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Over the last few months I’ve tried a few products from the brand Organic Care Systems. A range of haircare products picking up pace with their reputation in the UK, being name dropped left right and centre and with a growing bunch of celebrity fans.

All products are paraben free, sodium laurel sulphate free, sodium laureth sulphate free, ammonium laurel sulphate free, ammonium laureth sulphate free, they are also completely free of salt which is used in many shampoos and conditioners as a bulking agent, fragrances are 100% natural, all products are Cruelty Free and of course, organic.

I’ve tried mini samples of the Aqua Boost shampoo and conditioner, full sizes of the Soothe Plus shampoo and conditioner and also mini’s of the Power Build (not pictured).
Organic Care Systems Hair Products

Organic Care Systems Hair Products

I quite often don’t get on too well with shampoos and conditioners without nasties in, my hair becomes very tangly and straw like, but my hair seems to like all of these, but especially the Aqua Boost. Which left my hair feeling light and shiny. The Soothe Plus range is  for irritated and sensitive scalps… which isn’t me, but it was certainly gentle and left my hair nice and clean… took a bit more effort to work up a lather and I found I needed to do two washes. I’m sure it didn’t NEED two shampoos, but the low lather made me feel a bit like it hadn’t cleansed properly. It’s purely a case of getting used to something different and this happens with me every time I try something like this! It’s most definitely not the shampoo and conditioner.

If you like to use cruelty free hair products and you like the sound of these then you can call 01590 613 490 to find your nearest stockist. Shampoo’s and Conditioners are all around the £10-£12 mark.

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

This is it. Absolute perfection in terms of hair products that really suit my hair and I have to say as soon as I saw the press release I suspected it might be and it’s nice to be right.

label.m Therapy Age-Defying

The range is designed to counter the five signs of hair ageing. Coarseness, thinness, dryness, weakness and dullness. All of those are issues I with my hair. It’s also worth noting that whilst our hair ages along with the rest of, we can accelerate the decline of our follicles with environmental factors, thermal factors and of course chemically-assisted factors and so you might only be 20 but you could have the hair of a 60 year old so don’t go thinking this range is just for us old fogies…

The science behind the range is the patent pending Rejuven-8 Complex, created only for label.m, it uses eight of the most technologically active anti-ageing ingredients to leave hair strong, replenished and youthful.

Those ingredients are White Caviar, European Sweet Chestnut, African Baobab Tree, Iron Rose Crystal, Clycolic Acid  and Palm Sugars, Danish Hyaluronic Acid and French Lupine Lipo-peptides. I’m not going to go into the qualities of each as I can see you all glazing over already!

There are four products in the range Therapy Age-Defying Shampoo (200ml £13.75), Therapy Age-Defying Conditioner (150ml/£16.50) Therapy Age Defying Protein Cream (50ml/£17.50) and Therapy Age-Defying Recovery Mask (120ml/£17.50).

label.m Therapy Age-Defying

I’ve been using the entire range exclusively for about three weeks now and am so in love it’s ridiculous. My hair is soft, smooth, clean and it smells incredible. I mean so incredible I’ve been asked twice what perfume I’m wearing…. it’s that good.

I use the shampoo every other day, and then the alternate the Recovery Mask and the Conditioner. I use the Protein Cream after every single wash.

The shampoo is gorgeous but I have had a slight problem with my bottle, the pump stopped working after about three uses, making it not quite so convenient to use, but product wise, its fab, the conditioner is also excellent. The recovery mask is wonderful although the instructions are a little vague and I had to take to Twitter to ask people  what they would do. It simply states to use it 2-3 times a week, leave for up to five minutes… I had no idea whether that was supposed to be on wet hair, or as a separate treatment on dry hair or what…but I settled in the end for applying to wet hair after washing. Seems to work just fine and it’s probably just me being a bit thick. The Protein Cream is also wonderful, it’s a lightweight serum basically to help keep the dreaded frizz at bay (and with recent weather it’s been having to work rather hard but has been effective!).

