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I’ve never quite “got” dry shampoo…however, in recent years I’ve taken to having a can around, just in case. I’m not a huge fan of the smells of any that I’ve tried and I often find that despite brushing through, I can still feel product in my hair and it still feels dirty.

But. I adore every single thing I’ve tried by Aveda, many of which are staples for me now, so I was pretty pleased to give their newest product a try. Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo.

Aveda Dry Shampoo The Aveda Shampure range hasn’t let me down yet and I love the shampoo and conditioner, they smell amazing, so this is a welcome new addition to the line up. It’s a 99.8% naturally derived powder formula, with ingredients such as Cassava and oat to absorb oils and 25 pure flower and plant essences for the beautiful signature scent. Rather cleverly, this is not an aerosol. In fact, what you have a little hole at the top, that is covered, but when you twist the lid and expose the hole, all you have to do is give the bottle a light squeeze and the product shoots out just like an aerosol.

Aveda Dry Shampoo Aveda Dry Shampoo I’d definitely recommend having a test before aiming at your hair, just to get a feel for how much product is being released.

It’s so easy to use, simply section your hair and apply to your roots, and then massage in, you can then brush through and style. It leaves my hair smelling freshly washed and the scent lingers for me, and it leaves my hair feeling clean too. Not freshly washed clean, but certainly much cleaner than before use. More importantly, my hair looks clean and I can dispense with the need to scrape my hair back into a ponytail. It also works well to revive a style, great if you have layers, just add to your roots, massage in and hey presto, volume and definition. I know its an expensive product, but it really is in a different league altogether from cheaper brands I’ve tried, the fresh scent alone is a huge selling point for me. Definitely recommend this one.

The Shampure Dry Shampoo is £22 for 60ml and a refill is £18 for the same amount minus the spray top available now from Aveda.

*Product received free of charge for review purposes


Little post today about a really great hair product!

My hair is quite long and as a rule I wash it every other day. It’s quite dry and processed thanks to the highlights and after washing its pretty frizzy and crazy, I use a lot of oils and serums and control it quite well that way, but I’m always looking for new, quick and easy products to de-frizz and style my hair, especially on the second day.

Color Wow One-Minute Transformation Styling Cream* is a brilliant product. If you’re looking for quick and easy, it doesn’t get any quicker and easier than this.

Color Wow One MInute Transformation Styling CreamColor Wow One MInute Transformation Styling CreamThe product is a waxy/cream, but I’m surprised to see in the official information that it’s described that way because it doesn’t feel like a wax at all. It feels like a very light gel or serum. You really don’t need much product at all, and you need to just add it where required for moisture and de-frizzing. You can add a dollop, about a 5p size, smooth it all over your hair and brush through to tame your hair and add some really lovely shine, or just add it where you need to.

I think the product was designed to be used on dry hair, as a styling product, but I can also recommend using on damp hair if you are blow drying, I guarantee your hair will feel incredible.

Well worth owning if you are prone to frizzy or puffy hair, alas, I think my hair could be described as both of those things making this really useful for me. If I wake up with huge hair (not in a good way) a quick brush through with this sorts my hair out instantly.

Highly recommend!

120ml is £16.50 and you can purchase from Color Wow Online.

*Product received free of charge for review purposes.


If you’ve been a reader for a little while, you’ll be aware that my hair underwent something of a transformation in January. I went from incredibly dark brown hair to a lighter shade (you can read my post here). Since then, I’ve actually gone a little more blonde, and while we’ve sensibly been doing it gradually, bleach inevitably has an effect on your hair’s condition and for me its incredibly dry. It’s not, thankfully, terribly split, but I needed to take action to restore some moisture before it all started to break off.  As it was, when I washed it it was just turning into a huge tangle which was incredibly hard to brush out after washing, and once dry, there was no escaping the frizz, my hair could only be described as looking fluffy. And not in a cute way.

