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I love bagsy Beauty, the products are just so lovely and the concept is also great, so it’s great to hear about a new collection from them, namely the Savannah Miller X bagsy Collection.

Bagsy Savannah MillerPackaging perfection as always with this brand! Savannah Miller is a fashion designer who worked with both Alexander McQueen and Matthew Williamson but who now has her own collection, Nine by Savannah Miller, which you can find in Debenhams.

The collection is small, perfectly formed and stylish, with each product housed in black glossy casing with embossed lettering.

Bagsy Savannah MillerI’ve got three products to show you but there are a few more lovely offerings as well so I’ll tell you about them at the end of the post.

First, the Intensifying Ink Liquid Eyeliner (£15)

Bagsy Savannah MillerFor me this is a dream. I struggle with liner thanks to my age and hooded lids. No matter what I use, what promises it makes, it always always transfers to my upper lid in time. This does not. It is also one of my favourites to use, it just works for me really well allowing me to draw near perfect lines (I still suck at liner, the fault there is me, not my products!). I also really love that the bib is reversible, so if yours starts to look a bit battered, you can turn it round! It dries really fast, and doesn’t budge. Great stuff and definitely recommend.

Dawn to Dusk Eyeshadow Palette (£24)

Bagsy Savannah MillerThe Dawn to Dusk Eyeshadow Palette is a great palette. The shades vary in finish, there’s mattes, shimmers and satins meaning it truly does work for day and night. Honestly it’s hard to say why I’m so fond of this palette, the shadows aren’t as pigmented as other leading brands, and I think the price is a little high, but regardless, I wear this every single day. I think it’s partly to do with the colour selection which is great, as well as the fact that they combine really well to create a really beautiful look, and they are really blendable.  There’s a handy little brush included, which is adequate, and its a really great product for the handbag. Every shade is wearable. It’s not a must-have but it’s definitely a lovely-to-have. Swatches at the bottom of the post.

Finally, Vermillion Lipstick (£16)

Bagsy Savannah MillerDREAMY! I can’t even tell you how much I love this moisturising lipstick. It’s got a satin-matte finish, meaning it’s slightly more forgiving than a straight up matte. The colour, the colour is just perfection. There’s not much more to say… just look! (I’m also wearing the Intensifying Ink Liquid Eyeliner).

Bagsy Savannah Miller

Here are some swatches, the liner, the lipstick and then the shadows.Bagsy Savannah Miller

So not shown in my post is the beautiful looking Bronzed Brilliance Shimmer Bronzer (£20), the Pitch Black Mascara (£18) and the stunningly packaged Glamour Tease Hair Texture Spray (£8). A really lovely collection and I’d be thrilled to have any piece of this collection in my (non existent!) Christmas Stocking!  And don’t forget the lovely little quotes on each piece…

Bagsy Savannah Miller

The whole collection is available now on the bagsy Website, go check it out!

*Products Received Free of Charge for review Purposes


UD XX VICE LTD RELOADEDBehold the beauty that is the Urban Decay XX Vice Ltd Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette!

I’ve got to start with an apology though because it looks like this palette is out of stock everywhere, I’ve had it a while I must admit, but life has really been getting in the way of blogging lately. I’m trying to get back on top if now though, sadly in the case of this beauty, a little too late. The main reason I’m still doing this post is that palette contains shades that are available in other formats as well as those that may well appear in future palettes. There are five vintage shades, five shades from previous palettes and seven shades currently available as singles. I am sorry this review is so late, but hopefully it’s still useful for someone!

So the reason I love this palette, or one of the reasons I love this palette is because while there are new shades, there are also really old favourites too (Gash, Acid Rain and UV-B). I’ve remember when Urban Decay first hit Exeter, going in and marvelling at the beautiful products. I especially loved the lipsticks so I’m thrilled to see the Vice Vintage Lipstick Collection… I’m TOTALLY getting as many of those as I can afford!

Okay back to the UD XX Vice Ltd Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette, henceforth known as the Vice Reloaded palette in this post! Retailing at £43, the palette houses the usual 20 shadows in a variety of finishes, with the usual stunning packaging and attention to detail, as well as the double-ended brush.