So I just wanted to show you my hair… this is my hair left to dry naturally before I was using this range. Frizzy, fly away, messy.

label.m Therapy Age-Defying

And this is my hair two weeks after starting to use this range.This is naturally dried, but I have applied the Protein Cream Serum.

label.m Therapy Age-Defying


label.m Therapy Age-Defying

Soft, shiny, frizz free, smells delicious, just an amazing range.

I will 100% be purchasing when my samples run out, and I may have to buy the shampoo sooner because the broken bottle is really annoying. Otherwise, massive massive thumbs up for this life changing range.

Available from Toni&Guy Salons, Essensuals, label.m salons and www.labelm.com.

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

Lush Curly Wurly
Lush Retread

I’ve always had a love hate relationship with Lush Shampoos and Conditioners and have found that after a couple of weeks of regular use my hair turns to straw… it’s like my hair craves silicones or some other ingredient that Lush generally avoids…but the combination of the above two products used two or three times a week (and using my usual products for other washes) seems to be working like a charm on my hair at the moment.

Lets have a look at them in more detail. Starting with Curly Wurly.

Lush Curly Wurly

This is a tub of thick coconut based paste. It’s like a pot of coconut rice pudding. The smell is incredible. And what’s more is that it’s one of those scents that really lingers in your hair which I really like, I love swishing my hair the next day and getting that waft of coconut. The shampoo is officially for curly hair, hence the name, I have wavy hair, there’s heaps of it so its thick in that sense, but the hair itself is actually very fine. My hair is also very fussy indeed. If it doesn’t like a product it really doesn’t like it.

So we have a rich shampoo base that is FULL of dessicated coconut, then there’s cocoa butter, shea butter, jojoba oil, avocado butter and olive oil for deep conditioning and then theres linseed and egg for softness and papaya and lemon juice for shine. It’s truly a wonder.

It’s not the easiest product to use, it takes a bit of working in but then produces a fantastic rich later and it takes a LOT of rinsing out. I find that I can’t quite get all of it out when I rinse out the shampoo but when I rinse out my conditioner whatever was left disappears with ease.

My hair is considerably less fly away after use but not laden with product, it’s shiny and healthy looking and it smells divine. Definitely will be buying another pot when this is gone. It’s £9.50 for 220g but well worth it.

Then we have Retread Conditioner.

Lush Retread

This time round we’ve got a seaweed and lanolin base, with soya milk for protein, then olive, jojoba and avocado oils for conditioning. Then there’s melon and yoghurt. This is a heavy duty conditioner and in conjunction with the Curly Wurly shampoo is absolutely heavenly for my hair. I don’t love the smell especially but it’s not horrible either and to be honest, once my hair is rinsed and dried, I only get the coconutty vanillary goodness of the shampoo so a bonus for me is that the scent isn’t over powering. I really love this and it will also be a product I will buy. It’s £9.50 for 245g. The only thing with this is that I do tend to use a lot in one go, not sure why, but I don’t even care. Love it.

I very highly recommend both of these products. Available from https://www.lush.co.uk/.

*Disclosure – these two products were both PR samples but I have purchased in the past and will purchase again for sure!*

The Revlon Equave range is a professional brand, which means you can only buy it  from Revlon salons.

Revlon Equave Volumizing Detangling Conditioner
The Equave range isn’t new, but it is now revamped, enriched with keratin for extra vitality, soft hair and extra texture.

I was sent the Volumizing Detangling Conditioner – Keratin Enriched (£10.99 200ml).

Well, although you can’t tell in my picture, this is one of those products that settles in two layers and you shake it to mix it up. It’s also a leave in conditioner.

I got off to a false start with this product, not sure what I was doing wrong, either I wasn’t shaking it properly or I was using too much but I kept on ending up with crispy hair. “This doesn’t seem too professional” I thought to myself.

I tried again, shook it for a wee bit longer and used slightly less and now I’ve got the knack I’m loving this and am using it religiously, alternating with the fab Beever Daily Revive I reviewed recently because I can’t decide which product I love most.

This is another one of those does-what-it-says-on-the-tin products, when you use it correctly you can expect silky soft, tangle free, volumised hair. I don’t end up with massive hair (thank goodness because mine can be big enough all on its own at times), just a little bit of volume, I’d describe it as body really. It adds body.

I don’t have a list of salons you can purchase this from but you can call 0208 399 5624 to find your nearest stockist.

