Just Charlie G
29. 12. 2015


I thought it was time I checked in and said hello to you all as Christmas has kept me rather busy this year.

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to a great New Year.

Christmas for us has been up and down, there have been wonderful presents, for myself and the rest of my family, as well as wonderful local food, but the excitement has proved too much for the kids and Chloe has had a couple of anxiety attacks, one of which resulted in the both of us having to leave the other two in a theatre to watch a panto without us, but overall, it hasn’t been too bad.

I treated myself to the most amazing pair of boots just before Christmas, Dr Martens Aimilita’s. They do up with ribbons, who could resist.


Having been searching for new boots for some time these are just my ideal boot. I also had a suede pair for Christmas, knee highs with tassels so I’m fully booted up for 2016!

I especially loved my Christmas manicure this year, I used Sensationail shades Light Em Up (the glitter) and Red, Red Wine. I’m so impressed with Sensationail, my collection just keeps growing and growing!


My other news, and I apologise if you follow me on Instagram or are friends with me on Facebook (because you’re probably sick of hearing about it already) is that I’ve taken up crochet. I had a wish to give it a go, taught myself a few basic stitches, made a few granny squares and am now working on a blanket, its incredibly soothing to do, and I’m so impressed with myself, and I don’t get to say that very often. It’s going to be single bed size when its finished so I’ve got lots to do yet. I think I’ll do a separate post about it soon, but for now, here’s a sneak at what I’m working on. It’s far from perfect, a few rows are back to front, but I’m on top of that now.


So this is really just a quick check in from me to say hi and wish everyone well, and I’ll be back soon with Mac Ellie Goulding reviews, Clarins Spring reviews, my crochet post and much more.

Hope Christmas was wonderful and in case I’m not back beforehand, Happy New Year!

24. 11. 2015

I just thought I’d do a little post because I’m really self concious about how little I’m blogging at the moment. My migraines have been awful and we’ve all been plagued with bugs, if it’s not been me, its been the kids. We just can’t seem to cut a break. As it is I’m expecting the school to call me today to go and collect Lola as she wasn’t too great when I dropped her off this morning.

So the last week or two has consisted of either me moping around feeling sorry for myself or running around after he kids who are moping around feeling sorry for themselves…the life of a mother!

We’ve managed to get out and about a little and we had a lovely walk with friends at the weekend when I snapped this photo. A visual reminder of how lucky we are to live in the most beautiful county, with this literally on our doorstep.

Devon Anyway, I hope to normal service will resume shortly.


25. 02. 2014

Back to make up tomorrow… well might be Thursday as I have visitors tomorrow, but we’ll see how much time have in the morning.

So basically it’s been a busy few days and I’ve realised how amazing people out there can be. When you watch or read a lot of news it’s easy to start being all doom and gloom about the world, but I’ve had a great reminder these last few days, that the world is full of kind, thoughtful generous people.

So thank you to all those who commented on my post about Chloe, or messaged me on twitter, or emailed me, I’ve been inundated so thanks all for your thoughts and comments, and for sharing your experiences, it’s been reassuring and valuable.

Huge thanks to all those who offered to help with the issues I’m having with my blog, again I was inundated and had total strangers offering to help me out. It’s not sorted yet but it’s going to be sorted. Thanks to everyone that offered to help.

Huge thanks to my cousin who just this evening kindly offered to send me Hama beads for my kids when I was asking on Facebook if anyone had any for sale. Thank you! And also thanks to the friend who offered pick some up for me when she went to a store that sold them, and thanks to the other friend who said she was going to dig her daughters out and see if she’d part with them.

Thanks to all the people who checked if I was okay when I said on Facebook I’d had some sad news, I am fine, just sad about it, but concerned for the people who are really suffering right now. This isn’t a time to be concerned about me.

Thank you to all my new followers here and on social media, the blog is starting to spread in several directions, but still with beauty at it’s core and with it comes new readers and I may lose some along the way, but thanks for following, each time I get a new follower on bloglovin, it makes my day!

