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If you’re on the hunt for a decent set of tweezers look no further as these will not only do a great job of your brows but also give you a good feeling vibe when you purchase as 30% of all proceeds are donated to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer.

Lets not forget:
1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lives.
48,000 women and 300 men are diagnosed ever year
1000 women die each month from the disease

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer is the flagship fashion campaign of Breakthrough Breast Cancer, a charity dedicated to changing these figures by improving and saving lives through finding the cause of breast cancer, enabling  early detection, ensuring precise diagnosis and discovering new and better treatments. So far, Fashion Targets Breast Cancer has raised over £12 million.

Shavata Singh has teamed up with the charity to create a range of exclusive tweezers in black or white as well as a stainless steel mirrored compact, all of which have the logo on them. The Tweezers will be £9.95 and the  compact will be £12.95.

The products are all limited edition and launch on 1st May but you can pre-order online from 1st April.

The range will be available from Shavata Brow Studios in Harrods, Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser and Debenhams as well as available for pre-order from www.shavata.co.uk

Well at the time of writing this post I’ve been using Rapidlash on my eyebrows for exactly 9 weeks so it’s time to show you what I’ve managed to achieve using this product on my eyebrows.

To remind you, you can see my previous post here. After I’d been using the product for 3.5 weeks I was very impressed and here’s the pictures.

Starting point on the left and 3.5 weeks of use on the right. Please feel free to enlarge.


So here we are, nine weeks later. I’m going to cut to the chase and just show you the pictures.

All the following pictures are current.


Well! Still lots of new growth coming through. Some areas still sparse, particularly the outer ends, but otherwise I’m thrilled! The most amazing thing is is the length and thickness of the hairs. It’s insane some of them are far too long now. I can’t wait to go and get them tidied up by someone professional soon but think I’ll wait a while longer while the rest of the new stuff is still growing out. It’s fairly easy to make them look decent from a distance so that’s what I do.


I must say that the tube of product has lasted me well. I think I am literally scraping the bottom now but 9 weeks of using on my brows each night, its lasted well, I’ve been thinking I was going to run out any day for ages now. I have just ordered my second bottle though so I can keep on going. Probably once I’ve had them professionally shaped I’ll just do it a three times a week if I think it’s necessary.

All in all, super impressed. My brows are incredible compared to the state of them nine weeks ago. It’s really amazing.  So Rapidlash, used on my brows, highly recommended. I buy mine for a fraction of the price on Amazon.

I had a massive eyebrow disaster. In fact most of my adult life has been an eyebrow disaster. In the nineties I plucked them into oblivion and permanently damaged them so that even when left to grow out they were full of bald patches and indeed one eyebrow started a good centimetre from my nose differently to the other brow and that would never grow back. A whole centimetre of over-plucked hair that wouldn’t grow back.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, I resigned myself to plucking the strays and filling in the bald spots with pencil/wax/shadow for the rest of my life.  But then… well then I don’t really know what happened. I just went insane with the tweezers, this time only the once, meaning no permanent damage but god, one eyebrow was a proper mess.


I resolved not only to grow my brows back out as best I could, but to see if there was a way I could get back the  hair in the patches I plucked and permanently damaged in the early 90’s.

It was then that I started researching Rapidlash and it’s use on brows. I wasn’t able to find a huge amount on the internet about it. I found excellent reviews about its use on lashes, and a v. small amount about it’s use on eyebrows, but I decided I was going to try my luck anyway and was delighted when it arrived and the box said “Great on eyebrows”. Hoorah.

Having read up on the product I knew that I was in for a long wait for results, maybe 8 weeks, maybe longer, but generally about 8 weeks was the time most people were quoting, but that was fine. I’ve gone the best part of 20 years with crap eyebrows, what difference will 2-3 months make?!

So what you get is a little tube, like a mascara tube with a serum in it and a brush.


Don’t ask me how it works or what the active ingredients are, I haven’t the foggiest and actually after one or two things that have happened recently it is my new resolution to pay more attention to ingredients…not that that helps us right now.

So basically I’m going to show you some photos, befores on the left, afters on the right. This is after 3 and a half weeks. Please feel free to enlarge.


Now obviously there’s a lot of natural regrowth there and the hairs are longer giving the illusion of regrowth. The little red mark on the two bottom right photos is the remains of a spot, I’m not sure if it was caused by the product or not. Either way it didn’t hang around too long. So you’ll have to trust me to tell you honestly, even if you can’t see it in the photos, that not only is there the natural hair growth but some of the bald patches that have been there for many many years are slowly but surely starting to fill in. I’m thrilled.

