Just Charlie G

So I must thank you all for your assistance a while ago on this post. I mentioned in the post that Dior’s Crush Glow was the one I really wanted, but at the time I couldn’t find it anywhere except on Ebay for £10 over the RRP.

Well I did manage to find it at http://www.escentual.com/ for the actual RRP so I snapped it up. It’s every bit as beautiful as I hoped it would be, if not more so in fact.

Take a look:Dior Crush Glow

So there’s a gold, a pale, iridescent pink, a mid peachy pink, a taupe packed full of pink iridescence and a rich brown.

The shadow themselves are butter soft and swatch absolutely perfectly. I’ve done an extra one of the taupe in an attempt to show up the pink in it.

Dior Crush GlowDior Crush GlowDior Crush Glow

I must say it’s a relief to buy an expensive set of shadows that don’t require lots of work to get them to show up on my eyes. How they look in the swatches is exactly how they appear on the lid. In fact that brown is so vibrant it takes a lot of work to blend it in so it matches the other shades. That’s not a criticism at all, its just a measure of the pigment.

I know pigment isn’t the be al and end all of everything, but, given some of my recent experiences this is a breath of fresh air.

On my eyes, well, I’ll show you, don’t expect anything magical because application and blending are not my forte at all!

Dior Crush GlowDior Crush GlowDior Crush GlowDior Crush GlowDior Crush Glow

So I’m smitten and am planning my next Dior shadow purchase… I need recommendations! I need more! more! more!