Thanks to the lovely person who offered to help me out with media pack info today when I did a shout out on Twitter.

Thanks to pretty much everyone really.

Gah, this is like the worst Oscars speech ever. But seriously, things, even in times of stress, it’s great to remember who is out there, supporting and offering help.

Just thanks really!



04. 02. 2014

So this year see’s me hitting the big 40, I know I know, I don’t look a day over 39 etc etc…although I haven’t in any concious way started to freak out… anyone who knows me can’t have failed to notice my subconscious efforts to turn back the hands of time…

I can’t mess about with my skincare thanks to My Acne Hell (damn, why didn’t I use that as a title on any of my previous blog posts), but one day I’d very much like to go for some botox, those lines on my forehead are a dead giveaway, I also wouldn’t rule out a few fillers here and there, but it’s a pipe dream really since, even if I save up for botox, I couldn’t afford the upkeep (insert uber sad face here).

Instead I’ve been heading back to my twenties in other ways, in such a way that I hadn’t realised before now.

Music, my tastes have always veered to the more rocky side of things with more than a nod in the direction of alternative music…but I find myself actively searching out new bands of interest and playing them to death. Bands which quite frankly, if I were to see live, I’d feel most out of place since I’m the age of most kids parents who would be there…

Clothes, always a fan of leggings, I’ve taken this love to a whole new level with my addiction to Black Milk. Of course, with leggings, you need the right footwear, and whilst I wear my trusty Topshop biker boots several days a week, the rest of the week is split between my new Doc Marten boots and my Nike Blazers…

Make up, not so much an effect of a midlife crisis, but more a result of my amazing colour analysis class, my choices are bolder and I’m sporting a vivid lip most days…

But you can’t hold back the passing of time really, applying eye liner has become a massive chore as I try to glide the product on my wrinkly eyelids and there are two deep wrinkles on my face that like to harbour foundation, foundation furrows if you will….and then there’s the constant back ache…I went to the GP, she said it was just my age and gave me some exercises to do…

I’ve been battling the onslaught of grey hairs since my first child was born, seven years ago… instead of trying to go with it with subtle blonde highlights to  mask the greys as they come in, I recently threw caution to the wind and went back to my ideal dark brown shade…not sure how long I’ll be able to carry it off for though…OAP’s with dyed dark hair don’t look great in my opinion, but maybe I just won’t give a monkeys about that.

It’s a weird thing, suddenly I do feel old, I feel old physically… I don’t feel old at all at heart though and so I plan to go into my forties quite disgracefully, no more will I dress as I “should” (after both babies… I found myself drifting to the very safe Next to clothes shop) and I will dress as I feel I want to.  It’s a surprise, even to me, that I care very little what people think of my clothes. My nose stud has been with me for 20 years… I don’t intend to lose it now I’m knocking on the door of 40.

Until such a time as we become rich (insert hollow laugh here), I can’t afford the little helping hands I’d like with my face, like Botox, so sod it, I’ll just muddle along emphasising the best bits and trying not to draw attention to the not so good bits, I’m having a fringe cut in, in a couple of weeks, if no one can see the lines across my forehead, they aren’t there right?

How old are you? Do you feel it? Does it get you down and if not, why not? Do you plan to age gracefully, or disgracefully?


11. 01. 2014


Just a really quick post to say thank you. Thank you all my regular readers, those that have been with me since the beginning and those that have joined along the way. And I’ve got lots of new readers lately, so a thankyou to them too.

I’ve got some amazing posts coming up, Dior Spring, Sleek, Colour Analysis, Bobbi Brown…and loads more, so I hope you’ll stick around!

Charlie x

12. 10. 2013

I know I’ve said it before, but just a little reminder. Whilst still very much a beauty blog I like to occasionally post about other things, whether it’s my life, or a book review, or some other off topic subject and just to keep things a bit separate I keep these for the weekends. So it’ being Saturday here I am.