And that bit I mentioned earlier? The inner bit that was about a centimetre of baldness making my brows uneven. Well its all growing back! I never thought I’d see that hair again and I can’t tell you how happy I am!

Here, have a look, you can see the long hairs that are where my brow used to start and you can see the tiny fine short hairs that are now starting to grow in.


Nearly 20 years there’s been no hair there. It sounds odd to be so excited about a bit of facial hair I know but over plucking my eyebrows is my biggest beauty regret. I thought I’d ruined them forever but it looks like Rapidlash might just been my saviour. I’ve got a long way to go in terms of seeing full results and hopefully at the end I will be able to go to someone and have a proper shape done…but for now I’m just applying the Rapidlash every night, tweezing any obvious hairs that grow that are miles away from my eyebrow and leaving them to do their thing.

I can’t wait to see how they turn out and will of course at the 8 weeks stage to see how its looking but so far so amazing!

I bought my Rapidlash from Amazon for £26. Approximately half the RRP. bargain!

Japonesque Brow Kit

As you all know I’m still in the process of growing out my brows and I have to say that it’s going quite well… but more on that in another post soon. I was sent this Japonesque Brow Kit a little while ago and have been playing with it for a while now.

What you get is a little hard pink case that clasps shut and contains an array of things for fixing up your brows.

Japonesque Brow Kit
Japonesque Brow Kit

It’s super cute.

Contained in the case is a pair of tweezers, a brow gel, three different eyebrow templates and a little palette which houses two shades of brow powder, a wax, a little brush to apply the products and a mini brush like a mascara wand.

The thing I can’t get on with is the stencils, there is one that is similar to the natural shape of my brow, but I just can’t get the knack of holding it in place. When I hold it, I just can’t hold it tight enough to my brow so the powder stays within the template. I can’t explain it too well but trust me, I’m pretty sure that’s a user error.  One of the two powders is far too red toned for me. This happens a lot. I really struggle to find brow colours that have no red in them sadly but the darker of the two is great.  The powders are fantastic, no fall out, nice and smooth with plenty of pigment!

The tweezers are great and seem to grab the smallest  hairs easily, the brow gel and wax do what they should do nicely as do the brushes included in the kit which although very short still do a great job.

This is a great kit with quality products. Even if you don’t want or need the templates, its well worth having and perfectly handbag sized. I do love a cute little kit and this certainly is a cute little kit.

I can’t find these in stock anywhere at the moment, but as soon as I have more information I’ll add links.

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

I have to admit I know very little about Rituals. I had it in mind as a high end brand and as it’s not one thats sold locally to me I hadn’t given it much thought.

So it was a nice surprise to be sent a box of goodies to be sent to have a play with. It’s always nice to be introduced to a brand that hasn’t crossed your path before. So I hit Google to find out what they are all about. In brief, Rituals have been around since 2000 and develop high quality products from body and facial care to candles, perfumes, gemstone make up and even tea! All the products are inspired by Eastern rituals, Hammam steam bath rituals, Samurai shaving rituals and the gemstones make up ritual are all examples of a long line of beautiful traditions.

The range is not tested on animals, and claim to use natural, renewable and organic ingredients for their products, using safe alternatives for anything that nature doesn’t create.

So lets have a closer look at some examples of the make up.

Rituals Cosmetics

Nice plain black packaging with silver print. With the exception of the Eve’s Kiss lip treatment. I also wanted to show you a couple of examples of what you might find on the inside of your packaging as it’s a nice touch.

Rituals Cosmetics
Rituals Cosmetics

I’ll talk about the products individually now, starting with the  Eve’s Kiss.
Rituals CosmeticsRituals Cosmetics

