Just Charlie G
09. 04. 2015

How’s your Easter been? Lovely that the weather has turned s sunny for the second week of the school holidays… alas that means bad times for my migraines, but I learned a long long time ago that moaning about the sunshine causes other people to view you as a killjoy, even if it wrecks your health!

The school holidays have been a bit up and down for us, Chloe has spent half of it being spectacularly horrible to her sister, her sister has been particularly sensitive to everything, crying a lot. Both kids have been suffering with a hint of cold and some nasty coughs, and my ears have been all congested making me dizzy and my migraines have been pretty bad. Poor old Thor had a tooth removed yesterday and he’s feeling pretty upset about the whole thing today.

That aside we’ve had some pretty nice times, and some pretty good chocolate.

There were walks with tree climbing and duck feeding.

IMG_2359 924485_1374770232852556_317820080_n IMG_2357 IMG_2351 IMG_2349IMG_237711093069_481723531978412_1923863933_nThere were alcoholic lollies… just for me of course!

11116629_848629825204893_1500492142_n And new trainers for me that I had to hunt far and wide to find!

11116695_406440479528752_744760286_nThere were rides on carousels at our local theme park, Crealy. Complete with Bunny Ears for Lola, well it was Easter Sunday!

IMG_2369 IMG_2367And time has been spent just chilling in the garden.

P1170121Oh and there have been some glorious sunsets!



There are still a few days left before the girls return to school, they are out today with Nana at Crealy and I’m sat here blogging, waiting for the trail end of a migraine to disappear, but I’d imagine we’ll just be relaxing, with maybe a trip to the park tomorrow, winding back down before school starts again. I’ve got extensive notes to write up, ready for my appointment with the Specialist Autistic Spectrum Disorder team next week, re Chloe. I’m going to make sure I go armed to the teeth with information to support what I’m saying about there having been issues at home! After this Easter break, I’ve got more to say than ever.

All in all though, it’s not been a bad break, sometimes the school holidays can be unbearable, this one was about 50/50, still, I’ll be glad when life is back to normal and school starts up, it’ll be nice not to hear crying and arguing all day every day for a while!


09. 01. 2015

I thought I’d do a little introductory post about me and my family. I think most of my readers probably already know who I am and a bit about my family, but I think an introduction (albeit a few posts too late) is always nice.

So the G family all live in the South West of England, in a pretty much perfect location, the sea is less than 10 miles away, we have a great shopping centre, but if it’s not big enough for you, there are major shopping centres an hour away, we live in a town and there are four of us.

There’s me, Charlie.


I’ve been blogging a long time, but haven’t done so for quite a while. I missed not talking about things online and especially when I had Christmas presents and found myself thinking they would make ideal blog posts, so here we are. Previously I was a beauty blogger, but I’m hoping to be more general this time, but I don’t doubt that beauty will still play its part here, it is a passion of mine after all. Aside from blogging, I am a stay at home Mum, I write copy for a couple of clients on a self-employed basis and I am also a qualified nail tech, although working on a very small-scale at the moment. I watch a LOT of American¬†TV. Currently suffering a massive Sons of Anarchy void right now!

Then there’s my husband Graham.

GrahamWe’ve been married since 2006 and I doubt he’ll appear much in the blog, other than references to him occasionally. He likes to be an enigma.

Then there’s Chloe.


Chloe is 8. She likes clothes, Minecraft and Lego. We’re going through assessment for ASD/Aspergers with her at the moment and at this point in time I haven’t decided whether I’ll use the blog to talk about this or not. It sure would be good to have a place to talk about it at length, and possibly provide support to others just by sharing experiences, but equally I’m wary about protecting her privacy. TBC. Aside from clothes, Minecraft and Lego, she’s stupidly clever, heavily into jokes and practical jokes and I’m told by her friends she’s the funniest kid in class. <3

And next up is Lola.


Lola is five. Adorable, fiery, fearless (except when it comes to food!) and she packs a powerful punch of character. Always nearby with cuddles and kisses for her family, on demand, she’s the family member to go to when you’re ill and looking for some sympathy! She loves Playdoh and Playdoh videos on You Tube as well as school and learning.

Last but by no means least is Thor.


Thor is our 7 month old Shih Tzu, perennially scruffy (except for about half a day after a grooming sesh), we’re all besotted with him. Laid back, cuddly, and a bundle of fluff, he’s a really important part of our family.

And so, welcome to my world, and my family. At this point in time I don’t know how much people will feature, if at all, or even how long I’ll keep up the blog, but if I do, now you know something about my life.