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14. 10. 2015

I have so much make up, its partly passion and its partly just down to being a blogger, but one thing is for sure, as I try new things so often and find new favourites, old favourites get left behind, tucked away in my make up drawers. Today I decided to trawl through my collection and dig out a few old favourites for today’s look, which I wanted to be light and natural and quick (school runs really eat into my beautifying routine!).

Here’s what I dug out.

shop my stashStarting with the No7 Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation.

no7 Stay perfectI did review this on my old blog but sadly the post has been lost somewhere along the way but I love this foundation. It’s been replaced by other foundations I like slightly more, but this is still a great foundation. It’s watery and thin to apply, it looks like it offers no coverage whatsoever, but when you apply it the finished effect is great. Coverage is as heavy as you want it, you can have it sheer, or build it up more for a heavier finish, I like it somewhere in the middle but love that it magically allows my skin to show through but still evens my skin tone and overs coverage for small blemishes (not that I’d ever skip concealer), but this is great stuff. It’s £14.50 and I would definitely recommend.

Next I dragged out the Clinique Almost Lipstick in Lovely Honey.

Clinique Almost LipstickYou can see my original post on these beautiful lipsticks here. These are beautiful sheer lipsticks that offer a sheer tint of colour and a beautiful moisturising  balm like texture. The depth of colour depends on the shade worn and the colour of your lips, and I love how they moisturise without feeling greasy, I can’t bear a greasy feeling lipstick. Lovely Honey is a really natural pink shade on me. Beautiful. It looks like Black Honey is the only shade still available which is real shame but it is also lovely. They are £18 each.

Next is Bourjois Volume One Seconde Mascara.

Bourjois One SecondeMy original post on this mascara is here, and you’ll see that I absolutely loved it but even then I was aware that things change! I do have a new favourite but I decided to drag this out of its home this morning and try it out and of course I remember why I loved it so much. Its a great, black mascara at a reasonable price and it makes my lashes look great. It’s £9.99.

Finally, I dug out the Clarins Multi-Blush Cream Blush in Candy.

clarins multi-blushThe Clarins Multi-blush Cream Blushers are really magic. When you rub a finger into the pan, it feels like powder almost, and as though you are not picking up any product, but of course you are, and the same goes for application, it feels like applying nothing, you can blend them in with the lightest of touches for a lovely flush of colour. Candy is a lovely pink shade. They are £18.50 and lovely for days where you don’t wear finishing powder, although I must add they work very well on top of powder too.

Here’s how I look today, nothing exciting, but it has been lovely to dig out some old favourites! I must try to do it more often!

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There’s a new weapon in the war on spots. Meet Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel (£14 for 15ml)

Clinique Clinical Clearing Gel

Be warned, this is a very small bottle. But it’s potent and you need very little.

Okay so this is a topical gel that is gentle enough for all skin types but delivers several results those being:

Now you can use it two ways, either a very thin layer all over the face or as a spot treatment. With my skin issues I’ve not really had a big play with this as it’s intended as you shouldn’t use it in conjunction with any other acne treatments and I am on prescription cream at the moment.

I had a spot crop up on my chest though (nice huh, thankfully rare) so I gave this a quick go. I found that within 24 hours the redness and and size has greatly reduced, and by day three it was still slightly visible but completely flat, just a bit of redness left.

Pretty fast acting if you ask me.

Definitely a product worth having around if you’re prone to the odd spot, or even if you get more. Although I’ve not really put this through it’s paces, I absolutely love Clinique’s Anti Blemish foundation and think spots is an area they do well in!

Available from Clinique Counters nationwide or online at  www.clinique.co.uk/

*Disclosure – Product Received Free of Charge for Review Purposes*

Gosh this weather huh? Well I’m in Devon as you probably already know, and we’ve been taking a beating weather wise, for what seems like an eternity… and with this oppressive onslaught of miserable weather can come lethargy and general lowering of moods… but I’ve got just the thing to shock you out of your wintery, rain-y slump.

Step forward Calyx from Clinique.

Clinique Calyx

Okay, so while the fragrance is new to Clinique, you may have heard the name before. That’s because it was actually released in 1986, when fragrances such as Opium were all the rage, and Calyx was intended to be a fruity floral breath of fresh air.

A Calyx is the protective covering of a flower bud, it’s green, protects a beautifully scented flower that will ultimately become a fruit. And so the name is perfect for this fragrance.