As you all know there have been some issues with my lovely eldest daughter, Chloe. I don’t plan to go too much into it all because I’m always concious that in the future she may read my blog so mainly this is a bit of an update because I know a few of you care, and because it’s good for me to have a place to talk about these things. Not only that but our experiences might help someone one day who is going through the same thing. So I’m going to try to be both vague and open. A bit of a strange combination I know but here we go.

Okay so I’ve written before about the problems we’ve been having with her over her little life so far. It’s taken various forms, with emotional and social problems at school and home and behaviour problems at home. As the years have passed we’ve tried to help and fix things ourselves with various methods but nothing has helped. The previous school seemed to be powerless to help her with anything and so we decided to move her.

Since then,  lots of ways things have stepped up a notch, for better and worse.

Her behaviour has been getting progressively worse at home but at school things have been good since we switched schools.

Actually now I’m here I’m not sure how much I want to divulge at this point in time but suffice to say that the school has been amazing and measures have been put in place to help us out at home and the school are managing her just fine. So although we’re at the beginning of a long road with her I do feel positive that strategies and support are in place to help out with what we have to come. She had her assessment with the Educational Psychologist who said at the moment her behaviour fell in what would be considered “normal boundaries” and there were social and emotional concerns but that at the moment they were small enough to be managed by the school. And fortunately CJ has an amazing teacher who just can’t seem to do enough to help and I’m so pleased. The school have arranged for some support at home. I was afraid that what would happen with the assessment was that they’d see a bright girl with no problems and say there was nothing wrong and leave us to it. But fortunately the Psychologist could see the signs and was concerned enough to want to review her again in the New Year. Which is a relief because there aren’t many feelings worse (as a parent) as having to try and convince people who think your child is fine, that actually, there’s something wrong. It’s a horrible feeling and one which brings with it much guilt. For now, I’m reassure that others in Chloe’s life believe what we say and indeed see some signs of it. The good news is that the Psychologist wants to review Chloe again. This is also the bad news. The reason being Chloe is still new in her school. The fear is that as she is more comfortable there and her need to give a good impression diminishes, the more the behaviour will slip and the more of the problem side of her the school will start to see. Hence the review.

So whilst a large amount of stress has now gone for the time being, there is still some stress remaining but a lot of sadness as we come to terms with the fact that this isn’t a phase and that the problems are problems that are going to be around for a long time. Looking positively though, we’ll get some help and Chloe will learn to manage life. She’s 7 next week, I can’t believe it!

Anyway, that’s that.  I could go on, but I’d be surprised if anyone reads what I’ve written so far never mind if I really start going into the details of the situation and everyone involved’s feelings!


Once upon a time there was a young woman. This young woman never wanted children, nor to get married until one day she met her Prince. Then somewhere around her 30th birthday her ovaries went ping and lo, she longed for babies. And so it came to be that the young woman had two babies and the Prince and the woman decided it would be nice if one of them stayed at home to care for the babies. After looking at their finances it became clear that the obvious choice would be for the lower income to be lost, the young woman’s, but it would be worth it. And so for seven long years the young woman stayed at home and cared for the children, occasionally pushed the hoover about and did a lot of blogging.

Then oldest child started school and the youngest child started going to nursery. Money was a bit tight but the young woman (who wasn’t so young any more), had a bit more time for blogging, and put the hoover about a bit more often.

And finally the day came when the youngest child also started school and so the Not-so-young Woman had a lot more time on her hands and decided it was time to return to work. She didn’t really want to return to office work and fancied being around people a bit more and so she started to search for lovely little shop jobs. Applying for jobs was much harder work this time round as there was now a massive gap on her CV and she had no current references.

