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I just wanted to show you what came in the post this morning for me from beautybay.com. I had to get more polish now I’ve finished swatching my Misa’s. Ooops!

Cheeky Little Essie Haul

They very kindly chucked in a load of samples too. I forgot to take a pic of the gold which is called Shifting Power I think. The others are mini’s of The Resort Collection and The Summer Collection.

Cheeky Little Essie Haul

All being well I hope to do my nails tonight, but I have no idea which one I’ll start with!

Revlon have released two polishes for Spring/Summer 2010. Minted and Lilac Pastelle. (Lilac Pastelle review to follow). All the polishes retail for £6.29. Please note I was sent this product to review.

It’d be impossible to write this post without making comparisons to Essie’s Mint Candy Apple so I guess I’ll start there! You can find my review at the bottom of THIS POST. The colours are very close indeed. But I didn’t like the Essie. I found it hard to work with and unforgiving in its application and I wasn’t sold on the whole mint green thing, in fact I sold it after only wearing it once! So, I didn’t expect to like Revlon Minted but  I do! The application is a dream, two coats. It just seems slightly more forgiving, slightly softer and less tippex-y. I’m not 100% sold on mint green on me, but I think I will wear this again, I think I kind of love it! So for your viewing pleasure I give you Revlon Minted Nail Varnish.

Revlon Minted Nail Varnish
Revlon Minted Nail Varnish

And just for fun here’s Essie Mint Candy Apple for comparison because I couldn’t find one anywhere. Minted is definitely softer, greener and in my opinion, nicer.

Essie Candy Apple

So here are a couple more polishes from my recent Trans Design haul. First up we have China Glaze Millennium. This is one of their Khrome series (I think).

China Glaze Millennium

Sadly, so far I’m wholly unimpressed. It looks pretty-ish until you get close. Your application has to be perfect, as do your nails because this shows every lump & bump and errors are glaring. However, I didn’t use a base coat so I will try again with one and see if that helps. What’s worse is that in less than 24 hours, about 18, all the polish on my right hand was flaking off, along with a couple on the left hand, and that was with a Seche Vite top coat, Rubbish. I’ll try it again though. So it all had to come off and I tried another one.

Next up is Essie Huckle Buckle. And I think I’ve found my my most favourite nail varnish EVER! The application is beautiful, two coats is good, three is perfect. Its hard to describe and hard to capture in a picture, but I’m in love.

Essie Huckle Buckle

It’s pearly, purple and beautiful. <3

Well I was really looking forward to trying my new Essie Tart Deco polish. And very lovely it was too. Until I put on my Seche Vite top coat and it all went wrong! Check out what happened to my medium pinky coral colour.

 Essie Tart Deco & Seche Vite

Neon orange! Not what I was going for at all. Nothing like the colour in the bottle 🙁
If you look closely at the next pick, it shows the bottom of the nail where I missed with the top coat and you can see the change.

 Essie Tart Deco & Seche Vite

Bit gutted but I left it on today and had two people say they liked my nails this morning. I suppose it is alright, but it’s not how Tart Deco should look!

Has anyone else had problems with Seche Vite changing the polish colour?

23. 03. 2010

Oh now this is beautiful. I received it in the post this morning and I put it on immediately. Took some skill I can tell you since I’ve got a sleeping baby on my knee! This is three coats to get rid of streakiness with a top coat. It’s so pretty. Alittle brighter and more orange than I managed to capture with my camera. Stunning polish.

Essie Van D'Go