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VaVa Volume with Mark Hill

I’ve not used a hair mousse for years but thought I’d give it a whirl! VaVa Voom Volumising Blow Dry Mousse by Mark Hill is simple to use and does exactly what it promises on the tin.
VaVa Volume with Mark Hill
I’m currently trying out a few Mark Hill products but this is my favourite so far. The volume you can get is crazy! I don’t like my hair to be HUGE so I’ve not given it as much oomph as I could have done, but I am still very happy with the results. I basically applied to damp hair, Turned my head upside down, blasted the roots, then turned my head up the right way and finished drying. Doesn’t make my hair feel disgusting as mousses I’ve used in the past seem to do.
VaVa Volume with Mark Hill
The mousse is £5.99 and you can get it here, from Boots.

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I’ve discovered hair perfection. It’s true!

I was sent a couple of Macadamia Natural Oil products to try out and I have to admit I had extremely high hopes. I’ve tried out the oil in the past and absolutely loved it (it came in a subscription box so was only a small sample but I used every last drop).
Macadamia Natural Oil No Tangle Pre-styler

So you see, the No Tangle Pre-styler had some high standards to meet. Luckily, it hasn’t disappointed. This stuff is amazing.

So after washing and conditioning your hair you spritz this  all over, I believe the bottle says, generously, and so I have indeed been using it generously.

That’s when I had a moment of doubt. I reached up to touch my hair when I was combing it out and it felt for all the world as though I hadn’t rinsed out my conditioner properly. From experience, if you don’t wash out conditioner properly, you’ll end up with really greasy locks and so for a few seconds I was considering rinsing my hair more and starting from scratch, but I thought about ti some more, I knew I’d rinsed my hair thoroughly so this had to be the No Tangle I’d just applied…so then I worried I’d used too much…but I decided to just go with it and blow dry anyway.

Well, never ever has my hair been like this. Soft, glossy, silky. I mean really really shiny, and really really soft. I am so impressed. It’s really impressive and I couldn’t be happier, my hair hasn’t been like this for years. I’ve tried and loved many hair serums and oils over the years but in comparison they pale into submission. This is the bomb. (Do you like my trendy down with the kids speak? no?).

Now, it does contain silicones and I know that some folk prefer to avoid them. I personally love silicones in my hair products, without them my hair is INSANE. I don’t like silicones in my skincare, but I actively look for silicones in my hair products. This is a total win. The range is paraben and sulfate free though and cruelty free. Fab. A 100ml bottle is £10.90 and a 250ml bottle is £21.

No Tangle brushThe other item I was sent to try out is the No Tangle Styler Brush which is £9.95.

In this house, with the two kids, we have the Tangle Teezer brush which works a treat on the kids hair, but for some reason I never use it on myself.  I know the Tangle Teezer is very popular, but I know some people find it hard to keep hold of them, what with there being no handle… the Macadamia Natural Oil No Tangle Styler Brush (think I’ll just call it “the brush” from here on in!) has handle. And it’s mine, all mine. The kids can keep the Tangle Teezer. I use this after I’ve towel dried my hair and spritzed with the Pre Styler, then I use this to comb through….I don’t just stop there though, I use it while drying my hair too.  It eliminates pulling, split ends and breakage, is suitable for hair extensions. I notice on the blurb it also says it smoothes the cuticle layer so I’m going to give it some of the credit for my hair looking the best ever.

Honestly people, the softest, shiniest hair I’ve ever had.  You need these products!

You can purchase from Macadamiahair.co.uk but I’ve also spotted a sale on the whole range over at Beauty Bay.

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31. 08. 2012

Gosh I’ve had these things for months now and haven’t blogged about them yet. Shocking!

Okay so I bought these Goody hair accessories when they was a Three-for-Two offer on at Boots I think, ages ago.

Goody Hair Accessories

Okay so starting with the Spin Pins. Now I have two cheap spin pins that I bought off Ebay. They were not great quality and wouldn’t hold my hair up too well but I’d heard such great things about spin pins that I felt sure the Goody ones were better. And indeed they were. They hold my hair up fairly well BUT, two are not enough for my hair. I have very fine hair but I have tonnes of the stuff, so I tend to need to use the two Goody ones and then add one of the cheapies I had previously bought just to add a bit more strength to my up do. It’s weird, I’ve never liked how ponytails or buns look on me, so this sort of messy up do is right up my street, it’s also quick and easy to do.  You literally twist your hair into a sort of bun and then skewer them with the pins, one in from each end. Because I have a lot of shorter layers in my hair I think it’s the reason the third pin holds more of my hair in place. It is definitely my opinion that it is worth paying for the Goody versions of these rather than the cheap versions I bought originally.