UD XX VICE LTD RELOADEDUD XX VICE LTD RELOADEDThe palette itself is matte black with a crystal effect detail on the front, as well as the button to open the case. It’s very attractive, and as always, there’s a mirror inside too.

UD XX VICE LTD RELOADED UD XX VICE LTD RELOADED UD XX VICE LTD RELOADEDAnd inside that lovely jewelled case are beautiful jewel like eyeshadows.

UD XX VICE LTD RELOADEDThe vast majority of the shades in the palette are perfection, just like UD shadows always are. There are a couple of shades that are a touch patchy and harder to work with but I’ve found patting on over a primer solves that.

So, I’m just going to go ahead and show the swatches, with the official colour descriptions and a note or two where I see fit! All swatches are done without primer.

Starting with the top row:


Suspend (greige-brown matte), Oil Slick (black matte with silver micro glitter), Roadstripe (iridescent white with blue/violet shift), Gash (metallic brick red), Midnight Cowboy (pink champagne shimmer with silver glitter). I don’t know why Suspend is so patchy in my swatch, it just doesn’t come out like that when applied to my eyelid, but to be fair I always use a primer. Roadstripe, this is gorgeous if you love your duochromey shades.. while you can’t really see it in my swatch, its really beautiful!

Row Two:

UD XX VICE LTD RELOADED501 (deep metallic blue with copper micro glitter), Shallow (pale taupe-silver satin), Laced (pinky taupe matte), Hot Pants (pearly medium pink) Mildew (deep metallic green shimmer). The shades in this row are all amazing. Shallow is one of my favourites in the whole palette, for no other reason than I just love the shade. Hot pants is a glorious pink, not a colour I can wear with ease but glorious anyway, and Mildew is a stunning rich shade of green!

Row 3:

UD XX VICE LTD RELOADED UD XX VICE LTD RELOADEDSmog (deep coppery bronze shimmer), Misdemeanor (deep olive green matte with green micro shimmer), Freakshow (bright purple satin), Asphyxia (hyacinth shimmer with blue shift), Acid Rain (pale yellow green shimmer with green shift).

Yes I know there are two photographs for this row, but I thought they captured the tones and hues and richness of these shades. All of these shades are incredible.

Row 4:

UD XX VICE LTD RELOADEDMoonflower (metallic rose gold with gold microshimmer), UV-B (bright blue with violet shift), Goldmine (bright metallic gold), Twice Baked (rich brown satin with gold micro glitter), Anonymous (pale peachy cream matte).

Another gorgeous row, all the shades are beautiful, Goldmine is incredible, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a gold like it. Anonymous isn’t rubbish, its just the same shade as my skin unfortunately, but look closely and you’ll see the swatch is there!

Overall, this is a GREAT palette and if you can find it anywhere I would absolutely recommend it. I’ve not tried an Urban Decay palette I wouldn’t recommend yet. They are great for everyone, always a great mix of shades and finishes, making them good for ages and all occasions!

I’m sorry I can’t recommend a stockist, but keep checking the Urban Decay Website, there’s always new goodness there and as I previously mentioned, some of these shades are available as singles!

*product received free of charge for review purposes

Bagsy BeautyI really like Bagsy. A cruelty free, British Brand with great products and beautiful packaging. I mean, what’s not to love? I’ve blogged about Bagsy products before, and today I’m reviewing a few more products.

One of the things I really love is the packaging. Each item has different exterior packaging, it makes the range both beautiful and distinctive. The products inside are always simple and clean looking, it’s a winning combination and should appeal to those who are drawn to pretty things and those who like classic simplicity.

Starting off with the Wow Lips Full Colour Chubby Stick in Ready to Wear (£12)

bagsy Wow lipsWow Lips are chubby lip gloss pencils in opaque shades, full of nourishing ingredients. Ready to Wear is a gorgeous red toned chestnut shade, very popular right now and very easy to wear. I have another one of these, Killer Heels, and I wear it often, this will be too I’m sure. Although they are a gloss pencil, they are quite light on the gloss and don’t feel at all sticky on the lips.

