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My bleached hair needs considerable more care and attention since I’ve gone blonder. I use a lot of serums and oils on my hair to smooth away the frizzies. I had frizzy hair before bleach, but it is worse now. It’s also dryer. Luckily, through having a great hairdresser and taking good care of my hair, it doesn’t seem to be terribly damaged.

I’m always looking for great products to help my hair stay as strong as possible and keep the frizzies at a minimum.

Step forward, Color Wow Kale Cocktail – Bionic Tonic.

Color Wow Kale CocktailOkay, so this is a sort of leave in conditioner/treatment. The Kale Cocktail is for strengthening weak hair, prone to breakage.  There are two others in the range, Coconut Cocktail for dry hair and Carb Cocktail for fine or limp hair. If you have more than one of these problems, you can use more than one of these, so long as you use Kale first as this is absorbed into the hair shaft.

To use, shake the bottle really well, and then apply a coin sized amount of product to damp hair and comb through. Then style your hair as normal. The results you will see are improved when you apply heat to your hair.

Kale is sulphur rich  and helps reinforce the hair, and the cocktail is full of Amino Acids and B vitamins.

This smooths and detangles my hair leaving it much smoother and feeling amazing. One thing I can’t stand is the feel of product in my hair and this doesn’t leave any trace of product in my hair, just the sense that it is “better”.

The bottle is £22 for 200ml, it’s a substantial amount of product considering how little you use each wash. This bottle is going to last for a long time. As it’s proven so effective on my hair I’m using it every wash and its barely gone down. That’s what I’d call value for money.

It’s not a total miracle for me, it doesn’t give me perfect silky locks. However, it has made such an impact on how my hair feels strength wise. It has also made a big impact on the frizz. With results like that it is now part of my routine and I will definitely get more in future, in fact, I might treat myself to a bottle of the Coconut Cocktail because I’m so confident in the product (and in fact the brand) that I think the two together could be miraculous for my hair!

I’ve tried several Color Wow products now and they are all great, if you are looking for a starting product to introduce you to the brand, definitely pick up one of these.

Head over to Color Wow to pick up one of these Bionic Tonics and while you are there check out the Root Cover Up powders too!

*Product received free of charge for review purposes

Bleach London Silver

Today I’ve got a Massive Rave for you. To begin at the beginning, a year ago my hair was like this:

10560961_1599460076947268_189398091_nIf you regularly read my blog you’ll notice that my hair has been getting lighter and lighter thanks to my fab hairdresser Laura. It was beautiful warm tones but I’ve been wanting to try taking my hair cooler for quite some time, I’m cool toned anyway so I just wanted to know what it’d be like and last week Laura came round and took me the lightest I’ve been with a gorgeous balayage colour but it was still pretty warm. Cooling the tone down was up to me so I hit up Boots and decided upon the Bleach London Silver Shampoo and Conditioner in order to take out some of the yellow and warm tones in my hair.

So here’s how my hair looked the morning after it was recently done. Sorry, it’s not styled!

Bleach London Silver

Silver shampoos and conditioners work by neutralising brassy tones, and so the products are violet. In the case of the Bleach London products the shampoo is incredibly vividly coloured, it’s hard to believe it won’t leave your hair purple, while the conditioner is a much more pastel shade.

Bleach London Silver Bleach London Silver

The recommendations are to use the shampoo every other wash, but I have been using it every single wash, and I’m using the conditioner once a week but using my normal conditioner at every other wash. The silver shampoo feels a bit odd to use, it doesn’t seem to distribute easily through my hair, its not terrible but its a bit of effort, but I would say that it leaves my hair very clean, but it also seems slightly drying. Not a concern, my hair feels like silk after I’ve conditioned. The conditioner is creamy and smooth and works as well as my usual conditioners.

After the first wash I didn’t notice any difference in my hair, but after two washes it was markedly cooler. I am amazed!

Bleach London Silver It’s now a couple of weeks on and my hair is amazing. Alright, the next photo has an instagram filter on it, but my hair is so blonde, so soft and I love it so much I want more blonde!
Bleach London Silver The Bleach London Shampoo and Conditioners are £6 each for 250ml bottles and I was worried that as I have such thick hair I’d get through the product really quickly but its lasting really well. The scent is light and inoffensive but the results are incredible and speak for themselves! My hair also feels amazing which is pretty important when you’re bleaching your hair!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. I purchased mine from Boots, but you can also purchase from BleachLondon online.

*products purchased by me with my own money!

I’ve never quite “got” dry shampoo…however, in recent years I’ve taken to having a can around, just in case. I’m not a huge fan of the smells of any that I’ve tried and I often find that despite brushing through, I can still feel product in my hair and it still feels dirty.

But. I adore every single thing I’ve tried by Aveda, many of which are staples for me now, so I was pretty pleased to give their newest product a try. Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo.

