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Beefeater Grandstand

This Saturday, the whole family, (that’s Graham, myself, Chloe (age 8) and Lola (age 6)) were delighted to be invited down to the Beefeater Grill restaurant at Newton Abbot, The Grandstand. It’s not actually our local, as we have one in Exeter (currently closed for refurbishment), but the Newton Abbot branch has also undergone a recent refurbishment and we were invited down to see its new look and check out the newly launched Spring/Summer menu.

The kids were excited, I was excited, Graham was excited. We all love our food, but eating out is a real treat. With eating out, there’s always a little anxiety attached too, with Chloe’s inability to keep calm, and the way it rubs off her sister, there’s always the chance that our kids will be “those” kids in the restaurant. Fortunately they didn’t let us down, and aside from a talking too loudly a bit, they did us proud.

Be warned, this is a picture heavy post!

So on arrival, first impressions were great. The decor is fab, it looks modern, but cosy, and I love the new little logo!

Beefeater Grandstand Beefeater Grandstand Beefeater Grandstand Beefeater GrandstandWe were greeted very quickly, by a friendly member of staff who escorted us to our seats (a little booth), and told us our waitress would be with us soon. From where we sat we had a great view of the kitchen as well as a big cow which made the girls laugh on account of the thunder thighs and tasty bottom.

Beefeater Grandstand Beefeater GrandstandWe found our booth was in a great position but Graham wasn’t terribly happy he had to sweep a load of crumbs off his seat before he sat down… its a small gripe, but something that probably should have been looked at and taken care of before we sat down.

Our waitress was great, friendly and had whipped the kids (very sharp) steak knives away before we’d even sat down which I thought was a considerate touch, in fact they both had two new kid size sets of cutlery, along with a copy of a kids menu each.

Beefeater KidsOn request they were both provided with the obligatory kids activity packs, but I must just mention how good they were. The activity books had loads of pages and loads of activities. As most parents will be aware, you are often given a sheet of A4 with a couple of activities on it, along with a pot of pencils or crayons that are all broken and not much use, but Chloe and Lola both got a pack of crayons each as well as their activity books, which I must add, kept them occupied for the duration of the whole meal, before, between courses and after.

Beefeater Activity packsQuick shout out for Lola’s chef version of Mr Happy!



Getting onto ordering and menus, Chloe and I both ordered a coke which is bottomless, meaning you can have it refilled as many times as you like. Starting with the kids menu, one course is £4.49, two courses are £5.49 and three courses are £5.99. Each includes a drink of squash or a glass of milk. The girls opted for three courses and there’s a great range of choices, especially on the main courses, and they are customisable in terms of sides.

Chloe opted for the Cheesy Nachos to start which came with a tomato salsa.

Beefeater Kids StarterShe declared them delicious, and the portion size was generous, it took her ages to eat them and that’s with “help”. Lola opted for the Yummy Garlic Bread.  She wasn’t overly impressed, it was barely toasted at all on the bottom, and very dark around the edges on the top. I’d have happily still eaten it but if you read my post about how Lola’s a picky eater, you’ll know she doesn’t eat brown bits. As it happened, she painstakingly removed all the brown bits and declared all the rest delicious.

The adults menu was what you’d expect from a Beefeater restaurant, but has changed since I last visited. There are considerably more burgers to choose from and although none of us opted for the burgers they looked amazing as I saw them being bought out to other tables.

Anyway, Graham and I both opted for the Crispy Flat Cap Mushrooms (£4.79) to start.

Beefeater Crispy MushroomsThey came with one Ranch Dressing and one Barbecue sauce. I asked for no ranch dressing and got two Barbecue which was nice. They were absolutely boiling hot and really delicious. No complaints about these. If we hadn’t have had the kids with us though, we would have definitely opted for the Baked Camembert, but it comes with a 15 minute wait.

When it comes to main courses there was literally something for everyone.

Lola opted for Mr Perfect’s Popin’ Chicken (chicken nuggets basically!)

Beefeater Chicken PopsIt came with chips and beans, but again you can swap those sides out for anything, but Lola was happy with those. She said it was all delicious and the nuggets were chunks of breast meat in breadcrumbs. Good.

Chloe opted for the Create Your Own Pizza which came with Garlic Bread and Corn on the Cob.

Beefeater Kids pizzaThere are four topping options, Chloe opted for Mushroom and pineapple. We were impressed when it came out, it wasn’t lacking in topping and the base was perfectly doughy. Although she couldn’t finish it all (after her giant starter) she said it was delicious.

