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Bagsy BeautyI really like Bagsy. A cruelty free, British Brand with great products and beautiful packaging. I mean, what’s not to love? I’ve blogged about Bagsy products before, and today I’m reviewing a few more products.

One of the things I really love is the packaging. Each item has different exterior packaging, it makes the range both beautiful and distinctive. The products inside are always simple and clean looking, it’s a winning combination and should appeal to those who are drawn to pretty things and those who like classic simplicity.

Starting off with the Wow Lips Full Colour Chubby Stick in Ready to Wear (£12)

bagsy Wow lipsWow Lips are chubby lip gloss pencils in opaque shades, full of nourishing ingredients. Ready to Wear is a gorgeous red toned chestnut shade, very popular right now and very easy to wear. I have another one of these, Killer Heels, and I wear it often, this will be too I’m sure. Although they are a gloss pencil, they are quite light on the gloss and don’t feel at all sticky on the lips.

Next is the Lip Cocoon in Raspberry (£7.00).

bagsy lip cocoonHands down my favourite product. Raspberry Lip Cocoon is a tinted lip balm. I am literally living in this right now. I love tinted balms anyway, despite being drawn like a magpie to lipsticks, I actually don’t wear them a huge amount, preferring something more subtle for daily wear and this totally fits the bill. Its a beautiful tint, really comfortable to wear and moisturising and it has a beautiful fruity scent. It’s gorgeous,

Finally we have Beautiful Eyes in the aptly named, Take The Plunge shade (£14.00).

bagsy beautiful eyesI’ve only worn this a couple of times, it’s not really my colour, but don’t let that put you off, the colour is beautiful, a glorious lightly metallic blue shade that works like a charm as an eyeliner and that’s despite it’s chubby point, I can get a great line with this. It’s not (only) a liner though, this pencil blends like a dream meaning it’s great for a wash of colour. It wears incredibly well too, bearing in mind I have quite hooded eyelids, with a primer this is still in place when I remove my make up at the end of the day, it doesn’t budge! Without a primer, it still lasts all day but I have a tiny amount of transfer to my upper lid, and I do mean tiny. If bright blue isn’t your shade, there are several more shades to choose from.

Swatches, Lip Cocoon in Raspberry, Wow Lips in Ready to Wear and Beautiful Eyes in Take The Plunge

bagsy swatches

If you haven’t checked out Bagsy Beauty yet, then please do, I really recommend!

*Products received free of charge for review purposes


I’ve talked to you before about Jacava London, a brand of nail polishes completely new to me, but I really liked the colours. They are a “9 free” nail polish brand and vegan as well as cruelty free.

What I think they do extremely well is curate collections of beautiful colours. The Woodlanders Collection is wonderful, full of rich colours. It’s a huge collection of 17 shades. Lovely dusky hues, and gorgeous rich shades.


I received three shades to try myself, left to right, Ormonde Gate, Shawfield Street and Lavender Court.

Jacava London Woodlands CollectionEach applies beautifully and stunning shades. I’m sorry that I can’t show you a full manicure, but I had a gel polish recently so I can’t!

Jacava London Woodlands CollectionExcuse the streaky corner on that purple shade, the polish isn’t streaky at all, its a perfect two coat creme, I just forgot to go over the corner with my second coat as that’s where I was holding it.

Beautiful shades and I’d highly recommend these. and if they take your fancy you can buy the whole collection and more on the Jacava London website.

Alternatively, if you fancy winning the whole collection, that’s all 17 shades, keep an eye on the Jacava Facebook page where a competition will be launched later today, given that each polish is £15.50 its an amazing prize!

*Products received free of charge for review purposes


First of all, a huge apology for radio silence on the blog at the moment, the Summer Holidays are proving “testing” and I’m struggling to find time to blog, and once the kids are in bed, there’s a lack of energy! Today however I’ve managed to snatch a bit of time to write 🙂

I didn’t really know anything about Lavera until recently, but I’ve learned that they are an award winning organic and natural skincare brand. Actually their products don’t just include skincare, there are cosmetics, body care, dental care products and much more.

All products are 100% natural with organic ingredients meaning there’s are no synthetic scents, parabens, silicones and other similar ingredients, products are also of course, cruelty free.

I received a couple of items from the Lavera Basis Sensitive Q10 Skin Care Range which has just launched.

Lavera Basis Sensitive Q10I was sent the Basis Sensitive Anti-Ageing Eye Cream with Q10 (£13.95)* as well as the Anti-Ageing night Cream Q10 (£14.95)* to try out.