 A gorgeous liquid balm with apple flavour. It’s like the most delicious crisp Granny Smith and I can’t get enough of it. Usually with lip balms I’m terrible, I just forget to apply, but I love this so much I’m putting it on throughout the day. Also doubles as a clear gloss. It’s a bargain at £4.90.
Next up is the Line Up Eyebrow Pencil. A snip at £7.50. I’m sorry the first pic is blurry, very shoddy of me.
Rituals Cosmetics
Rituals Cosmetics
 Oh my word. My second holy grail discovery in as many weeks. I LOVE this pencil. A brush attached to the lid, a pencil for filling in the shape of your brows and a highlighter. Amazing and only £7.50. Available in three shades, Hazel, Blonde and Brunette (I have Brunette), I’ve not reached for anything else when it comes to my brows. This is fantastic!
Ruby Lips in Nude:
Rituals Cosmetics
Gorgeous colour, lovely texture and full of moisturisers.Worn this a fair bit, and it lasts a long time on my lips as it’s quite a dry consistency… but not too dry, I didn’t need a balm underneath… I have my eye on the colour Sunset. Very nice. £11.50
Perfectionist Eyeliner:
Rituals Cosmetics
Just about the finest point I’ve ever had the pleasure to use. I’m useless with liquid eyeliner, I’ve virtually given up on it altogether but this is one of the easiest I’ve ever used. I’m by no means perfect with it but its pretty easy to use. I had a bit of transfer to my upper lid after a couple of hours of wear unfortunately but the line itself stayed perfect until I removed it. I ust wish I was better at putting the stuff on! £9.50.
Precious Foundation. You can see the bottles up there in that first shot. I was sent two shades, No1 and No2. No2 was far too dark for me and No1 wasn’t quite right either. Although looking at the pictures at the end of this post it doesn’t look too bad, but I distinctly remember looking in the mirro later in the day to see a patchy, slightly shiny and ever so slightly orange face looking back at me… could it be oxidisation? Anyway, it looks nice enough of my skin, it just wasn’t quite right sadly, but it has SPF10. £17.90
Swatches of the Precison Line, Brow Pencil & highlighter, Nude Lipstick and Precious foundation in shade1.
Rituals Cosmetics
Rituals Cosmetics
Saving the best Item til last I give you Sunglow Peach:
Rituals Cosmetics
 A shimmer powder suitable for cheeks or eyes. I’ve been using it religiously on both since I got it. It’s GORGEOUS!  For cheeks I tend to swirl my brush around the outside, going back in for the centre colour after to add a highlight. I love this so much, and its gorgeous on eyes too. £22.90.
I won’t go on about it. Here’s some swatches and pictures of it in use.
Rituals Cosmetics

This one shows the Sunglow Peach on my cheeks as well as a closer look at the foundation in use.

Rituals Cosmetics
Rituals Cosmetics
Rituals Cosmetics
 I can’t rate this product highly enough, it’s just perfect for holidays. A multi-use compact for your bag. I love it.
Rituals CosmeticsAnd for reference here are ALL of the above products applied on half my face. Don’t ask me why its only half my face, it just is!
So Rituals, not as high end as I thought it was. Some of the products are a little pricier like the palette and the foundation but others are complete bargains like the lip balm and the eyebrow pencil. And that eyebrow pencil is my favourite eyebrow product ever. I’m completely smitten. I’m tempted to go buy another three of them right now in case I lose one or some disaster should strike!
This is a brand well worth checking out. I can’t say the whole issue of the precious stones is one that has any meaning to me, I don’t really care if my eyeliner has sapphire in it or if my lipstick contains rubies, but as a brand the products seem really good for the prices and I’m looking at the site now and  the body products are really calling my names in particular the Hammam Hot Scrub, Sunrise Scrub. And then theres the fragrances… I’m liking the sound of the Sandalwood and Wild Rose Perfume and the Violet and White Lily Parfum.
So I’m glad this brand has come to my attention, I’ll be looking a lot closer from now on.
All the above products are available from https://uk.rituals.com/en-gb/home and http://www.johnlewis.com/. Well worth a little look.
Disclaimer: PR Samples

Yesterday was the day I got my brows threaded. I went to the fabulous Amy Clark at her Studio in Exeter. Tucked away in the eclectic Gandy Street, it’s a blink and you’ll miss it little place and immaculately presented. Amy herself is lovely and friendly and efficient and I have to say given that I had Lola with me who screamed throughout my appointment in her pushchair, Amy was very patient. I was mortified. I had rather hoped Lola would have been asleep. Oh well, lesson learned and Amy, if you read this I’m sorry. Also extra thanks to the man from upstairs (a hairdresser?) who did his level best to entertain Lola to no avail. Thank you for trying though!