Onto the grown up main courses… vegetarians may wish to look away at this point, from this point on, there is MUCH meat 🙂

Graham opted for the Beefeater Mixed Grill (£15.59)

Beefeater Mixed Grill4oz Flat iron steak, chicken breast, gammon steak, two sausages, half a tomato, mushroom, onion rings, fried egg and triple cooked chips. This was a beast of a meal! Graham declared it all delicious, especially the steak and sausages. I personally was impressed by the fried egg, I’m really fussy about fried eggs, I can’t bear any soggy white at all, but this was cooked to perfection. Graham admitted defeat, but he left just a few chips on his plate so he didn’t do too poorly. A note about the chips, you have a choice of fries or chunky chips, as well as plain, spicy or lime, Graham asked for Lime, but got plain. They were delicious anyway so we didn’t bother to complain about it.

I must also mention that when asked if we wanted any condiments Graham asked for “all of the condiments”, meaning he wanted one of everything, they took him somewhat more literally and bought him out this!

Beefeater CondimentsMuch to the waitresses dismay he barely made a dent in it ha, but we were impressed anyway!

Now for the highlight of the whole meal, my main course! I opted for the 10oz Rump Steak (£13.49) with Herby Chimichurri Sauce (99p) and I can never resist a side of Onion Rings (£2.29)

Beefeater Rump (2)The meal came with Triple Cooked Chips, as with Graham’s meal I had the option of fries, chunky, spicy, lime or plain and I opted for the plain, chunky chips, and incredibly the portion of the chips that came with my meal was also bottomless, meaning we could just keep ordering chips to go with your meal at no extra charge. We took advantage of this at the waitresses suggestion so Chloe could have a few, but actually it was a bit wasteful as we were all so stuffed when they arrived! The meal also came with a small salad, half a tomato and a mushroom.

The Herby Chimichurri sauce was a little different to chimichurri I’ve had before in that it was more liquidy, but I’m assuming thats so you can pour it over your steak. It was, however, delicious. Such a nice change from bearnaise or peppercorn.

Beefeater ChimichurriI ordered my steak to be cooked medium. There’s nothing worse than getting an overcooked or undercooked steak, but this came just as I requested. It was perfect. Cut easily, melted in my mouth and tasted perfect.

Beefeater Rump (1)Special mention to the onion rings for being delicious too.

Desserts! The kids had desserts as part of their meal. Chloe opted for Carnival Cookies and Ice Cream.

Beefeater Kids DessertAs you can see, she was very happy with it.

Lola opted for the Ice Cream Sundae, but since she refuses all sauce, its basically just vanilla ice cream.

Beefeater Kids DessertYou can’t go wrong with vanilla ice cream and she was very happy with her generous portion.

I couldn’t manage a dessert, but opted for a Costa Latte, however Graham managed to squeeze in a Chocolate Rum Melt (£4.49), unfortunately no photograph as he got to it too quickly. Vanilla Ice Cream, topped with crispy set chocolate (remember ice magic), and it was supposed to come with a jug of rum sauce, warmed, that you pour over the top so the chocolate and ice cream start to melt but Graham’s came with rum syrup on the top already and it wasn’t terribly generous. That said, Graham was more than happy with it and he really enjoyed it, so who am I to grumble!

All in all, we were absolutely thrilled with the service and the food. The restaurant looked fantastic, the food was amazingly good, the service was also great. The girls were so happy this even happened…

Beefeater Grandstand reviewYes, thats right, Chloe kissed Lola. It’s unheard of. So thanks Beefeater!

We were provided with vouchers to go and have our meal, but we went over this by some way, amazingly though, our bill was considerably less than expected because kids eat free on Saturdays!  What a treat! So not only are the soft drinks refillable, as well as the chips, but on saturdays kids food is free. I find that incredible that the kids eat free on Saturday, usually businesses try to get the most they can out of you at peak times, its really unusual to find a business that gives things away at peak times. There were a few little things that weren’t perfect, but the things were great totally made up for it, more than, so our final impressions were excellent despite the little imperfections.

We can highly recommend the Beefeater Grill at Newton Abbot, The Grandstand, a really family friendly environment, with great decor and who do the food they sell, exceptionally well.

And with that we set off back to Exeter, still with excited kids in tow, along with a couple of helium balloons, planning to go to the Exeter branch when they reopen at some point.

Thanks for having us!

You can find your local branch and have a look at the menus and book a table on the Beefeater Website.

*We were provided with vouchers towards the costs of this meal for review purposes.