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Just a quick heads up for the Foreo Cleansing Discovery Must-haves gift set.

Fores Cleansing Discover Must HavesRegular readers will know I’m a big fan of the Foreo devices and the LUNA Play is perfect either for travelling or for someone who just wants to try out a Foreo cleansing device before plumping for one of the larger models. The LUNA Play is a small silicone face cleansing device that is good for up to 100 uses and then you bin it, and this gift set comes with 15ml Day Cleanser and 15ml Night Cleanser. The gift is a steal at £29 because if you bought the products separately it’d cost £43.

You can see my full review of the Foreo LUNA Play here but it’s definitely a worthy purchase and a great idea for your beauty loving friend who has everything or for yourself! I’ve got one of these in use and another two tucked away for future use. I can’t imagine anyone regretting buying one of these, the cleanse really well along with your chosen product, as well as giving you a massage.

foreo cleansing discovery

Also available in Mint as well as Pearl Pink as shown.

For this and other sets available for Christmas, head over to the Foreo website.

*Product received free of charge for review purposes

Just a little heads up if you’re contemplating taking the plunge and trying out the Foreo Luna Play. I’ve tried several of the Foreo Cleansing Devices and have loved them all, but currently am using my Foreo Play most of all. If you’re interested in a full review, you can find mine here. I think mine is reaching the end of it’s lifespan now so I’m really pleased to have a new one, the Luna Pay Save the Sea Special Edition.

Foreo Play  Firstly, for the price of the Foreo Play (£29) you also get two 15ml cleansers included free of charge. The Day Cleanser and the Night Cleanser. The Cleansers are designed to work in perfect harmony with your Foreo Device.

So it’s a good bargain, but in addition 100% of Net proceeds will go towards the protection of ocean animals as Foreo have partnered with GreenWave and Sea Life Trust. The campaign supports initiatives such as the rehabilitation of endangered sea life and the creation of ocean farms to foster wildlife habitats.

You’re getting a great deal and doing some good too!

Head over to https://www.foreo.com/savethesea where you’ll also find the Save the Sea edition of the Luna Mini 2!

*Product received free of charge for review purposes.

09. 05. 2016


It is a fact that if you take most things and make them mini they become extra cute. Baby animals for example. And now the Foreo Luna. I’ve blogged about two of the Foreo Luna models previously and you can find my post on the original Foreo Luna here and the Foreo Luna Mini 2 here.

If you’ve read those previous reviews you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of these Foreo sonic cleansers. Hygienic, effective, gentle and generally just all round brilliant these silicone face cleansing tools are used daily by me so I’m delighted to add a new model to my arsenal, the Foreo Luna Play.

Foreo Luna Play  The Foreo Luna Play is based on the full size and mini models, but is tiny, smaller than the palm of my hand. The main differences between this model and the larger sizes are as follows:

foreo luna play foreo luna play

In terms of use the basics are the same, apply your cleansing product to your skin and turn on your Foreo Luna Play, massage your cleanser in using the bristles, rinse away. Rinse your brush and get on with the rest of your day.

Given it’s size, its a little less comfortable to hold I find, but in terms of effectiveness, it cleanses just as well as the larger models.

You may well be thinking that if it’s not rechargeable its a bit useless, but it’s really not. This is an ideal bit of kit for travelling, or if you are cautious about shelling out for a larger model. The Play retails at £29, while the Mini 2 is £99 and the full size Luna is £149 making the Foreo Luna Play ideal for testing the water before investing in the rechargeable models. Plus it’s super cute and available in 7 cute colours!

If you’re yet to try a sonic facial cleansing brush, this is an ideal product to try, it’s more hygienic than nylon bristles, gentler on the skin and more effective at cleansing. Highly recommended!

The Foreo Luna Play retails at £29 and is available from Foreo Online.

*Product received free of charge for review purposes.

Foreo Luna Mini 2Delighted to be reviewing the Foreo Luna mini 2 today on the blog. If you’ve been a reader for a long time, you may recall I actually reviewed the full size Foreo Luna quite some time ago. I loved it and actually still use it, although I’ve lapsed slightly and tend not to use it every day. No reason for that, just that I’m terribly slack.

So since the Foreo Luna was launched in the UK the range has expanded (hello toothbrush!!) but today we’re looking at, as I say, the Foreo Luna mini 2.

Foreo Luna Mini 2

The Mini 2 is a hand held device for facial cleansing. It’s made from silicone which cleanses gently, but thoroughly, while being really hygienic as you can clean the device easily.

As well as the Mini, you also get a USB charger and a little instruction booklet. Otherwise that’s it, but what more could you want?!

Foreo Luna Mini 2The mini has eight intensities so you can find the perfect setting for you while the “bristles” are optimised for all skin types. Once you set your intensity, the Luna mini remembers that, so it’ll be still set to the same next time you turn it on.