Aveda Dry Shampoo The Aveda Shampure range hasn’t let me down yet and I love the shampoo and conditioner, they smell amazing, so this is a welcome new addition to the line up. It’s a 99.8% naturally derived powder formula, with ingredients such as Cassava and oat to absorb oils and 25 pure flower and plant essences for the beautiful signature scent. Rather cleverly, this is not an aerosol. In fact, what you have a little hole at the top, that is covered, but when you twist the lid and expose the hole, all you have to do is give the bottle a light squeeze and the product shoots out just like an aerosol.

Aveda Dry Shampoo Aveda Dry Shampoo I’d definitely recommend having a test before aiming at your hair, just to get a feel for how much product is being released.

It’s so easy to use, simply section your hair and apply to your roots, and then massage in, you can then brush through and style. It leaves my hair smelling freshly washed and the scent lingers for me, and it leaves my hair feeling clean too. Not freshly washed clean, but certainly much cleaner than before use. More importantly, my hair looks clean and I can dispense with the need to scrape my hair back into a ponytail. It also works well to revive a style, great if you have layers, just add to your roots, massage in and hey presto, volume and definition. I know its an expensive product, but it really is in a different league altogether from cheaper brands I’ve tried, the fresh scent alone is a huge selling point for me. Definitely recommend this one.

The Shampure Dry Shampoo is £22 for 60ml and a refill is £18 for the same amount minus the spray top available now from Aveda.

*Product received free of charge for review purposes


Little post today about a really great hair product!

My hair is quite long and as a rule I wash it every other day. It’s quite dry and processed thanks to the highlights and after washing its pretty frizzy and crazy, I use a lot of oils and serums and control it quite well that way, but I’m always looking for new, quick and easy products to de-frizz and style my hair, especially on the second day.

Color Wow One-Minute Transformation Styling Cream* is a brilliant product. If you’re looking for quick and easy, it doesn’t get any quicker and easier than this.

Color Wow One MInute Transformation Styling CreamColor Wow One MInute Transformation Styling CreamThe product is a waxy/cream, but I’m surprised to see in the official information that it’s described that way because it doesn’t feel like a wax at all. It feels like a very light gel or serum. You really don’t need much product at all, and you need to just add it where required for moisture and de-frizzing. You can add a dollop, about a 5p size, smooth it all over your hair and brush through to tame your hair and add some really lovely shine, or just add it where you need to.

I think the product was designed to be used on dry hair, as a styling product, but I can also recommend using on damp hair if you are blow drying, I guarantee your hair will feel incredible.

Well worth owning if you are prone to frizzy or puffy hair, alas, I think my hair could be described as both of those things making this really useful for me. If I wake up with huge hair (not in a good way) a quick brush through with this sorts my hair out instantly.

Highly recommend!

120ml is £16.50 and you can purchase from Color Wow Online.

*Product received free of charge for review purposes.


If you’ve been a reader for a little while, you’ll be aware that my hair underwent something of a transformation in January. I went from incredibly dark brown hair to a lighter shade (you can read my post here). Since then, I’ve actually gone a little more blonde, and while we’ve sensibly been doing it gradually, bleach inevitably has an effect on your hair’s condition and for me its incredibly dry. It’s not, thankfully, terribly split, but I needed to take action to restore some moisture before it all started to break off.  As it was, when I washed it it was just turning into a huge tangle which was incredibly hard to brush out after washing, and once dry, there was no escaping the frizz, my hair could only be described as looking fluffy. And not in a cute way.

I’m a long term user of Aveda Shampure products but with my hair in this condition, my usual products were just not doing me any favours at all so I decided to try something new.  It wasn’t hard to work out what to try because when my I leave the hairdresser, my hair is soft, smooth and frizz free, so I opted to try out the brand my salon uses. Tigi.

I’ve actually used lots of Tigi products over the years, and liked them, but none have been as effective as my current selection of products, so I thought I’d share with you.



The Tigi Urban Anti-dotes range comes in three “strengths”. 1 – Re-energise is for tired, weak, blah hair, 2 – Recovery is for dull moisture deprived hair, and 3- Resurrection is for hair in need of serious intervention.  I opted for the Resurrection Shampoo and Conditioner as well as the Treatment Mask. I bought the HUGE shampoo and conditioner bottles in my local B&M for £9.99 while the Treatment Mask came from Fragrance Direct and cost me £8.99 I think. From the first use of these I could feel a huge difference in my hair, mainly because as I was washing my hair wasn’t knotting up. My hair felt clean and soft and tangle free. The treatment mask is to be used once a week and I don’t honestly notice any great difference after using it but I’ll keep going with it because the improvement in my hair overall is fantastic. The products are very highly scented though so that’s something to be aware of if you prefer your products to not smell strongly.

