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Benefit Dandelion Shy Beam is the answer to my prayers. Out of all the new things I’ve tried lately, this is my favourite. Basically, Shy Beam is a liquid highlighter. A matte liquid highlighter. It sounds crazy but bear with me.Benefit Shy Beam

Firstly the packaging. It’s so pretty, a little glass screw top  bottle with a brush, much like Benetint, or in fact, a nail polish. The colour scheme is really pretty too.

Benefit Shy BeamBenefit Shy Beam If you’re looking for a product that will add light and radiance to your face, without adding shimmer or worse, glitter, to your face, then look no further. This unassuming nude liquid will answer your prayers. Even if you’re as pale as I am (Mac NW15 if that helps).

Benefit Shy Beam You apply the liquid, as with any other highlighter, where you want to brighten. I must apologise for the following pics, I’m fresh out of the shower with a towel on my head and nothing by my base makeup on.

Benefit Shy Beam Next, this is where I apply the Shy Beam.

Benefit Shy Beam

And here it is blended out.

Benefit Shy Beam To make it easier to see the difference, here’s a side by side comparison. Hopefully you can see that the central parts of my face, under my eyes, nose, between the eyebrows and chin are just brighter.Benefit Shy BeamI moan a lot about my skin, and lots of base products don’t work too well for me, settling into pores, or showing up dry patches I didn’t even know were there, but his blends quickly and easily. It’s absolutely foolproof. I’ve blended out with brushes and fingertips and both work well, I find fingertips melt this into the skin seamlessly quickly and easily.

Just so you can see the full effect (and I can share a photo where I don’t have a towel on my head), this is the finished effect, with my hair dried and the rest of my make up on.

Benefit Shy BeamThe lightness it adds to your face is subtle, but that’s the point. Don’t get me wrong, I love a beautiful shimmery highlight as much as the next person (and in fact I sometimes add that as well), but for brightening up the face this works an absolute treat.

I would imagine, the darker your skintone the more dramatic the effect but I will say that this is quite buildable, or it can be really sheered out, so it will cover a good range of skin tones. Make it as dramatic as you like!

I bought my Benefit Dandelion Shy Beam from my local Benefit Counter where it retails at £19.50.

I told you I had lots more Urban Decay coming up and today I’m blogging about the Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Highlighter in Fireball as well as the single eyeshadow in Fireball.

When I saw these new Urban Decay Highlighters, I actually wanted to get Aura, the pink-ish one, but when I hit up my local Debenhams, it was out of stock, as well as Sin. The only shade they had left, and they had plenty, was Fireball. I took one look at the orange pan and decided to skip it, but something called me back to swatch it and turns out, it was my favourite, I can’t understand why that wasn’t sold out too, its beautiful!

Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter Fireball

The Afterglow Highlighters are I think from this Summer’s collection and retail at £19 each. Sin and Aura seem to be out of stock everywhere, but I can confirm that Fireball is still in stock online at Debenhams.

Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Highlighter is unbelievably finely milled, blends like a dream, wears for the promised 8 hours and all three shades are designed to suit all skin tones.

Fireball is a beautiful orangey peach shade, shot through with pink microshimmer, and at a glance it’s not for the feint hearted!

Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter FireballUrban Decay Afterglow Highlighter FireballUrban Decay Afterglow Highlighter Fireball Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter FireballDon’t be put off though, it’s both subtle and beautiful when on the cheeks. I did think that it might stand alone as a blusher, but it’s too pale and sheer for my tastes. It’s a gorgeous highlight though and I just can’t understand why this one hasn’t sold out too! Buy it now!

Because I loved this so much, when I found out there was an eyeshadow version, also called Fireball, I had to pick that up too!

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Fireball The eyeshadow version of Fireball is from last summer’s collection, but seems to still be widely available from several Urban Decay stockists (£14).

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Fireball The eyeshadow is virtually the same, only richer, more pigmented. It’s a gorgeous coral/orange shade shot through with pink and just perfect for Summer! I also love that you can pop the pan out to go into your Build Your Own Palettes, if you have one.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Fireball

Urban Decay eyeshadows rarely under-perform and this is no exception, this wears all day, doesn’t crease, and has the impact you’d hope for, it’s full of pigment.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Fireball  I’ve had quite a few Urban Decay palettes, but this is my first single shadow, it hasn’t disappointed.

