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Gosh, I don’t know where this year has gone but here we are writing/reading what will be my last post before Christmas. And so it is that I’m reviewing a couple of products from bareMinerals. The Original SPF15 Foundation in Fair and Well-Rested Eye Brightener SPF20. I really apologise for the next two photographs. Call it retro, they are in the style of a beauty blog 2009. No props, just on my table!

bareminerals fair barenminerals fairI’m no stranger to BareMinerals foundation actually, I tried the Get Started in Light back in 2011 (post here!) and it wasn’t a great success on account of the orangeness. I remember the shades just weren’t right for me at all, in particular the concealer which was really dark and orange on me. So I gave up. I don’t know if Fair is a new shade in recent years, or if has always been there, but I had a craving to try a mineral foundation again and discovered  the shade Fair.

As well as the Foundation I also picked up the Well-Rested Eye Brightener SPF20, which is a mineral powder to be swept on around the eyes to help hide dark circles and minimise the look of tiredness. I picked it up to act as a general concealer, both around my eyes and on blemishes. It is a great deal lighter than the generic concealer, Bisque so I hope it might work for me.

Swatches, Fair Original Foundation on the Left and Well-Rested on the right, if you look closely!bareminerals fairTo apply, I start with the Well-Rested. I dust this around my eyes with a fluffy brush, otherwise it sits in all my fine lines, and then I cover redness and blemishes using the Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush which I already owned. As soon as I started using this I remembered how much I love mineral concealers. Redness vanishes and it really packs onto blemishes and it never ever seems to budge. I tend to get those hard shiny spots without a head that can be so hard to conceal, this stuff is like magic and I’m annoyed I didn’t try it sooner!

Then onto the Foundation. Again I use a bareminerals brush, namely the Full Flawless Application Brush. The jars are sifter jars so you tip a little into the lid, swirl your brush around, tap off the excess then buff into your skin. A little goes along way. Coverage is extremely good, but stays looking extremely natural. Things to note are a) the longer you wear this, the more natural it looks b) carry a brush around with you, all you need to do is buff again and flawless finish is restored. When I’ve finished applying my foundation, if I can spot any other marks or blemishes I go over with the concealer brush and the foundation, dabbing on only the tiniest amount. I finish with a gentle swirl with a very soft kabuki. It’s just brilliant.

The colour match for me, Fair, is perfect, it’s so perfect that I look spectacularly pale (I am very pale!) but uniformly so, so there’s no skimping on the bronzer and blusher. I need to add a touch of colour back to my face, but in a good way rather than redness!

After immediate application, it can look a touch powdery, nothing I find unappealing, but as I mentioned, over time it settles and become more and more natural. It’s just brilliant.

Honestly I’m completely sold and I can see why the brand is so huge. More things to note:

Immediately after application.

bareminrals fair bareminerals fairI’ve just invested in the Mineral Veil too and will review that in due course. I bought all my bits from Look Fantastic, the Foundation was £26.50 but I bought it during one of their huge discount events, and the Well-Rested eye Brightener was £19.00 but again I bought it with a large discount.

And all that remains is to wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope to see you again when it’s all over! Thank you for reading in 2016!

*Products featured in this review purchase by me with my own money

Today I’m delighted to be reviewing the Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluids.urban decay color correcting fluid If you’re into beauty and beauty products, you can’t fail to have to have noticed coloured concealers/correctors are must have products right now. With shades to tackle most issues, colour correctors are a great way to help achieve a flawless look.

Based on the colour wheel, correctors work to diminish problem areas using colour. So green couteracts redness, yellows and oranges add warmth and hide dark circles, lilacs counteract sallowess and reds and pinks work to hide blue tones, such as bruises or veins.

Urban Decay have launched five shades of their Color Correcting Fluids, Green, Lavender, Peach, Pink and Yellow. I have Peach and Lavender.

urban decay color correcting fluid urban decay color correcting fluid If you’re struggling to remember which shade does what, fear not, the boxes give a good overview of how to use each shade.

In swatches, these are slightly alarming, but don’t forget, these are well blended and worn underneath your foundation.

urban decay color correcting fluid urban decay color correcting fluidThese are a dream to apply, they come in a tube with a doe foot applicator, just dab on where needed and blend. I find they blend flawlessly into my skin and make up, regardless of what else I’m wearing. These are so light too, I’ve been looking carefully to see whether I get creasing under the eyes, but nope, nothing.