Next is the Lip Cocoon in Raspberry (£7.00).

bagsy lip cocoonHands down my favourite product. Raspberry Lip Cocoon is a tinted lip balm. I am literally living in this right now. I love tinted balms anyway, despite being drawn like a magpie to lipsticks, I actually don’t wear them a huge amount, preferring something more subtle for daily wear and this totally fits the bill. Its a beautiful tint, really comfortable to wear and moisturising and it has a beautiful fruity scent. It’s gorgeous,

Finally we have Beautiful Eyes in the aptly named, Take The Plunge shade (£14.00).

bagsy beautiful eyesI’ve only worn this a couple of times, it’s not really my colour, but don’t let that put you off, the colour is beautiful, a glorious lightly metallic blue shade that works like a charm as an eyeliner and that’s despite it’s chubby point, I can get a great line with this. It’s not (only) a liner though, this pencil blends like a dream meaning it’s great for a wash of colour. It wears incredibly well too, bearing in mind I have quite hooded eyelids, with a primer this is still in place when I remove my make up at the end of the day, it doesn’t budge! Without a primer, it still lasts all day but I have a tiny amount of transfer to my upper lid, and I do mean tiny. If bright blue isn’t your shade, there are several more shades to choose from.

Swatches, Lip Cocoon in Raspberry, Wow Lips in Ready to Wear and Beautiful Eyes in Take The Plunge

bagsy swatches

If you haven’t checked out Bagsy Beauty yet, then please do, I really recommend!

*Products received free of charge for review purposes


OMG! This is about as exciting as make up gets for me. Today I’m blogging about the Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass collection. The collection includes five limited edition lipsticks, as well as an eyeshadow palette.

urban decay alice through the looking glassI can’t actually believe that the original Alice in Wonderland palette was five years ago, I blogged about that palette at the time, but appear to have lost the post in my blog move. The original Alice palette was a big deal, it sold out almost immediately and it was beautiful. The Alice Through the Looking Glass products are equally beautiful and are inspired by the film release of Alice Through the Looking Glass which is released next week.

I’m going to start by showing you the eyeshadow palette (£45). It’s truly a thing of beauty. I should say tight now this post is going to be picture heavy. I think for now, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

urban decay alice through the looking glassurban decay alice through the looking glassurban decay alice through the looking glassurban decay alice through the looking glass urban decay alice through the looking glassurban decay alice through the looking glassurban decay alice through the looking glassurban decay alice through the looking glassSo, what you have is the most stunning palette, housing 20 all new shades of eyeshadow and a double ended brush. The box itself is a work of art decorated in a kaleidoscopic pattern and Alice quotes. Once you lift the lid you’re greeted with a mirror and two doors, lift the doors and find a beautiful butterfly who’s wings flap as you move the doors, it’s truly beautiful. When you pull out the draw, you’ll find a brush and the twenty eyeshadows.

The eyeshadows are in a variety of finishes and shades from smooth buttery matte, to glitter to satin and a few in between. It’s truly gorgeous.

Now for swatches, two photos in two different lights, each swatch has been done over Urban Decay Primer Potion, and in rows, from Left to Right. Looking Glass, Hatter, Lily, Heads Will Roll, Time, Reflection, Gone Mad,  Duchess, Bandersnatch, Dream On, Dormouse, Paradox, Salazen Grum, Chronosphere, Metamorphosis, Cake, Chessboard, Royal Flush and Mirror.

urban decay alice through the looking glass urban decay alice through the looking glassSuch beautiful colours. Three points:

This is one seriously beautiful palette that more than lives up to the hype, grab it if you can!

Moving on to the lipsticks, these are £16 each and amazing, I love them more than the eyeshadow palette if that’s even possible.

urban decay alice through the looking glassFirst a note about the packaging, the same beautiful kaleidoscopic print as the eyeshadow palette. Truly gorgeous.

Left to Right for both of the next pictures. Mirana, Mad Hatter, Alice, Time ad Iracebeth.

urban decay alice through the looking glass urban decay alice through the looking glass

It’s not until you see these on that you really see their beauty so I’ll comment on each shade.


urban decay alice through the looking glassMirana is a beautiful matte berry shade with tonal shimmer. The shimmer is totally lost in the swatch and it’s no overpowering when worn, it’s just really lovely.

