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I thought we could all have a little coo over these things as they are too pretty (although I know some hate the LOL of packaging!).

So we have Bough Grey, Give Me the Liberty of London and Birds & Berries Eyeshadows and Blue India Nail polish from the Give Me The Liberty of London collection. Just Add Colour Lipglass from the Prep For Colour Collection, Skinfinish Natural from the permanent line. and from Art Supplies, Petrol Blue and Undercurrent Pearlglide Liners and Zinc Zone and Greengrease Greasepaint Sticks.
Here are some close ups! Eva, if you read this, I think this polish MIGHT be the one!

A close up of the beautiful packaging!

Here’s the Just Add Colour gloss, I’ve tried it, it’s not too sticky, it’s lovely actually!

And some swatches (click the pic to make it large):

You see I failed miserably to capture the green in Greengrease! I can confirm the the Greasepaints don’t budge! Not even with a wet flannel!
Look forward to trying this lot out! What have you lot got?

01. 04. 2010

Well I think I’ve mentioned that not so long ago I received a small inheritance. The majority of it is rather boringly earmarked for new floors but I took a little for myself and bought my Trans Design order, a small ELF order and a set of Sigma brushes. Long before I started blogging, a dear friend, Lisaloo, excitedly MSN’d me telling me I had to check out these brushes and since then they’ve been on my wishlist. So when I had a bit of cash to spend, this seemed the natural choice.  Now I don’t know much about brushes really. I have always just used whichever (cheap) brushes I had to hand. This needed remedying. Over the year or two I’ve know about Sigma I’ve watched a lot of You Tube vids, read a lot of reviews and since blogging I’ve read lots more about them so I knew they were what I was after.

I should explain that Sigma brushes are supposedly high quality copies of Mac brushes and so the numbers of the Sigma brushes correspond to the Mac originals. I can’t do comparisons because I don’t own Mac brushes and so the fact that they are replicas isn’t really of interest to me, I just wanted some good quality face and eye brushes.

I bought the Professional Brushes Complete set which contains both eye and face brushes. It was £63.23 for 12 brushes including shipping from the USA to the UK and took 9 days. I decided against the brush roll, I want my brushes in a pot for easy access, not to have to unravel a roll each time. Anyway, they arrived on Tuesday so here are just a few quick pics.

Sigma Brushes

They arrived in a nice little black mesh bag with some leaflets and guides.
These are the eye brushes:

Sigma BrushesSigma Brushes

And these are the face brushes:

Sigma BrushesSigma Brushes

I’ve obviously not had chance to review them or try them out properly yet and I don’t even have a clue which brush to use for what so I think I have a bit of learning to do, but I’m pretty excited about it!

Do you have any tips or hints for me?

I know some of my readers will be yawning just at the title. Sorry. I love this collection. I can take or leave All Ages, Liberty doesn’t excite me, Riveting isn’t for me at all but Spring Forecast I was really looking forward to. Especially the corals. So lets see what there is!
Box of joy.

Mac Spring Forecast Haul

Eyeshadows: Hot Hot Hot:, Perky, Straw Harvest and Nanogold, plus an empty quad because yes, the clumsiest girl in the world will be having a go at depotting.

Mac Spring Forecast Haul

Next up the neutrals quad.

Mac Spring Forecast Haul

Finally we have the lipsticks:Fresh Salmon, Victorian and Rose Maiden

Mac Spring Forecast Haul

Obviously before I ran out the door to do the nursery run I had to have a quick play 🙂

Mac Spring Forecast Haul
Mac Spring Forecast Haul

My next post might come to you live from A&E depending on how my adventures in depotting go…

05. 02. 2010

It arrived! Possibly the most pretty parcel I’ve ever received. All my MAC in Lillyland stuff and its so beautiful

Mac in Lillyland Haul
Mac in Lillyland Haul

And here are some close ups:

Pearlmatte Facepowder

mac pearlmatte face powder

Pearlmatte Eyeshadows:

mac pearlmatte eyeshadow
Lush & Bright  and Resort Life Lip Gelees:
mac Lip gelee

Joie De Vivre Cremeblend Blush:

Mac Joie De Vivre Cremeblend Blush

So Sweet, So Easy Cremeblend Blush:

Mac So Sweet, So Easy Cremeblend Blush

I’m so pleased 🙂 Not done swatches as there are loads kicking around but I will do if anyone wants them 🙂

What did you get?

MAC Hot Gossip and Velvet Teddy Lipsticks and Holiday Mineral Shadow and Iris Accents Softsparkle Pencil.


In other news, Lola has slept spectacularly well the last two nights, I’m fairly sure it coincides with her new love of food. But the bad news is the biting is still going strong and I still wonder how I can completely give up the breast feeding because its no fun at all. I’m still continuing to give her plenty of finger food and home made stuff but Ella’s kitchen stuff is absolutely the bomb. She LOVES it all!

Chloe had a terrible D&V bug and continued to use the potty throughout so I think its fair to say I’m fairly sure she’s cracked it. Yay!

Firstly, I though I’d post some pigment swatch pics with a pic of the labelled jars so you can see which is which.

Mac Pigment Swatches
mac Pigment Swatches
Mac Pigment Swatches

Next I got a small order from E.L.F this morning. http://www.eyeslipsface.co.uk/index.htm

It all looks good but not had much of a play yet.

There’a brow shaping kit, Eye Primer, Lip Primer and Plumper, Pouty Petal Lipstck (this a perfect nude pink for me) and a lipliner. All for less than a tenner. I’ll report back once I’ve tried them all x