Then we’ve got the Goody Doublewear headbands and ponytail bands. The reason these are called Doublewear is that they are nice enough looking to be able to wear them around your wrists or neck as jewellery so they are on hand for those moments you just need to get your hair off your face.  The pony tail ones I’ve found excellent, they are stretchy enough, they don’t snap, they look decent around my wrist and they look stylish in my hair. A great product. The headbands were not a success at all for me though.  For a start I think they look naff around my neck. Like some kind of 80’s throwback but not in a good way but secondly and and more importantly whilst they hold my hair back just fine, they hurt, after about half an hour of wear my head starts to hurt and the pain gets worse until I just remove the damn things. I’m not sure what it is but I think it’s partly the thin metal digging into my scalp and partly because the band is just too tight and I have quite a normal sized head (I do!!).

Soooo it’s a yes from me to the screws but you might need more than one pack if you have a lot of hair or a lot of layers, and its a yes to the wrist/ponytail bands. It’s an absolute no no to the headbands!

If however you fancy trying them out I got mine from Boots, although it seems they only have the Spin Pins online at the moment, I got mine in store so you may have more luck there.

It does seem a bit daft to be doing this post when the weather is so diabolical but you know, not only are the products suitable for the hot sunny weather, but you could just use them to get you in the Summer mood when its wet outside.

Starting with this beauty. My new love.

Givenchy Prisme Again in Happy Sun

Givenchy Prisme Again in Happy Sun

Givenchy Prisme Again in Happy Sun. I was gifted this so I don’t really know how much it costs, but its a beautiful product. Soft and buttery and sheer. Not a hint of orange, just healthy subtle bronze glow. I’ve been completely unable to find this online anywhere other than Ebay, the ones on Ebay aren’t the Union Jack version but are also gorgeous… it does however go without saying to be wary and keep your wits about you so you don’t end up with a fake. I’ll be trying Givenchy more in future that’s for sure. Perfect for us pale skinned ladies.

The next item is something I was sent a press release for the other day.

he Weleda Summer Travel Kit

The Weleda Summer Travel Kit. I have never tried Weleda, I’ve not tried anything in the kit but I’ve heard nothing but good things about the range and whilst this kit isn’t on my wishlist purely because I’m not going on holiday, if I was going on holiday I’d definitely buy this! Fir £29.99 this is all you need. Actually, I’ve just read in the press release it’s suitable for a UK holiday and I don’t need much of an excuse so maybe I will treat myself. So what we’ve got in there is a 20ml Citrus Creamy Body Wash, a 30ml Citrus Deodorant and 10ml of Citrus Refreshing Body Oil. Then there’s 30ml of Combudoron Spray for the relief of insect bites, 25ml Melissa Comp Drops to elieve nausea, stomach upset and occasional diarrhoea, perfect for over indulgence, travel sickness or a minor tummy upset and finally there’s 20ml of Rhiondoron Nasal Spray with Aloe Vera for clearing and moisturising the nasal passages, perfect for dry air and high pollen counts. It really does sound like a great kit.

So if you put that together with the next kit and aside from your facial skin care and make up you’ll be all set for your holiday.

The label.m Mini Airliner

The label.m Mini Airliner*. The deal is that for £12.99 you can choose any 4 label.m favourites in mini sizes which all go into the zipped pouch. You choose one Cleanse product, one Condition product and any two Create and Complete products. my kit contains the Daily Moisturising Shampoo, the Daily Shine Conditioner, both absolutely lovely, the Sea Salt Spray for your beachy waves and the Dry Shampoo which does a great job! These kits are available  at label.m salons globally and Toni & Guy Salons. You can find your nearest stockist on the label.m website.

Then there’s my new favourite deodorant.

Dove Natural Touch Dead Sea Minerals

Dove Natural Touch Dead Sea Minerals*. I have the roll on which is £2.19 but there’s also an aerosol which is £3.39 or £2.49 depending on which size you like. I didn’t think I liked roll on deodorants and have used the stick type of deodorants for years and years… it was a surprise to find I liked this one. It has a very strong scent which is absolutely lovely, but it does fade which is good news for those who don’t like their deodorants to be strongly scented. It keeps me dry all day and it smells nice. That’s all I need from a deodorant and this fits the bill well!