I nearly always let my hair dry naturally, blow drying once a week, sometimes less often, but even with this fab products I was noticing that although my hair felt considerably less dry, and not at all tangly, I was definitely a bit more fluffy than I like, (although much less fluffy than before I got these products), so I opted to add a couple more products to my routine to style and finish.



I bought the Ego Boost and Headrush products from Fragrance Direct as before. Ego Boost (£9.99) is a Split End Mender and Leave In Conditioner which I use in two ways, the first is to use a pump or two to cover all of my hair while it’s damp and comb through, the other is once my hair is dry to use a tiny amount to smooth over any split ends or remaining fluff. It works like a charm to get frizz free hair. Finally Headrush (£8.99) is shine in a bottle, and I just spritz it all over for shine and sleekness.

The end result is smooth, moisturised, frizz free hair, I couldn’t be happier. So if your hair is suffering from over processing, I’d recommend all of the above which I bought with my own money.

I told you recently about my battle with the grey hairs (you can see my post here) but today I’ve got a temporary solution for those of you also fighting the grey, not just grey hair, but any roots that might be showing in between colours.

Once you get to a certain point with your grey hair, especially if you have brown or dark hair, it can get very difficult to keep up with unless you do your roots fortnightly and ain’t nobody got time for that!

Meet Color Wow Root Cover Up.*

P1160333This product is about to become your new best friend.

Inside the box is a sleek black compact housing a powder, a double ended brush and a mirror inside the lid.





The powder is available in six shades, Platinum, Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Black (no red?) and is designed simply to be brushed on wherever there’s a grey, in between root touch ups.

In terms of use, it couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is dry and style your hair as usual, and using the small end of the brush (for precision) and a small amount of powder, dab onto any visible roots. Start at your roots and work outwards until your roots disappear. You can of course use multiple colours if you have highlights.

Leave your it for a minute and then you can brush your hair and if you’ve got any excess powder you can just blast it away with the hair dryer.

Its so simple to use and so effective and will really help me to go longer between appointments with my hairdresser.

Each powder retails at £28.50 and will last a long time as you don’t need to use much.

Available from www.colorwowhair.com

*Product received free of charge for review purposes.


When I had Chloe, 8 and a half years ago, my hair started to turn grey. I don’t know if the two things are connected – make of it what you will. I’ve been loads of different hair colours over the years, from dark golden blonde, through reds, to bold streaks on dark hair, then light again, heading back once again to my beloved dark brown, but in recent months I’d taken to mixing in a red to get a red tone to the dark brown. I was using box dyes and I have to admit I really struggled to do my roots myself (although I should be clear my hairdresser would have been more than happy to do my roots for me if I’d have asked). But that’s just it, when your hair is this dark, the roots come through thick and they come through fast, and grey/white hairs stand out a mile.


Thing is I love my hair dark, it’s my most favourite on me, the darker the better (stopping just shy of black is about perfect for me), but other people preferred my hair lighter.

With the maintenance being needed within a fortnight of doing my hair and my inability to do my roots myself (I can’t afford a hair dress fortnightly or dyes that often!) it was time to address a more long term solution.

I talked to a friend who is a hairdresser, and she suggested going lighter, so the greys are less obvious, with some warm tones added through it to add dimension.

The last few times I dyed my hair I only did my roots but I have to confess, that in the past I have just dyed the lot, so theres a fair amount of colour build up (despite using semi permanent colours), and it was always going to be a long job and one that wasn’t going to be done in one sitting.

Anyway, I rocked up to True Colours in Exeter for my appointment with Laura and aside from a lot of catching up, there was a huge amount of foil applied and two shades. To say I have a lot of hair is an understatement. I have a very fine hair, but copious amounts of it. My head weighed a tonne with all that foil on it!


Over three hours later I left the salon looking like this!

10899410_801136539979721_2088992952_n 10914252_1434508023476576_333632655_n

I couldn’t be happier. Despite having a shock every time I look in the mirror, I’m loving it, and I’ve had lots of compliments which is always nice. So that was the bulk of the job done, but from now on, each time Laura does my roots for me, she’ll add a few more blonde streaks in, gradually lightening it a bit more, and adding more tones and colours.

Hopefully, from this point on the greys won’t stand out so obviously and going lighter as I go greyer will be a much easier process, although hopefully it’ll be a very long time before I’m so grey that light blonde is my only option!

Tell me your tips for hiding the grey!

Yuko Phitenbella Shampoo & Conditioner

I have to confess I’d not heard of Yuko hair products before now but I’m well and truly sold, this shampoo and conditioner are absolutely wonderful.

Yuko are a Japanese brand, created in 1996 by Yuko Yamashita and I understand the brand’s speciality is Straightening. Yuko worked together with Phiten, a Japanese sports, health and beauty company to create a range of products. I’m not sure how long the range has been available in the UK, but I’m surprised not to have heard of them before now as the products are so great.