The Eye Cream is proven to reduce wrinkle depth but also to smooth and firm the skin with the main ingredients being  Co-enzyme Q10 which is full of antioxidants, it also stimulates skin cell regeneration. Also included are Organic Mallow to nourish, soothe and soften, its especially good for sensitive skin, and finally Organic Shea Butter also smooths and moisturises.

It feels wonderfully rich when you apply it but magically isn’t greasy and heavy, I find it quick and easy to gently pat into my skin and I notice an immediate plumping effect which really when it comes to the eye area is half the battle, once the skin is plumped and moisturised it looks less wrinkly! Magic.

The Anti-Ageing Night Cream Q10, I have to confess I haven’t put this through a rigorous trial, simply because I’m so afraid of chopping and changing my skin care given how fickle my face is. The cream itself is light in texture and doesn’t seem to be greasy at all, while it promises to firm the skin as well as increase skin elasticity. It’s formulated with Co-enzyme Q10, as with the Eye Cream, along with Organic Jojoba and Shea Butter.

Both of these products are ideal for ageing skin, especially (but not exclusively) if your skin is sensitive. The soothing ingredients make these products ideal. Also in the range is a Moisturiser and Face Mask.

These products are available from Whole Foods, Holland & Barrett and selected organic stores, as of 1st August.

Until I received these for review I’d not heard of Jacava London, which is surprising because as a beauty blogger you do tend to think you know all the brands out there!

Jacava London are the UK’s only “9 Free” nail polish brand, meaning they are free of Formaldehyde, camphor, toluene, phthalates including DBP, parabens, formaldehyde resin, xylene, ethyl tosylamide and lead. The polishes are all made in the UK and contain argan oil, jojoba oil and vitamin to nourish, and each bottle’s gold printing is done with 22 carat gold for a touch of luxury and if all that isn’t enough, these are vegan and cruelty free. Result!

The Pastel collection has six shades, of which  I have three, and they are all gorgeous shades. Left to Right we have Lowndes Court, Pastel Lilac and Park Lane.

Jacava LondonI am sorry for the swatches, my nails all broke off recently and are just not in their best condition sadly 🙁  Left to Right is Lowndes Court, Pastel Lilac, Lowndes Court again and Park Lane.

Jacava LondonI love pastels but they are notoriously difficult to work with sometimes and these are a mixed bag in terms of ease of application. My favourite shade, Park Lane, is the trickiest to apply, with Lowndes Court also a little tricky, while Pastel Lilac goes on like a dream. I think its something to do with the amount of white in the formula, makes them a little tippex-y to apply. That said, with a little care and attention, along with some patience its possible to get a great looking manicure. I’ve used some pastels in the past that are impossible to apply neatly but this isn’t the case with these.

With a decent base and top coat I get two to three days of chip free wear which is about average for me. The price for these is £15.50 each which I think is on the high side. I do love the shades though and having had a look through the website there are loads of shades I’d love to try, which is always a good sign for a polish brand, a great colour range!

Although I’ve not heard of this brand before, the ethos and gorgeous shades mean that, in spite of the price, I definitely think this is a brand to watch. You can purchase from the Jacava London website.

*Products received free of charge for review purposes.


Make Up Atelier Paris isn’t a brand I had tried out before but trust me I’m going to be trying more from now on. I’m amazingly impressed with the bits I’ve been sent to try. The quality is exceptional as is the performance so I’m really delighted to share them with you today.

Make-Up Atelier Paris

I’m going to start with the eye shadow palette in Bois de Rose (T19). The colours are beautiful and perform really well alone, but over a primer they are unbelievable. They are water resistant apply like a dream.

Make-Up Atelier Paris Bois de Rose

Make-Up Atelier Paris Bois de Rose
There are 24 palettes to choose from meaning that there’s a palette for everyone. They retail at £25 each and I will without a doubt be looking at more. I’m so impressed.

Then there’s the Waterproof Gel Liner which I have in Black. It comes in loads of colours, 20 to be exact, so again there’s something for everyone.

Make-Up Atelier Paris Waterproof Gel Liner

Quite possibly the blackest black I’ve tried! It’s a strange texture, it’s very spongy to the touch so if you’re not careful you’ll plunge your brush right in so a light touch is all thats needed.  It is totally waterproof and can also be used as an eyeshadow base which I’ve not tried but would definitely consider buying the white or ivory shades for that purpose. These are £13 each.