I’m so in love with Fireball, both in it’s highlight and eyeshadow forms, and it’s definitely going to be my go to colour for Summer 2016.

I’m going to try and stagger my UD posts but coming soon are some of the new Vice Lipsticks, the One & Done Complexion Perfector as well as an eyeliner I picked up.

What do you think, could you be tempted to pick up Fireball this Summer?


I first blogged about the Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder in Porcelain Pearl back in 2013. I’m on my second one right now so I wanted to revisit it.

Bobbi Brown brightening finishing powder

As you can see below, my second one is well loved too and it probably won’t be too long before I need to replace again!

Bobbi Brown brightening finishing powder So what you have is a palette of face powder in a variety of colour correcting shades. The palette is so incredibly versatile and that’s why its become one of my most favourite products. Primarily this is a finishing powder, blend over your face, just like your average powder, with a big fluffy brush preferably. Used in this way it seems to add a touch of radiance and a soft focus effect. It’s fantastic.

The main way I like to use it though is as a highlighter. It’s not shimmer (only the white shade has a small amount of pearl effect), but because it brightens so beautifully, it almost has extra impact if you use it on your cheekbones, forehead, chin, on top of your usual powder. I use it this way very often. It adds an incredibly natural glow to the skin, exactly where you want the light to catch you.

The final way I use this palette is as individual colour correctors. As you can see the green has a big old dent in it as I use it on  blemishes A LOT. It wasn’t until reasonably recently I started using it in this way, using a small but very fluffy brush to pick out a shade and apply where necessary, personally I use these under my normal powder and you must take care to blend them but they work amazingly well. I use the green on any spots and redness, the purple goes on any yellow or sallow areas, the pink brightens around the eyes while the yellow is great for hiding purple or blue veins or under eye circles. The white highlights like a dream. The blue I don’t tend to use on its own but if your fake tan has gone a bit streaky, apply some blue, since blue counteracts orange nicely.

The palette is a whopping £42 so I don’t use it as an everyday all over powder (but definitely use it for this for special occasions!), but I use it for brightening and correcting every single day. 100% recommend, its an absolutely beautiful product!

I purchased this palette myself from Bobbi Brown but my original product was a sample for review purposes and as such is disclosed on that post.

Bonus picture as my Thor came to investigate what I was up to.

Bobbi Brown brightening finishing powder

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish LightscapadeOver the years I’ve owned lots of Mac’s Mineralize Skinfishes. Some I still have and love and some went in blog sales. While I’ve previously reviewed the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, the ones without the word natural in the name serve different purposes. These beautiful domes of baked powder mostly serve as blushers and/or highlighters and the finishes range from soft and subtle through to uber chunks of shimmer.

I treated myself to the Lightscapade Mineralize Skinfinisha while ago and its fair to say its my favourite of the lot.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Lightscapade Mac Mineralize Skinfinish LightscapadeIt’s an incredibly looking product and always used to be released on a limited edition basis in collections, but at some point it became a permanent product, probaly because of enduring demand. The powder consists of swirls of pastel shades, peach, blue, pink and yellow/gold. The nature of this product means each one is going to be slightly different, I would imagine that the end result for most would be the same though when swirled together with your brush.

The powder itself is incredibly soft and smooth, and whilst it gives a beautiful soft glow, it’s not what I’d call shimmery, and most definitely not glittery. In short, its my perfect highlighter.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish LightscapadeAnd while I don’t choose to wear it every day, it’s a soft enough glow to wear in the day time if you want to, and I do sometimes.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish LightscapadeIt’s a whopping £24 but bear in mind they are big, weighing in at 10g, compared to a Mac Blusher which is 6g and retails at £18.50.

I bought mine from my local Mac store.

I loved the look of the Mac Ellie Goulding collection when I first saw it floating around on the internet. I remember thinking it was sure to be an absolute sell out with its pinky/peachy/nude tones, but apparently I was wrong, as far as I can see the whole collection is still in stock. I don’t understand why because it’s beautiful. I spent a my Christmas vouchers on a few products from the range so here is my Mac Ellie Goulding review and swatches.