My final suggestion is this beauty. The Melvita Gradual Self-Tanning Moisturising Gel-Cream* £20

Melvita Gradual Self-Tanning Moisturising Gel-Cream

If you don’t like the sun’s rays on your skin but don’t like being a pale skinned beauty, but also don’t want to do the full on fake tan thing in order to be a bronzed goddess, this could be the product for you. It creates a natural looking light tan which is relatively streak free, for some reason I seem to be able to get at least one streak with every tan product I try and this is no exception, but I must say to have only one little streak is virtually unheard of for me, I usually just end up one big streaky mess whereas this is pretty much great. it contains no DHA at all which is the usual active agent in tanners and instead contains Erythrulose which is derived from sugar cane. Thisdevelops over a few hours and one application works well enough all though I do need more to build up the colour. One application takes the tinge off my blueness. It’s really moisturising but even better, although it claims to be vanilla scented, to me it smells just like fudge yoghurt! Nom!

So there we have it, my top picks for your holidays. Some of them I’ve tried, some of them I haven’t some were PR samples and some weren’t, all are fab…trust me when I say I’ve not included some items that definitely didn’t make it to my top holiday picks list!

*Items marked with a * were provided to me free of charge as PR samples*

Blimey I’ve been meaning to do this blog post for ages! I bought the Remington Pearl Hair Curling Wand a couple of months ago. I say bought, I actually mean I got it with my Boots Advantage Points and thus spent no money at all. Hoorah!

Remington Pearl Hair Curling Wand

Please excuse the stock image there.

In the past when wanting to add a bit of curl to my hair I’ve used my GHD Straighteners with some success but the type of curls wasn’t quite what I was after. In a previous life I used to use the old fashioned hair tongs.

I heard a lot about the Remington Pearl, not from one particular source, just reading various things over the years so when I was looking for a new method to curl my hair I knew exactly what I was after. Mine was £25.50 from Boots and worth every Advantage Point Spent on it.

I don’t have nothing but praise for it though, I do have one little problem, but lets talk about why its so brilliant first.

Perfect curls, fast. It works super fast, you can choose your temperature, the curls are fabulous and you get a heat protective glove. There’s an LCD screen to see your heat setting and a lovely long cable.

Remington Pearl Hair Curling Wand

Those are the curls immediately after I did them and you’ve seen this picture before, but here’s a few hours later, they dropped a little, but held the curl all night long, no problems.

Remington Pearl Hair Curling Wand
Remington Pearl Hair Curling Wand

You’ll remember, or maybe you won’t, I’ve also got hair extensions in in those pictures and the Remington pearl made light work of those too.

Now my only criticism, if you can call it that really, is that I can’t quite get to grips with not burning myself. I have the glove, which if I’m honest I can still feel quite a lot of heat through and that thing gets bloody hot. And if you want to curl right down to the ends well then you need to hold the hair at the end right next to the thing…and its hot. I’m guessing thats a practice thing, I hope so anyway!

Anyway, the Remington Pearl Hair Curling Wand, a great buy for great curls.

17. 04. 2012
Beever Daily Revive

Until I was sent this product for review purposes, Beever wasn’t a name I was familiar with at all. Apparently Beever is a range of unisex styling and finishing products designed by hairdressers and now available to the consumer. I have to admire the no-nonsense does-what-it-says-on-the-tin, it really is nice to pick up a product and see exactly what it is and what it does because the minimalist packaging style doesn’t incorporate a tonne of tiny print to get through on the back.

Beever Daily Revive is a specialist hairspray which lightly moisturises and improves elasticity, texture and shine.

Its about as simple as it gets to use, mist over your towel dried hair, comb through and style as usual.

You can also top up when needed, it promises no product build up so when your hair is feeling a bit tired you can give it another spritz.  I don’t tend to do this because I rarely think about the state of my hair later in the day, but I have done so for the purposes of this review and I can confirm there doesn’t seem to be any product build up and my hair does feel great.

All in all  have a new love with this. I use it virtually every single time I wash my hair and my hair does indeed seem to have an extra “swish” about it.

I have got a lot of hair and a lot of split ends at the moment but I’m due a haircut this week and can’t wait to “swish” up my new style when its done!

The Daily Revive is £10.45 and available from www.beever.co.uk

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

Batiste Go Wild Dry Shampoo

I’ve never understood people’s love of Batiste. I’ve always hated the smell of all the varieties I’ve tried (don’t even get me started on that tropical one), I don’t like the way it leaves my hair feeling and I’ve never really understood why people don’t just wash their hair… even when I had a new born  babyI still managed to find 5/10 minutes in my day to wash my hair…but I have to admit I’ve done a complete about turn with this new one, Go Wild. There are two reasons. The first being I LOVE the scent. I love it. Why? Because it reminds me of Angel, my all time favourite perfume. It’s a oriental fragrance with cocoa, vanilla, wood and musk and it smells delicious.

