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Urban Decay naked2Delighted to be blogging about the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. I received this to review, in addition to the Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation which is my favourite foundation. I’ve actually already reviewed it and I love it, you can see my post here.

Moving on to the Naked 2 palette. I already own the first Naked palette and there’s no denying the Naked palettes just really work. From the varying textures in the palette, to the wearable shades, to the excellent formula both in terms of application and wear time and not forgetting the versatility, Urban Decay’s Naked palettes are just a brilliant idea, taking you from subtle looks to dramatic looks with just one palette, if you are not a makeup hoarder one palette could cover all your eye shadow needs, if you are a hoarder, then get them all!

And lets not forget, so popular have the Naked palettes been they’ve spawned a thousand nude and natural palettes from other brands, and they haven’t stopped coming yet, and its easy to see why.

Naked 2 is filled with taupe toned neutrals, in a variety of finishes, from ultra shimmery to ultra matte, from the softest cream shade to the darkest black and everything in between.

The palette itself is a taupe neutral metal with a satisfying click shut  and a hinged, mirrored lid. Also included is a double ended brush and Primer Potion samples.

Urban Decay naked2 Urban Decay naked2Urban Decay naked2Urban Decay naked2Urban Decay naked2Urban Decay naked2Before I go into the eyeshadows in more depth, a quick word about the brush. It makes a huge change for a brand to included a quality, useable brush with a palette (hello premium brands that include sponge tipped applicators!), and I love Urban Decay brushes and the Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush is next on my wish list, having had it used on me in store and played about with it, it’s just amazing. So, the eyeshadow brush is great too and more than passable for on the go application.

Moving onto a closer look at the shades and swatches, you’ll see a photo of four shades, names underneath each shade, followed by swatches of the same shades in the same order. Swatches are all on bare skin, no primer.

Urban Decay naked2Urban Decay naked2

Urban Decay naked2Urban Decay naked2

Urban Decay naked2Urban Decay naked2

Stand out shades for me are Tease, Busted and Bootycall, for no other reason than they are my favourite shades. Pistol was a little disappointing in the swatch, but let me tell you it’s incredible over primer. All of the shades are amazing over primer, if you don’t have Urban Decay Potion Primer eye primer, I’d recommend it, these eye shadows work amazingly well without primer, but they are incredible with. It not only affects the depth of the colour but increases the wear time.

Urban Decay naked2If I had to choose between this and the original Naked palette I’d choose this one purely for the addition of the black, I wear a lot of black eye make up, and not just at night-time, so having a great black, handily packaged with my other shadows is a real bonus for me.

I’m no make up artist, but here’s a subtle little look I wore the other day, along with the Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Foundation.

Urban Decay naked2


Definitely recommend this one. As I say you can’t go wrong with Urban Decay eye shadows in general, but this is my favourite Naked Palette.

You can purchase your own Naked 2 Palette for £38 from Urban Decay online.

*Both the palette and foundation were received free of charge for review purposes.


So after a few days hiatus, I’m back with a little look at the new No7 Summer Collection.

No7 Summer Collection 2015

Shade wise, it’s a really unusual set of colours for Summer and most definitely something a bit different from the normal bronzes and teals! Dusky Pinks and plums are unusual, but beautiful and are complemented by some pops of brighter colour.

Starting with the No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Trio in Tea Party (£9.50)*

No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Trio in Tea partyMauve grey, dusky pink and deep, dirty plum suit either day or evening and look beautiful on either pale or bronzed skin.  It looks great it if you apply the grey-ish shade all over, adding the pink over the top for a shimmering finish, you can add as much or as little of the plum shade as you like for day or evening. It’s a versatile palette, which can create pretty pink shimmering looks as well as deep smokey looks.

No7 Stay perfect Eyeshadow trio in tea party

The other item I was sent was the No7 Gel-Look Shine in Rose Gold (£7)*

No7 Gel Look Shine Rose GoldI personally wouldn’t call this a rose gold, it’s more of a bronze shade but there are definite hints of rose gold in there (see the first photo for a shot of the bottle). My nails are not in a good state right now so you’ll have to forgive the lack of swatches on my nails and settle for the swatch above. I know it looks a bit brush-strokey, but trust me when I tell you that with a little care, its easy to get a nice finish on your nails, with no brush strokes.  I don’t find the nail polishes last terribly long on me, but its fair to say that could be because of the condition of my nails. There are also polishes in Pink Grapefruit and Bluebell which looks like a gorgeous cornflower blue.

