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Meet Rose, the glamorous vintage face of English Rose Cosmetics.

English Rose Cosmetics Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed Eye Cream

Her visage decorates my pot of Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed Eye Cream and also adorns the outer packaging.

English Rose Cosmetics Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed Eye Cream

English Rose Cosmetics Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed Eye Cream

English Rose Cosmetics Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed Eye Cream
Okay so what we’ve got is an eye cream to reduce dark circles, bags and puffy eyes whilst plumping out fine wrinkles. Active ingredients include Cytobiol Lumin Eye and hyaluronic acid.

It’s a lovely silky cream, not too rich and quickly absorbed.

English Rose Cosmetics Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed Eye Cream

A tiny bit goes a long way and its a beautiful texture. I think for the price it is, £13, you won’t find a better eye cream. The active ingredients are fabulous. I’ve been reading up about Cytobiol Lumin Eye and it sounds amazing. Certain, I’ve been using this cream for a couple of weeks and my eyes are looking pretty dark circle and line free. Very impressive.

There are other products in the range, with more coming soon, there’s a Rose Kiss Spritz, Lay Back and Think of England Bath Oil, Daily Defence Moisturiser, Nighty Night Cream and Quillija Gentle Cleansing Mousse. As it stands at the moment I think you can only order via telephone (075408 16788), but in the not too distant future you should be able to order from http://www.english-rose-cosmetics.com/.

A lovely brand, and well worth a look.

Dr Lewinn's Firming Eye Cream

I am loving Dr Lewinn’s  products at the moment. I’ve got a few coming up on the blog but I thought I’d start with the Firming Eye Cream which I’m absolutely loving.

It’s actually a gel texture filled with tiny tiny iridescence which translates to light on the skin rather than sparkle but it just seems to work like a charm I’m very impressed.

Although it’s a gel it performs just like a cream, blends easily and absorbs quickly leaving little or no residue on the surface of my skin.

It seems to instantly brighten the area, which is possibly the golden particles, but it also seems to plump my lines and tighten as well as cooling and soothing the area thanks to the Aloe Vera. It’s truly a lovely product that has exceeded my expectations. Plus it really is so so pretty to look at. Just behold the lovely cream!

Dr Lewinn's Firming Eye Cream

Highly recommended. £31 for a 30g pot which is extremely good value. I would ordinarily pay that for 15-20g of product. This pot will last me a long long time.

Available from www.drlewinns.co.uk

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

LP Skin Therapy

LP Skin Therapy is a skincare range created by Dr Linda Papadopoulos PhD. Dr Papadopoulos is a very well known psychologist but what I suspect is less well known is that she is especially knowledgeable about the field of psychodermatology. I’d never heard of this before so just by way of quick explanation, psychodermatology is taking a psychological approach to skin disorders, recognising the role emotional stress can play in triggering conditions and tackling the distress they can cause. Therefore, it is no surprise that the LP Skin Therapy range has been designed to tackle ageing skin, not only by helping with external factors such as sun and pollution, but also by helping to tackle stress.

Not as out there as it actually sounds really, if you believe in the power of scent, or aromatherapy, then this is along those lines. One thing I particularly like is that on the brand’s website there’s a sort of encyclopaedia where you can look up many of the ingredients, and is actually in terms that I can understand, I don’t feel blinded by science.

Anyway, a little bit about the products, all the items I was sent are mini samples so they’ve not been rigorously tested but I am able to tell you what I think of them all so far.

Starting with the System Balance Face Wash which is £15.99 for 150ml. Now I totally avoid foaming face washes as I know they can be drying and not good, in the spirit of trying things out for the blog I gave this a whirl and have to say I’ve been loving it. It’s very lightly foaming and leaves my skin soft but not at all tight or sensitive. It is quite heavily scented, orange blossom, which I love. Would definitely consider purchasing this after I’ve finished my other cleanser, to use along with my oil cleanser.

The next item i tried is the Uplifting Facial Water.  Loving this again.  It’s £15.00 for 120ml and you can use either after your cleanser, as a toner or as a spritz as and when throughout the day, again this is fragranced with orange blossom. It contains aloe vera and hibiscus extract to sooth and calm along with Colloid PMG-WP (!) which is a source of hydrolysed wheat protein and 24 carat colloidal gold to fight the ageing process. This just feels very refreshing, so for that reason I like it and would definitely use it after my cleanser.