I don’t know what happened with the company that originally produced this fragrance but at some point the company and the fragrance disappeared until Clinique decided it was high time to bring this classic back!

Top notes are grapefruit, mango, passion fruit, papaya, mandarin, guava and green leaf, Middle notes are freesia, muguet, rose, neroli, jasmine and marigold and the Bottom notes are oakmoss, orris, sandalwood and vetiver.

There’s no escaping the fact that if you don’t like grapefruit then this isn’t for you, it’s extremely grapefuit-y. For me this is a good thing. It wakes the senses and energises, it’s perfect for spraying on first thing in the morning and in the Summer it’s going to be so refreshing, but it’s also perfect for now. While it’s so miserable outside, this brings a bit of Summer freshness to my life. It takes a while to settle down, but when I have a sniff of my skin after half an hour or so, it’s mellowed out and and along with the grapefruit I can detect a hint of greenery and a touch of white flowers. It’s really lovely.

I didn’t know what to expect from this at first, I thought it might be too much, but it’s just what I needed in these dark months and will be a blessing in the Summer!

Available exclusively from Debenhams from the 6th to the 27th of this month, it will be available nationwide  and online at www.clinique.co.uk from the 28th February.

50ml is £46 and 100ml is £66

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Clinique have everything you need to get Summer ready and today I’m going to run through few of them!

Clinique Summer


  1. The Editors Pouch by Ela. Actually not from Clinique but a jolly lovely thing anyway. Silver, studs formed in the leather. Perfect for holding either your ipad or just your “stuff”. I wish I could give you some more info about this as it’s amazing, but alas, I can’t find a UK stockist!
  2. Self Sun Body Tinted Lotion. Available in Light – Medium £18 for 150ml. My dream come true product. I suck at fake tans, even though that profess to be streak free streak on me, but this one, well it’s really pale, but not too pale (for me). I usually use gradual tans, just to take the edge off my whiteness, and this is a step up from that, but it’s foolproof. I am sold! Fantastic stuff.
  3. Long Last Lipstick in Runway Coral (£16). A vivid coral shade lipstick. The colour is incredible and the wear time is amazing. A must have colour for the Summer months.
    Clinique Long last Lipstick in Runway Coral
  4. A Different Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skins in Strappy Sandals.  Matches the clutch perfectly. Silver. Really silver. Wears well, looks great, but be warned, these types of metallic colours show up every flaw in your nails!
    Clinique strappy sandals
  5. City Block Sheer SPF25 (£16.50). Oh this is a dream product. I struggle with sun protection on my face. Uh-mazing. Although this calls itself tinted, it’s not really, it comes out of the tube a pale tint shade but disappears on the skin. Foundation applies flawlessly on top of it. Hooray. Get it, it’s a great price too for such a fab product.
    clinique city block sheer
  6. After Sun Rescue Balm with Aloe (£24). Not tried this one yet but this after-sun balm is sure to help if you’ve over indulged, sun wise!
  7. Sparkle Skin Exfoliating Cream (£20 for 250ml) What an amazing exfoliator! I love scrubs. I love really scrubby scrubs. This one is really scrubby (but not scratchy) and minty fresh, leaves my skin smooth, shiny and feeling ultra clean. My keratosis pilaris on my upper arms is all but gone after one use of this.
  8. Last but not least, quite possibly the best bronzer ever. The Fresh Bloom All Over Colour in Almond and Blossom Blend. A beautifully simple case, with a pretty flower embossed powder, in just about the most perfect colour ever. The powder is so soft and pigmented, you need very little on your brush to get a great effect, but the colour is incredibly natural. It’s brown with a hint of pinky red, much like my natural colours when I catch the sun. When I naturally catch the sun, there’s no orange, there’s no gold, it’s like this. Perfect. £16.
    Fresh Bloom All Over Colour
If you’re interested, here’s me wearing the Fresh Bloom All Over Colour (on my cheeks) and the Runway Coral lipstick.
All of the above are available from your local Clinique counters or from www.clinique.co.uk and there’s not one dud here, all of the above are great!

*Disclosure – All items received free of charge for review purposes*

A couple of weeks ago I sobbed a little bit when I squeezed out the very last drop of my beloved Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturiser. I cannot rate that base highly enough actually when I look back on my review (nearly two years ago) I absolutely didn’t do it enough justice. Over the last year I’ve grown to LOVE the stuff and so it was that I came to be sobbing as I used my last drop. Okay I wasn’t actually really sobbing but you get my drift!