Mad Hatter

urban decay alice through the looking glassI loooove this shade. Mad Hatter is a bright purple with shimmer. I think the shimmer is slightly blue-y, but it’s truly lovely. I love purple lipsticks anyway, they are great for when you want to be slightly unconventional but aren’t brave enough to go for one of the more unusual shades!


urban decay alice through the looking glassAlice is one of my favourites and the most wearable. It’s also one of the hardest to photograph. It’s a sheer nude, and really pretty as shown above, but what the swatch and the picture above don’t show is that it has a pink shift. The pink shift is nigh on impossible to photograph but it’s GORGEOUS, and as your nude fades through wear, the pink shift becomes more and more apparent. Truly a gorgeous shade This is the  best photo I managed to get of the shift.

urban decay alice through the looking glass Time

urban decay alice through the looking glassTime is the shade I was most worried about wearing, I never thought I could wear a blue lipstick, but this is really special. It’s a gunmetal navy with silver shimmer, the shimmer is not apparent in my opinion, it wears more as slightly metallic. That’s a good think. This is gorgeous!

Finally we have Iracebeth.

urban decay alice through the looking glass No words, this is just the perfect red. And for a matte formula it’s not at all drying. There’s not much more I can say about this, it’s my favourite, the colour is seriously beautiful.

The lipsticks from this Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass collection are all amazing, I can’t think of a bad word to say about them. What a treat!

So there we have it, a not-so-quick look at the new collection. If you’re tempted by anything you’ve seen, I’d get on and shop really quickly as I predict a sell out!

The Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass collection is available from Urban Decay Online as well as from counters nationwide.

*Products received free of charge for review purposes

I’ve said many times how much I love Clarins cosmetics, I think they are one of the best quality brands available and hugely underrated. I’ve got a couple of pieces from the new Spring Collection, Instant Glow to show you today.

Clarins Instant GlowClarins Instant Glow

The collection promises brightening, and radiant shades, taking you from the icy hues of winter into a bright blossoming Spring.

The first item I received to review is one of new shades of Ombre Iridescent (there are  four new shades) in shade Silver Ivory (£19)

Clarins Silver IvoryClarins Silver IvoryI’ve blogged about the Clarins Ombre Iridescent twice before and they are beautiful. They are a cream to powder formula, and apply like a cream and dry to a powder finish, they wear well and look beautiful. Silver Ivory is to my eyes, quite gold, but it’s a glorious cool gold with a gorgeous finish. Swatches further down the page. They are not glittery, they are not even shimmery, they just have a lovely iridescent finish.

The other item I received is the Rouge Eclat Age-Defying Lipstick in Hot Rose (£19.50)

Clarins Hot RoseI have more Clarins lipsticks than any other brand, they are without fail, exceptional. I found this shade a bit alarming for me but its actually a real treat. Its a beautiful finish and a beautiful colour and not quite as vibrant as it appears in the tube. Its incredibly wearable and perfect for Spring.

Swatches of the two products are shown below. I’ve included a couple of pictures to capture the depth of the finishes.

Clarins Instant Glow Clarins Instant Glow There are some lovely products in the collection, including two new Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors which I love and I’ve reviewed other shades here as well as a gorgeous eyeshadow palette and a new Multi-Blush Shade.

The Clarins Instant Glow Spring Collection launches on the 10th January 2016 from Clarins counters and online

*Products received free of charge for review purposes.

I loved the look of the Mac Ellie Goulding collection when I first saw it floating around on the internet. I remember thinking it was sure to be an absolute sell out with its pinky/peachy/nude tones, but apparently I was wrong, as far as I can see the whole collection is still in stock. I don’t understand why because it’s beautiful. I spent a my Christmas vouchers on a few products from the range so here is my Mac Ellie Goulding review and swatches.

Mac Ellie GouldingMac Ellie GouldingFirst a word about the packaging, the Ellie Goulding Logo is embossed in gold on shiny black packaging which is replicated in the exterior packaging, which is beautifully line in a metallic rose gold shade, matching the peachy shades in the collection beautifully.

I picked up three pieces, but easily could have grabbed more. There are two palettes available, Halcyon Days and Halcyon Nights (£39.50 each). The Halcyon Days Palette is primarily cream products, so I opted for the Halcyon Nights Palette which houses four eye shadows and one Cream Colour Base.