I’ve been using both shades regularly, but of the two Lavender is the clear winner for my skin, while it does neutralise yellow tones, it also doubles up as a highlighter on me, worn under foundation it adds a subtle brightness wherever it’s applied.

Peach is less useful for me as it’s really a bit better for darker skin tones than mine, but even so it still covers my dark circles, without making my eye area look orange. That’s magic!! I think Pink would be a bit better for my fair skin though.

I’m hoping to grab the green one in town tomorrow. I’m no stranger to green concealers, they work brilliantly for me, I have a lot redness to counteract, but the formula of these has totally sold me.

Whatever your concern and whatever your skin type, I’m pretty sure you’ll find one of these to suit you.

£17.50 for 6.2g and available from Urban Decay Counters and the Urban Decay Website.

*Items received free of charge for review purposes.

I used to swear by Estee Lauder Double Wear concealer in the tube and it was all I would use. It covered my blemishes with ease and stayed put all day long. Somewhere along the line I stopped buying it, I think when I ran out, I was a bit strapped for cash and bought something cheaper, but I also had a High Cover Concealer (also Estee Lauder) concealer so I have been using both a cheaper concealer and the High Cover Concealer, but I recently got alarming close to running out. I remembered how much I used to love my tube of Double Wear Concealer and opted to purchase it again. The full product name is Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer SPF 10.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Flawless Wear Concealer

First of all, at £22, this is definitely an investment. Whether you’re willing to pay that much is going to depend very much on how much you value your concealer. For me, with my spots and redness, I just have to have a high coverage, portable, quality concealer.

It’s had a repackage since my last purchase, the tube used to be square, and is now round, and I’m not sure if the formula has changed. I don’t think it has, I think it’s not quite as I remember it. The applicator is the original doe foot style though.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Flawless Wear Concealer It is more liquid, than I remember it seems to have a little more slip. I was a bit concerned that it might not work for me.Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Flawless Wear Concealer

What I loved about the old product was it wasn’t really thick, but it was thick enough to cover spots with ease, while blending really well.  I get quite a lot of cystic spots, the shiny ones with no head and covering them is a nightmare, I wasn’t sure this was going to work.

It’s available in 9 shades and I have Light which is perfect for me. Turns out it’s even better than I remember. I don’t usually wear concealer under my eyes, unless its a dash of Touche Eclat, I find they all settle in my fine lines, and look horrible, so I just skip it.

This stuff blends beautifully under eyes, it’s really impressive and the liquid formula means that it feels really light too. Couple of dabs with the applicator, and a quick pat and I’m done. It doesn’t settle in my lines AT all and it brightens my whole face. Very good!

As for spots, its brilliant! I just dab it on, then blend out with my finger in a light patting motion. I need to use very little, it doesn’t oxidise and I find I only need to touch up on the very worst spots, otherwise, it’s still there when I cleanse at the end of the day.  I also don’t find that it sticks in any dry patches, which is another problem I have with creamier formulas.

This is an ideal formula for my ageing, spot prone skin, with more than a hint of dryness. Highly recommend the investment. I apply it in the morning and then just carry it round all day, not that i really need to use it again, its just a safety net!

Available from Estee Lauder online, but I bought mine from Debenhams in store.

I first blogged about the Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder in Porcelain Pearl back in 2013. I’m on my second one right now so I wanted to revisit it.

Bobbi Brown brightening finishing powder

As you can see below, my second one is well loved too and it probably won’t be too long before I need to replace again!

Bobbi Brown brightening finishing powder So what you have is a palette of face powder in a variety of colour correcting shades. The palette is so incredibly versatile and that’s why its become one of my most favourite products. Primarily this is a finishing powder, blend over your face, just like your average powder, with a big fluffy brush preferably. Used in this way it seems to add a touch of radiance and a soft focus effect. It’s fantastic.

The main way I like to use it though is as a highlighter. It’s not shimmer (only the white shade has a small amount of pearl effect), but because it brightens so beautifully, it almost has extra impact if you use it on your cheekbones, forehead, chin, on top of your usual powder. I use it this way very often. It adds an incredibly natural glow to the skin, exactly where you want the light to catch you.