Oh and if you google you can find various stockists of Equave products, but they are all the old formula and thus not keratin enriched.

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

Liz Earle Botanical Shine Treatment

Please please forgive the stock image there…unusually for me I forgot to take photographs before I started using the product and my bottle has been kicking around the bottle of the shower for a little while now, lets just say it’s not so photogenic any more!

So I’m a big fan of the Liz Earle Shampoo and Conditioner (note to self – order more!) and have got through three sets of it so far, it seems to really suit my hair and so I had high hopes for the newest product to join the Liz Earle Range. The Botanical Shine Treatment is for frizzy, coarse or unruly hair…my hair isn’t frizzy, it’s thick but not quite coarse but it is definitely unruly!

The Treatment is a blend of red algae, cotton extract and sumac wax to smooth and tame your hair, with a blend of essential oils and vanilla extract. It smells yummy.

You wash your hair and then  apply the Treatment and then leave it. i leave it for ten minutes while I wash, shave, scrub the rest of me and then rinse it off, but for an extra boost you can leave it on for 30 minutes.

I have been using mine once a week or prior to a special event and have found that it leaves my hair extremely soft and shiny which is lovely. It does tend to get a bit fluffy, but since I always style my hair these days it’s no bother at all, the main thing is soft and shiny hair.  The effect is noticable and I’ve had several people ask if I’ve had my hair cut differently (I haven’t) because it leaves my hair looking so freshly primped and preened!

£14 for 150ml and this seems to be lasting me a long time as a little goes a long way for me.

Available from LizEarle.com

Ojon is one of those brands I’ve heard a lot about but never actually tried so I was pretty pleased to get the opportunity to give the brand a whirl.

For the unitiated, Ojon  have recently introduced five new hair care rituals that contained naturally derived ingredients in recyclable packaging… the new five rituals are Damage Reverse, Dry Recovery, Volume Advance, Color Sustain and Full Detox.

I was sent the Dry Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner to try out.

Ojon Dry Recovery

I sadly didn’t get on with it too well. My hair is dry, but perhaps it’s just not dry enough to really benefit from this product, I don’t know… the positives are that it smells divine, lathers brilliantly so you don’t need much and that the conditioner slipped beautifully from my usually tangly hair…

Sadly thats where my positives end… it left my hair a bit crispy and dry feeling, usually something I only experience with Lush shampoos (mores the pity).

I’m not undaunted by this foray into the brand really as a quick google before writing this post confirmed lots of people had the same problem but still love other Ojon products… so I’ll give another line a whirl at some point I should think, but this was a bit disappointing.  I don’t know, I just have funny hair that reacts badly to some brands, Kerastase is another that did the same thing sadly.

If you do fancy trying this for yourself you can find it at John Lewis and QVC. The shampoo is £18 and the conditioner is £19.50.

Tommyguns Haircare

A few weeks ago I was very kindly send a few Tommyguns Hair products to try out and I’ve been giving them a good run for their money and am now ready to pass on my thoughts!

Firstly, the range is briliantly priced, all the shampoos and conditioners are  £4.99 and the treatments and styling range products are all £5.99.

The range caters to most hair types, dry, frizzy, oily, fine and normal, as well the products I was sent for Dry, Undernourished hair, which mine is. I must just add that some of the other products I didn’t try sound delicious, Pomegranite and Orange Flower (for Normal hair) and Fig and Plum (for Frizzy Hair) sound especially delicious!

The Dry Undernourished range is Jasmine based and it’s fortunate I absolutely LOVE Jasmine, I do know there are many who don’t though, but for me it was shower time bliss scent wise. The Shampoo is Jasmine and Wild Nettle and the conditioner is Jasmine, Wild Nettle and Sweet Almond. Yum.

Sadly the shampoo and conditioner didn’t work for me. I don’t know if it wasn’t the right product, but it left my hair pretty frizzy, usually its SLS free products that do this to my hair but this has SLS so I’m not sure what was going on. I have however forced myself to carry on using them up because I just adore the scent. I have just been managing the frizz after using other products. Which leads me nearly onto the other two products I was sent to try.