Then we have the Refining Lip Exfoliator, £15 for 8ml. Now this is a lovely product, I’ve really been enjoying using this.  It’s not a thick balm, on the lips it feels like oil which has small beads of jojoba oil in it. I use this as the last stage of my evening routine, every night religiously. I like the lemon oil scent for a start and the fact that it leaves my lips so soft. This doesn’t feel very exfoliating as the beads are sparse, which isn’t a criticism, I love this. You apply, massage in for 30 seconds and then tissue off, hence why I use it last thing at night, rather than throughout the day. It’s very lovely although a little pricey in comparison to the other products mentioned so far.

The final product I’ve been trying out is the Untired Eye Cream (£25 for 15ml) and it’s the only product I’m not entirely convinced by. I’ll explain in more detail. It’s an eye cream to help reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes but in the long term it promises to firm up the skin and keep the area hydrated. As an eye cream I really like it. It’s slightly iridescent and on application you can see it brightening the area, which is great, the thing I’m not so keen on is the sparkle….there’s a lot of sparkle in this stuff, and whilst it is incredibly fine and far from being chunky glitter, it is still quite obvious. Now under foundation this causes no problems at all…but if you are going foundation free then be prepared for sparkly eyes. For me, I wear foundation most days so its not a problem and I’ve enjoyed using this, but I have to say it’s a no go for me on no foundation days.

All in all I’ve really enjoyed trying out this range, it’s considerably more affordable than other brands I’ve reviewed this week, and the products are very pleasant to use indeed. I also really like the ethos, it’s logical, if you look after yourself, get plenty of sleep, manage your stress effectively, your skin will improve. A very nice range and it’s available from http://www.keepmeinspired.co.uk/

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

Laszlo Blue Firmarine

Oh why does it always happen that the things that I really really fall in love with are way way way out of my price league!

I recently reviewed a couple of Erno Laszlo products namely, two moisturisers from the Hollywood collection and I loved them both. This time, out of the blue I received two more products, Laszlo Blue, from the Firmarine collection.

I have various skin issues, one of which is a loss of firmness in my skin so especially pleased to be sent these to try out.

Laszlo Blue Firmarine

Absolutely love the packaging. It’s clean and stylish.

The first of the two items I received is the Firmarine Night Cream. The active ingredients are Spirulina Maxima which is full of over 70 amino acids to feed new collagen growth, Salicornia Extract that attracts water to the skin and strengthens the lipid barrier for smoother skin and Iceland Moss which is a powerful moisturiser. The features and benefits are:

The second product I received is the Firmarine Eye Therapy. A light gel formula which is designed to lift and firm the delicate skin around the eye, again using Spirulina Maxima. The features and benefits are:

I’ve been using both of these products for several weeks now and I think I can see a slight improvement in my skin, in terms of firmness. Certainly the Eye Therapy does seem to immediately provide results upon application. It’s really very impressive. The Night Cream isn’t too rich, as is often the case with night creams, it absorbs quickly and does leave me with nice skin in the morning. I am not entirely sure that I can see my skin looking firmer but I think that a night cream on its own is unlikely to do that, and that ideally you’d need to use the whole range.

That said I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time on the Erno Laszlo website and a hefty wishlist. This is not good. Not good at all. Largely because my wishlist totals $853. And so you’ll have noticed that I’ve not put the prices in for the above products yet. Brace yourselves.

Laszlo Blue Firmarine Eye Therapy is £125 and the Laszlo Blue Firmarine Night Cream is £245. Yes. You did read that right. As with the Hollywood products I am treating these like Charlie treated his chocolate bar.  Only using the smallest amounts I can get away with because I’ll cry when they run out.

Gorgeous gorgeous products.

Available from Harrods in the UK.

*Disclosure – PR samples*

Molton Brown Vita B3 Eye Concentrate

I’m a huge huge fan of Molton Brown Skincare after I tried out some of the range they sent to me. I still use it daily and my skin is still loving it (although I still use other brands in combination with the Molton Brown) but now I’ve added the Vita B3 Eye Concentrate to my routine and am delighted that it lives up to my expectations.