The final way I use this palette is as individual colour correctors. As you can see the green has a big old dent in it as I use it on  blemishes A LOT. It wasn’t until reasonably recently I started using it in this way, using a small but very fluffy brush to pick out a shade and apply where necessary, personally I use these under my normal powder and you must take care to blend them but they work amazingly well. I use the green on any spots and redness, the purple goes on any yellow or sallow areas, the pink brightens around the eyes while the yellow is great for hiding purple or blue veins or under eye circles. The white highlights like a dream. The blue I don’t tend to use on its own but if your fake tan has gone a bit streaky, apply some blue, since blue counteracts orange nicely.

The palette is a whopping £42 so I don’t use it as an everyday all over powder (but definitely use it for this for special occasions!), but I use it for brightening and correcting every single day. 100% recommend, its an absolutely beautiful product!

I purchased this palette myself from Bobbi Brown but my original product was a sample for review purposes and as such is disclosed on that post.

Bonus picture as my Thor came to investigate what I was up to.

Bobbi Brown brightening finishing powder

Phew, here I am! Gosh, I know its the same for everyone at the moment, but life is a bit hectic, what with illness, parents meetings, visitors, christmas shopping and so on.

But I’m managing to squeeze in a blog post. Here’s my Mac Pro Longwear SPF10 Foundation & Pro Longwear Concealer Review. I’m sorry things are a bit Mac-centric at the moment, after a long absence from the brand I’m really having a great time discovering some of their newer products.

I absolutely love Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation and you can see my review here but I like to have more than one foundation in rotation, so I can match according to my skin on the day.

So I found myself at the Mac store, having a consultation to find my colour and perfect finish. I walked away the Pro Longwear Foundation and as the concealer was out of stock in store, I ordered the matching Pro Longwear Concealer online when I got home.

Mac Pro Longwear

I was matched as shade NW15 and the first thing I noticed was that the concealer is quite considerably paler than the foundation. (Concealer on the left)

Mac Pro LongwearMac Pro LongwearNow this is perfect for me for reasons that I’ll go into in a moment, but it’s definitely something to be aware of when purchasing. I love my concealers to be paler than my foundation for two main reasons. The first is that when applying to under eyes, or indeed any shady areas of the face, it doubles up as a highlighting product (no shimmer naturally), and secondly, when I’m spotty I tend to layer on my products, often in multiple layers, and things can end up orangey, even if the products I use are the right colour to start with. When layered, it can all end up a bit orange. Using a fair concealer tends to minimise this, and when using it alone on small blemishes, a sweep of Mineralise Skinfinish Natural tends to bring any lighter spots (and once blended its not terribly noticeable anyway) into line.

The foundation promises to deliver up to 15 hours of wear and I’ve been amazed by how well it stays in place, all day. I don’t think I’ve ever had a foundation that looks as perfect at tea time as it did when I applied it at 7.00am. Some don’t even make it  to lunchtime. I’d go so far as to say there have been days I’ve removed this at bedtime and its still looked perfect. The only times I’ve found this varied is when I’ve had a day of touching my face a lot! It also applies like a dream. I can’t say whether it does that thing on my dry nose because since I’ve been using the Mac Primer (review here), that problem is history.

It blends perfectly, no streaks, no dry patches and the concealer blends perfectly into the foundation. In fact I’ve had something of a revelation when it comes to concealer application, thanks to the lovely girl in the Mac Store. I’ve always applied concealer using a traditional concealer brush, like a small paint brush, I just paint on the blemish and then sort of press it in with my fingers to blend. However, the girl in Mac used a fluffy brush, like a fluffy eyeshadow brush. So I’ve been applying with an old fluffy blending brush and its a revelation!!! Works a treat on under eye areas, as well as allowing you to build up on blemishes, which blending it perfectly into your base. Its magic! Oh and the other thing… it doesn’t settle in fine lines at all.

There is however something I don’t like about the Pro Longwear Concealer. It’s incredibly pigmented (a good thing!) and  the tiniest amount covers everything with ease. I’m talking about maybe two pin heads worth to do every bit of my face I want to conceal, but its a pump bottle and pumps out far too much product. There is a lot of wastage. Other than that this has replaced my trusty Cover Fx concealer as my go to. Its a dream, and the combination of both products is amazing.

Coverage wise its sheer to medium, definitely buildable and using the concealer too offers a very high level of coverage on bad skin days or very dark circles.