Firstly the “Leave Me in Conditioner and Styling Creme” a dual purpose product that does what it says on the tin. Again, sadly as a conditioner this did nothing for me but again this smelled out of this world, this time Wild Ginger and Green Tea. I had to stop using it as a conditioner on my damp hair BUT I have had a lot of use from it as a between-washes  product to pep up my hair. I can scrunch a dab of it in and it gives me a great tousled but not at all greasy style, beach hair! Really like this and actually given it’s amazing scent I can see me finishing the bottle no problems!

The final product I was sent was the Weather Protect Dew Drops Serum. Jojoba and Vitamin E are the active ingredients that help to smooth out your hair and this works a treat and is a nice product thats helped me control the unfortunate frizz!

So all in all a mixed review for me, I’m hesitant to write off the shampoo and conditioner because obviously it’s just how it worked o my hair and it may well work brilliantly for someone else, but the scent, the scent is amazing. Same goes for the leave in conditioner, as a conditioner it’s no good for me at all, but to pep up my hair between washes it does a fab job and again smells amazing, and the serum, well its a bog standard serum really, but it works really well.

Well worth checking out, and of course lets not forget the purse friendly prices!

Available from Ocado, John Lewis, Waitrose and http://www.tommygunshaircare.com/

Organic Surge Colour Protect Shampoo & Conditioner
It’s well documented that Organic Surge are pretty much my favourite high street skincare brand and I was thrilled to lean they were releasing some hair care products. There’s a Colour Protect Duo (shampoo and conditioner), Blonde Boost Duo, Shine Boost Duo, Volume Boost Duo and Moisture Boost Duo. I was sent the Colour Protect Duo for review purposes.
Retailing at £4.99 these are certainly purse friendly so thats a point right there for that.  Another point is awarded by me for being sodium lauryl/laureth suphate and paraben free and the conditioner is silicone free.
I give these another point for smelling gorgeous. I’m not sure what the smell is, but it’s nice.
I was able to trial these reall well as I had my hair dyed nearly four weeks and I first used these products to wash the dye out, or rather my hairdresser did (she comes to the house!). She was the first to comment on the lovely scent.
The shampoo lathers beautifully, something some brands that are sulphate and paraben free fail to do, I have no idea why. They leave my hair sparkling clean and shiny without question but unfortunately they don’t do what I’d like them to do for my hair. Firstly, my hair is prone to dryness and these aren’t rich enough for me, I tend to use moisturising hair products to help this, but after using the shampoo my hair is a matted mess, the conditioner does rectify that in all fairness but I’d prefer not to use a shampoo that leaves my hair in that state. This brand is far from alone in this I must add, many brands do this to my hair, I end up with matted dreadlocks in the shower after shampooing which I have to laboriously work conditioner through to fix.
In addition I haven’t experienced any reduction in colour fading sadly. My hair was dyed dark dark brown and at the time of writing (3.5 weeks later) my hair has faded to a mid brown. It’s nice and it’s what always happens but I was kind of hoping that the length of time it stayed ultra dark might have been extended by using these products. Sadly not.
So it’s a mixed review from me, purse friendly, gives my hair great shine, no nasty ingredients and a gorgeous scent but not nearly moisturising enough for my hair, and sadly no great effects on the colour. I would recommend these as great products for anyone who doesn’t have dry hair though so it’s definitely not all bad. I’d possibly have been better off trying the Moisture Boost Duo! I’ll have to buy them and try them out next!

I must admit that when I first heard about the Awapuhi Wild Ginger range it called out to me and in particular the Wild Ginger bit. It just sounded like something I wanted in my hair! On closer inspection I learned that the range is specifically for weak, damaged hair. Which is me in a nutshell. I also discovered that Awapuhi is Wild Ginger and is used by Hawaiian natives to nourish and moisturise skin and hair.
Awaphui Wild Ginger Hair Care by Paul Mitchell

The Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger collection consists of 8 pieces of which I was sent three to try. The Moisturizing Lather Shampoo, Keratin Cream Rinse and the Keratin Intensive Treatment. The rest of the range consists of styling products which i don’t use with the possible exception of the the Shine Spray which I think I’d like to try at some point.  Anyway some info about the products and my thoughts.