I’m a long term user of Aveda Shampure products but with my hair in this condition, my usual products were just not doing me any favours at all so I decided to try something new.  It wasn’t hard to work out what to try because when my I leave the hairdresser, my hair is soft, smooth and frizz free, so I opted to try out the brand my salon uses. Tigi.

I’ve actually used lots of Tigi products over the years, and liked them, but none have been as effective as my current selection of products, so I thought I’d share with you.



The Tigi Urban Anti-dotes range comes in three “strengths”. 1 – Re-energise is for tired, weak, blah hair, 2 – Recovery is for dull moisture deprived hair, and 3- Resurrection is for hair in need of serious intervention.  I opted for the Resurrection Shampoo and Conditioner as well as the Treatment Mask. I bought the HUGE shampoo and conditioner bottles in my local B&M for £9.99 while the Treatment Mask came from Fragrance Direct and cost me £8.99 I think. From the first use of these I could feel a huge difference in my hair, mainly because as I was washing my hair wasn’t knotting up. My hair felt clean and soft and tangle free. The treatment mask is to be used once a week and I don’t honestly notice any great difference after using it but I’ll keep going with it because the improvement in my hair overall is fantastic. The products are very highly scented though so that’s something to be aware of if you prefer your products to not smell strongly.

I nearly always let my hair dry naturally, blow drying once a week, sometimes less often, but even with this fab products I was noticing that although my hair felt considerably less dry, and not at all tangly, I was definitely a bit more fluffy than I like, (although much less fluffy than before I got these products), so I opted to add a couple more products to my routine to style and finish.



I bought the Ego Boost and Headrush products from Fragrance Direct as before. Ego Boost (£9.99) is a Split End Mender and Leave In Conditioner which I use in two ways, the first is to use a pump or two to cover all of my hair while it’s damp and comb through, the other is once my hair is dry to use a tiny amount to smooth over any split ends or remaining fluff. It works like a charm to get frizz free hair. Finally Headrush (£8.99) is shine in a bottle, and I just spritz it all over for shine and sleekness.

The end result is smooth, moisturised, frizz free hair, I couldn’t be happier. So if your hair is suffering from over processing, I’d recommend all of the above which I bought with my own money.

I’ve been holding off on this write up for a few weeks now as I wasn’t sure what to write. I’m still not sure so lets see what happens!

Okay, so what we’ve got is the Sleep-In Rollers Original Gift Set. And very nice looking it is too!

Sleep-In Rollers Original Gift Set

So you get a lovely pink draw string bag which contains 20 Sleep-In Rollers, an instructional DVD and then a little drawstring bag which contains 20 large kirby grips to secure your rollers.

The instructions for using the rollers are printed on the packet.

Sleep-In Rollers Original Gift Set

Essentially though, wash your hair, blow dry it, section it and then start rolling. Use a grip to secure each roller in place and then go to bed! I used these twice, once without hair spray and once with a spritz of hair spray on each section before I rolled.

Here I am, all happy and optimistic for a head full of bouncy hair the next morning.

Sleep-In Rollers Original Gift Set

And I did sleep. But it was a restless sleep. I probably woke up every 30 minutes through the whole night. It was very uncomfortable. It wasn’t at all painful at least but sleep was very difficult. I guess I didn’t fully wake up otherwise I’d never have got back to sleep, but still, hopefully you know what I mean.

Before I even brushed my teeth I rushed to take one roller out to see what had happened and the answer was not a lot.  Then about half an hour after getting up I removed them all.

You can colour me unimpressed. Gaze upon my most unimpressed  and very tired face.

Sleep-In Rollers Original Gift Set

Yes, there’s a little bit of volume. But to be frank I’d have got more volume by blasting my hair upside down with the hair dryer. Boooo!! Broken sleep all night long for the tiniest bit of lift. Booo again.

I don’t know what went wrong at all. I followed the instructions to the letter. I can only assume I am a total dunce (in the same way that I am with fake tan), or that these just don’t suit my hair type at all (very fine but absolutely masses of it).

I’ve seen bloggers use these really successfully so although I didn’t get on with them I still believe they work, they just aren’t for me.