However, a little job cropped up that just looked perfect so she applied for it. Much to her joy and her Princes’ pride she got an interview which she prepared well for and joy upon joys she got the job!  One evening she went to her new work place for her induction and it was then that she was told her wage. It wasn’t a lot but it was okay. In the days that followed her induction she realised that some of her hours would mean that the children would need some kind of childcare. When she booked and arranged that childcare with a combination of child minders and after school clubs, it soon became clear that half of her earnings would be spent paying for this child care. The Not-so-young Woman was still optimistic. After all, half the money was more than she had earned in the last years of not working and there were other benefits too, like being someone other than “mummy” and making new friends and having a life outside the home.

And so it came to be that the Not-so-young Woman went for her training in her spanking new uniform and she felt ever so smart. She wasn’t allowed to wear much make up so she enjoyed perfecting the no-make-up make up look and slicking her hair back into a classic pony tail and she enjoyed putting on her crisp ironed shirt and black trousers. And she spent four hours meeting lovely new people and thinking to herself that this working life was going to be quite alright.

In the days that followed, the Not-young-at-all woman realised that the half term holiday was fast approaching and that perhaps she should be organised and book the holiday club for the children for the three days that she worked. It was then that she realised that for the holidays the childcare would cost more than she was earning. Optimistic still, she spent hours and hours looking for cheaper alternatives to no avail, until it was decided that for one week the family would manage, but that the situation would have to be re-thought before the Summer holidays. She wasn’t keen on working for six or seven weeks for nothing. At this point, the Not-young-at-all woman’s optimism started to disappear and so she decided that a positive exercise would be to work out her entire earnings for the next year and the total child care costs for the next year. And to her great shock, the annual childcare bill was MORE than her entire year’s wage. And so the Not-young-at-all woman took to social media networks and other online groups to ask what other Mum’s did. Those that didn’t want to work full time because they wanted to be there for their children some of the time after school. And many people replied. The Not-young-at-all woman was shocked to learn that amongst her peers many worked at a loss in the holidays, many had run up debt by just working, and many had tried to look for work but had the same problems and so had given up and were struggling still with one salary because it just wasn’t worth the Mum working.

And so, with a heavy heart, and a great degree of mortification, the Not-young-at-all woman had to give up her shiny new job before she had even started and embark on a hunt for a  job that either had such perfect hours that no childcare was needed at all, or that paid so well that the costs of childcare were not so important, but with this new job search, her heart was heavy, she felt defeated and pessimistic. After all, with so many Mums in the same position all searching for these rare jobs with great wages and perfect hours, the opportunities were not looking quite as bright as when it felt like the world was waiting arms outstretched shouting “welcome back!”

And so this is a fairy tale that doesn’t have a happy ending but who knows?  Maybe there will be happier chapter two in the future!

*This situation cannot go on, by making the prices of childcare so astronomical, families have to make the decision for either both parents to work full time to cover childcare and bring in some extra income and therefore see much less of their children, or to not work,  a choice which is quite frankly almost criminal to my mind and the fact that isn’t just my experience, but is altogether more common is an absolute disgrace*

14. 09. 2013

Hi guys,

Bit of random ramble about my week today. Hope you’ve all had a good one? Mine has been… eventful.  It started with Chloe going into year 2 and Lola having her first day at school. I wasn’t one of those emotional mums, I couldn’t wait for her to start and for Chloe to go back but even so I found myself with butterflies on Monday morning and had a few moments of anxiety during the day…no need for concern though, Lola was absolutely fine, declared she’d had a great day and “guess what mum! I had gravy and I liked it!!”. That seemed to be the highlight of her day. I’ve been trying to get her to eat gravy for all her years in existence to no avail, first day in school and that was that!

Other than that I’ve been busy applying for jobs. Not loads, but about five and yesterday I had my first interview. Good lord. It was for a part time job at Waitrose. It was a group interview that lasted three hours. Yes, you did read that correctly.

