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DHC are, as I’ve probably mentioned, a relatively new brand to me. So far there hasn’t been a product I’ve tried that I haven’t liked so it was a real treat to receive the DHC Revitalizing Moisture Strips to try out!DHC Revitalizing Moisture StripsEach packet contains 6 pouches, with each pouch containing two moisturising strips.DHC Revitalizing Moisture StripsAs the name suggests, the strips are designed to firm, moisturise under the eye area. Created with mulberry, peony and alpha-arbutin to brighten, aloe to refresh, soy to firm and amino acids and olive leaf extract to hydrate, these are a real treat for tired eyes. They are so simple to use, just cleanse as usual, remove the strips from backing and apply under the eyes. You can either leave on for 20-30 minutes or overnight.DHC Revitalizing Moisture Strips

I’ll be honest, I didn’t read the instructions properly and I’ve only left them on for half an hour each time, but I often thought how great it’d be to use them overnight so I will definitely wear my last ones overnight…

I found that after use the skin was plumper and therefore fine lines were less obvious, and the skin was so soft and smooth. A really impressive result, I’ve done mine at night when I’m lying in bed reading, so next time I’ll just leave them on for maximum impact.

I would recommend these absolutely when you’re having a pampering session, or when you’ve not had enough sleep or just before a special occasion. A real treat for your eyes. For a six applications, the price is £8.75 making them incredibly affordable too. There’s nothing to lose!

Head over to www.dhcuk.co.uk for further information and to purchase.

*Product received free of charge for review purposes

Mother’s Day is looming here in the UK and while I think about my lovely Mum lots, and my Mother in Law, I also think of myself. It’s not because I’m selfish, but rather that I’m required to put together a list for my husband of things I might like from the kids. I had some info through the other day from Institut Esthederm and I’ve got to say, a pamper package of their products sounds right up my street right now. Life is stressful and one thing I could really do with is a good pamper session.

Institut Esthederm products utilise Cellular Water, a key ingredient which optimises the cells’ energy environment and boosts activity. I’m not sure what that means really but I’m hazarding a guess that it basically means it optimises cell turnover which slows down as you age. Well since the ageing stick seems to have given me an almighty whack over the last year, I’m all for optimised energy environments!

If you, or your Mum are looking for a beautiful pamper package for Mother’s Day, give these products a whirl, I’m putting them on my list and crossing my fingers!

Eye Contour Lift Patches (10 x 3ml – £53). Ideal for those who are suffering with jet lag or stress, these promise to eradicate the effects of tiredness, revitalise the skin and plump and tone the eye area. Sign me up!

Intensive AHA Peel 12%, Concentrated Serum (30ml – £59.00). Restores Radiance, encourages the elimination of dead cells and refines the skins surface. Perfect for dull or oily skin.

Intensive Hyaluronic Mask (75ml – £31.00).This mask smooths the skin and rehydrates. By now, there can’t be many beauty lovers who aren’t aware of the benefits of hyaluronic acid, but just in case, hyaluronic acid is a molecule that is naturally present in the skin and it is the skin’s water reserve. This mask rehydrates both the surface of the skin as well as the deeper layers.Find Institut Esthederm at Feel Unique and Look Fantastic.

Lately I’ve been having some trouble with my eyes.  Just out of the blue they suddenly feel awful and then start streaming. Its happening every few days, often when I’ve just been outside, or when I’m tired. And they can sting a bit. Its fortunate then that I just received Bausch + Lomb’s Biotrue Rewetting Drops*.

P1180808 P1180809This little dispenser is 10ml and  contains the must having ingredient of hyaluronic acid. Found naturally in the eyes, skin and joints, hyaluronic acid traps and holds onto water. The drops help to keep your eyes lubricated as well as providing instant relief when you get dry eyes.

Using the product is easy enough, remove the lid, place your thumb on the thumb support and two fingers on the bottom of the bottle, tilt your head back, gently pull down your lower lid and gently squeeze the bottle. One perfect drop is dispensed each time. Each bottle, once opened, lasts for six months.

There’s only so much you can say about eye drops before your readers eyes start to glaze over but I have found this not only an instant relief when my eyes feel dry,  but if I’m on the ball and use them regularly enough then they are a fantastic preventative meaning I don’t have the problem at all. Brilliant and just what I needed.

Bausch + Lomb Biotrue Rewetting Drops is £9.99 for 10ml and available from Boots.

