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Fireworks. So pretty to look at but the bane of my life during October and November. Near me, they started last weekend and I can expect them to keep going sporadically until after the 5th November. They wake up my kids, which is annoying, but worse than that, like many pet owners they terrify my dog. Poor Thor, its no fun but we do all we can to calm him. The first step in the process is getting a calming diffusers. As Thor is a sensitive doglet, we have had Adaptil diffusers on and off since he was a puppy.


The Adaptil Diffuser is a discrete plug in which diffuses a pheromone that calms dogs. Its not just good for firework season, but also for settling puppies into their new homes as well as any other instances where your pooch is unsettled. The results are proven and we’ve personally found it an effective tool. It lasts about four weeks, but you can buy refills for them which is great. I would absolutely recommend any dog owner have one on hand, even if only for fireworks season.

And so I’m delighted to be teaming up with Petshop.co.uk again to offer a Adaptil Diffuser worth £26.10 for one reader. All you need to do is follow the steps in the Rafflecopter widget below.

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Good luck!

Delighted today to bring you something a bit different as well as a brilliant giveaway if you have kids.

Chloe and Lola were both lucky enough to receive one of the newest Bratz dolls from the Study Abroad range each. I’m going to do a review first  and at the end of the post you can enter my rafflecopter giveaway to win for your own child, or even you if you want!

So we received Sasha who is visiting the UK and Yasmin who is visiting Brazil.

Firstly meet Yasmin.

Bratz Study AbroadBratz Study AbroadBratz Study AbroadShe’s so bright and vibrant and she comes with loads of accessories. (Please ignore the state of my table, its covered in old paint stains and glitter).

Bratz Study Abroad Bratz Study AbroadShe comes with a suitcase and stickers to decorate her suitcase. There’s a hand bag and cute pineapple, as well as a spare outfit, brush, sunglasses, earrings and two bracelets. Chloe LOVES her.

Bratz Study Abroad Then we have Sasha, which is Lola’s doll.

Bratz Study AbroadBratz Study AbroadBratz Study AbroadShe also comes with loads of great accessories.

Bratz Study AbroadBratz Study AbroadI especially love the accessories with this one. She has a suitcase and stickers to decorate it and in addition she has a full outfit, a brush, a bangle, a necklace, red phone box earrings and most importantly for visiting the UK, she has a teacup and some lovely biscuits on a plate.’

It’s far to say Lola loves Sasha as much as Chloe loves Yasmin.

Bratz Study Abroad So here’s what I think of them as a parent.

Firstly, I know that when I was little, if these were around I would have wanted them, no question, they are bright, fun and attractive. I also love the fact they come with loads of accessories. The accessories are such that they are prone to getting lost easily, but thats where the suitcases and bags come in handy, so you can keep all your bits close to your doll. I also like the fact that they come with a complete other outfit, its lovely for the kids to have that, you don’t often get that included with a doll unless you buy extra outfits. What I also loved was the easy opening to learning about other cultures, of course you can always do this with your children anyway, but I do love that it prompted the questions from my kids. We ended up looking up Brazil and what it looks like, where it is on the map, what things from Brazil are famous…. it was less the case with the Sasha visiting the UK as we live here already, but personally I loved her British outfit. It must also be said that the dolls seem to be really high quality. I will mention that Sasha’s hair has a greasy feel, I believe there is some product on her hair, and I’m all for that if it keeps it sleek and shiny. I am a mother who is tired of combing impossible tangles and knots and frizz out of dolls and toy ponies.

I know there are concerns about the unreal shapes and details of the Bratz dolls and while I do think this is an issue of wider concern, its not one that bothers me a huge amount in this instance because I think the positives outweigh that issue really, and I believe that if I’m teaching my daughters positive attitudes and being a good role model as well as surrounding them with good role models and messages then a doll won’t make a difference.

I am being honest when I say I really love these dolls and would recommend them as quality toys that won’t fall apart, and there is no doubt that there has been great attention to detail paid when they have been designed.

Bratz Study Abroad dolls are available now at all good retailers, including Argos, Asda, Debenhams, Smyths, Tesco, The Entertainer and Toys R Us and the RRP is £24.99.


And with that glowing review I’m delighted to be able to offer you a chance to win a Bratz Study Abroad doll of your own. It will be one of the following and it will be a random selection, so unfortunately if you are the winner you will not be able to choose which one you win, but don’t fear, they are all fabulous!

Bratz Study Abroad

a Rafflecopter giveaway

All terms and conditions can be found within the Rafflecopter widget.

*Dolls were received free of charge for review purposes.

Huge congratulations to Mary Chez who has won my Makeup Revolution Giveaway.

Makeup Revolution Giveaway


I have emailed the winner, that YOU Mary, and I’m looking forward to hearing from.

Thanks to everyone who entered, I’ve been amazed!

If you’ve got a pet, don’t forget you can enter my giveaway to win £30 to spend at Petshop.co.uk!

Charlie x

Hi all,

I’m absolutely delighted to be offering you another giveaway today, this time its one for the animal lovers!

You might remember my post about PetShop.co.uk? Thor was pretty excited to receive a load of goodies from them to review.