So anyway, you all know how much I’ve been waiting for this appointment. Have a good look at the state of my brows first thing yesterday morning:

Brow Threading by Amy Clark
Brow Threading by Amy Clark
It dawned on me before my appointment that I wasn’t going to get the brows I wanted, can you see why? Basically the hair that has grown back was all the hair she was going to remove when threading. Even though my brows are out of control above, the shape I’ve been tweezing them into for the last god knows how long is clearly visible and I realised that all Amy was going to be able to do was to put that shape back in. After all she can’t create hair that isn’t there. So that was a disappointment but let it be a lesson to everyone, if you over tweeze your brows for the best part of 20 years, don’t expect your hair to grow back properly.
So given that I couldn’t get the reshape I was looking for and the fuller brow I wanted, I definitely wanted all those hideous strays gone and also a reshape at the inner ends because I always totally fail to get them them even.
It really hurt! Well I expected it to, I’m not surprised, but even so! I’m used to one hair at a time being tweezed out not loads of them, but it was super quick and yes, very even, very neat and I’m really pleased. I am still going to have to fill them in in order to make them actually show up on my face but it really does feel good and it’s so smooth! No bits of stubble left over, its baby soft skin.
I don’t know why, because its obvious, but I wasn’t prepared to have to finish my shopping in town looking as though I was wearing a red bandit mask. On my eyebrows.
Brow Threading by Amy Clark
Ouch! Actually the redness had gone after a couple of hours but I hadn’t realised how red it was, wondered why I was getting such funny looks in Starbucks LOL
And when I got home I filled them in with my new best friend the HD Brows palette.
Brow Threading by Amy Clark
Brow Threading by Amy Clark


Brow Threading by Amy ClarkBrow Threading by Amy Clark
So all in all I’m really pleased, the experience was super quick and efficient, my brows have never been so neat either, it’s just a shame, and it’s entirely my own fault, I couldn’t have what I really wanted, a thicker heavier brow.
As for my experience at Amy Clarke’s studio, I’ll definitely be going back. For one thing I’m considering having my brows tinted to help them stand out more,  but also I see they do Minx nails. The price list only has toenails on it for some reason so that needs further investigation but I really fancy having my nails Minxed. Anyone who can remain professional and friendly while a baby is literally screaming their salon down is worth staying with by my reckoning. I might just stick with this threading lark too. Depends, regrowth can be anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks I’m told, every 2 weeks might prove a bit of an expensive indulgence for this stay at home Mum but every six weeks would be affordable or even every four so I’ll play that by ear, but one thing is for sure, if I have to go back to tweezing, I’ll never be satisfied with the results as I’ll always be comparing to this!
So my question to you dear readers is this, if you have your brows threaded, how often do you have to do yours?
HD Brows Palette HD Brows Palette

If nothing else, it’s topical for me. I shall spare you the ramble about growing my brows out etc etc but I was recently send the High Definition Brows palette for my perusal. We all know by now how important a well defined brow is and that pencil lines are and should be a thing of the past, with the exception of goths who sometimes have the most fabulous drawn on eyebrows, but if you’re not a goth, there’s no excuse. A brow finishes your face and frames it, its important and that’s why I’m currently growing mine out.

HD Brows Palette So the HD palette is a palette containing six shades of matt, neutral powders and two double ended brushes, one of which is the sponge applicator we all know to avoid these days, the other of which is a rather precise brush, which I’ve been using to apply the products.  The shades certainly seem to cater for everyone, from black through to ash blonde, with reddy hues, brown hues and for me the third from the left is the perfect shade. This isn’t a small palette either, it’s fairly substantial and rather nicely the whole interior of the lid is mirror.
Like me, you might be wondering what exactly you are supposed to do with the shades that aren’t right for you, well rather handily, they are all suitable for use as eyeshadows. I’ve not actually had a play yet so can’t tell you how they perform as eyeshadows but for my brows they are pretty fantastic.
HD Brows Palette While I’m growing out my brows I’m finding that they they to distract from the copious amounts of strays so at a glance my bows are still clearly defined and I’m hoping that once my brows are properly reshaped they will add the extra definition as my brows are fairly light in colour and I even have some white hairs in there *sad face*
To the left there you can see the third shade in action. They are easy to use and I really like the brush. It retails for the sum of £24.95 and is availale from selected salons or http://www.hd-brows.co.uk/
Is it worth it? Well yes and no, if you like neutral shadows, and matte ones at that then you’ll get full use of the palette, but if you just want to define your brows then it’s overkill just for one shade. I think I’ll probably get some use out of the other shades and I plan to try using one of the darker powders on my brow too, just to see what it looks like. So yes and no is the answer, it does a decent job, I like the brush, there should be a shade for everyone and if there isn’t you should be able to blend two shades together to get your shade, and if you fancy the colours on your eyelids too then you’re onto a winner.
22. 11. 2010