Here’s me today in a couple of different lights.

Mac Pro LongwearMac Pro Longwear

Would absolutely recommend both of these to anyone. Amazing!! Pro Longwear SPF10 Foundation is £25.50 and comes in a pump bottle, while the Pro Longwear Concealer is £17.50. I bought mine from the Mac Shop in Exeter, and online.

07. 07. 2015

Absolutely loving the concept of Bagsy, small but perfectly formed handbag sized beauty products. I don’t know what it is about the concept but something just feels fresh and appealing about the range. It is in part thanks to the packaging which I love. The exterior packaging is gorgeous, featuring whimsical patterns and gorgeous shades, while the interior packaging is is clean, simple and appealing.

BagsyBagsyWhile the range is really appealing the products I received are a bit of a mixed bag(sy). (Sorry).

Lets start off with the Bagsy Ray of Sunshine Perfect Glow Bronzing Powder in Medium/Dark £12.00*

Bagsy Ray of Sunshine Seriously, how gorgeous is this product? This shimmer free bronzer comes in a mirrored compact with a little pouch to keep it safe in your handbag. The shade, Medium/Dark is a little too dark for me, but I do love a matte bronzer, I’m not really sure shimmery bronzers are much use except for maybe nights out and this has a gorgeous soft blendable texture, it’s also available in Light/Medium. I would recommend this, even though the shade wasn’t quite right for me. See swatch at the end of the post.

Next up, the Bagsy Wonder Wand, Concealing & Illuminating Duo £18*

Bagsy Wonder Wand Bagsy Wonder WandI love this product in principle, its a great item for your handbag, offering a concealer and a highlighter in one. Unfortunately, the execution of this one isn’t great. The highlighter is fabulous, its blends beautifully to offer a gorgeous glowy highlight, but the concealer lets it down. The Wonder Wand is only available in the colour way shown, and the concealer is dark, you’ll see from the swatches at the end that actually the concealer is darker than the bronzer, which considering the bronzer I have is medium/dark is especially surprising. It’s not like you can even just use the highlighter, and nor should you at £18, the product just wouldn’t work if you only used one half of it. It’s so dark  I don’t even have any friends or family I can pass this over too. Shame really, they need to either make this product lighter, or add different colour ways. See swatches at the end of the post.

Finally,  Bagsy Wow Lips Full Colour Chubby Stick in Killer Heels, £12*bagsy Wow Lipsbagsy Wow LipsHands down my favourite product. Available in four shades these are gorgeous. Creamy, opaque, easy to apply and best of all this shade, Killer Heels is glorious.

Swatches Left to Right, Wow Lips Chubby Stick in Killer Heels, Ray of Sunshine Bronzing Powder in Medium/Dark, Wonder Wand Highlighter and Concealer.
Bagsy SwatchesSee what I mean about that Concealer? Its so so dark. But that highlighter is beautiful!

Other products in the range include Matte Lip Colours (yes please!), Pretty Cheeks Velvet Blush (oh yes please!) as well as hand creams, make up bags and more. Honestly its a great range, very appealing, well to me at least.

Exclusively available at Feel Unique, you can find the whole range here.

*Products received free of charge for review purposes.

I love Makeup Revolution!  Amazing quality products at amazing prices, in, for the most part, stylish packaging You can read my previous blog posts, its a fact I’m a huge fan. And I’ve got more rave reviews coming up too.

So having been so impressed with the products I decided to give the face products a try recently. Lets just preface this with the fact that I’ve not used a cheap foundation for YEARS, by which I mean anything less than say, £20. I’ve always believed that foundation especially, is the one product you shouldn’t skimp on. However, with the quality of Makeup Revolution products being so high and the prices being so low I decided to give a couple of products a go.  I opted for the Focus & Fix Liquid Concealer  as well as The One Foundation.

Makeup Revolution The One FoundationI’ll talk about the foundation first, I’d heard that this was a dupe for Mac’s Face & Body Foundation and at £4 I thought it was well worth a go.

In terms of shades, there’s a really great selection to choose from, 15 shades in fact. With not having a store that stocks the brand locally I had to purchase online and it wasn’t the easiest to find the right shade, but I googled some swatches and opted for Shade 5, which in terms of numbers I thought would have been too dark, turned out, that shade wise it was a great match for my skin.