To use it, dampen your face, apply your cleanser, then turn on your mini and apply all over your face for a minute. As you move around your face the light will flash telling you to move onto the next area of your face, it really couldn’t be simpler. I’d like to go on a rant about this is superior to famous “brush” cleaning systems but I’ll exercise some decorum and just say, it is. Not only is the device more hygienic, but it’s gentler while cleansing extremely thoroughly, you’ll never need to buy a replacement brush and they are incredibly energy efficient (300 uses approximately per charge!).

In terms of difference between this and the full size Luna, the mini doesn’t have the anti ageing side and the bristles differ in layout slight, it is smaller of course (but for my small hands thats a good thing). The full sized Luna comes in various models for different skin types, while the Mini just has one standard model, which is suitable for all.

The Mini bristles have several zones, the general cleansing area at the front, with a precision cleansing zone on the tip for getting around the nose and smaller areas, the bristles on the rear of the device are for deep cleansing, so if oily or spotty areas, use the rear of the device on those.

I think I’ve run through everything you need to know, but the long and the short of it is that I think the Foreo sonic cleansers are the best you can buy, I can’t say a bad thing about them, genuinely. You can use your usual cleansers (I’m currently loving Mac Lightful Cleanser and it works with this beautifully), and what’s more because it’s so hygienic, your whole family can use the same one…not that there’s any chance I’m sharing mine with anyone!

At £99 it is definitely an investment, but they last for years and as I say, you won’t need to purchase replacement parts.

You can purchase on the Foreo Site, as well as find more information.

*Foreo Luna mini 2 provided free of charge for review purposes.

21. 08. 2013

I sold my Clarisonic ages ago. It made my skin feel clean but in time that was the only benefit I got from it. I saw no improvement in my skin otherwise at all.

Oh but there’s a new cleansing gadget in town and this one is INCREDIBLE. Meet the Foreo Luna.

Foreo Luna Review

The Foreo Luna is a little hand held device for cleaning your face. And more. It has bristles, sort of, but they are made of silicone, which means they are not at all abrasive and also totally washable. Unlike the bristles of the Clarisonic, this baby can’t harbour any germs, it’s just not made like that.

Foreo Luna Review

The unit is completely waterproof so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet, and it’s chargeable and the charge lasts for ages, over 450 uses, so charging it isn’t a hassle, it just goes and goes. Size wise, it’s just a bit larger than the palm of your hand and nice and easy to use and the shape of it makes getting into each nook and cranny of your face nice and easy.

Foreo Luna Review

Okay so I’ve not really told you what it does. Well it’s not just for cleaning your face, but it’s an anti-ageing cleansing device. Yup.

So here’s how you use it/how it works.

You wet your face, turn the unit on with the centre button and set the intensity you prefer with the plus or minus buttons, then apply your cleanser to your face and start. Essentially it vibrates. The combination of the vibrating and the silicone “bristles” work to cleanse your skin, removing dirt and dead skin and the vibration supposedly enhances the effectiveness of your products. I don’t know how that works! But what it does do is cleanse without stripping your skin at all. Bristles, even the soft ones, on other cleansing brushes can be too much for your skin, this doesn’t affect your skin in the same way at all. I must add at this point that it makes very light work of removing make up but I’m still a devotee of cleansing twice so I remove my make up first before going onto using my Foreo Luna with a different cleanser.

Once you’ve finished cleansing you press the centre button and the unit goes into a stand-by mode. At this point apply your serum or cream (or don’t, it really doesn’t matter) and flip the Luna over. I’ve neglected to take a photograph alas but where the bristles are on one side are soft ridges on the reverse. Press the centre button of the Luna again and then you go into the anti-ageing mode.  This is a lower frequency than the cleanse programme and again you can set the intensity with the plus and minus buttons. Then you press the ridges against your wrinkles for 12 seconds (the Luna does a tiny pause when it’s time to move to the next area). So we’re talking between the eyebrows, outer corner of eyes and the nasolabial folds. Essentially you’re getting a light massage. It relaxes the areas and helps to prevent lines and wrinkles. It also increases blood circulation which can only be a good thing. I don’t know if I’m looking younger but it feels fantastic. So pampering and relaxing.

And that is it, two minutes total. Two minutes, twice a day and glowing skin is a sure thing. I’m so impressed.

There is of course a down side, and the downside is the price. It’s a not so cheap £145….BUT it’s really not much more than a Clarisonic and of course you don’t have to buy a new brush every three months. That makes it a bargain. If you’re going to invest in a gadget to clean your face, get this one. I’ve tried both and it’s a no brainer.

The Foreo Luna is available from Foreo.com and Selfridges (you can chose from Ultra Sensitive, Sensitive/Normal andCombination) but you can also get a Foreo Mini which is £99 and available from Harvey Nichols. The mini is for cleansing only and does not have the anti-ageing aspect.

Very highly recommended by me and judging by other blog posts I’ve been reading, very highly recommended by everyone who has tried it!

*Disclosure – PR Sample*