Molton Brown Vita B3 Eye Concentrate

I have to admit I’d slacked a bit on my eye care recently and I had noticed things starting to look a bit wrinkly in that department, particularly when I was sorting out photographs for blog posts. I noticed an immediate improvement with this stuff.

15ml is £45, so its not a cheap product but there are some things I think are worth every penny and this is one of them.

Ingredients include Vitamin B3 and ash bark complex to combat dark shadows and puffiness along with a Tetra-peptide complex to help reduce the appearance of fine lines. I’m not going to profess to know what that is, only that it seems to do a great job.

An application in the morning immediately banishes shadows and puffiness and I swear that as time has gone on I’ve seen a definite decrease in fine lines and wrinkles.

A lovely light weight gel serum that when the weather was hot I kept in the fridge for extra cooling benefits.  So far, this range can do no wrong for my skin at least.


*Disclosure – PR Sample*

Yes to Blueberries

After a win with the Yes To Carrots Body Butter I was offered a chance to try a few products from the Yes To Blueberries range which unlike it’s vegetable based siblings appealed to me just because of the fruity name.

I’m still taking great care to not mess my skin around too much and to use products that are silicone free and as natural as possible and the Yes to Blueberries range meets that criteria.

The bits I was sent  are the Intensive Firming Repair Moisturiser, the Intensive Firming Eye Repair Cream and the Brightening Towelettes.

Blueberries are famously anti-oxidant rich and those combined with some special active ingredients can really help fight the signs of ageing. Also included in the range  are Paracress Flower and Cotton Thistle to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, promote collagen production and improve the skins elasticity. The entire range is 95% natural, paraben free, petroleum and SLS free.

First up the Brightening Towelettes, these are £7.99 for 30. Blueberries and coconuts to cleanse, remove make up  and moisturise all in one. We all know that wipes are a poor excuse for cleaning your face properly but I think many of us know how it feels to just not be bothered once in a while. I certainly don’t use these every day, but I’ve tended to reach for them on nights where I’m ill or exhausted and not wearing a tonne of make although I have to say they do a great job of removing make up as well. I really like these and they are perfect for having when you really really CBA to wash your face properly. These smell lovely, leave only a little residue on the skin, and what is left behind feels moisturising and lovely, rather than leaving my skin feeling tight. I would definitely consider repurchasing these as I do like to have wipes to hand just in case.

Next the Intensive Firming Repair Moisturiser £19.99 for 50ml. It’s actually not as cheap as I thought it’d be for some reason but it’s worth it. My skin is the clearest it’s been in a long long time. I can’t say for sure it’s this as I’m using a cocktail of products at the moment and still loving my Origins skincare, but this is my day moisturiser of choice at the moment, it feels light and absorbs quickly but seems to be coping very well with my winter dry patches, i.e. there are none. My skin looks great and this is at least partially responsible. I am not sure my lines are reduced, they might be, but over all my skin is looking healthier and plumper. Very happy to keep using this one well worth the price tag. There is one negative though, my neck does not like this at all and if I ever sweep my hands down over my neck I get spots. Spots on my neck. I don’t know why this is, its a bit odd, but its no problem for me really, I use a different cream on my neck and so long as it doesn’t give me spots on my face I’m happy. I think this highly likely to be me being odd, rather than the product, it would make no sense that my face loves it, my neck doesn’t!

Finally the Intensive Firming Eye Repair Cream £19.99 for 15ml. Again a lovely light product, quickly absorbed that smells nice and keeps my eye area looking pretty good, I’m not sure my lines are reduced but there is a general improvement to the whole area which I think is hard to pinpoint, but it is regardless, better. I’m not sure yet how it compares with my Origins Plantscription but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend either.

This is pretty pricey I think and I think the packaging could be a little fancier for the price. I think the plastic dispensers (which are pumps) have a sort of cheapness about them (not in a bad way) which would lead me to think the products were around half the price that they actually are. Don’t get me wrong, the packaging is really attractive, I’m just not sure it matches the prices of the products. That said, don’t judge a book by it’s cover and all that, the products inside the containers are fabulous (and again I do like the containers!!) and I highly recommend them.