There’s also a High Shine Lip Crayon in shade Pink Petal. I don’t have this one to try but I have a couple of other shades and these pencils are gorgeous, lightly moisturising and a gorgeous shine.

The collection is available now exclusively in Boots and Boots.com.

*Items received free of charge for review purposes.

MUA Limited Edition 5th Birthday Palette

I can’t believe its been 5 years since budget beauty brand, MUA launched here in the UK. I really can’t. When the MUA Limited Edition 5th Birthday Palette popped through my letter box I seriously questioned if they had made a mistake. But no, its been 5 years. Amazing!

To celebrate, MUA have launched this great little palette. The 5th Birthday Limited Edition Palette contains an amazing 12 shades in both shimmer and matte finishes in a gorgeous range of shades.

MUA Limited Edition 5th Birthday PaletteI love the colour range, neutrals with the addition of a shimmery pink, lilac and a black, amongst others.

In the palette you do get a sponge tip applicator but its not brilliant, but to be fair, they rarely are. The shades are very soft and apply well.

MUA Limited Edition 5th Birthday Palette (4)

For such cheap shadows (this palette costs £4) they are really good, the black isn’t brilliant, but everything else is great, I love the colour range and its a great little every day palette. You can buy it from Superdrug but hurry up, its Limited Edition and I don’t know how long it’ll be around!

Happy Birthday MUA!

*Product received free of charge for review purposes

Here’s the second of my Makeup Revolution reviews from my recent shop, and that you can win in my currently running giveaway.

The Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Palette looked great on the website so I was keen to pick it up.

As with the blusher palette, I like both the outer and inner packaging. Sleek and sophisticated and it doesn’t seem cheap.

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Palette (5)Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Palette (1)

Inside you’ll find a brush (perfectly usable which is unusual!)

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Palette (3)And the inside of the lid is mirrored. Then we have 16 eyeshadows in a range of matte and shimmer shades.

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Palette Its a great range of shades for creating day and night looks. I’m sorry to say I forgot to take a photo of the palette without the plastic sheet over it and now its all used and scruffy, but I hope that between the above photo and the following photo of swatches, you’ll have a good idea of what you’re getting if you purchase this palette (or win it!).

My swatches were done with a very slightly damp brush and are all just one swipe of product.

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Palette swatchesI could probably just stop this post there, those swatches say it all really, this palette is absolutely incredible. The pay off (even without a damp brush) is incredible, the range of colours is excellent, the price is amazing (£6.99), you just need this in your life.

I had high hopes for Makeup Revolution products because I’d only heard good things about them, but its fair to say I was kind of expecting to not love them as well, as I’ve said previously, my experiences of much hyped budget brands haven’t been great to date, but well done Makeup Revolution. Worth every single bit of hype coming your way.

I purchased all my products via Superdrug, but you can also purchase here.

And don’t forget, to win one a brand new Iconic Pro 1 Palette for yourself, among other Makeup Revolution goodies, you can enter my giveaway.

With every season, I always look forward to seeing the new Clarins collections and this Summer is no different.

The Clarins Aquatic Treasures Summer Make-up Collection is actually a little different from usual brand Summer collections (it’s limited on the bronze tones, and there’s no teals or aquas to be found), and a little different for a Clarins collection too. It’s the first time in years I’ve known there not to be an eyeshadow palette, its no bad thing, there are new products to coo over instead, it’s just surprising.

I’m lucky enough to have a few things to show you from the collection so I’ll stop waffling and get on with it.

Starting with the New Limited Edition Ombre Iridescente in Aquatic Grey*

Clarins Ombre Iridescente Clarins Ombre Iridescent Aquatic Grey Clarins Ombre Iridescente SwatchAnd what a beauty it is. I’m aware that Clarins  Ombre Matte eyeshadows have been around for a little while, but these Ombre Iridescente are new and Limited for Summer. Available in Aquatic Rose as well as the Aquatic Grey shown above.  At £19 each these aren’t cheap but the formula is exceptional. One of these new-ish cream to powder products the texture is silky smooth and a dream to apply and blend. What I especially love is that they apply true to pan, by which I mean the colour you see is is what you get when you apply it, (although you may find this varies depending on your applicator. They can be built up to be opaque or indeed blended out for a shimmery wash of colour. I personally don’t get any creasing with this at all, but if you have oily lids, you may find you want to use a primer. The colour is beautiful, and iridescent seems the right word to use as they aren’t glittery or frosty, they just shine.