Makeup Revolution The One FoundationFormula wise, it’s extremely liquid and promises to adapt to your skin tone, be buildable and offer full, matte coverage.

I found that once on my face it adapted to my skin tone perfectly, or rather it was a perfect match on application, when swatched on my cheek, I could barely see it. Unfortunately, that’s where my praise ends. I’ve worked hard on getting my skin back to good skin recently, and no longer have obvious dry patches that my usual foundations clog in… until I put this on and my skin looked terrible. So so dry looking and patchy, I also found that it slid off quite quickly and sat in my pores making them look much more obvious. I couldn’t make it work for me at all, not even with primer sadly, such a shame. I really feel this foundation would only be suited to someone who had exceptionally flawless skin.

Moving onto the Focus & Fix Concealer.

Makeup Revolution Focus and Fix Concealer Makeup Revolution Focus and Fix ConcealerOut of the six shades available I opted for the second shade, Fair. This concealer promises to hide and conceal, both dark circles and blemishes and offer high coverage that blends easily.  Starting off with the shade, it looked perfect in the tube, but on application was extremely yellow. With my cool, pink toned skin this wasn’t great and as soon as I tried it I knew it wasn’t a great match for me but I persevered. The consistency is weird if I’m honest. It’s incredibly slippery, feels like its full of silicones (I have no idea if it is). It’s not a consistency that I want in my concealer, it doesn’t feel good on my skin at all, and as a consequence of the strange texture it slips and slides as you apply, and is far too sheer to be of any use to all but the lightest of dark circles, its absolutely useless on blemishes.

So sadly, neither of these products were for me. Its not put me off the brand, Makeup Revolution are still my greatest discovery, I just know that in future, I’ll stick with my own rules about not skimping on foundations. Thankfully, when products are so cheap, its not too disappointing when they don’t work out so well, I don’t feel too bad that I spent £6 on these products and they’ve not worked out for me.

I’ve got several more positive reviews to put up about Makeup Revolution products so, really these are, for my skin, the exception to rule when it comes to the brands exceptional performance.

Be sure to check out the website, everything I’ve tried so far has been amazing, except for these two, so I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a little shopping spree!

Makeup Revolution




I’ve been looking forward to Too Faced’s Spring collection for so long, it’s only a small collection, consisting of a face palette, an eyeshadow palette and a blusher, and I’d rather have liked them all…. alas I could only afford one thing and I knew it exactly what that would be months ago when I heard about this collection!

Well after my absolute adoration of the Too Faced Natural Radiance Face Palette, my pick from the Spring Boudoir collection just had to be the No Makeup Makeup Face Palette.
Too Faced No Makeup Makeup Face Palette
Too Faced No Makeup Makeup Face PaletteThere have been a few changes, in the format, but mostly it is the same as the Natural Radiance Palette. The first change, for the better, is that this palette comes in a tin. Much more hard wearing. Fab. The main difference between this and the Natural Radiance palette are the blushers, which are pink, very pink, much more so than my photographs here show, the light was quite bad on the day I took the photos. The Bronzing Veil, Concealer, Luminizer and Brightener are all at first glance the same but I can’t help but think they’ve been reformulated somehow. The Bronzing Veil is pale and golden but seems much more pigmented. And the texture of the other three seems different…but not in a bad way. They are fab.

I’ve done some hand swatches which show the  textures and the shades of pink much better than in the pans. They are shown here in the same order as they appear in the tin.

Too Faced No Makeup Makeup Face Palette

Like the Natural Radiance Palette this comes with guides for the different looks you can achieve with the palette which are very useful (for someone as inept as me anyway!). I like very much that the looks are not just in diagram form but also shown on a model. Not that I look anything like her when I’m wearing it, but you know, a girl can dream!

Too Faced No Makeup Makeup Face PaletteToo Faced No Makeup Makeup Face Palette

I’ve played with this quite a few times now and I really do love it. I’ve attempted all of the guides which are very easy to follow, and have also just had a play about doing it my own way.

For the following I roughly followed the Nude Radiance Guide.

Too Faced No Makeup Makeup Face Palette

All in all, this palette is £31 which isn’t cheap but I do really love it. As much as I thought I would. I don’t mind the duplicate products, I like having to only get one palette out to complete my face and I love the finished effect of all the looks, I wouldn’t quite call it a No Makeup look, but it’s certainly a nice fresh look which does flatter the skin.