*Product received free of charge for review purposes.

It’s not secret that I’m getting on a bit, certainly in the beauty blogging world. It’s actually something I’m wondering how much longer I can keep doing, you know, the lines keep getting linier (yeah I made that word up!), the face generally is starting to show the signs of wear. In particular the lines on either side of my mouth and the whole eye area….I have used several great eye creams over the years but the old eyelids…. well they’re not ageing too well and the eye creams I’m using don’t quite seem to do the job.

So when I heard about the Darphin Uplifting Serum Eyelids Definition and it seemed just the product for me.

Darphin Uplifting Serum Eyelids Definition

This serum promises to firm things up and reshape eyelids by tightening, renewing and protecting as well as smoothing.

Darphin Uplifting Serum Eyelids Definition

First thing to note, and I didn’t realise this before I got the product, is that this is a SERUM, which means of course, you use this before your usual eye cream. It’s a lightweight gel texture that quickly disappears into the skin. You simply apply this morning and night below the eyes, on the eyelids and then under the arch of the eyebrows.

I’m finding this really effective actually, which for £45 it really should be. I think it’s light gel texture helps, you know sometimes when gels dry they have a tightening feeling, and so it is with this. You can feel it tightening as it dries, the plus side of which is that the feeling disappears and it feels as though there’s nothing on your skin. The whole area feels smoother and softer and so far so good. Admittedly, I have only been using this for four weeks, but I as I’m sure I’ve said elsewhere, I am not sure I believe that eyecreams have long term effects, I think that if you stop using them you stop seeing the effects, so I feel I can only judge eye creams on how they act while you’re using them and this works fantastically well.

Highly recommended to anyone who’s starting to feel their eyelids need a bit of help!

Darphin Uplifting Serum Eyelids Definition is £45 and available from www.darphin.co.uk

*Disclaimer – PR Sample*

Avene Ysthéal+ Eye Contour Cream is my eye cream of choice.
Avene Ysthéal+ Eye Contour Cream

This eye cream is chock full of goodies to working on those dreaded under eye fine lines and wrinkles. There’s Retinaldehyde, the most effective form of Vitamin A and there’s Pretocopheryl, a powerful antioxidant.  So you’re boosting radiance, promoting cell regenerating as well as applying antioxidants and of course, moisturising.

In real terms, I find this a beautiful product to use. It’s very light, almost gel like, doesn’t leave any tacky residue and disappears into the skin really quickly. Leaves the skin moisturised and yes, certainly the very finest of my fine lines have gone altogether. The deeper of my lines and wrinkles are of course still there although I think even some of those have diminished slightly. Overall, I’m very impressed. I do find this doesn’t work on dark circles so well but then it doesn’t claim to.

The Ysthéal+ Eye Contour Cream retails at £17 for 15ml, but you can purchase from Escentual for a reduced price of £15.30.

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My Review of the original Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus is, and always has been, one of my most read posts on the blog. The Serum was really very impressive indeed and I got fantastic results from it so I’m very excited about the newest Clinique launch.

Did you know a woman smiles at least 75 times a day? Apparently that’s a fact although for this harrassed Mum of two it really doesn’t feel like it 😉

Anyway, Introducing Repairwear Laser Focus Eye Cream.

Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Eye Cream

Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Eye Cream

The cream claims to repaire UV damage and protect against environmental aggressors,  as well as visibly improving the appearance of lines and wrinkles and overall texture, including crepey eyelids, under eye cross hatching and crows feet and it claims to strengthen the moisture barrier.

The active ingredients are the same as those in the serum so I have high hopes for this one.

It’s available now, from Clinique counters nationwide and of course www.clinique.co.uk and I expect this will be very popular indeed.

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Jo Malone London Vitamin E Eye Cream

There’s a new Jo Malone London skincare product in town and it’s a new addition to the the Vitamin E range.

The cream is designed to moisturise the skin around the eyes, reduce the look of fine lines and dark circles and has a lot of lovely ingredients including vitamin E (of course), white tea, white birch bark, avocado, murumuru butter and caffeine. It feels rich and creamy and is delicately scented.

If you’re a fan of the Jo Malone Vitamin E range, you’ll be wanting to add this to your repertoire quick sharp!