Mac Ellie GouldingMac Ellie GouldingFirst a word about the packaging, the Ellie Goulding Logo is embossed in gold on shiny black packaging which is replicated in the exterior packaging, which is beautifully line in a metallic rose gold shade, matching the peachy shades in the collection beautifully.

I picked up three pieces, but easily could have grabbed more. There are two palettes available, Halcyon Days and Halcyon Nights (£39.50 each). The Halcyon Days Palette is primarily cream products, so I opted for the Halcyon Nights Palette which houses four eye shadows and one Cream Colour Base.

Mac Ellie Goulding Halcyon NightsMac Ellie Goulding Halcyon Nights

The Cream Colour Base, This Love, is a pinky orange pearl, which in the pan looks like it will be difficult to wear, but as you will see in the swatches, it’s actually a sheer, wearable highlighter. Cream Colour Bases can be used in multiple ways. They can  be worn sheerly or built up for dramatic looks and can be worn on eyes or cheeks, on bare skin and even over foundation and/or powder.

The eye shadows in the palette are in a variety of finishes… Starry Eyed is a cream high pearl finish, actually its not shimmery, it’s glittery, but much like the Bobbi Brown Sparkle eyeshadows its a grown up sparkle. There is fall out, but it wasn’t too bad, and swept away quickly and easily leaving no residue. Next is top right shadow, You My Everything, a mid tone peachy brown, which is a matte finish, bottom left is Saddle, a golden orange brown, also a matte finish, and finally, bottom right is Hanging On, a muted plum brown with a satin finish.

Swatches are Starry Eyed, You My Everything, Saddle, Hanging On and This Love Cream Colour Base.

Mac Ellie Goulding Halcyon NightsAbsolutely thrilled with this palette, it’s incredibly beautiful and performs really well in my opinion.

Next I purchased the Powder Blush Duo in I’ll Hold My Breath, which was £23.

Mac Ellie Goulding I'll Hold My BreathWhile this is expensive at £23, you must take into account the fact that it’s huge, the box it came in is larger than the Halcyon Nights palette. It’s 12.3g, thats more than twice the size of a normal Mac blusher which retails at £18.50. While I love the Halcyon Nights palette, its this product that’s my favourite. It’s a lovely mirrored compact, and embossed with the Ellie Goulding logo, and has is split in two unequal parts, the larger is a matte, medium toned bronzer, with a pearly peach pink blusher. When blended together it looks beautiful, but you can of course pick out each shade and use them as you see fit. Swatches are further down the page.

Finally I picked up one of the lipsticks from the collection, Only You (£17).

Mac Ellie Goulding Only You

Officially I believe this is a mid tone muted coral. To me its a warm, mid toned pink and its the perfect every day colour. I don’t love cremesheen finishes, but this is surprisingly comfortable to wear, but doesn’t last terribly long on my lips, I’m more than happy to whip this beautiful product out in public though to reapply. It really is a beautiful lipstick and complements the rest of the items in the range perfectly.

Swatches, I’ll Hold My Breath Bronzer, I’ll Hold my Breath Blusher and Only You Lipstick.

Mac Ellie GouldingAll in all I’m delighted with my purchases, they all create a soft day look which you can really ramp up with shimmer and shine for evenings if you want. I’d like to go back for the pink Lustre Drops which look beautiful, as well as perhaps, one of the Patentpolish Lip Pencils.

As I say, the collection looks like its all fully instock, so go shopping, would highly recommend.

I purchased all my items from Mac Online.

I’ve tried many a highlighter over the years in creams and gels and powders, some have been great, some have been average and some have been terrible. Somehow though, I’d not managed to try the cult Mac Strobe Cream.

It’s fair to say that I love powder highlighters best of all, but finding a good one can be difficult, many are far too shimmery or far too glittery, and they often don’t look natural. Which is fine if you are young but at 41 I’m looking for a subtle highlight. Powders are also, in my opinion, the quickest and easiest way to add a touch of glow, but, as mentioned, it’s not always the most natural look.

Mac’s Strobe Cream  has long been loved by professionals and consumers alike for its ability to brighten dull skin, not only by highlighting but with ingredients carefully chosen to do good, such as vitamins and green tea.