Clinique CC CreamI didn’t have to wait too long for a replacement which arrived in the form of the very brand new Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF 30.

I’m on record as saying I’m over BB creams and I kind of am, in the sense that I’m over hearing about them (I regularly use two) and I have to confess that when I heard CC Creams were on the way I did a little eye roll. I must stress I’m speaking generally and not about Clinique here. I’m not sure why I feel like this, certainly I’m a base fiend and I can’t get enough, it all seems a bit gimmicky maybe?

Anyway, enough of that, Clinique’s CC Cream offering is a Hydrating Colour Corrector (hence the CC) with a worthy SPF of 30.

The aim of the product is to create a natural glowing skin whilst hydrating and protecting. It utilizes colour correcting optics to correct a range of complexion issues, so dull, ashy skin should appear brighter, sallow, yellow skin turns into a peachy glow and blotch redness is neutralised and so on.

In terms of coverage, its tricky to describe! It’s light coverage for sure, but overall the impression is one of a heavier foundation, not because you can see it on the skin, it’s not obviously there, but I assume because of the colour correction it provides such a good even finish, one I certainly don’t expect from such a light product.

Take a look. It comes in six shades and I’m wearing the palest, Very Light. It matches my skin very well indeed.

Clinique CC Cream

Clinique CC Cream

So there it is, all my freckles can be seen, and my skin tone is even, it almost looks like I’m wearing nothing. I really love this.

I do have one negative point, it’s just that this really needs to be applied to moisturised skin, and recently and well moisturised skin at that, otherwise it doesn’t seem to blend all that well (on me at least). That’s not a big issue for me though since I’m applying immediately after moisturising. It does make me wonder how it would perform on very dry skin though.

Once it place it seems to stay put all day. Great stuff.

£28 for 40ml and available now from Clinique.co.uk or counters nationwide.

Oh and if you’re wondering, much as I love this, I still prefer the finish of the Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturiser, but I need much more concealer with that!

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

Clinique Chubby Sticks for Eyes

I’m a big fan of  all the Clinique Chubby Stick lip products so couldn’t wait to try out the brand new Chubby Sticks for eyes!

There are twelve incredible looking colours in the range and essentially these are a sort of cream eyeshadow in pencil form which I find dries down a little to a powder- ish finish.

On me I don’t need a primer, but if you have particularly oily eyelids I would recommend you do use a primer.

The colours I have have, Whopping Willow and Lots’o Latte are both lovely. I wasn’t thinking I’d like Whopping Willow, a green based shade but I absolutely love it!

Lots o’ Latte is the top Swatch and Whopping Willow, the bottom.

Clinique Chubby Sticks for Eyes

In terms of application, although the pencil format is very convenient and quick. I struggle a little with my eye shape to fit the large rounded tip and get any kind of precision. I tend to swipe it on and then try to gently blend with my finger so the edges are where I want them to be. But other than that, it’s a breeze and they are quite buildable from a nice sheer wash to a good deep colour as shown in the hand swatches.

Anyway, here’s how Whopping Willow looks on me!

Clinique Chubby Sticks for Eyes


Clinique Chubby Sticks for Eyes

I just love the colour so much and the formula suits me very well so generally speaking its a huge thumbs up, I’d personally just like the tip to be a little pointier for ease of application on my eyes. The end of them is wider than my mobile lid, meaning I cover more than I’d like to when I apply. But they are very easy to blend so it’s not that much of a problem really.

Clinique Chubby Sticks for Eyes

The Chubby Sticks for Eyes are £16 each and as I say, come in twelve shades… I’m eyeing up Massive Midnight which looks gorgeous!

Available now from Clinique Counters nationwide and of course www.Clinique.co.uk

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

My Review of the original Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus is, and always has been, one of my most read posts on the blog. The Serum was really very impressive indeed and I got fantastic results from it so I’m very excited about the newest Clinique launch.

Did you know a woman smiles at least 75 times a day? Apparently that’s a fact although for this harrassed Mum of two it really doesn’t feel like it 😉

Anyway, Introducing Repairwear Laser Focus Eye Cream.

Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Eye Cream

Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Eye Cream

The cream claims to repaire UV damage and protect against environmental aggressors,  as well as visibly improving the appearance of lines and wrinkles and overall texture, including crepey eyelids, under eye cross hatching and crows feet and it claims to strengthen the moisture barrier.