I’ve been using the Phitenbella Shampoo and Phitenbella Treatment which are the products designed for dry/chemically treated hair and they contain both collagen and keratin. I note both products contain silicones.  I must stress as always that I don’t mind one jot about silicones, and I think my hair really needs them, most of my adventures with silicone-less shampoos have resulted in fly away, frizzy and eventually dry hair. I only mention silicones for those who prefer to avoid them. Personally, I actively look for them in my hair products 😉

I’ve been using these regularly, and these alone, for several weeks and my (which is quite processed) is soft, shiny and silky smooth. I don’t feel any product build up and an essential thing for me, it rinses away with ease so I don’t ever feel I have product in my hair.

Yuko Phitenbella Shampoo & Conditioner

Highly recommended. You can purchase from http://yuko-london.com/ where the Treatment and shampoo both retail at £12.50.

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

Scott Cornwall Shine On Original Hair Glaze Review

It was only a few months ago that I realised such a thing as Hair Glaze existed when I saw it on a list of services offered by a local salon. It was something that immediately piqued my interest as it promises no colour but lots of shine.

Shine On Original is an At Home hair glaze, promising  lots of shiny hair that lasts for up to 24 washes and easily done at home. I was pretty keen to try this out. I wasn’t worried about the application at all, I’ve not dyed my hair at home for several years now, but it wasn’t that long ago I considered myself a pro at home colouring!

A bit of info about the product. You can use this on all hair types and textures, whether colour treated, natural or grey. It does contain a very small percentage of peroxide (1.9%) but will not affect your existing colour at all. It is a “collagen rich, conditioning hair glaze” which contains a “unique ‘diamond’ clear molecule giving mirror shine”.

So what you get in your box is this:

Scott Cornwall Shine On Original Hair Glaze Review

Gloves, Pre Cleanse Treatment, Developer and Collagen Shine Cream. If you’ve used an a home dye then you pretty much already know what you’re doing.

The Pre Cleanse Treatment is an important step, in that its a clarifying shampoo basically. Easy to use but be careful to read the instructions properly.  Then its just a case of adding the developer to the shine cream, shaking to mix thoroughly, then applying, starting at the ends first and ending up at your roots, mostly because your hair is dryer on the ends and therefore probably more in need of a boost of shine. Then you leave the whole lot on for 20 minutes and rinse away. It’s recommended that you straighten your hair afterwards to sort of seal the product in and also that you don’t wash your hair for 48 hours after, although you can use dry shampoo so it’s no bother.

So I suppose the best thing I can do is show you the before and afters before I talk any more. The afters are all the pictures where my hair is straight. The befores are where my hair is natural.

Scott Cornwall Shine On Original Hair Glaze Review

Scott Cornwall Shine On Original Hair Glaze Review

Scott Cornwall Shine On Original Hair Glaze Review

Scott Cornwall Shine On Original Hair Glaze Review

Scott Cornwall Shine On Original Hair Glaze Review

Scott Cornwall Shine On Original Hair Glaze Review

Scott Cornwall Shine On Original Hair Glaze Review

Scott Cornwall Shine On Original Hair Glaze Review

Scott Cornwall Shine On Original Hair Glaze Review
I have to be honest, I do think its a little bit more shiny, but that could possibly be because it’s straight. It’s certainly not as shiny as I’d hoped for. All the after pictures above were taken immediately after the process, so here’s how it looked 48 hours later when I washed my hair and let it dry naturally.

Before Treatment:

Scott Cornwall Shine On Original Hair Glaze Review

After the first wash after the treatment, 48 hours later:

Scott Cornwall Shine On Original Hair Glaze Review

In all honesty, I think the difference is very subtle indeed. But I think I’ll see what you think. I certainly give it full marks for being incredibly easy to use. I didn’t get the results I was hoping for I have to say but perhaps my expectations were far too high, I’ve no experience of glazes before.

So my question to you lovely readers, do you think it’s made a difference because this is one of those things where I really can’t tell at all!

If you fancy giving this a go then you can purchase this for £12.99 from www.keepmeinspired.co.uk

EDIT – there was a bit of sunshine yesterday when I was out and about and it definitely, in the sun, looked more shiny, still nothing dramatic though!

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

01. 09. 2010

Had my hair cut last night, it’s not that different but I’ve gone for heavy swept over fringe. So queue the posey pictures, I couldn’t decide which one to show you!

So there you go! You can see from the pics that all the mid brown dye has washed out now, the blonde you can see is the remains of the previous highlights which look fine but you can’t see the roots, so at some point between now and my sisters wedding (end of october) I need to work out what to do with the colour.  There’s also a fair amount of grey that needs hiding.  What colour shall I do next?