This set is £24.95 and they are available from http://sleepinrollers.com/

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

Paul Mitchell Curls

I don’t have curly hair, I have dry, colour treated wavy big hair. My daughter Chloe does have curly hair though and it’s beautiful but crazy. We learned a long time ago not brush it (woosh hello cloud head!) but we’ve never really found a way to tame it. It gets Crazy.

I’m never sure what to do with it in the mornings. When she gets out of bed it’s just wild and since she has lots of short layers (not cut in, its just how her hair grows) scraping back into a ponytail isn’t the answer to making her looking tidy.

So I was delighted to give this range a try.

Firstly the Spring Loaded Frizz Fighting Shampoo (£14.95). It gentle washes Chloe’s hair and detangles very nicely. It also eliminates the need for conditioner. So far so good.

The other three products are all styling products. I claimed the Ultimate Beachy Wave Texture Cream-Gel (£11.95) for myself. It does exactly what it says on the tin, forms, separates and adds loads of texture oh and it’s humidity resistant too. I like this, I have wavy hair anyway but I find ti makes more sense of the waves and keeps them frizz free unlike my natural waves!

The Other two products are Chloe’s. Lucky Six year old that is she is. Firstly the Full Circle Leave-In Treatment. This is a lightweight conditioning treatment that you don’t need to wash out. It’s not actually a necessary step for a child I don’t think but it does work, it hydrates and detangles and keeps things looking a little less fly away but we don’t use this at every hair wash, maybe just every couple of weeks or so.

What we do use all the Time is the beautiful Twirl Around Crunch-Free Curl Definer. This one’s £18.95 and it’s a combination of a gel and cream all beautifully twirled together.

Paul Mitchell Curls

Just apply to your damp curls and leave to dry. Hey presto, defined bouncy curls. We love this so much we can’t imagine being without. Perfect for fluffy curly hair. It’s as essential as soap and water for Chloe now. Part of our every day routine!

You can buy the entire range from your local Paul Mitchell Salon or Look Fantastic.

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I’ve been playing about with the Babyliss Soft Waves styler for about a month now and am finally able to let you have my thoughts!

Babyliss Boutique Soft Waves

The soft waves styler is a large barrelled curling wand. It doesn’t have a clamp, (and personally I prefer a clamp), it has adjustable temperatures, up to 210 degrees and also comes with a protective heat mat and a protective glove so you don’t burn your fingers when wrapping your hair around the barrel.

Babyliss Boutique Soft Waves

The large barrel of the wand means that this won’t ever give you curly hair, it is, as the name suggests, for anyone who wants “soft waves” and this is exactly what it delivers.

It heats up really fast and then you can get to work. I really struggle with any wands that don’t have clamps as I always manage to burn my fingers even with the gloves and because the ends of my hair are tapered, rather than blunt, it can be hard to hold the ends against the wand.

That’s just me though, I’ve always been completely inept when it comes to hair styling.

It took me a while to get the knack of this with my unruly hair too, but eventually I realised that before I waved each section I needed to spritz with heat spray or styling spray, sounds simple, and obvious, as most of you will do this as standard, but my hair doesn’t get styled much…like I say, I’m inept!

Anyway, once I’d got it all sorted I managed to get some good waves going on and if soft waves is your thing then you’d do very well to try this out. It’s perfect.

Babyliss Boutique Soft Waves

The Babyliss Boutique Soft Waves is available from Very where it’ll cost you £25. Really quite cheap compared to lots of the hair stylers on the market now!

*Disclosure – PR sample*

I was recently invited along to Energy Hair to try out L’Oreal’s Summer Smooth Service. Perfect for my insane hair, this treatment promised your hair will be frizz free and smooth for four days, even at 80% humidity. My hair is like a frizz magnet. It only takes small amounts of humidity for my hair to start looking fluffy.

Here, take a look at my natural hair. This was prior to the treatment.

L'Oreal Summer Smooth

L'Oreal Summer Smooth

So you see, frizz!