Mac Ellie Goulding Halcyon NightsMac Ellie Goulding Halcyon Nights

The Cream Colour Base, This Love, is a pinky orange pearl, which in the pan looks like it will be difficult to wear, but as you will see in the swatches, it’s actually a sheer, wearable highlighter. Cream Colour Bases can be used in multiple ways. They can  be worn sheerly or built up for dramatic looks and can be worn on eyes or cheeks, on bare skin and even over foundation and/or powder.

The eye shadows in the palette are in a variety of finishes… Starry Eyed is a cream high pearl finish, actually its not shimmery, it’s glittery, but much like the Bobbi Brown Sparkle eyeshadows its a grown up sparkle. There is fall out, but it wasn’t too bad, and swept away quickly and easily leaving no residue. Next is top right shadow, You My Everything, a mid tone peachy brown, which is a matte finish, bottom left is Saddle, a golden orange brown, also a matte finish, and finally, bottom right is Hanging On, a muted plum brown with a satin finish.

Swatches are Starry Eyed, You My Everything, Saddle, Hanging On and This Love Cream Colour Base.

Mac Ellie Goulding Halcyon NightsAbsolutely thrilled with this palette, it’s incredibly beautiful and performs really well in my opinion.

Next I purchased the Powder Blush Duo in I’ll Hold My Breath, which was £23.

Mac Ellie Goulding I'll Hold My BreathWhile this is expensive at £23, you must take into account the fact that it’s huge, the box it came in is larger than the Halcyon Nights palette. It’s 12.3g, thats more than twice the size of a normal Mac blusher which retails at £18.50. While I love the Halcyon Nights palette, its this product that’s my favourite. It’s a lovely mirrored compact, and embossed with the Ellie Goulding logo, and has is split in two unequal parts, the larger is a matte, medium toned bronzer, with a pearly peach pink blusher. When blended together it looks beautiful, but you can of course pick out each shade and use them as you see fit. Swatches are further down the page.

Finally I picked up one of the lipsticks from the collection, Only You (£17).

Mac Ellie Goulding Only You

Officially I believe this is a mid tone muted coral. To me its a warm, mid toned pink and its the perfect every day colour. I don’t love cremesheen finishes, but this is surprisingly comfortable to wear, but doesn’t last terribly long on my lips, I’m more than happy to whip this beautiful product out in public though to reapply. It really is a beautiful lipstick and complements the rest of the items in the range perfectly.

Swatches, I’ll Hold My Breath Bronzer, I’ll Hold my Breath Blusher and Only You Lipstick.

Mac Ellie GouldingAll in all I’m delighted with my purchases, they all create a soft day look which you can really ramp up with shimmer and shine for evenings if you want. I’d like to go back for the pink Lustre Drops which look beautiful, as well as perhaps, one of the Patentpolish Lip Pencils.

As I say, the collection looks like its all fully instock, so go shopping, would highly recommend.

I purchased all my items from Mac Online.

I can’t remember quite where I first saw the Mac Dark Desires collection, but I knew that I needed it in my life, and this feeling increased with each swatch or review I saw. Sadly, the old budget put something of a dampener on my shopping plans so I ended up with just three pieces.

Mac Dark Desires I bought all my products from Mac Online, so it was nice to receive a couple of samples with my order, firstly of the Skin Base Primer and secondly the Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara.

Onto the Dark Desires Products, starting with the Lipstick. I picked up Boyfriend Stealer which is a blackened plum shade, in a cremesheen finish. Mac Boyfriend StealerActually I don’t like cremesheen finishes generally speaking, but I knew that if was going to wear this colour, it couldn’t be too opaque, so this finish is ideal. One swipe gets me my ideal coverage for a shade like this, but it can be built up for greater impact.

Mac Boyfriend Stealer Mac Boyfriend StealerIt is a tricky colour to wear, very cool, with a touch of grey, but I love it. I prefer to wear it with everything else pared back, but it would look phenomenal with smokey eyes for an evening look.

Which leads me neatly onto the Into the Well eyeshadows.