I’ve tweezed my brows for many years, as a result they are thin, balding and not at all how I would choose to have them. Actually, they don’t look too bad close up:


What I do find though is that they get lost on my face when looking at my face in full:


So I decided that I’d like to have my eyebrows properly shaped by a professional. Of course the problem is I need to let them grow out which means that today I am looking like this (enlarge for the full horror):


Which I am finding mortifying and its taking all my will power not to attack them with the tweezers. Also, is it even worth doing? All that seems to be growing are stray ones I’m sure would be removed anyway. Am I doomed to keep these brows forever? Is it worth carrying on with this horror?

Please tell me what you think I should do and also your own tales  about brows, If I’m going to do this, I can’t do it without support!

I’ve seen these posts or similar posts on lots of people’s blogs since I’ve been blogging but I’ve not yet managed to get round to doing mine yet.

The following are some of my favourite, most used, but basic, products. So I hope you enjoy seeing them.

Ok so here we go:

  1. Elf Eyebrow Kit – Medium. I’ve been using the wax to groom my brows into shape for a long time. For £3.50 I don’t think you can go wrong. I’ve recently started using the coloured powder to set my brows too and fill in gaps although it took some getting used to, as you’ll know if you’re a regular reader of my blog!
  2. Mac Feeling Dreamy Lipglass. £12. Sadly you can’t get this easily now as it was part of Mac’s Ltd Edition Warm & Cozy collection. A beautiful nude with a hint of pink shimmer. I can’t carry nudes as a rule but this one just works. If I’d have known I’d have bought a back up!
  3. Guerlain Kohl in Oriental Metal £20. Another discon I’m afraid although I think if you google you can still find it in a few places. I actually got mine on ebay I think. I adore the Guerlain Kohls and this one is my favourite… so far!
  4. Mac Pearlmatte Face Powder. I use this every single day almost as a bronzer. It’s perfect to me, the faintest hint of shimmer, but mostly a matte finish, hences the Pearlmatte name. I adore it. Sadly, another one you can’t get now as it was part of the Mac in Lillyland collection. Another one I wish I’d got a back up of!
  5. Chanel Inimitable Noir Mascara £21.50. I was actually given this recently but it’s a product I’ve used a lot in the past. A lovely mascara. Does just what I want it to!
  6. Mac MSF Natural in Light Medium £18. I love this. Use it every day. I’ve heard reports of it being cakey but I’ve not had problems with that at all. I use a HUGE fluffy brush and just add a very light dusting to my face after finishing my make up and it seems to set it well. Sometimes I finish off with a spritz of Mac+ to add a more dewy effect, but mostly I don’t have to.
  7. Superdrug MUA Eyeshadow in #2 £1. I use this pretty much every day as my brow highlight. It’s just perfect and at £1 you can’t complain at all. Ideal product. I also use it on the inner corners of my eyes sometimes.
  8. Sheer Cover Concealer in Light/Medium £19. Well I have mixed feelings about this product. I was sent it to review and I love it. It’s fabulous for blemish covering and as I have lots of blemishes I use it daily. However, the price is ridiculous. Completely ridiculous. Love the product but won’t be replacing.

So there you have it! My top basic items. Do you have any of these or want any of these? I might do another one of these about my favourites that aren’t basics as I have some idtems I love so much I just want to blog about them!

I recently bought two of the Greasepaint Sticks from the Mac Art Supplies collection. Unfortunately Zinc Zone turned up damaged but Greengrease is fine and so today it was time to give it a go and you know what I love it! The green is a dark green. The greasepaint sticks go on easily and are easy to blend…provided you work fast. Fantastic for creating a smoky eye and easily buildable. I tried it on my hand (Forgot to take pics, sorry), and it works well as a base for shadows, I tried with a green pigment and it was fab. The following pics show the Greengrease on it’s own, with Benefit High Brow and Mascara only. I could have kept adding and blending for a much bolder look, but as it is, I kept it sheer.

Mac Greengrease Greasepaint StickMac Greengrease Greasepaint Stick
Mac Greengrease Greasepaint StickMac Greengrease Greasepaint Stick

Love this product, very versatile, but remember you need to blend fast!