Occasion wise the treatment would be perfect for any weekend away, festivals, weddings, trips to the Eden Project, anything where you would normally expect the frizz to put in an appearance, and in terms of who the treatment is suitable for, well it’s ideal for dry, rebellious hair, prone to frizz, but it can be adapted for most hair types.

A word about the Salon, Energy. Energy is in Exeter, based at Dart’s Farm and it’s a really lovely salon and the staff are so friendly. My stylist was Amber who was warm, professional and really really good at blow drying. I also had the best hair wash of my life, in part thanks to Amber and in part thanks to this insane basin!

L'Oreal Summer Smooth

That hood slowly changed colours and the seat delivered a massage. I’d go back to Energy for this alone! I’ve never seen anything like it before, but then I’ve not been to a salon in years either!

So the treatment is made up of products and and a piece of equipment called the Steampod.

L'Oreal Summer Smooth

First up your hair is washed with the Liss Unlimited Shampoo. Then your hair is towel dried and the Liss Unlimited Masque is applied and left for 3-5 minutes before being rinsed away.  Your hair is then blasted dry, until only just touch dry and then finally 3-4 pumps of the the Liss Unlimited Double Serum is applied (please note the packaging now matches the Masque and Shampoo and the Serum shown is an old style bottle). However, if the hair is particularly dry then the Double Serum can be applied prior to drying, which it was in my case. The Liss Unlimited range  is fantastic and really does keep frizz at bay, treating it at the time of washing, but then keeping your hair frizz free until your next wash. It’s really moisturising, and contains Pro-keratin and Evening Primrose to repair, smooth and nourish, while Kukui nut oil protects from the humidity.

So my hair was amazingly blow dried by Amber. I’ve never had such bouncy hair! (sorry for the awful pic). If you’re anywhere near Exeter and you need a blow dry, go and see Amber, you won’t regret it!

L'Oreal Summer Smooth

But we weren’t finished because then my hair was styled with the Steampod.

L'Oreal Summer Smooth

The Steampod is a straightening iron that delivers a continuous stream of high pressure steam, which adds a long lasting smooth, glossy finish to the hair. And like your usual straighteners, you don’t have to just create straight hair, waves are also possible.

So the Steampod was used on my hair, especially on the ends, to seal the cuticles and I think, if I’m remembering correctly, a little more of the Double Serum was applied as a final step to add a touch more shine and to tame any fly aways.

I took these photographs as soon as I got home.

L'Oreal Summer Smooth

L'Oreal Summer Smooth

L'Oreal Summer Smooth

So the big question is, how long did I stay frizz free, did it last the promised four days?

Well, Day two, I’d lost some of the beautiful volume Amber had so lovingly put into my hair, but there’s no denying it was frizz free and smooth and shiny!

L'Oreal Summer Smooth

L'Oreal Summer Smooth
Day three, well it’s like Amber never touched my hair, all her lovely work was gone and my ends had started to get fluffy, but the roots and top of my hair (where I get the worst of the frizz) was indeed still smooth and mostly frizz free.

L'Oreal Summer Smooth

Unfortunately at about the half way through Day 3 mark my hair was just so dirty I needed to wash it, but regardless I was super impressed with the whole experience. I know if I’m away for a weekend or wedding or something I’ll definitely go for this treatment and leave my straighteners at home and at £15-£20 approximately depending on your local salon, it’s not too expensive either.

You can also get the effect at home as you can buy all the Liss Unlimited products from your local L’Oreal Professionnel salon.

L'Oreal Summer Smooth

The Double Serum is £13.25, The Shampoo is £9.85 and the Masque is £13.25. I’ve actually got on really well using these, they certainly seem to have been keeping the frizzies away, here’s my hair after using them.

L'Oreal Summer Smooth

You can also buy a consumer version of the Steampod, but I’ll have to save up if I want one of those at £150…but I’m tempted. I’d love an alternative to my straighteners and this is ideal since it’s gentler and it’s a hydrating kind of heat thanks to the steam, but we shall see on that front!