The final eye product I’ve been trying out is the Waterproof Mascara.

Make-Up Atelier Paris Waterproof Mascara

All of this stuff is perfect if you’re going to the beach or to a humid environment. This black mascara isn’t the most volumising I’ve ever tried, no matter, it doesn’t budge. Not one bit. It’s £12.

I’m wearing all of the above here:

Make-Up Atelier Paris

Make-Up Atelier Paris
Next we have the blush, dear god the blush! The HD blush in Red is to die for. I absolutely adore red blushers so I was excited to see this, but it’s also terrifying!

Make-Up Atelier Paris HD Blush

It’s light reflecting, but not shimmery and erm…you need like a pin head’s worth for a cheek. I’m not even kidding. On the swatch photo a little further down, the small drop on my hand? Way way way too much. This is £14 and comes in 11 shades, I would absolutely consider getting more of these.

Then finally there’s the lipstick in Gardenia.

Make-Up Atelier Paris Lipstick Gardenia

Make-Up Atelier Paris Lipstick Gardenia
Amazing formula. It’s waterproof and lasts all flipping day once applied. So impressed. These are £14.50 each and there are 15 shades to choose from.

Here are hand swatches of the blush and the lipstick. The top line is the lipstick and the two bottom ones are both the blush. The large circle is a tiny bit blended out a little. I literally dipped my finger in the blob on the right and dabbed it and rubbed it out, you need very little:

Make-Up Atelier Paris

And so all that remains is for me to show you how I’ve been wearing all of the above. And I’m wearing them all a lot, I’m seriously impressed!

Make-Up Atelier Paris

Make-Up Atelier Paris

Love, what a fantastic brand and one that deserves to be very well known indeed. The quality is absolutely astounding and if you’re looking for make for your holiday, look no further.

All products available from http://www.makeupatelierparis.co.uk

Oh and PS: Cruelty Free!!

*Disclosure – all items received free of charge for review purposes*

EcoTools  Review

EcoTools, a brand I’ve heard plenty about not quite got round to trying, only because I’ve not been in need of any new brushes…or so I thought, turns out I was wrong. EVERYONE needs the Deluxe Concealer in their kit and the Sheer Finish Kabuki is pretty amazing too.

EcoTools  Review

Let me start by telling you why you NEED the concealer brush. As a regular sufferer of spots I’ve always applied concealer with a brush but found that if I then brush over it, it just wipes the concealer away. So I’ve always applied my concealer directly to the blemish with a brush and then blended, or patted the product in. I just thought was how it was supposed to be. It was an very efficient method and and so that’s how it was. Until now! With the EcoTools Deluxe concealer brush I can apply the concealer to the blemish and then softly blend it. The product isn’t immediately lifted away, it just blends seamlessly into the rest of the make up. No more messy unhygenic fingers (I always apply make up after washing my face so my fingers are clean, but you get my meaning!) and a flawless application. That and  the  £4.95 price tag make this brush an absolute must for anyone.

I have also been giving the Bamboo Finishing Kabuki Brush a little go too and whilst this isn’t a must have for everyone, I now use this daily and I highly recommend if you like a very light dusting of powder/blusher/bronzer.  I have drastically cut down on the amount of finishing powder I use, preferring only to add the merest touch to my nose, forehead and chin and this picks up just the right amount of powder (very little) so that my face isn’t obliterated of all natural glow and shine. Perfection. This one is super soft and both of the brushes have lovely light bamboo handles! Highly recommended.

I will definitely be getting the Buffing brush because my existing one (from ELF) is on it’s last legs and buffing is my favourite way to apply foundation.

Anyway, love these very much, and my recommended retailer is www.cocktailcosmetics.co.uk but they are also available in your local Boots!

*PR Samples*

You can be forgiven for not having heard of Dielle Nail Colours before. I hadn’t! I’ll be looking a bit closer from now on. This is the best quality nail varnish I’ve tried in like… well possibly ever!

Here’s Metallic Dignity. At first I wasn’t sure I was going to like it if I’m honest, turns out I love everything about it.

Dielle Nail Varnish in Metallic Dignity

Dielle Nail Varnish in Metallic Dignity

I am not at all sure how to describe the colour, it looks like a metallic grey, but on closer inspection it’s full of purple and orange micro sparkles.