Next up we have the Limited Edition Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base in Apricot*

Clarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base Clarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base ApricotClarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion  ApricotClarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base 04 ApricotClarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base 04 Apricot The Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Bases (£26) are not new, but for Summer 2015 there are two new Limited Edition shades, Apricot and Golden Bronze. Apricot is the shade I have and I must confess, when I squeezed out a bit onto my hand I was alarmed at the orange hue, thinking that on my pale skin it wuld make me look tangoed. I should have had more faith. The Radiance Boosting Complexion Bases are exactly as they sound, a base provide luminosity, and hide imperfections. It can be used either under foundation or alone, which would very much depend on your skin/comfort levels, but for me, I can see me wearing this alone in warmer weather (although it’s unlikely I could forgo the concealer), but its great under foundation too. It’s hard to describe the effect but if you look at the last of the pictures above, you’ll see a shine, or glow, to my hand. It’s not glittery or shimmery, it is quite literally a glow and a its a lovely product. I am fair skinned and this just about works on me, but I would imagine if you were very very pale, the shade wouldn’t work to well for you, the good news is that there are pale shades in the permanent versions of this product.

Finally meet Clarins Fix’Make-Up*

Clarins Fix' Make-Up

Again, exactly as it sounds, this is the product you need to keep your summer make up set in place all day long. It contains beautiful ingredients, rose cohobat to keep skin soft and supple, vitamin C for radiance and brightening and fructose acts as a polymer to fix your make up in place. It feels cooling and gorgeous on the skin and really seems to keep my make up looking fresh. It will be beautiful kept in the fridge for regular sprays during hot Summer days. It’s £22 and you don’t need much, I think it’ll last well, unless you get addicted to the cooling feeling!

Also released for Summer is a beautiful Bronzing Compact, the Truly Waterproof Mascara, as well as a black waterproof mascara.  Also worth mentioning is the New After Sun Shimmer Oil which sounds beautiful, I just love body oils, and essential oils, hazelnut oil and soft golden shimmer sounds like a winning combination to me.

All products are set for release in May, I don’t have an exact date, but I am sure it’s likely to be early in the month.

*Products received free of charge for review purposes.



It’s a bright sunny morning here in Devon at the moment so it seems a good moment to keep the Spring vibes going and to share with you the Spring offerings from No7.


Starting with the two nail polishes. There are two shades in the Gel Look Shine formula. Coral Crush and Sweet Lilac. (£7 each)*.

P1160382The colours are beautiful and opaque in one coat, although I would always recommend two coats. Gorgeous Spring shades. I found Coral Crush applied like a dream but Sweet Lilac was a little trickier, having a bit of a tippex type formula, I also didn’t find Sweet Lilac that shiny, but with a careful application and and nice top coat, neither of those things are too much of an issue. Nice Spring colours.

The highlight of the launch is the No7 Mini Eye Palette (£11)*.


P1160363Although it’s called a mini palette, I wouldn’t say it’s especially mini really! There are eight shades, each shade is taken from one of No7’s other palettes and you can find the details of where each shade is from on the rear. Mine unfortunately turned up with one shade crumbling. It’s a soft shadow though and I’m not overly surprised or concerned. The shades in the palette are all amazing.

P1160369Each shade has some shimmer, the darkest shades have minimal shimmer, it’s more like sparkle, and very little of it and there are a couple of shades that are richer shimmery shades.

The palest shade is my favourite, it’s the best kind of highlight shade. It’s a white shade with the faintest tinge of pink, and no obvious sparkle or shimmer although there is a slight pearl. My descriptions aren’t the best, but trust me, it’s a great highlight shade.

I thought when I opened the palette that I’d experience some fall out on application and that the dark shades might be a bit tricky to blend, but that hasn’t proved to be the case at all. I would definitely recommend this palette if you are looking for a neutral set of eye shadows, and this one works especially well for night or day with a good range of shades and finishes.

My top pick is definitely the Mini Eyeshadow Palette, it’s a great all rounder.

The collection is available now from Boots counters and Boots Online.

*Items received free of charge for review purposes