Mac Into The WellThese eyeshadows offer a little well in the centre, the reason being, you can use the centre like an inkwell with a wet brush. These were released in five shades and I wanted all of them, there’s also a darkest blue, darkest brown and a black, and it took me two days to choose the shades I was going to get. I’m happy with my choices but I still want the others.

Okay starting with the Mac Dark Desires Into the Well Shadow.

Mac Dark DesiresThis is a blackened aubergine shade and really gorgeous.

I also picked up What’s Your Fantasy.

Mac What's Your FantasyOfficially this is a black with heavy multi-coloured pearl. I actually think its a dark grey with gold glitter. Whatevs, its beautiful.

Before I purchased, I read reviews about these not being especially amazing when used dry. I think they are just fine, they are obviously nothing like as pigmented dry, as they are wet, but that suits me just fine and is actually the whole reason I wanted them. I don’t find them patchy, and they blend very well, but the reason I was so taken with the idea of these is that you can apply them dry as a single wash of dark smokey colour, and then line using the same product wet. And I have to say they work brilliantly. My eyeshadow skills aren’t brilliant so I won’t show you but hopefully my swatches below will give a good idea of how they work. Dark Desires is a stunning colour, but What’s your Fantasy is glorious, both are amazing wet and so brilliantly easy to use. They make the most incredibly eye liners, my only tip would be to wear a primer, as I did get some transfer to my upper eyelid without it. The lines themselves though stayed put all day.

Anyway, swatches, left is Boyfriend Stealer Lipstick, Dark Desires Into the Well Eyeshadow dry, then wet, and finally What’s your Fantasy dry, then wet.

Mac Dark DesiresThe bad news is that none of these products are available online any more. However, most of the eyeshadows are available from Debenhams online and it is most definitely worth checking your local Mac stores/counters as my local was quite well stocked.

A really lovely collection, one of the nicest I’ve seen from Mac in a long time!

Delighted to bring you this review today. The Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette.

Inspired by an oil slick, the shades and packaging are absolutely beautiful. Be warned though, if you love the look of this after my review, you’d better get it quick as its Limited Edition. I’ve dithered over too many Urban Decay palettes in the past and missed them, I’m trying to spare you the pain. Trust me.

Okay so the box is nice.

Urban Decay Vice 4 Urban Decay Vice 4 When you open up the box things get really exciting. Firstly you’ll find this zip pouch. Which sticks with the oil slick theme and is very lovely indeed.

Urban Decay Vice 4 Urban Decay Vice 4 Urban Decay Vice 4Within the zip pouch is the beautiful palette. Again with the oil slick colours. It’s gorgeous.

Urban Decay Vice 4Um, hello gorgeous. It’s a sturdy plastic palette. The next photo is just to help you gauge the size.

Urban Decay Vice 4Moving onto the contents, let’s take a look.

Urban Decay Vice 4

Okay so a little word about the palette before I start on the swatches. It is, as I’ve already said, Limited Edition, and the retail price is £43. For your money you get 20 eyeshadows and a brush, which I forgot to photograph, sorry. The brush however is worthy and I have been using it.  There entire lid is a mirror inside and it has a magnetic closure. The shadows are in a mixture of high impact colours and neutrals in a variety of finishes, most are shimmery but there are mattes, satins as well glittery shades.

Moving onto the swatches, they are all done without primer, so you can imagine that if you were to use primer you could get more oomph. I like to show shadows without primer because I believe an eyeshadow should perform without primer, and these most definitely do. I have swatched in columns, working left to right, each is just one swipe of the finger.

Starting with Bones, Framed, Discreet and Bitter.

Urban Decay Vice 4Love this column. I absolutely love Discreet (third from the left). It’s a cool toned neutral, with a tiny hint of mauve.  I’d also like to add that Bitter, the shade on the right, trebles in impact with a second swipe.

Next, Grip, Fast Ball, Grasshopper and Flame.

Urban Decay Vice 4Love these shades, but Grip, the grey and Fast Ball, the second from the left, are my favourites in the whole palette.  You can see a look I created with them at the end of the post.

Third column, Deadbeat, 1985, C-Note and Low.