All in all I’ve got nothing bad to say about the L’Oreal Summer Smooth treatment, it was truly excellent and it’ll last as long as you can go without getting your hair wet. I put mine to the ultimate test by taking a shower on day two without getting my hair wet but there was lots of humidity of course, and you can see from the day two pics that it didn’t affect it at all.  Very impressive indeed. I don’t think it should be called Summer Smooth though as it’d be equally as valuable to me in Spring or Autumn!

I also can’t praise Energy Hair (the site is down at the time of writing) enough, the service was fantastic and it’s a lovely friendly salon. I’ll definitely go back.

To find your local L’Oreal Professionnel Salon, to either book in for the treatment or to purchase the products you can either call 0800 072 6699 or visit www.lorealprofessionnel.co.uk.

*Both the treatment and the products were provided to me free of charge for review purposes and as always this has had no impact on my integrity or honesty*

Her Haircare Rituals

I don’t like volume on the top of my head. My hair just looks weird when it’s high. I do however like my hair to look voluminous everywhere else where possible and thanks to HER Haircare Rituals products I’m seeing some fantastic volume in my hair, as seen above!

Firstly I love the packaging of the products, the simple black and white and the stylish logo.

Her Haircare Rituals

I’ve been using the Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner regularly since I received them and can give them a massive thumbs up despite a shaky start!

A little bit of info about the brand. The brand was co-created and is co-owned by John Barrowman. Seems a bit random, but who cares, it’s a great brand. HER is based in Italy’s Veneto region and the surrounding areas have inspired the bottles and scents of the products.

The Volumising Shampoo is enhanced with sweet almond protein to strengthen and fortify the hair which in turn gives more volume and more softness. The Volumising Conditioner feels like rubbing a face cream into your hair, it’s a strange sensation for someone so used to the slip of silicones! The reason it feels that is that it’s made with shea butter, then there are passion flower and acai oils along with rice bran an wheat germ oils and a dose of ginseng.

So about that shaky start I mentioned. Me and my hair love silicone and most forays into silicone free shampoos and conditioners and the Her shampoo and conditioner are both Silicone free to say my hair objected is to put it mildly. My hair reacted by turning itself into a massive clump of tangled hair as I shampooed. It was painful to try and get the conditioner through it with a wide tooth comb. However, once I was out of the shower my hair was soft and clean feeling and definitely volumised. So I persevered. Next wash I used the same, wide tooth comb at the ready, teeth gritted. Nothing. The shampoo lathered with no tangling, the conditioner slid through my tangle free hair with ease. And that’s how it’s been every wash since. I’m sold. I can only assume that I had some build up of something that the HER products removed but that there was some kind of initial clash of products or something. Who cares anyway, now it’s lovely. It smells gorgeous, fresh and clean and it leaves my hair soft and volumised.

And then there’s the Volumising Powder. The pot feels as though it has nothing it it, and to be honest I’m not sure how much is in there but you need very little so we’ll just have to see how long it lasts, but this powder is more than your average backcomb dust (which I usually avoid since I don’t like height on my crown). The powder adds body and texture but it does more. It gives the volume of a mousse, has the texture of a clay without being at all heavy, it controls like a hair spray and and can be reactivated, meaning you can just restyle without having to redo from scratch. It also cleans and refreshes. So versatile. I apply this to the roots of my hair, around the top, but avoiding the very crown of my head so that the volume is at the sides. Works like a charm.

Her Haircare Rituals

Volumising Shampoo £15

Volumising Conditioner £17

Volumising Powder £14

All available from thisisher.co.uk
*Products were all sent for review purposes and thank goodness for that, they are amazing!*

I received four Tresemme products from the new Texture Style Range to review about a month ago. There’s no better advert from a product I don’t think than regular use and I can tell you that not one single day has gone past without me using at least one of the following products, if not more than one. If you’re looking for beachy waves, or to enhance your layers or just to add texture, then look no further than this price friendly range.