I spent most of the week feeling slightly sick about it and even contemplated not turning up. I just couldn’t face the idea of a group interview. This morning I was a wreck! I needn’t have worried it wasn’t all that bad. I’m one of those people who just can’t help worrying but when it gets to the actual event is surprisingly calm. I do so hate being a worrier though, I’ve been grumpy all week! I don’t know if I got it, there are more interviews next week so time will tell but if I didn’t it was still a good experience. I’ve been out of work looking after the kids for just over seven years and I was in my job prior to that for about five years so I’ve not had an interview for over 12 years! So at the very least  it’s given me a bit of practice for any future interviews! If you ever go for an interview at Waitrose, go prepared! I needed every bit of research I did, hopefully it stood me in good stead.

In beauty news I’ve spent hours swatching and photographing this week and I’ve got some amazing thing to show you over the next week or two and I can’t wait but I can’t resist sharing this quick photo with you as these are possibly my most favourite thing I’ve ever tried. I just love them

Any guesses?

I was supposed to be doing some decorating this week but what with revising for the epic interview and the associated anxiety I decided that could wait.

Anyway, quite enough waffling on for now, just thought I’d give you a little life update!

27. 07. 2013

Hey all, this is just a heads up to let you know that I’ve started to take a few more sponsored posts here and there. Where possible I try to keep sponsored posts and all none beauty related things to the weekends and so it is that this weekend there are two sponsored posts, with another one due in the week. That said, I don’t foresee anymore on the horizon, it’s just happened this way. In the case of the three sponsored posts since yesterday, all the content has still been written by myself rather than just written for me and pasted in, so I hope you can see that it’s still my work!

As you know, come the end of the Summer holidays I’ll be looking for a proper job, but at the moment, any money I can make by way of the blog is the only income I get, and it’s that income that allows me to buy products that I then write about on here, so I hope you can bear with me.

I’ve also got rid of the very obtrusive “skin” advertising that I had until recently as I wanted to give it a try but really really didn’t like it so that’s now gone. I’ve kept a couple of ad’s running, but they are far less invasive and “in your face” so hopefully they are not too much of a concern to my readers.

I’ll still be using affiliate links where applicable but I make very little from those, less than a fiver a month usually, most months, nothing at all, so sponsored posts here and there I hope you can live with, and skip if they’re not your thing.

Thanks for continuing to read!

13. 07. 2013

No political rant and no book review this week. Lets dwell on the past week a little, mostly my past week. But first Katie Hopkins. Lets just stop talking about her shall we, I thought by now we all knew not to feed trolls?!

And another Katie.  What’s happened to your face! I do like how you matched your scarf to your FACE though.

Source : I’m embarrassed to say the Daily Mail.

This week, until yesterday, has been horrible. Of all the weeks to get a cold with a raging temperature, I had to get the hottest week ever (I’m exaggerating probably, but that’s what it felt like!). I haven’t felt so poorly in an age. So I’ve mostly been feeling ill and doing nothing much. Except watching TV. Both series of American Horror Story done (amazing), first series of Carnivale done (also amazing), many many episodes of Criminal minds, done.

I’ve not worn make up all week, which is unheard of for me. And dear lord I’ve felt self conscious! When I needed my make up the most I’ve felt to ill to bother with it. I’ve had to leave the house looking like utter crap.

Yesterday I started to feel a bit better though, the war paint was duly applied but I’d love tips on applying make up over a dry flaky post cold nose! My first day of feeling better coincided with the girls being very nicely behaved for a day, it’s so rare it warrants a mention!

I’ve started cross stitching again, I’ve done lots of embroidery/tapestry/cross stitch in the past but not for many years. I grabbed a copy of Cross Stitcher magazine in Tesco last week and got started. It’s such a relaxing pass time!

What else, well nothing really that’s been my week! Looking forward to a lazy day today and family visiting tomorrow and a barbecue. Nom. It’s not very Weight Watchers friendly, meat and bread, but I’ll just make sure I have an extra large helping of salad! Speaking of WW, No loss since I last mentioned it, been stuck on a stone for about three weeks now, keep eating Nandos, but this week looks to be a loss, despite a jam doughnut sneaking in one day. We’ll see

What are you up to this weekend? Do you like the heat or do you long for Autumn?