Urban Decay Vice 4Love these shades also, Deadbeat is a nice black and blends well. 1985, that glorious purpley pink has a touch of duochrome-y goodness but a little bold for my conservative tastes while Low, the brown is a touch gritty thanks to the glitter but a nice shade.

Next up we have Beat Down, Underhand, Arctic and Crowbar.

Urban Decay Vice 4Wow. Okay Beat Down (first on the left) is beautiful, it has a stunning shimmer in a bright violet that makes it look illuminated, actually the same can be said of Underhand (second from the left) and Arctic (third from the left) each of these is so full of dimension, they glow. Crowbar however, as you can see from my swatch is full of chunky glitter. I’m not sure how best to apply this without considerable fall out, I suspect a primer and patting motion would be most successful. Its a beautiful olive green shade.

And finally, Pandemonium, Harlot, Robbery and Delete.Urban Decay Vice 4These shades are amazing. Firstly I’m going apologise for my picture of Harlot, both in the pan and in the swatch, I just couldn’t get my camera to co-operate with this shade which is a huge shame as its beautiful. While it looks frosty lilac in my photograph, its actually much more special in the flesh, it has a pink tone to it it goes beautifully with all the other shades in this column. All of which I love.

This is a beautiful palette, and one that should please both neutral and colour fans alike. The performance of all the shadows is good to excellent with no obvious duds. The glitters are hard to work with, but still beautiful and they wear well, and of course, with a primer, they stay put all day. I’ve had a little play with all of the shadows now, and with apologies for the low quality photo, this has been my favourite look so far. Excuse the crazy eyebrow!!!

Urban Decay Vice 4

Discreet as a base, grip in the outer corners and Fast Ball blended in. I’m fairly sure I added a few others into the mix as well, but those are the ones I definitely recall.

Absolutely love this, and highly recommend, but move fast if you want one for yourself!

The Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette is £43 and available from www.urbandecay.co.uk/

*Palette received free of charge for review purposes.

Clarins The Essentials PaletteClarins The Essentials PaletteIt’s been ages since I’ve had a new Clarins eyeshadow palette to play with! This new one, The Essentials Eye Make-up Palette, is back for Christmas 2015.

Housed inside a chocolate and gold embossed palette are ten eyeshadows in varying finishes, from satin, to sheer, to shimmer to matte.

Clarins The Essentials PaletteClarins The Essentials Palette The first thing I want to mention is the transparent overlay on top of the shadows. Its a handy placement chart, showing you where you can apply each numbered shadow for best effect and to create a variety of looks. It’s also worth mentioning the mirror in the lid, which is handy.

Also included in the palette is a brush.Clarins The Essentials Palette

The brush itself is more than just a useless addition, its a perfectly usable brush made from sustainable birchwood. Both are fluffy brushes, with one end being slightly smaller than the other.

Now onto the shadows themselves.

Clarins The Essentials PaletteIt is basically a neutrals palette, with the addition of the purple on the far right, which to my eyes is grey toned. The palette, like all good neutrals palettes, allows you create anything from a soft, subtle day time look, to a dramatic smoky eye for the evening, or even some high shine with the shimmer shades.

Here are the swatches.

Clarins The Essentials Palette

As with all the Clarins mineral eyeshadows, they can all be used both wet and dry. Personally, I don’t ever use my eyeshadows wet, I don’t apply my make up in the bathroom and I don’t find this practical, however it goes without saying you’ll get a much more pigmented result from these (or indeed any shadows) if you do. If you’d like to see how they look swatched wet, then head over to British Beauty Bloggers post.

The first swatch you see on the left, the warm toned shimmer, isn’t actually the first swatch. The first swatch is invisible on my skin, totally invisible. The baby pink is clearly too close to my skin tone and I wasn’t able to build it up at all. So what you can see are nine shades of the palette, but the tenth is there!

The grey toned purple is a great shade, and the black is amazing. It seems that good black shadows aren’t easy to make judging by the amount of patchy, chalky blacks I’ve tried but this black is amazing. The gold shimmer is also worth of special mention, its dazzling, even swatched dry and it looks amazing wet. I also really love the third shade from the right which is a charcoal colour, as well as the fourth from the left which is a beautiful bronze shade. It’s a really nice palette, and yes there are a lot of neutral palettes around at the moment, but this stands out for two main reasons to me, the first is the option to use it wet, the second is the incredible black. There’s nothing wrong with any of the other shades I’ve not mentioned, they are all decent shadows, bar the first, which I think would be fine on darker skin than mine. They are standard neutral palette offerings and they have their place, and they work really well with the other shades mentioned. I have a particular fondness for coffee and chocolate shades mixed with greys and blacks, its a different and unique look and one to try if you haven’t already… and gold and grey is my absolute favourite combination!