P1160771We were so happy with the products and service, Thor and I have teamed up with our favourite online pet shop to offer my readers a chance to win a £30  voucher to spend at Petshop.co.uk. The winner will receive a voucher code by email, with no expiry date so you can take as long as you like to spend them. Their range of products is extensive and I’m absolutely positive you’ll find something for you and your pet, regardless of whether you have a dog or fish!

All you have to do is follow the steps in the Rafflecopter widget below. Please note, when you provide your email address you will be subscribed to the Pet Shop Bowl newsletter. Full Terms and Conditions can be found at the end of this post.

The Deadline for Entering is 31st May 2015 at 12.00am.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Best of Luck Everyone!

Terms and Conditions:
• Entrants will be signed up to the PetShop.co.uk newsletter.
• Entries close at midnight on the closing date. The winner will be selected at random within Rafflecopter.
• The winner will be contacted by email after the closing date by PetShop.co.uk, if they haven’t heard from you within a week, then another winner will be chosen.
• The voucher code will be sent out by PetShop.co.uk directly to the winner.
• JustCharlieG cannot be held responsible for any prizes that go missing and if any issues occur then the winner should contact PetShop.co.uk directly.

I have had my eye on Makeup Revolution for quite some time but I’d been putting off buying any products due to not great experiences with budget cosmetics in the past. I bit the bullet a few days ago and made an order. I’m going to review the products I bought over the next week (but lets just say I’m blown away by what I’ve tried) but I bought a few duplicates and a couple of extras in order to have a little giveaway. I was going to do this giveaway when I reached 100 Bloglovin followers, but at 98 I can’t wait any longer!

Makeup Revolution GiveawaySo in the photo above, everything in the left hand column is up for grabs in one prize. Included are:

In order to win all you need to do is take the steps in the Rafflecopter below. Only the first is mandatory, but the more you do, the more chances you have to win. Full Terms and Conditions can be found within the Rafflecopter Widget.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And don’t forget, I will be reviewing most of these items over the next week so if you want to wait and see what I think about them first, keep an eye out for blog posts!

All prizes have been bought by me, with my own money and I’m looking forward to giving them away, good luck!

I won the fabulous Nooberella’s recent Blog Giveaway and my amazing prizes turned up today along with a lovely giftcard!

Mac Lashes No7

The prize was a MAC Fluidline, eyeshadow and lashes of your choice. So here are my choices!
Mac Lashes No7. I won’t be able to use these for a while though as I don’t have any glue!

Mac Lashes No7

Mac Fluidline in Rich Ground

Mac Fluidline in Rich Ground

And lastly, Mac eyeshadow in Silver Ring.

Mac eyeshadow in Silver Ring.

I’m so thrilled with it all. Thank you so much Karleigh Poo. I’m a very lucky girl and very grateful! Thank you thank you thank you!

10. 02. 2010

Morning all, I need some help identifying a nail varnish please! It’s VERY old. Found it this morning, Its really beautiful and I need to know what it is. I remember the sticker dropping off the bottom a few years ago now so I just don’t know what it is.

You’ll be able to see immediately how old it is:



The swatch isnt accurate at all. It’s a rich vibrant dark purple with subtle frost.  What is it! Help!

Please forward this to anyone you think might be able to identify the polish! xx

EDIT: The answer was Grid, this is Mac Grid Nail Polish

05. 02. 2010

I just hit 50 followers. I’m so thrilled. I never imagined I’d have five followers, never mind fifty of you. Thank you all so much for following my inane ramblings. I’d like to thank my mum, my dad, my agent etc etc.

In all seriousness I’m thinking this calls for a wee give away. I’ll get my big fat arse into town over the next few days and buy a few little bits and look out for a give away sometime between now and weds.

25. 01. 2010

Hi all, hope you all had a fab weekend and a not too bad Monday. My weekend was pretty uneventful really, just popped into town on Sunday for a few bits, a fry up and a Costa coffee and cake. Big G and I are Latte fiends and have a homemade one every single night at 9pm in a tall mug, but usually at least once a weekend we do a Starbucks or Costa run into town. It tricky though because Costa does the best coffee but Starbucks do the best cakes, like Apple and cinnamon fritters and chocolate cake doughnuts…but I digress.

Aaaanyway, I nipped into Superdrug for some baby things and a couple of bits might have fallen into my basket. Namely the Barry M Silver Metallic eyeliner that I fell in love with when I saw Muhsine review it over at bubblegarm. I dunno, it swatched nicely on my hand, beautifully pigmented but I can’t get it to work well on my lids at all. It kind of skids over bits leaving bare patches, but I’ll try again tomorrow with some UDPP and I’ll take some pics if I can.

The other thing was that I gave into the hype and bought myself Gosh’s Darling. Hmm. I’ll have to try it again tomorrow because it was definitely a bit meh on me. And streaky. I think I’m just too in love with MAC mattes. I’ll try again though.

Finally, 40 followers! I’m thinking I’ll do a giveaway if I ever get to 100 but that seems more possible now than it did when I started. Thank you everyone who takes the time to read my inane ramblings 🙂

Lots of love,