Dielle Nail Varnish in Metallic Dignity

Please excuse the strange cuticles… I had a nail art disaster which on closer inspection I hadn’t cleaned up properly! But please also note there’s no top coat. This is super glossy. It’s also incredibly hard wearing. I removed on day 4, chip free, solely because I fancied a change and not because it was chipped beyond all recognition which is what usually happens. It dries very fast too.

A little bit about Dielle, range is cruelty free and free of those nasties such as Toulene, Formaldehyde, DBP, Camphor and Pthalic Acid. If all this isn’t enough then there are regular donations of proceeds to charities in Haiti. If you purchase the shade Everlasting, all proceeds go to The Haiti Hospital Appeal and if you purchase the shade Unyielding Courage all proceeds go to the A21 Campaign, a charity fighting for the abolishment of modern slavery.

You can purchase Dielle polishes from the Dielle website and Metallic Dignity is £12 and worth every penny.

*PR Sample*

Yon-Ka Nutri-protect Hand Cream

If you’re in the market for a new hand cream, look no further! I’ve got it here and it’s just gorgeous in every way.

I don’t suffer from especially dry hands, but I do like to keep them moisturised and this is my go to product these days.

I’d not heard of Yon-Ka until I was approached recently and asked if I’d like to review something from the range.

If the hand cream is is anything to go by I’d be more than interested to try more products from the range which covers both body care, skin care and indeed a whole range of treatments.

The hand cream itself is beautiful. It is recommended for dry, rough, chapped and/or damaged hands and whilst mine are none of the above I can easily see how soothing this would be. It leaves the hands incredibly soft. Ingredients include Shea Butter, Vitamin B5, Grape Seed Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Vitamins A, C and E, and essential oils of sweet orange, grapefruit, mandarin and magnolia which explains why it smells out of this world. Seriously, this is gorgeous.

Currently you can’t buy via the Yon-Ka Website but you can certainly get lots of information about the product range and the company ethos there. Should you wish to purchase your own divine hand cream then you can buy it here, £20 for 50ml.

As a bonus, this range is Cruelty Free.

*Disclosure – Product received free of charge for review purposes*

19. 03. 2013

I’ve been aware of Posh Brats for a long long time now and lusted after many of the products but for some reason I hadn’t got round to placing an order.  All products are made in their own workshops in Cheshire and products are all cruelty Free, responsibly sourced and make use of natural ingredients from UK suppliers. And lets not forget the scent list. Good lord, I think maybe actually that might have been one of the reasons I’d not placed an order, I couldn’t decide what to try from the lengthy and quite frankly amazing scent list.

I was absolutely delighted when they got in touch and asked if I’d like to try out some of the products. Oh yes you bet I would.  I was asked what kind of scents I like but given the problems I have make making decisions I decided to leave it up to them what they sent!

And here’s what arrived.

Introducing Posh Brats

Tuscan Olive Castile Shampoo, Butterfly Nectar Body Creme (sample size), Shakespeare’s Quill whipped sugar scrub and pineapple smoothie fizzy bath bomb.  All in all, a good sample of the different products and scents available.

I’m going to start by talking about the Shakespeare’s Quill Whipped Sugar Scrub £7.

whipped sugar scrub

Oh my god. I die. This is amazing. Certainly this scent won’t be for everyone, but it is for me! Firstly, the scrub is formulated with moisturizing butters, natural scents, british sugars and exotic oils. This is not harsh and it doesn’t leave you coated in oil either. In short this is perfect. It lathers gently and  and moisturises and leaves skin smooth. But the scent. Described as Aged Parchment, dust, old wood, red wine, black pomegranate and ancient book leather.  For me I get leather and wood, not so much red wine or pomegranate. It is divine. Makes a wonderful base for Jo Malone’s Earl Grey and Cucumber Cologne I might add.

Next up, the Tuscan Olive Oil Castile Shampoo £5.  Unfortunately this wasn’t for me.  Designed for dry hair, but apparently suitable for all, this just wasn’t my cup of tea, scent wise or performance wise. I’m not put off though, I’m rather fancying the sound of the Poison Apple Vitamin Shampoo and  Raven Moon Vitamin Shampoo. I think it was the Olive Oil I wasn’t so keen on.

Next the Pineapple Smoothie Fizzy Bath Bomb £2.25. Gorgeous. Gorgeous! Bright yellow, fizzy and pure sweet pineapple scent. Farewell Lush. I found a cheaper more fabulous brand thank you very much. I rather have my heart set on trying out the Pistachio Gelato Bath Bomb!