The Moisturizing Lather Shampoo is 100% Sulfate Free and contains keratin proteins nearly identical to the keratin found in human hair as well as containing the Awapuhi extract to smooth and seal in moisture. This stuff is amazing! You only need the tiniest amount and its so rich and lathery its incredible. I’ve never used a Sulphate free shampoo that lathers as well as this one does. It’s very impressive indeed.  It smells lovely and rinses out well leaving my hair really clean. It’s not especially cheap at £6.95 for 100ml or £15.95 for 250ml but its in line with other similar ranges and I’d be more than happy to pay those prices for it especially since you need so little to wash your hair.

The Keratin Cream Rinse is a rich detangling conditioner with the same active ingredients as the shampoo. I do have a gripe with this product, I’ve been using this for a while now and until recently I’ve really struggled to rinse this out of my hair. It says on the bottle to apply generously but I would caution against that unless you are happy to spend 15 minutes rinsing. In fact, the tiniest bit is all you need, it coats my tangly and knotty hair quickly and easily. I have discovered as well that actually you don’t need to rinse until you can’t feel it in your hair any longer. It does feel as though your hair still has a bit of product in it, but it dries soft and clean and stays clean as long as other brands do. If there was residue left in my hair I would usually expect my hair to start getting heavy and dirty within a very short space of time and this is simply not the case with this. It’s really nice and actually, I’m not sure my hair has been this shiny for quite some time! It’s similarly priced to the shampoo, £7.95 for 100mls and £17.95 for 250ml.

Finally, the Keratin Intensive Treament.  To be used once a week in after shampooing, this is a luxurious hydrator. Again, ignore any insturctions to apply generously, a small amount is all that is needed to leave your hair extra soft and extra shiny.  I really like this product. Its more expensive and in my opinion not essential if you’re using the shampoo and conditioner, but if your hair is extremely dry I would definitely recommend getting some of this, it leaves my hair in beautiful condition. Much more expensive at £14.95 for 100ml and £22.95 for 250ml. It’s worth mentioning as well that there is a a salon treatment available as part of this range and the Keratin Intensive Treatment can be used as maintenance after having the treatment.

I really recommend these products for those people with dry hair, and the Treatment for those with really dry hair, my only tip would be, ignore the word “generously” on the bottles and go with much less than you’d think. It does a fantastic job.

You can buy the products from selected salons. Please call 0845 659 0012 or visit www.paul-mitchell.co.uk/awapuhi for more info.

Liz Earle Botancial Shine Shampoo & Conditioner

I’ve been waiting for this launch for a long time. I’ve not been waiting for the 6 years it’s been in development, but probably the best part of a year!

Actually, whilst waiting for it to come along I hadn’t registered that it was SLS and SLES free… I don’t get on well with SLS free products as a rule. The vast majority I’ve tried leave me with straw like hair. So I was interested when this finally arrived on my doorstep, but lets just say my expectations were low.

The range has one shampoo that should suit everyone and then three conditioners, for Normal, dry and oily hair. I was sent the shampoo and conditioner for dry hair.

At £7.50 for 200mls (thats the price of the shampoo and the conditioner) it’s pretty much middle of the range in price.

Both products smell gorgeous, they are reasonably heavily perfumed, so if thats not your bag then these are probably best avoided, but I love my hair to smell nice when it’s been washed.

So, the shampoo. Does the one style SLS free shampoo really suit all? Well I love it. There’s no hassle creating a lather (why can’t other brands manage this??) and most importantly, while I’m washing my hair doesn’t start forming a great big dry dreadlock (as usually happens with the ore natural haircare), no, my hair lathers well and rinses out easily leaving me with tangle free locks! Result. First thumbs up.

Next the Botanical Shine Conditioner for dry hair. It’s thick and luscious, smells gorgeous, rinses out easily and leaves my hair feeling silky soft. Not sure there’s much more I can say than this. It’s lovely.

My hair is pretty much frizz free too, although thats not a claim the product makes, it is however my finding and I’ve had comments on how lovely my hair smells too.

I love Liz Earle products and I know that I’m guilty of being evangelical about them at times, but I’m sorry, I’m going to do it again, gorgeous products and those six years of development? Well and truly worth the wait.