Anyway, I treated myself to the Sized to Go travel size Strobe Cream recently, which at £10 for 30ml seemed like a good way to give it a go.

Mac Strobe CreamActually, you need so little product, this 30ml travel size will last me a very long time indeed. The full size is 50ml and retails at £24.50 so unless you highlight lots of faces daily, grab the travel size!

It smells lovely, and its moisturising too, and as I’ve mentioned, a little goes a very long way. While it is officially a cream, it has a gel like feel to me. It’s really light and cool on the skin, but it applies like a cream. I suppose if you didn’t need much in the way of moisture, you could use this alone but with my dry skin, I find it works best over moisturiser.

Mac Strobe Cream Mac Strobe Cream

You can use this in several ways, apply it all over under your foundation for a dewy finish, or mix it with your foundation for more glow or alternatively you can blend in where required on top of your base to highlight specific areas. I’ve tried all ways and they all work well. If you choose to wear it on top of foundation it can take a little care not to mess up your base, but it is possible with the two foundations I tried.

The effect is magic. It doesn’t look like you’re wearing a highlighter, it looks like your skin, or foundation are glowing.

Mac Strobe Cream Mac Strobe CreamI absolutely love this product. I’m permanently tired and headachy and this helps me fake a healthier look with ease. With my spot prone skin I was concerned this might break me out, but it does nothing of the sort, it’s just so light.

I would highly recommend this product to tired mummies, those with dull or tired skin or anyway looking for a bit more oomph in their complexion, I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to try out. A word of warning though, add too much and although you won’t look glittery, you’ll be so glowy you’ll look like a mannequin so go lightly, if you’re nervous, definitely go for the under foundation option, its the most natural effect.

I bought mine from my local Mac Store.

After my last disappointing Makeup Revolution post, I’m thrilled to be back on form with another amazing product, one I would recommend to absolutely everyone. Here’s my Makeup Revolution Radiance Palette review.

makeup Revolution radiant lights paletteLovely rose gold outer packaging, and once you open it you get the usually great quality plastic pan, complete with mirror in the lid.

makeup Revolution radiant lights paletteI always think the packaging is worth mentioning, when a product is so cheap I expect the packaging to be cheap and nasty, but its just not the case with Makeup Revolution products. While its not a metal compact, the quality is great, and looks classy.

Inside the compact you have three beautiful soft highlighting powders. I don’t think it’s any secret that this is a dupe for the Hourglass Ambient Lights Palette, I don’t have both so I can’t compare, but I will say that, owning this, I have no need to purchase the Hourglass version.

makeup Revolution radiance paletteSo you have three highlighters, a skin tone type shade, a classic highlighter shade and a bronzer shade. They are finely milled, super soft, not at all chunky or glittery and an absolute dream to apply.

Swatches, just a couple of shots with slightly different light to try and show the finish.

makeup Revolution radiance palette makeup Revolution radiance paletteIt’s worth noting that the swatches were just one finger swipe and once blended into your skin are far more subtle in appearance, and my gosh do they blend. I have tended to apply over my usual powder, just out of habit, but I have also worn alone over my foundation with no issues. All I can say is it’s not unlike airbrushing. My face takes on a slight airbrushed quality, a slight blur. I don’t find the finish too much for wear in the day time, they seem to just look great on the skin.

I use the far left shade all over for a soft focus effect, with the other two shades acting as highlighter and bronzer, sometimes I just wear the first shade. One thing is for sure I wear them every single day. Without fail.

I’m just so impressed and think every makeup lover should have this in their collection. I bought mine from the Makeup Revolution online store, for £8, but it appears to be out of stock there, it is however available from Superdrug for the same price.

I absolutely love this its my favourite Makeup Revolution product so far!

07. 07. 2015

Absolutely loving the concept of Bagsy, small but perfectly formed handbag sized beauty products. I don’t know what it is about the concept but something just feels fresh and appealing about the range. It is in part thanks to the packaging which I love. The exterior packaging is gorgeous, featuring whimsical patterns and gorgeous shades, while the interior packaging is is clean, simple and appealing.

BagsyBagsyWhile the range is really appealing the products I received are a bit of a mixed bag(sy). (Sorry).