My hair is wavy, thin but there’s lots of it and it’s frizz prone, sounds attractive no?

The days of straightening my hair are nearly completely gone (but I still use them on my fringe and to smooth out the top layer of frizz) these days I generally prefer to embrace my waves and that means they need little a guidance, either to de frizz, or separate the waves and layers, or just to add in an extra load of texture and the following products will really help you do that. Here’s a quick run down:

Backcomb Dust

Amazing Texture with Tresemme

This is the only one I don’t use really as I don’t like height in my hair but it’s absolutely effective. Rub some into your crown for a backcombed look without damaging backcombing! I tried it out, it really works, it’s just not a look I’m after.

Tousled Wave Spray

Amazing Texture with Tresemme

My favourite! This stuff is brilliant, it claims you can use it on wet or dry hair, but I can see little difference if I apply it to my dry hair, but if I apply it to wet hair…hello beachy waves! Go easy, comb it through before scrunching, otherwise you can get crispy bits, you can either scrunch it dry with a hair dryer or just let it dry naturally, I like it best when left to dry naturally, Fab fab fab!

Velvet Creme

Amazing Texture with Tresemme

Very versatile! Use on wet hair for matte texture, use on dry hair for a wet look. It’s hard to define what this does, it just seems to add… well texture, I’ve used on my wet hair, as well as working a tiny bit into my dry, as you’d use a wax to add definition to the layers.

Divine Definition Spray

Amazing Texture with Tresemme

Not, as I first thought, your traditional hairspray but just for textured hair. No, this spray is perfect for finishing your style as it creates separated layers and a touch of grip, making this perfect for tousled up-do’s.

I have used all of the above, but the final three are regulars for absolutely everything, and in all my photographs of the last month I’ll have been using these. I use them when I have my hair down, when I have my hair up, when I want to define my waves and when I want extra waves. Superb products at an amazing price of £5.50 each.

Amazing Texture with Tresemme


Amazing Texture with Tresemme


Amazing Texture with Tresemme


Amazing Texture with Tresemme


Amazing Texture with Tresemme


Amazing Texture with Tresemme


Amazing Texture with Tresemme

The entire range is available from Boots.

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I had a wonderful parcel arrive a couple of weeks ago, containing some treats and some fab Mark Hill hair products.

Mark Hill Bad Girl Glam Wicked Waver

Mark Hill Bad Girl Glam Wicked Waver

I’ve already reviewed the Vava Voom Mousse here, which I loved, but today I’m going to review this, the Bad Girl Glam Wicked Waver.

Mark Hill Bad Girl Glam Wicked Waver

Mark Hill Bad Girl Glam Wicked Waver

Okay so we’re going to quickly gloss over the fact that this looks like something you might buy in Anne Summers…

The Wicked Waver promise you waves, lots of waves and that unusual barrel shape means that no two waves or curls are ever the same. You can vary the temperature depending on your hair type and requirements, and the amount of wave you get can be adapted by the amount of hair you choose to wrap around the barrel.

This gets EXTREMELY hot. You do get two of those heat proof gloves with it, but even so I managed to burn myself a couple of times but that is surely more to do with my ineptness than anything else. It’s a measure of how great this is that my cack handedness didn’t affect the end result, I got great results with this. Take a look.
Mark Hill Bad Girl Glam Wicked Waver

Mark Hill Bad Girl Glam Wicked Waver

Mark Hill Bad Girl Glam Wicked Waver

Mark Hill Bad Girl Glam Wicked Waver

If you’re after beachy waves this summer, look no further! It’s quick and easy to use. Words of caution though, use the gloves provided and definitely use a heat protection spray on your hair. Highly recommended. What I really like is the fact that because of the barrel shape, you don’t have a uniform end result, it really does create the perfect dishevelled waves!

The RRP for the Wicked Waver is £59.99 but it’s currently selling for a bargain £29.99 on Boots.com.

Finally, if I’ve not convinced you, here’s a great video full of tips and instructions.

*Disclosure – PR Sample*