*Dislosure – PR Samples*

Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Eye Treatment

So another of my Origins products in line with my recent skin care overhaul. This is the new Plantscription Anti-aging eye treatment.

I can’t be without an eyecream and this is the latest addition to the Origins range following on from their highly successful Planscriptions serum. I have a lot of fine lines under my eyes, fortunately for the most part they are all very fine, but there are a lot of them so I like products that will plump them and ideally work on getting rid of them!

So Plantscription Anti-aging treatment promises to diminish the appearance of crow’s feet, reduce under eye cross hatching, smooth the appearance of crepey lids and lift and firm the appearance of saggy eye skin. You dab the gel formula on day and night.

Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Eye Treatment

And do I like it?

Yeah I do, I’ve noticed a real improvement and I do intend to keep using it. It’s light and extremely quickly absorbed and I do feel that it works to keep the skin around my eyes looking plump and relatively line free. This is one of those products that I don’t have much to say about. Which is a good thing in this case. It smells nice, it does the job, it’s quickly absorbed and so I recommend it!

The only down side is the price, which is a hefty £35.

It feels a bit odd to be doing such a short review about a product when normally I go on and on about things, but it’s a nice product, does what it says on the tin and that’s that!


So it’s been approximately 10 weeks since did THIS post.

And it’s been 10 weeks since I’ve been using all the (mostly) Decleor products mentioned. Specifically:

Cleansers: Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser Moisturisers/oils: Decleor Aromessence Ylang Ylang and Aromessence Ylang Ylang Night Balm, both for combination and oily skin (although I am neither… I certainly lean that way rather than dry), Decleor Expression De L’Age Radiance Smoothing Cream, specially formulated for women in their 30’s.
Eye Care: Decleor Expression De L’Age Relaxing Eye Cream. Again specially formulated for women in their thirties.

So how have I found the products and is my skin now beautiful? Well lets talk through the products. The Alpha H Cleanser I reviewed here. I still very much enjoy using this cleanser and have nothing further to add to that.

The Decleor products are beautiful. The balms and oils are a pleasure to use as is the moisturiser and eye cream, but its the wonderful scents of the oil and balm as well as the ritual of applying them that make them extra special. The moisturiser is nice, but somehow doesn’t seem quite moisturising enough for me, I don’t think that’s fair to say to be honest, I think I’m more used to a thicker pot of cream rather than a thinner lotion formula.

Unfortunately, this regime hasn’t worked out for me the way I would have hoped and alas I find my skin is exactly the same as it was 10 weeks ago in terms of pores and congestion. I have a lot of history with Decleor skincare and I absolutely can’t bring myself to say anything bad about these products at all… I actually think that the problem is that I’ve not been using the right Decleor products for my skin. I think I shouldn’t have gone with the combination/oily skin products and gone for the Neroli for normal skin.

I’m really disappointed to be honest! I had high high hopes for this and as I say I can’t fault the products, my skin is no worse, no different, it’s just no better and I don’t even think its because the products aren’t up to standard, in fact I know it’s not that, Decleor standards are extremely high, its just that these aren’t the right products for me alas!

And so my search for the perfect skincare for me starts again…I’ve already found something fantastic so I’m looking forward to sharing that with you soon.

Please don’t let my lack of success here put you off, I whole heartedly recommend Decleor products based on my past experiences alone (I used Decleor skincare for several years before I started blogging) and loved it.

*Disclaimer – a mixture of PR samples and purchases. I bought the Cleanser, eye cream and moisturiser, the balm and oil were press samples*


26. 07. 2011

I’ve absolutely had it with my skin. I’m 37 and quite frankly fed up of the gaping pores emphasised by anthing other than polyfilla, I’m sick of the lumps and bumps and I’ve had it with the spots. ENOUGH.

A long time ago, before I started blogging I was a Decleor devotee. I swore by the range and loved it. Since blogging however, I’ve mostly stuck to Estee Lauder for it’s miraculous line reducing qualities and chopped and changed with other brands when I’ve been sent them for review purposes and I think my skin has had enough. So thinking back to the past and in consultation with the extremely knowledgable Caroline Hirons I’ve just started a new regime in the hopes of fixing my face.