Lets start off with the Bagsy Ray of Sunshine Perfect Glow Bronzing Powder in Medium/Dark £12.00*

Bagsy Ray of Sunshine Seriously, how gorgeous is this product? This shimmer free bronzer comes in a mirrored compact with a little pouch to keep it safe in your handbag. The shade, Medium/Dark is a little too dark for me, but I do love a matte bronzer, I’m not really sure shimmery bronzers are much use except for maybe nights out and this has a gorgeous soft blendable texture, it’s also available in Light/Medium. I would recommend this, even though the shade wasn’t quite right for me. See swatch at the end of the post.

Next up, the Bagsy Wonder Wand, Concealing & Illuminating Duo £18*

Bagsy Wonder Wand Bagsy Wonder WandI love this product in principle, its a great item for your handbag, offering a concealer and a highlighter in one. Unfortunately, the execution of this one isn’t great. The highlighter is fabulous, its blends beautifully to offer a gorgeous glowy highlight, but the concealer lets it down. The Wonder Wand is only available in the colour way shown, and the concealer is dark, you’ll see from the swatches at the end that actually the concealer is darker than the bronzer, which considering the bronzer I have is medium/dark is especially surprising. It’s not like you can even just use the highlighter, and nor should you at £18, the product just wouldn’t work if you only used one half of it. It’s so dark  I don’t even have any friends or family I can pass this over too. Shame really, they need to either make this product lighter, or add different colour ways. See swatches at the end of the post.

Finally,  Bagsy Wow Lips Full Colour Chubby Stick in Killer Heels, £12*bagsy Wow Lipsbagsy Wow LipsHands down my favourite product. Available in four shades these are gorgeous. Creamy, opaque, easy to apply and best of all this shade, Killer Heels is glorious.

Swatches Left to Right, Wow Lips Chubby Stick in Killer Heels, Ray of Sunshine Bronzing Powder in Medium/Dark, Wonder Wand Highlighter and Concealer.
Bagsy SwatchesSee what I mean about that Concealer? Its so so dark. But that highlighter is beautiful!

Other products in the range include Matte Lip Colours (yes please!), Pretty Cheeks Velvet Blush (oh yes please!) as well as hand creams, make up bags and more. Honestly its a great range, very appealing, well to me at least.

Exclusively available at Feel Unique, you can find the whole range here.

*Products received free of charge for review purposes.

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but I went a little bit mad (by my standards) on the MAC Temperature Rising collection for Summer. There were just some bits I just felt instinctively I needed to have and so, well I caved. I found a lot of the bits I wanted were out of stock everywhere but I managed to find them all on Selfridges.com.

MAC Temperature Rising Collection

The best thing about this splurge is that not one single thing has been a disappointment and I’m really pleased with them all. So as per usual, I’m going to show you each individually, with swatches and then show you how I’ve been wearing them.

Strobe Liquid – Golden Elixir £22.50

Mac Strobe Liquid Golden Elixir

I don’t know why this called my name. I’ve never tried the famous original Strobe Liquid. I’m never bronzed. I have tonnes of highlighters. But I don’t have any like this.

This close up is about the width of a pencil to give it some context…

Mac Strobe Liquid Golden Elixir

The same blob spread out a little…

Mac Strobe Liquid Golden Elixir

And fully blended down my arm…

Mac Strobe Liquid Golden Elixir

So you see, you need very little indeed. On my arm it’s fairly sparkly, on my face, not so much. I absolutely love the close up shops, it’s packed full of a myriad of colours and it’s so pretty. It blends like a dream and leaves no feeling on the skin at all. Tread lightly, you’ll need much less than you think! I’ve been just blending a small amount onto my cheekbones but you can of course mix with your foundation or apply on collarbones, whatever takes your fancy really.

Powerchrome Eye Pencils in Life’s Luxury, Copper Strip, Polished Jet and Rich Glance £16 each

Mac Powerchrome Eye Pencils

Mac Powerchrome Eye Pencils

These are amazing as I think you can see from the swatches! Rich and pigmented with one easy swipe. For the pictures further down I’m using only Polished Jet and Rich Glance as a base for the shadows and the wore all day with no creasing and really helped the colours show, that said, I’m looking forward to trying them alone. They blend out perfectly too. I applied the palest shade on the inner corners of my eyelids and blended towards the middle and the black shade on the outer corner and blended into the middle and up slightly, no issues whatsoever, these are fantastic.