I still don’t find that it leaves my hair clean, it leaves it feeling a bit powdery and I don’t really like it BUT I’ve recently had my hair restyled and I’ve got lots of choppy layers in it and although I won’t use this on my clean hair I do find that on day two after washing it gives my roots and layers a really good boost of texture so whilst I don’t like how it feels in my hair I do like how it makes my style look. So yes, I’m converted! Certainly to this new version anyway, so long as no one makes me go near the Tropical or Blush varieties I think me and Batiste are starting a whole new relationship.

I’ve just been nosing at the Batiste website and am wondering if I might like the XXL Volume version too. I’ll have to give it whirl next!

£2.99 for 200ml, its really inexpensive and I’m sorry Batiste and Batiste users, I take it all back. I just had to find the right one for me and now I get it!

Available from www.boots.com.

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

I was recently sent a few products by KMS California to try out which was nice, it’s not a brand I’m at all familiar with. Alas, I was sent sample size styling products and these aren’t anything I ever use so I’m not a brilliant judge of hair styling products, except for heat protector sprays and serums and oils.

KMS California Hair Products

The first sample I tried out was the Hair Play styling wax. I have long hair which is layered so what I like to do is use it on the ends of my layers when my hair has been straightened. This smelled nice and did a great job of giving my layers a bit of definition on the ends without adding grease. Actually really like this product! A full size pot would cost £15.65.

And then the next thing is the Silk Sheen Styling Creme. I’m not going to mention the smell of each product, just take it from me they all smell nice. This you add to towel dried hair and go on to style, and this adds a little heat protection too. This isn’t the kind of product I use as I don’t tend to blow dry my hair too often and I don’t like to style it for day to day wear…but it’s nice and I notice a distinct lack of frizz when my hair dries… I don’t have a style so I can’t tell you if this has much hold! £14.95

Then there’s the Silk Sheen Polishing Serum £12.80 You don’t need telling how to use a serum, this does a great job of adding shine and taming the worst of the frizzies!

Next up the Free Shape Quick Blow Dry. Spritz it into your hair and reduce your drying time. When you have as much hair as I do this is a godsend. If I wash my hair at 6pm it will still be wet at the nape of my neck at 11pm if left to dry naturally! So this stuff does really work but it does make my hair feel not great. I don’t know if I’m using too much product or not but my hair needs washing the next day when I use this. For me this isn’t a problem as it’s so rare I blow dry my hair, usually only for a special occasion, I could cope with washing my hair the next day. So I have mixed feelings on this. It’s not bad though and it does make drastic difference to me when I do blow dry. £13.

Hot Flex Spray £15.95. This one isn’t for me really, its styling spray that’s heat activated and your style stays set until your next wash. This isn’t for me simply because as previously mentioned I don’t style my hair other than straighteners or blow drying…but with straighteners it does the job.

Finally the Volumising Spray, £14.30. A thickening spray gel that adds heat protection and volume. And it really does! Again, its not something I need, I have voluminous hair already, too voluminous, but it really works, again, my hair feels like it has a lot of product in it and I don’t like that feeling, which is why I don’t use products like this!

So all in all, while not all these products have been for me, they all seem to deliver on their promises and it really is nice to try a new range out, I’m going to have a little look at all their conditioners and shampoo’s in a minute as those are my hair passions!

All samples came from www.activebeauty.co.uk who I’ve blogged about before but stock some absolutely fantastic hair ranges (hello Shu Uemura!). Well worth a look. Oh and the prices… all discounted so head over and check them out!

Ojon Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum

I could quite easily have made this a pictures only blog post. Or pictures and a sentence…”buy this now” covers it, but for you lovely readers, I’ll give you a little bit of detail about the product and then let the pictures at the end do the talking.

The Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum, repairs and restores hair as it tames your frizz and flyaway hair. Lovely bottle with a dropper so you can carefully measure out your two drops. You only need two drops as this is highly concentrated, a little goes a long long way. It restores shine and softness to dull and damaged hair and whilst I don’t really know how to measure whether my hair is less damaged or not but its certainly shiny, supple and frizz free when I use this. I cannot believe that two tiny drops is enough to cope with my (very) thick hair, but it is!

I’d go so far as to say this is the best serum I’ve ever used on my hair. And I’ve tried and reviewed a few on the blog, this beats them all. It’s going to last forever too.