Available now, 15ml is £35 and you can of course purchase from www.jomalone.com

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Brenda Anvari Firming Eye Gel

Still loving everything from Brenda Anvari I’ve tried, with everything having become a staple for me.  The latest product to join my regime is the Firming Eye Gel.  For your £15.95 you get 15ml of product, which I believe is just a little lower than average for a quality brand and product.

The gel itself is really gorgeous, although on the website the picture is of a clear gel, this is actually a green gel, which looks positively inviting and cooling.

Brenda Anvari Firming Eye Gel

Ingredients include Aloe and Seaweed which are of course rich in antioxidants and there’s vitamin E to hydrate and firm the skin and help reduce the appearance of under-eye circles. It is of course, as a gel, soothing and has a de-puffing effect as it cools and soothes.

I have to say I find eye products a little on the tricky side to review because I’ve not tried one that hasn’t made any difference. I think the reason for this is simply that if the delicate skin around the eyes is kept moisturised then it’s plumper and fine lines appear smaller. Ultimately though, that means I can say that I have seen results using this product, which I have come to expect from the brand.

This is such a lovely light product though, and I think especially wonderful in the Summer months. For a cooling soothing finish I have long been a fan of the Clinique All About Eyes roll on product which I got a bit addicted, but this is easier on the purse and does just as good a job.

Another Brenda Anvari winner. I won’t rest until you all know this brand!

Available from Visage House

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Eyesilix Eye Treatment

Eyesilix has been out for a little while now and comes from the same people (Indeed Laboratories) who bought us Nanoblur and Hydraluron.

I’ve not dared to try out Hydraluron yet (because my skin seems to hate so many products) and I did try out Nanoblur and found my feelings were quite mixed (you can see my review here) so I wasn’t too sure what to expect from Eyesilix.

The no nonsense packaging doesn’t give you much of a clue of what to expect on first impressions, but actually the box is packed full of information telling you what to expect if you have a good read.

In short though, it promises instant effects, diminshed fine lines and wrinkles, along with instant lifting and luminosity, it also promises to reduce puffiness and target dark circles. It also promises long term results.

So what I do see is as follows, I see lines plumped out and I see puffiness reduced. I don’t think my dark bits are any lighter really and I’m not too sure there’s any lifting going on. Regardless, it show it’s effects quite quickly and as such this is a fabulous day to day eye cream that really does have instant results.

As for the long term benefits, I can’t say for sure whether there are any, because in order to see if there were any, I’d have to stop using it if that makes any sense! What I mean is, that for as long as I’m getting the instant benefits, by using twice I day, I can’t tell if they are more permanent or not! Time will tell I think as I have a new eye product sitting here waiting to be tested out!

Got to say though, in short, I do recommend this, it does offer results, decent results at that. I’m not sure it delivers everything it promises, but I’m not sure I believe that anything can! This is a very worthy product.

Eyesilix Eye Treatment

15ml will cost you £24.99 and you can purchase from Boots.com.

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Clinique Even Better Eyes

I have to say I’m loving all the Clinique Even Better products. I’m actually not using this product at the moment because I’ve had a sample of something else I’m currently trialling but I have had this one for quite some time and used it twice daily.

As a rule I don’t actually suffer with dark circles at all, but what I do have is these to dark marks on the outer corners of my eyes… they look like my lower lash eyeliner has smeared outwards, or indeed bruised…either way, I struggle with them a bit as they look a lot like I am pretty bad at applying make up (which I am of course, but not in that way!).

Even Better Eyes is a dark circle corrector. Lots of things can lead to dark circles, age, dehydration, poor circulation and numerous other things and as the skin is so thin there, it can make these circles look even darker.

So then, Even Better Eyes deals with the dark circles by lightening the area of over time with Vitamin C and Mulberry Root. It also protects against irritation and environmental assaults with caffeine and green tea. Then finally it improves structural support.

If that isn’t enough for you then there’s some instant brightening effects with “optic technology”. Oh and lastly, the applicator is designed to fit under the eye and deliver a massage as you apply your product which in turn helps improve microcirculation and break up congestion.

It’s a great product, as I would expect. My dark marks didn’t disappear altogether, but they certainly diminished quite a lot while using this product. I was impressed. It also is worth mentioning the texture, it’s very lightweight and absorbs quickly, oh and it’s oil free too.

I personally probably wouldn’t keep using this, as I feel dark circles isn’t really one of my many concerns, but I know it is an incredibly common concern, if it’s one of yours, I’d highly recommend this product. Available now and priced at £28, this stuff really works.

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