I will be using the following:

Cleansers: Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser every evening and I have a sample sized bottle of Nuxe Cleansing water to get through but thats just for emergencies. I will always use a clean cloth and hot water from the tap, never from the bowl. My only problem with this is not having a mixer tap…ouch, it gets hot, but so far so good!
Moisturisers/oils: Decleor Aromessence Ylang Ylang and Aromessence Ylang Ylang Night Balm, both for combination and oily skin (although I am neither… I certainly lean that way rather than dry), Decleor Expression De L’Age Radiance Smoothing Cream, specially formulated for women in their 30’s.
Eye Care: Decleor Expression De L’Age Relaxing Eye Cream. Again specially formulated for women in their thirties.
Special Treat: Decleor Source D’Eclat – 10 Days Radiance Powder Cure. I’ll review this product separately after the given 10 days but this is a radiance booster with pure Vitamin C so we shall see!

Some of these items are PR samples and some of them I have bought myself. I have previously had the Alpha H Cleanser as a sample but finished it, this bottle I have bought myself. I have also purchased the Eye Cream and Moisturiser myself, whilst the other three Decleor products were PR Samples.

So what am I trying to fix? Well lets have a look! I am largely make up free in the following pictures, except for eye make up. There’s nothing else. There was tinted moisturiser first thing in the morning but this was about 10 hours later so nothing remained.

Doesn’t look bad here does it?

 So lets go a bit closer. Eeek!
Here’s a closer look at my lumpy bumpy chin area, I know, it still doesn’t look terrible in this pic.

So what about this? You see I get spots around my lips, mouth and chin area and along my jawline are those bumps.. so many horrible little bumps… when I have make up on, it just looks like acne.

And this was supposed to show you my nose and its horribleness but erm.. it’s out of focus…

So thats that! I’ve already started with the cleanser and the Aromessences duo but am waiting for the moisturiser and eye cream to turn up and when they do I will start the 10 day radiance powder cure as well.

So I’ll see you 10 days after that point for a review of that product and an update and I suppose in about 4-6 weeks for a closer look at all the products and they are working out for me!

Wish me luck! And a huge thanks to Caroline for the advice. xx

Lancome Renergie Yeux Multiple Lift
Lancome Renergie Yeau Multiple Lift (Ultimate Rejuvenating Eye Duo) is a clever little product. I’ll start with telling you how much I LOVE the packaging! I don’t know why it appeals to me so much but it really does. As you can probably see from my picture the top of the lid pops open revealing a mirror and a pan of concealer like product, but then the whole of the silver bit unscrews like a you would expect a normal screw top lid to come off revealing a pot of moisturising cream.
The product contains two formulas, as explained above for 6 benefits.
Dark circles appear reduced
Bags appear reduced
Eye contour looks more luminous
Eye contour looks smoother
Eye contour feels firmer
Fine lines around the eye appear smoother
So the it promises a lot in some ways but I notice that mostly it promises to make things “appear” more so and so, rather actually have an effect, other than to feel firmer. Thats not a criticism, if products are honest about what they achieve thats fine! I’d rather be told up front something will look much better but not promise to permanently remove all signs of aging!
So the first thing to talk about is the concealer-like pan on the top. It’s not concealer, its Illuminating Protecting Care rich in highlighting pigments and with skincare benefits to fade dark circles, deflate under eye bags and illuminate. I did try to swatch it but it just melts away into nothingness and is impossible for me to capture. On the eyes though it brightens beautifully and hides redness but yet somehow remains undetectable, its magical stuff reall and I love it. You can of course follow with your usual concealers/foundations. And you can of course use it at night.
Then there’s the cream section. The cream (sort of) acts as a base onto which you put the highlighting product, it absorbs quickly, feels light and moisturising, non-greasy. Included with the product are directions, which you really do need to read and use because each product is applied in quite particular areas, to target specific issues.
Unfortunately I didn’t carry on with this product for long enough to really give you a great idea of it’s effectiveness. Nothing to do with this product at all but my skin has been freaking out lately so I’m in the process of going back to basics with my skin care which means no more chopping and changing with samples. I just need to stick to some natural gentle products for a while.
What I can tell you is that these products seem pretty good with “highlighter” bit being really quite fab and immediate effects are certainly good for the use of both products!

This product is a pretty pricey £44.50 which if you were feeling flush, would probably be worth spending!