If you are in the market for a new palette I’d definitely recommend this, especially if, unlike me, you do like to or would be prepared to use them wet because they really wow then!

Oh and here’s a clever thing, the tray of eyeshadow pans lifts out of the box completely, meaning that when you’ve finished  with your palette you can keep the box and use it for something else, a pencil or jewellery case perhaps?!

The Essentials Eye Make-Up Palette is available now from Clarins counters and online, and it retails at £35.

*Palette received free of charge for review purposes.

The highlight of every season for me, is seeing what’s new from Clarins. For such a huge brand, I find they don’t get nearly enough praise, the quality of everything I’ve ever tried is exceptional and the packaging and design is always classy. I really feel I need to apologise for some of these photos which for some reason didn’t all come out as well as they should have done, but the main one, the swatches one, came out perfectly so it will be quite literally a case of all’s well that ends well.

Clarins Autumn 2015


So starting off with the Eyebrow Pencils (£17)*

Clarins Eyebrow pencil Clarins Eyebrow pencilAvailable in three, shades, Soft Blonde, Light brown and Dark Brown, I have Light Brown. Each pencil has a spiral brush at one end to tame and groom the brows, while the pencil isn’t quite the right shade for me (actually it is but I like my brows DARK), I’ve been wearing it anyway. The pencil is really firm meaning its easy to draw exactly where you want it to go, with a sharp point you can even draw in hairs. I like this a lot.

Moving onto the Crayon Khol (£17)*

Clarins Crayon Khol Clarins Crayon KholI’ve got lots of Clarins eyeliners and they never disappoint. They line brilliantly, they smudge brilliantly (with the brush on the other end of the pencil), they pack a powerful punch of colour and they wear really well, I don’t get transfer to my upper eyelid like I do with so many other brands. For this collection, two shades have been added, Carbon Black, for an ultra dark look and True Violet. True Violet is shown above, and I would suggest looking at the swatches at the end of the post because this colour is absolutely amazing. It applies darker than I expected, while the purple seems to be iridescent. Its beautiful.

Next up, the Ombre Mattes (£19)

Clarins Ombre MatteThis cream to powder finish eyeshadow is perfection. I absolutely love black eye make up and this is really black and gorgeous to apply. It’s silky and lightweight and doesn’t crease. It stays put all day long. I have Carbon, but the other shade available with this collection is Heather which looks like a purpley grey and equally lovely.

The final item to show you is the Rouge Eclat lipstick in the shade Red Paprika (£19.50*)

Clarins Rouge Eclat Red Paprika Clarins Rouge Eclat Red PaprikaOh Clarins lipsticks you’re the best,

When you’re around I don’t want the rest.

Gorgeous colours, classy cases,

Surely you win the lipstick races.

I love Clarins lipsticks so much I am inspired to write poetry. Amazing poetry I am sure you’ll agree.  But seriously, if you’ve never tried a Clarins lipstick, you should, the Rouge Eclat formula moisturisers without a hint of greasiness, while minimizing fine lines. They wear  really well on me and I just love them. There are two new shades for this collections, Tawny Rose, and Red Paprika as shown. Its a gorgeous orange hued, rich red shade and my pick of the collection.

Swatches of all of the above are here, Eyebrow Pencil Light Brown, Rouge Eclat in Paprika Red, Crayon Khol in True Violet and Ombre Matte in Carbon.

Clarins Autumn 2015 SwatchesNot shown, but also included in the collection is the Pretty Day 5-Colour Eyeshadow Palette which retails at £33.

As always a gorgeous collection with extremely good quality products, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of the items shown above. That liner colour though is just perfect.

The Collection Launches in August and you will be able to find it on Clarins counters as well as Clarins online.

*All Items received free of charge for review purposes