contains my absolute favourite of the collection and my worst!

Lets start with one I liked. Jolly Holly.

China Glaze Jolly Holly

A lovely glossy rich green with slight shimmer pearly effect. Lovely formula. Very nice and very festive.

Next Midnight Kisses.

China Glaze Midnight Kisses
You may spot that I forgot to do two coats on the middle finger! The middle picture is the most accurate representation of the colour, a pale gold. I’m not overly keen on the metallics from this collection, they apply well and they are pretty but they are a bit wishy washy for my tastes.
Next is one I really don’t like. Mrs Claus.
China Glaze Mrs Claus
I was expecting this to be the same lovely finish as Mistletoe Kisses. It isn’t. It’s a sheer red base with red and silver glitter. It’s gritty and not pretty to my eyes. If you look closely at the tip of the middle nail in the last picture, its not my nail that jagged, its the glitter.
Next up is Little Drummer Boy.
China Glaze Little Drummer Boy
I think I like this…it’s a deep blue with a bright blue flash. It’s fairly thick, I have a couple of bubbles but to be fair I was painting them with Lola asleep on my knee so my application was a bit sloppy. Its also a strange finish, not matte but very glossy either. Any shine you see will be as a result of the Seche Vite top coat. It is a nice colour, I think I need to look at it some more to decide whether I love it or not!
And finally my absolute favourite of the whole collection, Mommy Kissing Santa.
China Glaze Mommy Kissing Santa
China Glaze Mommy Kissing Santa
It is glorious. I knew when I saw the bottle I was going to love it. A beautiful rich, “lit from within”, glossy stunner of a red. It is absolutely glorious. The formula is perfect and I’m completely smitten. I’ve loved the reds in this collection and I didn’t expect to. This is just the creme de la creme. You might not be able to get this polish off me. Ever.
So thats it, the whole collection minus Party Hearty sadly. A mixed bunch but the absolute highlights for me are Frosty, Snow and Mommy Kissing Santa.
*Disclaimer- All of the China Glaze Holiday Polishes are PR samples*

We’re nearly done now! I’ve been busy swatching on my already destroyed fingernails and here are five more for you. There are some corkers here 🙂

First up, Mistletoe Kisses.

China Glaze Mistletoe kisses
China Glaze Mistletoe kisses

It’s glitter, but not as we know it. It’s glittery, ever so slightly gritty but one coat of top coat fixed it and here’s the miracle bit, it comes off really easily. Well by glitter standards anyway! I think its because the glitter particles are so tiny. No picture can convey how sparkley this is. I couldn’t stop looking at my nails. Its a very pretty mid green, not really my colour, but gorgeous anyway. Two coats (as shown) looks ok at a glace but when the flash hits it is clear how sheer it is, didn’t bother me at all, no one will be looking closely under a flash.

Next Ruby Deer.
China Glaze Ruby Deer

The other red cream of the collection along with Phat Santa. Ruby Deer is lighter and brighter and equally gorgeous. One coat shown in the pictures. Its beautifully glossy and opaque. Definitely this collection has ignited my passion for reds!

Next up is Snow.

China Glaze Snow
China Glaze Snow

A white creme finish. There’s not much to say about this really. I think white’s are a love them or hate them thing. I love them. This one is fantastic. Pretty much the best creme white I’ve ever used. It’s not thick and gloopy. It’s not streaky or patchy, it’s just perfect. I really like it.

Last but very definitely not last is Naughty And Nice.

China Glaze Naughty and nice
China Glaze Naughty and nice

Sorry for the shoddy application. This is beautiful and one of my favourites. These pictures were taken with a flash and shows up my patchy application but trust me, I’m looking at my nails now in daylight and they look perfect. At a glance they are black, but obviously on these flash pics you can see that they are a blackened berry shade. A sort of Rouge Noir shade. I love it.