To use, you just apply your two drops to your damp or dry hair and that’s it. I generally apply after a shower to my towel dried hair and then add another drop to my finished style, and then on day two I will add another drop. And then I was my hair at the end of day two. It’s brilliant. £22 for 50ml

I’m not going to say any more, I’ll just leave you with some pictures.

Ojon Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum
Ojon Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum
Ojon Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum
Ojon Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum
Ojon Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum

Charles Worthington Straight & Smooth Hair Straightening Kit

I was SO excited to be given the cahnce to try the Charles Worthington Straight & Smooth Hair Straightening Kit. Promising straight hair for up to 12 weeks it sounded like the answers to my prayers. Why? Well lets have a look at my hair in all it’s natural glory. This is my hair after washing and leaving to dry naturally.

Charles Worthington Straight & Smooth Hair Straightening Kit
Charles Worthington Straight & Smooth Hair Straightening Kit
Charles Worthington Straight & Smooth Hair Straightening Kit

I’d describe it as wavy and it’s a lot of hard work. I use straighteners often, both to straighten my hair (maybe twice a week) and to tidy up the waves and smooth them out a bit (more often). It’s not that I wanted straight hair as such, its more that I’d like to experience not having to do my hair every day. So, I was pretty excited.

Charles Worthington Straight & Smooth Hair Straightening Kit

What you get in your box is the Straightening treatment, conditioning neutraliser, wide tooth comb, rubber gloves and aftercare conditioner.

I found the application procedure a doddle but I’m an old hand at home dying and this isn’t much different. Protect your clothes with an old towel. Get your straightening treatment on, comb through and keeping hair as straight as possible leave for 20 mins. Wash out. Add conditioning neutraliser, comb through, keep hair as straight as possible and leave for 5 minutes, wash out. Blow dry straight. Then as an optional extra you can straighten your hair to really help set your style. At this point you’re done. All that’s required after that is maintenance with the aftercare conditioner.

Obviously, if you’ve blow dried and straightened your hair is going to be straight. And mine certainly was.

Charles Worthington Straight & Smooth Hair Straightening Kit

Okay so I’ve explained it’s easy to use. That is alas where the good part of this review ends.

The kit comes in two forms, for coloured hair and for non-coloured hair. I was sent the one for Coloured hair.  Yet it stripped a good deal of colour from hair. Before on the left, after on the right. My red streak has been left a washed out shade of orange. And it says that once you’ve used this, you can’t colour your hair for a fortnight after using. It’s just a Stargazer red, and I left it a week and I have actually reapplied because frankly, I can’t walk around like that.

Charles Worthington Straight & Smooth Hair Straightening Kit

And lets talk about the smell. It’s disgusting. It does state on the box that the smell may last a couple of washes, so I was prepared, but 10 days later on washing my hair still smells vile. Still at least it stopped smelling constantly after about 5 days.

So what of it’s straightening abilities. Well, here’s what the box promises.

Charles Worthington Straight & Smooth Hair Straightening Kit

With wavy hair I fully expected poker straight results, or at worst the After results of the Curly hair pictures. Even though I don’t describe myself as curly.

So after the stated 48 hours (after which my hair felt DISGUSTING and smelled SO bad) I washed my hair very excitedly. Imagine! Leaving my hair to dry naturally and not having to do much or perhaps anything to it afterwards. How exciting. Or not. Would you like to see how my hair dried? Of course you would!

I give you, before on the left, after on the right.

Charles Worthington Straight & Smooth Hair Straightening Kit
Charles Worthington Straight & Smooth Hair Straightening Kit

It’s a little smoother on the crown and a little less frizzy I think, but it’s hardly earth shattering. It’s not made any difference to my daily routine. I can also confirm that the after pictures up there were taken 48 hours after treatment, a week later, my hair is totally back to normal. Except my colour is washed out and it feels dryer.

It’s extremely rare that I give anything such an all out bad review and I feel terrible for doing it, but this product just didn’t perform. If you think the after pictures up there are a good improvement (I don’t think its good enough), well fair enough, but those results should last longer than 10 days no? I wanted this product to be the answer to my prayers, I had such high hopes for it. Instead it left me stinky, with orange streaks, very little visible improvement, what improvement there was was very temporary, and my hair feels dryer for it.

The retail price of this is £19.99 and if you are still interested after this review you can buy it for a reduced price of £13.33 over at www.boots.com at the moment. Personally, I’d have to say, don’t bother.

*Disclosure – PR Sample (bet they wish they hadn’t bothered eh?)*