The active ingredients are the same as those in the serum so I have high hopes for this one.

It’s available now, from Clinique counters nationwide and of course www.clinique.co.uk and I expect this will be very popular indeed.

*Disclosure – PR sample*

Clinique Kiss is Better 2013

For the 6th Year running Clinique is partnering with the Great Ormond Street Hospital for the Kiss It Better Appeal.

Throughout February the Kiss it Better appeal raises money in various ways to fund research into the causes and treatments of childhood cancer. Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children first opened it’s doors on Valentine’s Day 1852 and to help celebrate the hospital’s birthday and raise funds for the Kiss it Better Appeal once again Clinique have created a really lovely gift.

The set is six of the best selling shades of Superbalm Moisturising Glosses. Currant, Raspberry, Lilac, Grapefruit, Apricot and Rootbeer. It retails for £24 with 590% being donated to the Kiss it Better Appeal.

If the set isn’t your cup of tea, if you purchase any lipgloss or lipstick from House of Fraser, £2 will be donated to the appeal (£1 by Clinique and £1 by House of Fraser).

Finally, if you don’t need any more lip products in your life you can text KISS12 followed by a donation amount (e.g KISS12 £3) to 70070. The message is free, except for the donation and your donation will go straight to the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

The Kiss it From Clinique lip gloss set is exclusively available from House of Fraser stores or the Clinique online store.

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

My skin is in dire need of a moisture boost right now so in theory this brand new mask should be just what the doctor ordered, but while my skin is so unhappy with it’s acne, I can’t bring myself to try this out just now so this isn’t a review alas. Although as I’m typing I’m thinking to myself, my nose is very dry and I never get spots on my nose, maybe I can just use it on my nose!

Anyway, with the onset of winter and the increase in central heating everywhere, many of us can be a bit prone to dryness and the Moisture Surge Overnight Mask is just what you need and I’ve got to say really appeals to the lazy girl in me.

You simply put this on before bed, get slumbering and in the morning…nothing! No you don’t need to wash it off because it will have been absorbed throughout the night to leave you moisturised, smooth and supple! But of course, you will wash your face any way right?!

I personally think this sounds wonderful and I’m just disappointed that I can’t really try it out at the moment…I’m saving it though for if and when my skin ever recovers!

Available now, a 100ml tube will set you back £28.

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

Due to a variety of things (weather, surgery, not drinking enough water for a start) my lips are in an awful condition. I mean diabolical. I’ve been gently scrubbing, moisturising, leaving well alone, trying every product I have at my disposal, but yet they still fail to improve…as such I’m bringing you this post rather late to the party, and also without lip swatches…but you know there comes a point in time where you just have to get on with it and blog regardless!

So then, Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balms are not unlike the original and much loved Chubby Sticks which I have blogged about extensively. The main difference is depth of colour, hence the inclusion of “Intense” in the name. Whereas the original Chubby Stick range offers a sheer, and soft, but still obvious colour on the lips, the Chubby Stick Intense  range offer essentially a more lipstick-like look while still infused with shea butter, mango seed butter and jojoba seed oil for the moisturising balm effect.

There are eight shades in the range and I have two. Plushest Punch and Chunkiest Chilli.

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense

I’ve already mentioned I don’t have lip swatches of these for you, but wrist swatches I can do. Chunkiest Chilli on the left and Plushest Punch on the right.

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense

I think you can see how rich the colour is, and it’s worth mentioning that I find these to be buildable on the lips so you can sheer them out or build them up with great ease and of course the formula is tried and tested and still and beautiful as ever.

Now I must just address one thing that you may think needs explaining, and that is if they are so moisturising, why aren’t I showing lip swatches and why aren’t they fixing my dry lips? All I can say on this is that as previously mentioned, nothing is fixing my lips at the moment, not even my most intensive lip treatments, so I can’t blame Chubby Sticks for not working on me at the moment! I’m drinking more water at the moment and hoping that things improve soon! Prior to the extreme dry lips I’m currently suffering from I found these to be comfortable and light on the lips but also moisturising, much like the original chubby sticks.

If you loved the original Chubby Sticks, you WILL love these.

Also, must share this pic of the very very cute macaroons/macarons I received as they were so sweet and so yummy!

Chubby Stick Intense Moisturising Lip Colour Balms are £16.00 each.

*Dislcosure – PR Samples*