Finally the Butterfly Nectar Body Creme Sample. For a sample this is very generous, especially given how little product you need. The formula is beautiful. It spreads easily, you need very little, it’s strongly scented so you can still smell it on your skin hours after application, but it doesn’t leave you greasy. This isn’t on the site at the moment sadly, but there is a Whipped Sugar Scrub in this scent. The scent is beautiful.  Vanilla Sugar, Vanilla Bean, apricot, ginger flowers and plumeria blossom. It’s glorious, but very very sweet. Almost the exact opposite of the Shakespeare’s Quill scent.

All in all, shampoo aside, I’m so delighted with everything I’ve tried. So delighted I’m filling a shopping basket to place an order as I type (flitting between blogging and shopping). There’s going to have to be some editing of my basket though because so far I’ve got BooBoo Baby Cakes Whipped Sugar Scrub, Bubblegum Boudoir Whipped Sugar Scrub, Butterfly Nectar Whipped Sugar Scrub, Dea Lacrimea~Goddess Tears Whipped Sugar Scrub, Fudge Ripple Ice Cream Whipped Sugar Scrub, Lupercalia Whipped Sugar Scrub,  Pistachio Gelato Whipped Sugar Scrub, Magic Mushroom Whipped Sugar Scrub, Ocean Mist Soap Cloud, Old West pine tar Soap, don’t even get me started on the fragrance oils, or the fact that they stock the fabulous Villainess products (if you’ve not heard of them, google!).

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable experience and one that will without a doubt have me returning time and time again for more gorgeous smellies. There’s certainly a scent for everyone and the products are good quality.

Highly recommended. Do head over and have a look at www.poshbrats.com.

*Disclosure – Products were provided free of charge for review purposes*

I’ve discovered hair perfection. It’s true!

I was sent a couple of Macadamia Natural Oil products to try out and I have to admit I had extremely high hopes. I’ve tried out the oil in the past and absolutely loved it (it came in a subscription box so was only a small sample but I used every last drop).
Macadamia Natural Oil No Tangle Pre-styler

So you see, the No Tangle Pre-styler had some high standards to meet. Luckily, it hasn’t disappointed. This stuff is amazing.

So after washing and conditioning your hair you spritz this  all over, I believe the bottle says, generously, and so I have indeed been using it generously.

That’s when I had a moment of doubt. I reached up to touch my hair when I was combing it out and it felt for all the world as though I hadn’t rinsed out my conditioner properly. From experience, if you don’t wash out conditioner properly, you’ll end up with really greasy locks and so for a few seconds I was considering rinsing my hair more and starting from scratch, but I thought about ti some more, I knew I’d rinsed my hair thoroughly so this had to be the No Tangle I’d just applied…so then I worried I’d used too much…but I decided to just go with it and blow dry anyway.

Well, never ever has my hair been like this. Soft, glossy, silky. I mean really really shiny, and really really soft. I am so impressed. It’s really impressive and I couldn’t be happier, my hair hasn’t been like this for years. I’ve tried and loved many hair serums and oils over the years but in comparison they pale into submission. This is the bomb. (Do you like my trendy down with the kids speak? no?).

Now, it does contain silicones and I know that some folk prefer to avoid them. I personally love silicones in my hair products, without them my hair is INSANE. I don’t like silicones in my skincare, but I actively look for silicones in my hair products. This is a total win. The range is paraben and sulfate free though and cruelty free. Fab. A 100ml bottle is £10.90 and a 250ml bottle is £21.

No Tangle brushThe other item I was sent to try out is the No Tangle Styler Brush which is £9.95.

In this house, with the two kids, we have the Tangle Teezer brush which works a treat on the kids hair, but for some reason I never use it on myself.  I know the Tangle Teezer is very popular, but I know some people find it hard to keep hold of them, what with there being no handle… the Macadamia Natural Oil No Tangle Styler Brush (think I’ll just call it “the brush” from here on in!) has handle. And it’s mine, all mine. The kids can keep the Tangle Teezer. I use this after I’ve towel dried my hair and spritzed with the Pre Styler, then I use this to comb through….I don’t just stop there though, I use it while drying my hair too.  It eliminates pulling, split ends and breakage, is suitable for hair extensions. I notice on the blurb it also says it smoothes the cuticle layer so I’m going to give it some of the credit for my hair looking the best ever.

Honestly people, the softest, shiniest hair I’ve ever had.  You need these products!

You can purchase from Macadamiahair.co.uk but I’ve also spotted a sale on the whole range over at Beauty Bay.

*Disclosure – PR Sample*