Bare My Soul Eyeshadow Quad £38.50

Mac Bare My Soul Eyeshadow Quad

Mac Bare My Soul Eyeshadow Quad
Nothing lacking in these beautiful shades. The bottom two are my favourite. Romantico is a veluxe pearl medium taupe, Bare My Soul is the warm gold lustre, When in Rio is the dark green duochrome frost and friendly is the deep bronze/brown. Each shade is worthy and really quite beautiful. There’s no fading or patchiness with these and they work superbly well together.

My final purchase was Altered Beige Lustre Lipstick £15.50

Mac Altered Beige Lipstick

Mac Altered Beige Lipstick
This was my only risky purchase as it was either going to be a total fail on me, or a winner, and I really love it. I don’t get on with nudes as a rule, bu this seems to work and I’m not at all sure why, but I think it does!

So all that really remains is to show you a few pictures of me wearing all of the above (except Copper Strip and Life’s Luxury Powerchrome pencils). I felt really great in this lot and it’s possibly the start of a return to MAC madness for me! Passion reignited!

MAC Temperature Rising Collection

MAC Temperature Rising Collection

MAC Temperature Rising Collection

MAC Temperature Rising Collection

MAC Temperature Rising Collection

MAC Temperature Rising Collection
So what do you think? Will you pick anything up…Debenhams have 10% reductions on all the items they have left, but Selfridges have the most stock, so if you do want anything, you’d best hurry up!

Ah its the most wonderful time of the year when it comes to Estee Lauder cosmetics. Every year sees a new Bronze Goddess range of fragrance, cosmetics and bronzing products and  this year I’ve got a couple of the must have items to show you.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess 2013

Starting with the beautiful Batik Sun Eyeshadow palette £35.

Estee Lauder Batik Sun Eyeshadow palette

I’ve reviewed loads of these Pure Colour palettes, the quality and pigment is always exceptional and my favourite is still the Blue Dahlia one, it’s just so perfect. This one is so summery though, it’s beautiful. At first glance I wasn’t sure what I’d do with that bright orange and the teal. I mean, look at the swatches. The bottom swatch is actually the Pure Colour Illuminating Powder Gelee which I’ll show you after.

Estee Lauder Batik Sun Eyeshadow palette

I needn’t have worried all the shades are wearable when blended out. At first glance the left hand swatch was a bit disappointing, all shimmer no colour but actually this adds a later of fine iridescent sparkle to your finished look, it’s really subtle and very pretty. So here’s what I came up with.

Estee Lauder Batik Sun Eyeshadow palette

Estee Lauder Batik Sun Eyeshadow palette
And in a more natural light….

Estee Lauder Batik Sun Eyeshadow palette

I just added mascara and a touch of teal liner. If you look at the middle picture above, on the right eye you can see a few of those iridescent sparkles shining through as the sun hits them. This is a lovely Summer palette and the quality is exceptional.

So then we have the stunning Bronze Goddess Illuminating Powder Gelee £30.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Illuminating Powder Gelee

A truly stunning looking product. I’ve discussed the formula before, it’s a liquid/gel/powder hybrid and applies like a dream.

In terms of colour, well you can scroll back up for the swatch but I don’t find this works too well on my very fair skin, it’s a little too golden, would look absolutely sublime on tanned or darker skins and I can’t fault the formula at all, it’s seriously a beautiful product. Whatever my thoughts on the colour, there’s no denying that glow!

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Illuminating Powder Gelee


Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Illuminating Powder Gelee

The eyeshadow palette is available from http://www.esteelauder.co.uk/ but they have sold out of the Gelee, I have found some left on the Debenhams site but there is limited stock, it is also still in stock on the House of Fraser site. But move fast!

The rest of the range also looks beautiful. The nail varnish in Hot Spell has caught my eye, as have the Sheer RollerGloss!

Anything take your fancy? I really must get round to sniffing the perfume too!

*Disclosure – PR Samples*