I bought mine from BeautyBay and I highly recommend them as always.

I recently popped along to my local Bobbi Brown counter to buy a foundation, which I did end up buying (blog post coming soon), but as part of their recommendation they did me a complete make over which was pretty much fab. I can tell you I didn’t just buy the foundation. I bought a few bits, but what I’m going to talk about today is the Corrector and Creamy Concealer Kit. I was so impressed by this in the store I just had to buy.

The idea of these is for use under the eyes. The Corrector neutralises discolouration and the Concealer brightens the area. So here’s my shades.

Actually I picked up the wrong shade corrector, this is is Light Bisque, but I should have gone with Bisque. It still works but I know it doesn’t work quite as well as Bisque did when they put it one me.

Bobbi Brown Corrector

The Creamy Concealer Kit is Cool Sand with Pale Yellow Powder.

Creamy Concealer Kit

So my first observation of the two cream products was that there was no way they were going to work for me, colour wise, they look, in the pan, way too dark. Somehow they do work though. I have no idea how. The best thing I can do is show you the products in use.

So in the first picture we have just the corrector under the right eye (in the picture). Already you can see the discolouration on the left eye which isn’t underneath the right one.

Bobbi Brown Corrector & Creamy Concealer

Then, again, right eye only, I’ve added the concealer on top, with a very light dusting of the pale yellow powder to set it and brighten.

Bobbi Brown Corrector & Creamy Concealer

Finally, both eyes corrected, concealed and powdered.

Bobbi Brown Corrector & Creamy Concealer

These products are now my must haves for concealing under the eyes, they just work so well. I must add that I find the concealer no good at all on my blemishes, it slides off almost immediately, but for under eyes it works like a charm with no creasing. If it creases, you’ve used to much, you really need very little indeed.

I highly recommend both of these products but would say you really need to get colour matched at a counter. I would have absolutely bought the palest shade on offer if I hadn’t have had them put on me in store, and that would have been far too pale.  The same applies to the foundation I bought actually, it’s several shades darker than I would have chosen for myself, but is actually a perfect match.

Anyway, I bought these for myself, from Debenhams, you can of course also purchase from BobbiBrown.co.uk. The Creamy Concealer Kit is £24 and the Corrector is £18.

Well it’s been a long wait for Liz Earle fans but at long last the colour cosmetics line has launched and I have to say a glance at the collection online and I can see the collection looks to be well placed among the brands line of products.

Liz Earle Colour

I was sent a couple of items to try out and in with them was the above little “Shade Selector” which reveals a palette of berries and neutrals, just what I expected from the brand, not very exciting colour wise but very in keeping with the whole brand and also bear in mind that the collection is known as the Colour Capsule Collection which is carefully edited to give you natural looking make up that works in harmony with the skin care line and aims to enhance your naturally attractive features rather than mask them.

The packaging is simple, clear and stylish.

Liz Earle Colour

The products I received are the Sheer Lip Gloss in Cherry and the Perfect Fix Concealer in Shade 2.

Liz Earle Colour

The Pefect Fix concealer seems excellent. It covers minor blemishes and dark circles with ease and has a light easy to blend texture, it doesn’t sit in my fine lines and doesn’t look or feel heavy…alas Shade 2 is slightly too dark for me so I can’t get as much use from it as I’d like. It is only slightly dark but I feel Shade 1 would probably suit me better. It comes in 7 shades and sells for £13.50 which I’d happily pay for this product.

Liz Earle Colour

Then there’s the Sheer Lip Gloss in Cherry. Shea Butter, avocado oil, just a hint of colour and soft lips. It’s a nice product, its not very exciting, but it is nice. There are 12 shades at £13.50 and they are the only lip product currently on offer in the Colour Capsule Collection. Certainly, again in keeping with my whole perception of the brand. Oh should also mention, not sticky!

Liz Earle Colour

Liz Earle Colour
So nice, but safe, offerings from the brand which I’m sure is going to be extremely popular indeed as it’s a really crowd pleasing collection and reasonably priced and in my experience, very nice quality indeed. I’ve got my eye on the cream blushers!

You can find the range on the Liz Earle website.

* Disclosure – PR Samples*